What Is CPA Marketing And How To Get Accepted In CPA Network?

In this article, I am going to share what is CPA marketing? How to get approved into CPA networks and what are the best CPA networks?

Very frankly, if you’re thinking to start CPA marketing then read this post till the end.

I am sure you will get some golden nuggets and tips that will help you to understand CPA marketing.

what is cpa marketing

What Is CPA Marketing?

So without any delay, let’s know what is CPA marketing?

In simple, CPA means Cost Per Action.

It is usually called in acronym form i.e. CPA.

And when a word i.e. “Marketing” is added with acronym “CPA” then in whole it becomes “CPA marketing”.

Let I make it very simple, CPA marketing is a form of advertising.

Or you can say a form of marketing, where you get paid or you get a commission by CPA Network when a visitor takes a specific action on Advertiser’s website, landing page or squeeze page or sales page. Got it!

And a specific action by a visitor can be like submitting an email address, submitting zip code, clicking on a link, requesting for a free sample or Trial, downloading the app or software, installing the app or software, purchasing a product or service etc.

Now you might be wondering what is CPA Network?

Ok! Let I explain it in short way.

What Is CPA Network?

A CPA Network or affiliate network is a company. Mean to say a 3rd party between the Advertiser (offer) and You.

Actually, CPA Network handle all the traffic flow. Even, the network is responsible for making sure you get accurate stats and get paid.

A CPA network allows advertisers and publisher or affiliate (internet marketers) to find each other and connect.

In other words, CPA network works as a mediator between Advertisers and you as a Publisher or affiliate and helps advertisers as well as you as a publisher or affiliate in promoting the products or services to make money.

No doubt CPA network also makes make money (commission) but they get commission from their advertisers not from their affiliates or publishers. Got it!

Now you might be thinking in CPA marketing what is Advertiser? What is Publisher or Affiliate?

Then again I would say no need to worry about this!

I would explain each and everything about Advertiser, Publisher or Affiliate.  Ok!

Let’s know about Advertiser, Publisher or Affiliate in CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing.

Who Is Advertiser?

An Advertiser is the owner of product or service.

To promote his product or service, advertiser approaches to the CPA networks (Publisher/Company) such as MaxBounty, Peerfly etc.

And provides all promotional tools like Links, Banner Ads, and Text Ads etc.

Who Is Publisher Or Affiliate?

A publisher or affiliate who promotes or advertises the product or service of advertiser through special affiliated Link, Banner etc. to make commission.

Note: – A publisher or affiliate can be an individual or company who promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission.

For example, Maxbounty is a company (CPA Network) through which you as an individual publisher or affiliate, promote the product or service of advertiser for getting commission.

Maxbounty is a company acting as a big or giant affiliate or publisher but it is not an individual affiliate or publisher. Right!

How Much Money You Can Earn With CPA Marketing?

Well, very frankly you can’t make millions with CPA Marketing.

Because for a new subscriber signups usually you generate between $1.00 to $1.50 per lead.

Surely, you won’t get rich overnight.

But if you promote a big ticket product or service which results into sale then you can make somewhere upto $40 to $300 per lead.

So far, it sounds like an Affiliate Marketing.  Doesn’t it?

But one thing, both have in common that both have to rely on internet marketers like you to promote their products.

Despite that there are some differences between CPA marketing and affiliate marketing.

The biggest difference between the two is that in CPA usually you as an affiliate or publisher have to generate the leads rather than sales.

It’s usually less labor-intensive. You don’t have to do the sort of ongoing promotion affiliate marketing needs.

And in case if you’re wondering what I mean by “generate leads”, then that means having website visitors act by filling out a form with some sort of personal contact information.

And after that, your part is done except for collecting your payment! It is as easy as it sounds. Isn’t?

What Are The CPA Products?

Actually when you get accepted into CPA network then you will find so many products to promote in your CPA account.

See below the list of products that you will find to promote in CPA Network.

