Truth About Best Facebook Ads Training Course That Nobody Tells You!

In my today’s post, I am going to reveal the Truth About Best Facebook Ads Training Course That Nobody Tells You.

Best Facebook Ads Course

Actually this truth about Facebook Ads Training Course, I learned from Matt Ganzak who is a Bestselling author of the Million Dollar Plan book, CEO of ScaleUP Academy and Startup Entrepreneur Coach and Mentor.

He shared this truth in Clickfunnels Official Facebook Group. As you I am also a Clickfunnels Facebook Group.

Really this group is very much active Facebook Group that I have found in my 5 years experience of Digital Marketing.

This is the group where 7 to 8 Figure Earners/Entrepreneurs/Businessmen hang out together and they share their Vast Knowledge about their business and experiences with the member of Clickfunnels Official Facebook Group.

So without any delay let’s know what is the truth about Best Facebook Ads Training Course That Nobody Tells You?

Actually you might have heard a lot of time on your Facebook Timeline or any Facebook Group related to online business (physical or digital product) asking people “Can Someone Recommend the Best Facebook Ads Training Course?”

Tell me, haven’t you heard that before?

Yes, I know you have heard it a lot of time.

Even I too heard this phrase “Can Someone Recommend the Best Facebook Ads Training Course” a lot of time.

No doubt there’re Best Facebook Ads Courses out there.

They may provide best Facebook Ads training. They may teach you how to Re-target your audience?

How to add Conversion Pixal to your Websites, Landing pages/Thank You pages/Sales pages/Squeeze pages etc.

They may also teach you how to  use better Look Like Audience option while promoting your ads on FACEBOOK.

Even they may also teach you how to reduce your ad spend or ad cost or PPC (Pay Per Click) cost on  ad.

But here NOBODY tells you this Truth?

Hummm! Want to know What is the Truth?

OK! Without any delay!

Here is the Truth….

Actually, there is NO FACEBOOK ADS Course that will Help…..

No course can tell you the following:

  • WHO is your BEST CUSTOMER?
  • HOW can you SOLVE their frustration with your offer?
  • CAN they TRUST you?
  • Is this offer good FOR THEM?

The fact is, the reason why you are having trouble getting your Facebook Ads to convert is because you are missing a piece from above when targeting cold traffic…

Secondly, once you find the answers to all the questions above (how to answer them on page with text that is…)

Next you need to write out the text on the page and CAREFULLY craft every word in your process….

This is like knowing what their objections are before they ask them…

But even harder, is knowing their objections and solving the Objections weeks before they ask them….

You need to know what they are thinking while in your warm up process and you need to say the right things to them at the right time…

That is assuming that you can get them to opt in and pay attention to your content long enough to get them to take further actions….

Here are the steps in the process broken down:

1) Know Everything You Can About Your Target Person or Dream Client.

What they like? What they dislike? How they talk? What they wear? Where they hangout? Which Country or State they belong to?

What’s there religion? What their hobbies are? How they walk? How they Act? How they drive? Who their idols are? Who they cannot stand….?

I MEAN EVERYTHING! Know them better than they know themselves….

This should be an audience in Facebook ads of less than 50k people (which should take around a $1k Ad budget to reach a good % of them to know if that is a good audience)

2) Create An Ad That Will Get Them To STOP In Their Tracks And Click.

Create an ad that raises Curiosity.

It must be something that stops your Ideal Audience or Dream Client to check your ad or click on your ad. We call it “Pattern Interrupt”. In your ad you have to interrupt them from their daily routine works.

See below an example how a Good Ad looks like that stops your target person/audience to click on your ad.

inquirer ads

national inquirer

Photos Credit: National Enquirer

These above said ads are of National Enquirer. Don’t you feel that these above said ads are something that really makes you click on the ad and further encourage you to know more about the ad.

Of course! Yes!

While creating your next ad you must think in that way. And it would won’t be wrong if you get some ideas from National Inquirer’s Ads to make your ad Good. Right!


3) Talk To Your Audience On Your Landing Page.

Really it is very important to know that you directly talk to your audience on your landing page so they know THIS IS WHERE THEY BELONG!

At your landing page they must relate their personal life or business with your landing page. See below an example of landing page.

facebook ad landing page

On your landing page, they (your dream client) must start thinking something like “Oh! this is related to me”, “this is what I want!”

Or “this is (landing page) actually talking about me or my business. Got it!”

Again… I would say Know Everything about your target audience/dream client.

4) Ask Them For A Sale Early.

Point to note here is that that if you are always giving away Free Value, people will not value what you do as much than those who pay a premium.

Here you might be with me that people always Pay Less Value to those things that come for FREE.

I mean they don’t pay attention to those things that are FREE.

So ask them for a SALE as early as possible if you think that you have something (product or service) that you truly believe will help them.  Right!

Be the Rolls Royce of your industry not the pinto.

5) Send Follow Up Emails And Warm Them Up.

There is one Bitter Truth about business.

Do you know what it is?

Truth is that most businesses Fail whether it’s a Online Business or Brick and Mortar Business.

Do you know Why they fail?

Answer is simple!

They don’t FOLLOW UP!

So don’t do this mistake in your business.

Make a solid plan first that how you’re going to Follow up whether it’s for Online Business or Brick and Mortar Business. Right!

So, for your online business wrap your arms around them digitally with your copy of email sequence. Right!

Listen… All this is NOT Easy!

Once you can do all of this, and most importantly plan out this entire process from start to finish without ever getting on the phone with someone…


There is NO SETTING in Facebook Ads that will make Emotionally connecting with people through Digital Marketing easier… NONE.

There are no Facebook Ads courses that will Teach YOU who your Best Customer is?

There is no course that will teach you what is frustrating them, no Landing Page Course and No Ads Course….

What you CAN DO is find a mentor who can help you map out who might be your best customer and find someone who has done it before….

Or you can spend some money, find some customers, interview them, figure out how you can help them, and then create that Avatar and promote your products to this Beta Test Group…. 

And after 90 to 180 days of working with these folks closely and really getting to know them, then you can build a plan to go find hundreds more of them and perhaps take your TIME out of the equation the best you can in order to SCALE! 

Either way… there is NO Course that will instantly give you all the answers.

You need to go find your best customer and get to work on learning how to solve their problems and answer their objections before they ask. Ok!

So finally you know that the truth about best FACBOOK ADS Courses.

Tell me how did you find this post?

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Yes! If you have any questions then let me know in the comment below.

Have a Nice Day!

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