Two Comma Club Coaching Review

My Two Comma Club Coaching Review!

Hey! You might have heard a lot of buzz about Two Comma Club Coaching Program. You might be thinking what is two comma club coaching? For whom this 2 comma club coaching program is made for.

So without any delay, here is my Two Comma Club Coaching review.

What is Two Comma Club Coaching?

Actually two comma club coaching is high ticket program by Russell Brunson who is well known top Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Author of three famous books DotComSecrets, 108 Proven Split Test Winner and his recent book Expert Secrets. He is also the founder of Clickfunnels.

Hey! Do you know what is Clickfunnels?

If not, let I explain it in short.

Clickfunnels is basically software where you can build every type of marketing funnels such as Optin Funnel, Sales Funnel, Product Launch Funnel, Free + Shipping Charge Funnel, Perfect Webinar Funnel etc. that your business needs to grow. Ok!

So coming to point, in two comma club coaching program you will learn how to finally get into the 2 comma club in the next 12 months without fear of failing into the Gap.

What is the Gap?

Gap means whenever we launch a funnel whether it’s optin funnel or sales funnel or any other funnel and when funnel doesn’t succeed then behind this funnel there remains always gap.

So in this training you will get to know how to fill this gap to make a funnel successful and to join the 2 comma club. Right!

In this training you will also get to know how to give yourself raise everyday and how to go 0 to 7 figure in one year and then 7 to 8 figure and 8 to 9 figure.

What You Will Get When Join 2 Comma Club Coaching Program?

Actually this two comma club coaching program has been divided into two parts. First one is Home Study Version and second one is Intensive In Person Workshop.  Here are the details given below.

2 Comma Club Coaching Home Study Version.

  • Secret Master Class (8 Core Module)
  • Spy for Profit (Funnel Hacking 201)
  • 6 Months Weekly Coaching Accountability Calls
  • Private Discussion Groups (6 months)
  • “2 Comma Club” Members Behind The Scenes

2 Comma Club Coaching Intensive In Person Workshop.

1. Entire Online Program.

  • Secrets Masterclass
  • Spy For Profit
  • 12 Months Weekly Coaching
  • Private Discussion Group
  • 2CC Behind The Scenes

2. Fill Your Funnel + Traffic Secrets ( 12 Months)

3. Plus Join Us for a Live 3 day in person Funnel-Hack-A-Thon (FHAT) Event at Clickfunnels headquarters in boise ( one ticket)

What is the Cost to Join 2 Comma Club Coaching Home Study Version?

To join Home study version, it will cost you $1997.

What is the cost to join 2 comma club coaching Intensive In Person Workshop + Fill Your Funnel?

To join Intensive In Person Workshop, it will cost you $14,997

Is It A Scam?

No. It is not a Scam.

My Verdict.

Hey I want to be very clear here that I am not the member of 2 Comma Club Coaching Program. I wrote my 2 comma Club coaching review just based on their video sales presentation.

As I am one of their affiliate member so I have decided to write a review on two comma club coaching program.

Note: – One more thing I want to be very clear that if you purchase this program through my affiliate link then I will get a commission. Right!

So, coming to point, when I saw their video presentation I found this of great value.

Really I would say, whenever Russell Brunson comes, he comes up with something of great value. He provides great value to his students and clients.

Why I am saying this because I am the part of his one of training program and I found this training worth paying and worth watching.

So from this point of view, I can say 2 comma club coaching program is going to be a great program for those who are really-really serious about their online business.

Yes! I would highly recommend going for 2 comma club coaching program and taste the water of it if you’re really serious about your online business.

Surely, this two comma club program is not for everyone. It is for those entrepreneurs or businessmen who want to take their businesses to the next level.

This program is for those who are still struggling to find the dots or you can say struggling to find the gap in their funnel.

If you’re an entrepreneur then here is one thing I always say invest in yourself as well as in your business.

Finally, this was my 2 comma club coaching program review. Again if you find any value then do like share or comment.

And yes! If there will be any further updates. Then I will update you about this 2 comma club coaching program.

Latest Updates on 2 Comma Club Coaching Program.

Today I got direct email from Russell Brunson. You can see the screen shot of that email as well email which I got so that it can give more authenticity to the latest updates.

two comma club coachig review programSo please read the email below.

I hope that you loved the “Expert Secrets Masterclass.”

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve had about 3 dozen people ask me if there was anyway that we could open up a payment plan so you could get started before we close the doors on Sunday night…

And the answer is… kinda.

So, if you want to do the full course and come to Boise, then we did setup a 2 pay you can use here:

Use the payment plan for intensive in-person experience here >>

For those who want to a payment plan on our home study version, we decided that instead of doing a payment plan, we would open a monthly version as well…

That means that those who already purchased for $1,997, you have lifetime access to the “Two Comma Club Coaching” program… YEA!!!

Those who aren’t able to get lifetime access, but you do want to get started and start moving through the core training, you can join our new $297 per month version of the course.

That way you can get started now… and join us in all the fun that is starting next week!

Sound fair?
Cool, then go pick which option makes the most sense for you right

Join The “Two Comma Club” Coaching Program NOW >>

But be sure to hurry, this offer CLOSES in about 48 hours.


Russell Brunson

P.S. Don’t forget… you’re just one funnel away.

So based on above said email I am writing updates. Right!

Let I explain everything in short!

This email was about the change in payment plan to join the 2CC coaching program for those who don’t want to pay one time payment.

Now you have options to pay in monthly payment for 2CC coaching-Home Study Version or pay in two installments for 2CC coaching-Intensive In Person .

If you’re considering to join 2 Comma Club Program then by paying monthly payments of $297 p.m. (9 month minimum), you can get access to 2CC Coaching – Home Study Version.

Note:- You still have option to pay one time payment of $ 1997 for Home Study Version and get the access for lifetime. Right!

Second for 2CC Coaching-Intensive In Person now you can pay in two installments of $ 7,997.  Ok!

Note:- You have the option to get the access to 2CC Coaching-Intensive In Person by paying one time payment of $ 14,997.

So these were the latest updates. If there will be any further updates then I will update you. Till then bye! Have a nice day!

Latest Updates:

Enrollment to 2 Comma Club has been closed. So, if there will be any further updates regarding 2 comma club I will let you know. Ok!

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