  • Ringtones
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgages
  • Debt Relief
  • Insurance
  • Anti-Aging Skin Care
  • Weight Loss
  • Dating agencies
  • Game sites
  • Multimedia equipment
  • Gift cards
  • Sweepstakes
  • Surveys
  • Legal
  • Business to Business
  • Downloads
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Holiday
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile/SMS
  • Psychic/Medium
  • Real Estate/Home Improvement
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Adult
  • Free Stuff
  • Legal
  • Biz Oppturnity

What Type Of CPA Offers Should You Sign Up For?

If you’re new to CPA marketing, it’s very important to know what types of offers you should sign up for.

Here below are the CPA offers that you should sign up for.

1. Zip Code Submit

A Zip Code Submit offer usually comes in the form of a coupon.

The viewer submits their zip code to get information about obtaining the product.

This may be in the form of a free gift card, a free dinner coupon, iPod etc.

In this type of offer,  you get commission when someone from your submits his or her zip code.

As this type of offer is the simple one to promote so payouts are low.

Here you can earn upto $1 to $2 per zip submit. See below an example of Zip Code Submit.

what is cpa marketing zip submit code

2. Email Submit

The simplest and most widely use CPA offer is email submit offer.

In this type of offer you will get paid, when someone from your traffic submits his email to an email submit form or you can say an opt in form. See below an example of Email Submit.

what is cpa marketing email submit offer

Because this is the simplest form of offer and its convert very well.

So payout on these types of offers are usually on lower sides.

Normally, you will get a commission of around $1 to $3 per successful email submit from your traffic.

3. Free Trial Offer

This type of CPA offers is especially good for niches like Skin Care, Weight Loss, Health and Wellness etc. See below an example of Free Trial Offer.

what is cpa marketing free trial offer

Free Trial offers convert when someone orders a free trial of a product and enter his credit card information to pay his free trial with shipping fee (if any).

You are paid on sales, just like an affiliate.

And the average payout is anywhere from $20-$40.

If you have a blog with truly interesting information on said niches then you will have to build enough trust for your readers to seriously consider the offer.

No doubt, when you promote Free Trial Offer, you get paid high commission. But normally conversions are not very high.

However, as you know the pay out on these types of offers are usually very high so most of the marketers love these types of offers.

4. Mobile App Installation

Since its mobile era and Google play store is now in people’s pocket. So these types of offers convert very well.

Here, you promote mobiles apps. I mean you promote your ad on mobile platforms to install the app. See below an example of Mobile App Installation.

what is cpa marketing app install

And once people install app on their mobiles then you will get your commissions.

The pay out to promote this type of offer in CPA is anywhere between $.50 to $2.

Note: – As its mobile era so these offers are best in the market right now.

5. Sales Conversions

This type of offer is often combined with lead generation. You capture the person’s information, get paid your tiny commission but if the person buys, you also get a true sales commission on top of it.

It offers payout somewhere between $20-300 per sale.

Note: – While choosing an offer to promote always look for high EPC (Earning Per Click).  If a product has EPC more than $1 then it’s a good product to promote.

And also look for its high conversion rate (if any) as well as also look for its landing page.  It must be professional looking landing page. Right!

Ok! You have known to some CPA Offers to sign up for. Now lets know how to get accepted into CPA networks.

How to Get Accepted Into CPA Networks?

Getting accepting into CPA networks is one of the hardest things in the CPA business.

Because CPA networks want to make as safe for them as for their advertisers.

Further, if advertiser happy with them and getting the quality traffic from that CPA network then they make money and send you your commissions.

So you need to take some smart moves to get accepted into CPA networks.

Let’s know what are the smart ways to get accepted into CPA Networks step by step. Ok!

1. Apply for Small CPA Networks

In the beginning, especially when you’re new to this CPA game/CPA Marketing or you have never been accepted into a CPA network then what I suggest you to always go and first try to get approved into small CPA networks.

And the reason for this is because all CPA networks ask one simple question when you approach them to join that What other CPA networks you work for?”

And simply most people reply “None” and in response to that CPA networks denied their applications.

On the other hand, once you get accepted into 1 or 2 small CPA networks and when approach to big networks then your chances to get approved into CPA networks are increased.

Note: – There are some other CPA networks where you can get approved very easily.

There is no need to give telephone interview to get accepted. Don’t worry I will mention their names later on in this post.

So keep patience. Right!

Moving further …..

