In this article, I will share my opinions about the question that life should be easy or not.


Life Should Be Easy Or Not?

I inspired to write on this topic when I got a message on my Whatsapp where my best friend or you can say my childhood friend Mr. Nitin Tanwar working in Sales Tax Department sent a message writing that “Life Is Not So Easy Yaar”. Love you bro.

Really it made me to think on this topic. He is doing a government job in sales tax department.

To get a government job, was his dream and now he is saying “Life Is Not So Easy Yaar”.

In our society, getting a government is a big dream. And he is doing his dream job.

Then I thought where is the problem with all of us. We are doing the job and getting salary but still we say we are not happy and life is not so easy. Why?

Is this a frustration or we want something more from life?

One thing to note, when I got this message, I was also listening to a CD of late Sh. Satish Pandit Ji, Leader, Speaker and Journalist where he was explaining something about Life and Business.

So, here is my question to all of you. Life Should Be Easy or Not?

Let I explain this through my story.

When I go back in the past and think about my life, what I found about my life, it was not easy.

When I used to play cricket, it was not easy to play.

When I used to learn dance, it was not easy to dance.

Even when I think about my period of learning the shorthand for getting a government job. Really it was not easy.

Hey! Wait a minute! Before telling this story, I want to bring your notice that what importance or value a Government Job has in our society. So let’s start!

A government job which is considered everything in our society. If a person who gets the government job is considered a star of our society.

Government Job is a target that is given to us right from our childhood to hit saying that study hard, get good numbers, work hard and get a job rather doing your own work that you love to do.

Our mind is programmed to hit this target right from our childhood.

Further a person who gets the Government Job is honored with world’s top prize. And yes, I hit this target twice in my life.

I personally know my friends who have hit this target 5, 6, 7 or 8 times. I can personally feel the moment of joy when you hit a target or get a government job.

But again my questions to all of you. Are you really happy after getting job? Are you really doing what you love to do? Are you really living the lifestyle you want to live?

And again, I know the fact that out of 100, 90 would not be happy with their job.

Yes! I come in that category of 90.

Note: – Don’t take it otherwise. If you’re really enjoying your job, go for it and do that. Right! I really respect the job. But my only concerned is that if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing then don’t do that.  That’s it.

Ok! Now coming to the point where we started our story.

So, to get a Government Job, I started doing a course called Stenography at Hansi (Hissar).

I used to do daily updown from Bhiwani (my native town) to Hansi (Hissar). It was at a distance of 35 kilometers.

It was tough period that I went through and I work hard a lot.

Finally the day came when I got Government Job after 3 years of practice and hard work.  That’s it.

You can’t even imagine what hardships or situations or emotions I went through during my 3 years period of learning stenography.

I was so happy that I hit a target of government job. This feeling of fulfillment you can’t imagine without going through hardships. Even, you can’t feel the joy of happiness unless you hit the target.  Right!

But still I personally believe that if I had been given a target right from my childhood to become billionaire or to do the things that I love to do or something big then I would also have hit it twice or thrice.  And I would be more happy or have sense of fulfillment than today.

In life we don’t do what we want to do. We do what others want us to do or what they think we should do or what they think to do.  Is it right or not?

You might be thinking what’s the catch in the story? Why are you telling this story? The reason I am telling this story and the catch is, it was not easy to do.

So, considering all above said facts and circumstances and going through the deep thoughts, here is my answer into two parts.

First, I want or wish or pray that life shouldn’t be easy because real enjoyment comes when we get the things that were not easy to do or easy to get.

When life is easy you can’t feel the real enjoyment. Even you don’t become strong or champion or fighter or leader of life.

So, I wish as well as pray you should work hard and should pay the price for getting success.

There is a quote by Brian Tracy that

“Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do”.

Second, when you choose target or goal to hit, think twice that is it the target that will give the results what you expect for.

Is it the target that will make you happy for life?  Is it the target or goal or work that will give you a sense of fulfillment?

It shouldn’t be something that when you hit the target and then just for a moment or just for a time being you get happy and after sometime you spend all life repenting on it.

So choose your life not to be easy. But choose the target or goal or work carefully and think what you’re going to achieve with this.

And when answer comes in “BIG YES” that it is the target to hit.

It is the target that will make you happy for life then go for that with all your weapons.  Don’t let anybody define your life. Right!

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And yes, if you have any questions or want to share your experiences or have your opinions on this topic then do let me know in the comment below.

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