What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing (2018)?

If you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing then first thought might have come to your mind that what are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing in 2018?

Or you might have thought what are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketer?

Further, you might be thinking what is the best profitable niche or best niche market I should enter to make money?

Even you might be thinking what is the best untouched or untapped niche market that no body have tried it before?

So many questions have been arising to your mind. Right!

May be you will be confused which niche market you should go as an affiliate marketer?

So don’t worry!

In this article I will try to give all of your answers and I will tell you the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing that you can select for your  affiliate marketing. Ok!

Let’s start!


what are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing


What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing?

First, really it sounds good in listening that you must select a niche in which you have great passion or interest.

But have you ever considered about its profitability?

How much it is going to be profitable to you?

If not, then you must start thinking regarding its profitability.

Tell me, if a niche is not profitable or doesn’t make you money then what will happen?

Surely, all of your efforts will be in vain and your affiliate marketing business will go down.

May be after being frustrated you will leave your affiliate marketing business.

So, in simple language, I would say, select a niche that’s going to make you money.

Hey one thing, you might have also heard a lot from Gurus or Experts that select profitable niches with low competition.

No doubt it’s a good advice only when you find any profitable niche with low competition.

But here I would say select a niche which has competition.

I mean you must look that are there any people or affiliate marketers who are already in your niche?

Now! You might be thinking what the heck I am saying?

How you can make money from the niche which has competition?

Let I tell you why you must choose a niche which has competition?

I am saying it because if there is competition to a niche then it’s a clear cut indication that niche is in high demand.

If there is competition in your niche then surely you will find some products in the market related to that niche.

And also you will find the people or affiliate marketers who are making money into that niche.

So again it’s a clear cut indication that if other marketers are making money from that niche then you can also make money from that niche by promoting niche related product. Right!

Never ever run away from competition.

But here what you have to do?

You have to stand out from that competition.

I mean just to make money from your niche or to stand out from the competition; you have to promote your niche related product very strategically. Ok!

So what are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing?

Here are five evergreen broad niches which are highly profitable niches online that you can choose.

1. Health

No doubt it’s a very broad niche. But you can see that today everybody wants to be fit and fine.

If you go in society or even in your family you will find a person who is suffering from one or two health problems.

And without any doubt he or she wants to get rid of health problems.

So go into health niche and you can choose any sub-niche such as hair loss, acne, diabetes, weight loss etc.

Note: – Weight loss is very lucrative niche.

2. Dating

Again, dating can be the best niche for affiliate marketing.

As you know everybody especially who are young or adult wants to date someone whether it’s male or female.

Show me any one person who does not want to date somebody.

It’s a human psychology that man gets attract to women and on the other hand, women gets attract to men. It’s as simple as you think.

3. Make Money Online

Like I said everybody wants to make money or some extra money from home.

Really, it’s a very hot and top niche for affiliate marketers.

As you can see, you’re on this blog because you want to change your lifestyle or want to live luxurious lifestyle.

And no doubt you want to make money online with affiliate marketing. Is it the case? Hummm!

Ok! Leave that…

Lets move further…

Even you might have noticed that most profitable blogs in the world are related to make money online niche.

I would tell you that if you love writing then you can start a blog in make money online niche.

In my point of view, make money online is a great blog topic that makes the most money.

Further also from my personal experience, I will tell you that you must have your own platform where you can share you knowledge or expertise and side by side you can make money by promoting affiliate products related to your niche.

Note:-  Platform can be your own Youtube Vlog, Podcast, Blog etc.

Moving further…

You can see on daily basis that there are so many people who search on Google by typing the keyword such as “how to make money online”,” how to make money”, “how to make money from home”, “how to make extra money” etc.

Below you can see that there are 100K-1M averagely monthly searches on Google that people search about how to make money online.

Now you can imagine how big this niche market is?

how to make money online monthly searches

So to start with make money online is also a very good niche idea as an affiliate marketer.