2. Website/Blog

Again this is very important that you need at least one actual website/Blog.

This website/Blog must look professional.

Having website/blog let the CPA Network know that you know what you’re doing and you’re a professional and serious marketer.

Simply what you can do, you can set up your new website as a WordPress blog.  And then write at least 10 to 15 posts or more on your blog.

Note: – Your blog must be hosted on your own domain. Never ever use a “Free” blog hosted on free platforms.

Further on your blog or website, have Privacy Policy page, Disclosure page and Contact page.

Again I would say that having your own Privacy Policy page, Disclosure page and Contact page on your website/blog increases your chances to get approved into big CPA Network.

And for putting up Contact form on your WordPress Blog, Go to WordPress.Org and download the plugin Contact Form 7.

Further, you may also like to check out the new FTC guidelines and if you feel it necessary, add a Disclosure page. Ok!

3. Have A Real Phone Number

Whenever you apply to a CPA network, 8 times out of 10 they will telephone you and “interview” you in person on telephone.

It usually takes a couple of minutes. So fill up your real phone number in your application.

Actually by giving your real phone number, it helps them to reach out to you easily.

They just want to know you’re a real person and want to know your marketing methods.

Mean to say, they just want to know your marketing methods are genuine not spam or black hats.

4. Professional Email

This is really very important to note that first you should register a domain name with your own name or branded name.

Like I have a domain name “whateveriknow.com”.

This shows that you’re a professional marketer working in internet industry.

So, next always use your domain name email while applying into CPA networks such as email@yourdomainame.com or  support@whateveriknow.com. etc.

Not as yourname@gmail.com or yourname@yahoo.com etc.

5. Call Your CPA Account Manager

Another very useful tip is that while applying to CPA network, once you finished your application process you should call your Affiliate Manager and talk with him or her.

Let them know that you have just applied to their network through application and you’re serious about to work with them.

By doing that they will get to know that you are serious marketer and surely they will proceed to your application.

6. Be Confident

When you’re giving your telephonic interview with your affiliate manager make sure that you’re confident and you’re already prepared about the question that your affiliate manager going to ask from you.

So it is important that you’re well prepared before your call.

One of the purposes of phone verification is because most of scammer is not willing to give their phone number.

So they just want to check either you are a genuine affiliate or not.

And second purpose of call is just to ask you your marketing methods/promotional methods. Got it!

Note: – Here I would say, you must have a complete plan which you will explain your affiliate managers on Call.

Just to make it simple, now let’s discuss some common questions which your CPA networks/Affiliate Manager will ask from you while taking telephonic interview.

Hey! Don’t worry!

Side-by-side I will give you the answer of some common question which your affiliate manager will ask from you while taking interview on phone.

Now Happy!  Let’s give an interview.

Q. How long you have been working in Internet Marketing?

A. I have been working in internet marketing for about 1 and half year.

And I have seen some success using FB (Facebook) and Bing as my traffic sources.

Note: – Be honest here. Whatever experience you have about Internet Marketing field, say it clearly. Ok!

Q. What is your Website Landing Page URL? Or Show me you’re landing page.

A. I mainly use the Facebook ads to drive traffic to CPA Offers and I mostly use direct linking mechanism.

Note: – If you use your own landing page then give your landing page URL.

Q. What is the volume of your daily traffic?

A. Currently, I am spending $50 to my traffic. As I told you I mostly use Facebook ads and Bing ads and the volume of traffic entirely depend on offers as well as keywords belonging to that offers.

Q. What are your monthly traffic volume?

A. As I told you my entirely traffic is depend on the PPC campaign. So it’s hard to tell you exact volume of traffic.

Note: – Here you can say on an average Traffic  Volume. But the overall point is be honest.

Q. How did you plan to generate traffic to our offers?

A. I only use PPC traffic and my favorite traffic sources are FB and Bing Ads.

Q. What Kind of Offers You Like To Promote?

A. I am interested in Weight loss and Fitness related offers.

Note: – It totally depends on you. If you like to say Game niche or any Biz opportunity niche then say that.

Q. How did you heard about us?

A. I heard about your network at Offervault

That’s it. These above said questions are the most common questions which almost every CPA network or Affiliate Manager will ask from you.

