In this article I will explain top 10 best legit ways to make money online.

best legit ways to make money online

Top 10 Best Legit Ways To Make Money Online!

Very frankly, in the beginning, when the first time the idea to make money online came to my mind then I went to Google.

And then I typed keywords like “what are the ways to make money online” “what is the best way to make money online” “how to make money online for free” “how to make money online from home”.

Really I was so desperate to make money online.  I went through every videos on youtube, read articles on blog, went through paid as well as free programs related to make money online but I didn’t see any results.

And I thought that it was only me who was not making money online.  But I didn’t lose my hope. I kept on working to crack the code.

Then later on 2015 I made my first $25 while doing affiliate marketing.

I was so excited and from that day, I realized that yes money is made online and yes people are making real money online.

Ok, let’s see what are the best ways to make money online?

Hey don’t worry! I will show only the legitimate ways to make money online.

So without any delay, let’s come to the point and know the ways to make money online.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is by far is my number one method to make money online.

Simply, in affiliate marketing, you join an affiliate program of company and then you’re given a special affiliated link or you can say a special affiliate ID.

Actually in affiliate marketing you choose a product of company to promote and when somebody purchases through your affiliated link or affiliate ID, you get paid commission. That’s it.


Let I show you how a affiliate link looks like. See below this my affiliate link or you can say this is my affiliate Id of clickfunnels program which I am currently promoting.

best ways to make money online

Basically in affiliate marketing you get commission on per sale basis.

By the way if you want to join a free affiliate program then you can join clickfunnels free affiliate program.

Really clickfunnels affiliate program by far is the best affiliate program I have seen. Below you can see some of my income screenshots.

make money online

2. CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing

This is also similar to affiliate marketing but in CPA marketing you join a CPA network and choose a product to promote and when somebody completes a specific action, you get commission.

Note: – Specific action can be such as email submits, zip submit, app download, app install etc.

3. Email Marketing

In this model, you collect the email of visitors through your landing page or web form or optin form on your website or landing page or squeeze page.

And when visitors come to your email list, they become your lead.

Then, you promote them your affiliated offers or your own offers through your email having affiliated link or your own offer link.

And when they purchase through your email you make money. Right!

Note: – This is one of the best ways to make money online. Building your own email list is the biggest asset through which you can make money online in future.

4. Google Adsense

If done correct then really with Google Adsense you can make a very decent amount of money per month.

It is correct that, there are people that their earning source of income is only Google Adsense and they are earning somewhere $1000 to $3000 per month. Not bad!

Actually, in this model, you create your website/blog having unique articles related to your niche and then you apply for Google Adsense program for showing ads on your website/blog.

And when you get accepted for Google Adsense Program, you are allowed to put ad code on your website/blog.

Thereafter, when somebody clicks on ads shown on your website/blog, you get paid between .01 cent to $2 per click or per 1000 impressions basis. Ok!

Note: – Sometimes you get more than $2 but it depends on ad as well as content on your website/blog.

5. Youtube

In this model, you upload your own video, audio etc. to Youtube and similar to Google Adsense you have to apply for Youtube Partner Program.

And when you are approved then ads are shown on your Youtube’s video.

Note: – Before applying to youtube program you must have your own youtube channel on youtube. And on your channel, your video can be educational, informational or entertaining etc.

Here you get paid only when somebody clicks on ads shown on your video and you get paid somewhere .01 cent to $2 as I said above.

Earnings can be more but it depends on what types of ads or contents are being shown on your youtube video.

See below the step by step process that how you can apply for Youtube Partner Program.

Login into your youtube account.

login into youtube account

After logging into your youtube account, go to the “settings” section on the left hand of yours and then click on “View additional features”

youtube partner program

youtube partner program make money

After clicking to the section “View additional features”, you will be taken to next page.

And on this page you have to verify your account. Click the button “Verify” and after verifying your account go to the section which says “Monetization” and hit the button which says “Enable”.

youtube partner program make money online

youtube program

Next, after clicking on button “Enable”, you will be taken to next page, and on the next page, click the dark blue button which says“START”.

youtube program make money

And after clicking on “START” button, you will be taken to youtube program policy, read it carefully and check the four boxes on the left hand side of you and then click the button “I accept”.

youtube partner program policy

Now, after accepting the policy, you will be taken to next page and on the next page click button “START” and on the next page which says “Monetization” click on the “Next” button.

sign up youtube programe

monetization youtube program

From here you will be taken to next page which says “Welcome To AdSense”. At this page, click on “Sign in” button and login to your gmail account or you can create your fresh gmail account.

Thereafter, on the next page hit the button which says “Save and Continue”.

youtube google adsense program

youtube partner program3

Ok, so far so good.

Now, after hitting the button “Save and Continue” , you will be taken to the next page and on this page fill out your address, time zone, mobile no. and then check 5 boxes with yes and hit the button “Submit my Application”.

address youtube program

submit application youtube program

That’s it. You did it.  Now you know how to apply for Youtube Partner Program.

Note:- Within 5 to 7 days you will get an email from google that whether you application has approved or not.

Lets move further……

6. Freelancing

In this model, you get paid for completing the task. It can be anything such as writing book, writing an article, web designing, programming, writing ad copy, making website, logo designing, data entry work etc.

Here you get somewhere $5 to $500 per hour or per project. But again it depends.

And for freelancing work you can go to sites such as

Note: – If you know how to optimize site or how to do SEO (Search Enzine Optimization) then you can go to Sourcewave, SEOclerks etc.

7. Online Survey

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. In this  model, you join the company who provides you survey online and you get paid somewhere .50 cent to $3 by giving up your genuine opinions.

8. Flipping The Website

In this model, you create a authority website and specific niche related website and then sell it for money.

You can sell your website on sites such as Flippa, Digitalpoint, etc. and can make money online.

9. Selling Domain

In this model, you purchase a branded domain or old domain and sell it for money.

Same thing you can sell it on Flippa as well as on your own domain registrar such as Namecheap, Godaddy etc.

10. Selling Own Product

You can sell your own digital product online. Further if you have physical product, then you can sell it on Ebay and Amazon by applying to their seller program.

And when you get accepted, you can immediately start selling your physical products as well digital products.

You can also apply for Clickbank for selling your digital products. But there is monthly fee for that.

Note: – Clickbank is specially designed for selling digital products only.

Now you know 10 best ways to make money online.  Just go and chose one model out of above said 10 models to make money online.

And yes, if you know any other best legitimate ways to make money online then let me know in the comment below.

Further, if you have any questions or queries then feel free to ask. I would be so happy to help you.

Finally, if you like this post on best ways to make money online then please do share it with your friends or somebody who you know will get benefit. Ok!

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