4. Insurance

You can see, in today’s life everybody wants to be insured himself or herself for future. Everybody wants to save their family for future if something bad happens.

Everybody wants to get insured their home, car, phone, luggage, goods etc.

So being in Insurance can be most profitable niche for you.

I hope you get the idea what I mean.

5. Loan

Tell me one person who doesn’t want to get loan.

Everybody is trying to take a loan.

It won’t be wrong if I say that every third person in our society wants to get loan whether its personal loan or home loan, car loan, land loan whatever the case is.

You will be surprised to know that a person who is doing job, his whole life is totally depends on loan.

He spends his whole life paying monthly installments of loan.

Why I am saying this?

Because I had been in this situation when I was in job and I took a loan for home maintenance.

So from my personal experience I can say in loan niche there is big opportunity. Go for that.

Note: – The niches which I mentioned above have multi-billion dollar market but it is hard (but not impossible) to enter with a common product as you have to compete with big players with big budgets.

Surely they are broad niches but what you can do here you can drill down broad niche to similar sub-niches or micro-niches where you see opportunity to get success.

Now you might be wondering what are the some other most profitable niches, sub-niches or micro-niches?

Don’t worry!

Below I am going to mention the other 28 most profitable niches list.

Here it is….

  1. Golf.
  2. Guitar Training.
  3. Dog Training.
  4. Gardening.
  5. Personal Development.
  6. Quit Smoking.
  7. Website Hosting.
  8. Wellness.
  9. Cooking.
  10. Dieting.
  11. Self-help.
  12. Spirituality.
  13. Relationship.
  14. Aging.
  15. Stress Reduction.
  16. Tennis.
  17. Scuba Diving.
  18. Mountain Biking.
  19. Scrap Booking.
  20. Leadership Development.
  21. Real Estate.
  22. Motivation.
  23. Marriage.
  24. Parenting.
  25. Family.
  26. Investing.
  27. Music.
  28. Yoga.

These above said are the great niches or the best niche market other than the above said five broad niches where you can go according to your taste, interest and passion.

It is totally up to you.

But above said five niches are evergreen and profitable niches.

You can drill-down them according to your interests, passion and profitability.

And yes out of above said five niches my niche is “make money online”.

Note: – Finding a profitable niche does not mean that you have finished your work. This is your first step to find the most profitable niches online in affiliate marketing.

And thereafter, just to make good affiliate commission, you have to choose a product to promote related to your niche, sub-niche or micro-nice.

Your product must be something that solves the problem of your prospect, dream client or customer. Right!

How To Find An Affiliate Program Niche Related Product?

After choosing your profitable niche, the second work is that you have to find the affiliate program.

For that what you can do go to Google and type   your “Niche name + Affiliate Program“and this will bring you to the affiliate program of advertiser or publisher. See below the screenshot.

most profitable niches online in affiliate marketing

Another option you have Clickbank.

In short, Clickbank is place where you can find the digital products to promote almost in every niche that you can imagine.

Just go to Clickbank and login into your account and find the section which says Marketplace.

And click on the section Marketplace and then on the left hand side of you, you will find all the categories of different-2 niches.

Here you can select your niche and after selecting your niche, you can find the digital products to promote.

Below you can see the example of this where I have selected the Health & Fitness Niche.

most profitable niches in affiliate marketing

health and fitness clickbank category

Note: – Select the product to promote which has high gravity.

Its mean that product is great in demand and has high competition.

And there are lots of affiliate marketers who are promoting this product.

And of course they are making money with this same product.

If possible, chose a product has gravity more than 100.

Now you know what are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketers.

Let me know who did you find this article.

I hope so this article will help you in deciding the most profitable niches to go in affiliate marketing.

If you still have any questions, fell free to comment below or ask, I would be so happy to reply.

Yes, don’t forget to share if you really think it is helpful. Ok!

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