So it’s better for you to already prepare for these questions to improve your chances to get into CPA networks. Got it!

Now lets move further…

What Are The Best CPA Networks?

Before mentioning the name of best CPA Networks, one thing I want to clear that always focus on the reputed CPA Networks that are trustworthy and pay on timely basis.

Keep in mind that most CPA networks pay commission after 30 days or 45 days.

I would avoid any CPA network that delays payments for more than 45 days because you will need a portion of your earnings to reinvest back into your business and keep things flowing smoothly.

If you are forced to wait months for your paycheck, you will find yourself restricted with the funds that you may have available to promote your business and continue growing your own network of websites.

So, here is the list of best CPA networks that are worth signing up for:

If you’re a beginner and don’t want to give telephone interview then sign up for these below mentioned best cpa networks as they are easy to get approved.

Note: – There are so many CPA networks and to check these CPA Networks and Offers, you can go at Offervault

Offervault is the most known place about CPA Networks and CPA offers where you can find your niche/offers and can directly apply for CPA network to promote the offer.

Even you can also go at Affpaying and can choose best CPA networks as per their reviews and ratings.

Now you have know to the best CPA networks.

Let us know so the most common CPA Marketing Terminology.

1. Landing Page

This is a webpage that features information about each CPA campaign or offer, where your visitors are directed.

Usually the advertiser’s website or a page created by you that links to the merchant’s website. See below an example of landing page.

CPA marketing landing page

2. PPC

Pay Per Click mostly used for PPC ads where you’re charged on pay per click or cost per click basis.

For example, when you promote your ad on traffic sources such as Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing PPC etc. then here you are charged on pay per click basis when somebody clicks on your ad and a click cost can be somewhere $.50 to $9 or more.

Note:- PPC cost can be more or less. Above said click cost is just an example. Ok!

3. Contextual Creative

This indicates the affiliate link that is used when sending contextual traffic to a landing page or CPA offer.

4. EPC

Earnings Per Click indicates just how much you will earn for every click made to your CPA offer.

5. Publisher

Affiliates participating in CPA offers or network sites.

6. Vertical

Specific industries or market types. For example, Dog Training, Weight Loss, Health and Wellness.

7. Text Link

It is a text link which seems like a text. It is in HTML format. See below the example.

8. SOI

Single Opt in. For example when you submit your email on a webform or landing page and click button submit then its a single opt in.

9. DOI

Double Opt in. For example when you submit your name and email on a landing page and your also your confirm your email by going to your email box then its called double opt in.

10. CPI

Cost per Install. For example when somebody install an app through your ad and the cost to show your ad is $1 then the $1 is cost of your ad is called Cost per Install.

11. Creative

This includes Banner, Text Links, Contextual Links, E-mail etc.

See below a live example of banner ads.

See below an example of Text Link and Contextual Link. Where I linked my affiliated link with Text GetResponse.

Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium! I use and recommend GetResponse

See below an example of Email.

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Now you know some common terms used in CPA marketing.

Let’s know where to promote the CPA offers.

Where To Promote The CPA Offers?

Now finally coming to the point that where to promote the CPA offers.

So below I am mentioning the traffic sources to promote your CPA offers.

For  Mobile offer.

For PPC campaign.

Note: – With pay per click networks Google Adwords and Bing, you have to do your keyword research.

For Banner Ads.

That’s it.  Choose one traffic platform from above said traffic platforms to promote your CPA offers or products.

My suggestion to you is that specially if you’re new or beginner to CPA marketing, first get mastery on one traffic platform and then move to next platform.

Don’t get confused yourself by promoting your CPA offer on all of the traffic platforms otherwise you will burn your lots of money.

Always test, test and test. And keep and scale what works and remove out what doesn’t  work.

Now you have known to what is CPA Marketing, how to get the accepted or approved into CPA networks as well as what are the best CPA Networks.

So go ahead and get approved yourself with best CPA network and launched your first campaign.

If you still have any questions or queries then ask or comment below. I would be so happy to answer.

And yes share your experience with CPA networks or CPA campaign if any.

Now finally, if you got any value from this post then do share it with your friends. Right!

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