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rcm business review

My Personal RCM Business Review!

Really you might have heard lot of buzz about RCM Business. You might be thinking what is RCM Business? A scam or a legit opportunity?

Is it a pyramid scheme or true MLM? Is it a chain system? These are some of the questions that might be going through your mind.  So don’t worry, you will get answers in my detailed RCM Business Review.

Before giving my review on RCM Business I want to share some information about network marketing, MLM Company or in your words you can say a chain system or pyramid scheme.

Really it is a major concern in our India. According to me there must be healthy debate on this topic.

It is a fact that still in our India there are lots of companies running their businesses in the name of MLM or Network Marketing Company.

Yes, it is a fact that there were lots companies who used to run their businesses in the name of network marketing company and fled away overnight with the hard earned money of people.

But in fact they were only Pyramid Schemes not true MLM company.

And you can see an example of this such as “Speak Asia”. Very frankly I was also victim of this company.

Still in our India as well as in other countries, you will find or hear that every third person or you can say a group of people have been made fool by fraud MLM Company.

They are the victim of such fraud MLM or Network Marketing Company.

They have lost their hard earned money by investing in the fraud MLM or Network Marketing Company (multi-level marketing company).

It is also a fact that when people lose their time and money in network marketing they shout more but on the other side when they lose in general market they shut their mouth. What a irony?

Again it’s a fact that only network marketing business produces more multi millionaires every year than any other traditional business.

There are people or network marketers who are earning 6 or 7 figure income on monthly basis and living healthy life style.

There is no doubt that despite all frauds, all fraud MLM Companies (Pyramid Schemes), still there are MLM Companies or Network Marketing Companies who are genuine and running their businesses with honesty and transparency.

You can understand this with an example, when a farmer plant the crops in his field, then you might have seen or heard that by the side of healthy crops some weeds occur and these weeds try to destroy all the healthy crops. Right!

So same thing goes here that there are few so called MLM Companies or Network Marketing Company who come and make fraud with the people.

But due to these fraud MLM companies or Network Marketing Company, we can’t blame on all MLM Companies or Network Marketing Company who are doing their business with honesty and transparency.

We can’t give the bad reputation to all MLM companies or network marketing business. Right!

Keeping that all in mind, I also want to bring in your notice some statements as well as quotes given by our Government, Great Politician, Great Personality, and Great Businessman.

Network Marketing is the fastest growing business of 21st Century which must be joined by every young man and woman globally otherwise you can never get the Best of Your Youth Age. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Ex-President of India)

Network marketing is the Future Business in India.  This is the 21st Century Business and this Business will give the Revenue of 9000 Cr. to Indian Government till 2025. Ram Vilas Paswan (Food Minister, Govt. Of India)

The Network Marketing Industry in India estimated to be INR Billion (2012-13), and forms only around 0.4% of total Retail Sales.  This industry has the potential to reach size of INR 645 Billion by 2025. FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

If I would get a Chance to Start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing. Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO)

Network Marketing has proven itself to be a viable. There have been some remarkable examples of Success. Donald Trump (President of United States of America)

Network Marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry in the History of World. Les Brown (Renowned Motivational Speaker)

You strengthen our country and our Economy not just by striving for your own Success but by offering the opportunity (Network marketing) to others. Bill Clinton (Ex. American President)

Network Marketing gives people the opportunity with very low Risk and very low Financial Commitment to build their own income generating asset and acquire Great wealth. Robert Kiyosaki (World’s renowned speaker and author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Business School)

Further, except above said statements and quotes, there are also some other facts about Network marketing that everybody must know.

Right from 40 to 50 years,  Degree Courses are being taught regarding Network Marketing in many countries of the world such as Dubai, America, China, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam etc.

Even from the last 4 years in South Karnataka of India Degree is being given in Network Marketing.

There has been semester in Business MBA regarding Network Marketing in Delhi University, Delhi from last one year.

In America there are 40% to 50% people who are in Network Marketing Business.

In India only 0.7% people are in Network Marketing Business.

So keeping in view all above said facts, now I am going to give my  RCM business review.

One more thing I wanna say here is that before reading my RCM business review, please have Business Mindset, Positive Mindset and No Negativity. Right!

Let’s talk about RCM Business.

What Is RCM Business?

RCM means Right Concept of Marketing with a mission of ARTHIK AJADI.

RCM Business registered office address is at in front of I.T.I. Near Rajasthan Patrika Office,Industrial Area, Pur Road,Bhilwara (Rajasthan)-311001, CIN : U18108RJ1988PTC004383.

Its founder name is T.C. Chhabra.  He is a well know businessman in India.  Earlier in 1977, they were into suitings business and later on they came up with shirtings (Clothes) business.

RCM business was established on August 2000 by the name of Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd.

Initially RCM business came up with product i.e.  suitings and shirtings (clothes) for Rs. 1500/- (Used to call as Kot Pant Ka Kapra).  Later on they increased the range of their products.

It is the only system made for Indian according to Indian rate, Indian Mentality and Indian culture.

RCM business is not a small chain system it is a biggest true MLM company on earth.

It has around 80 Depots and more than 7000 PUCs (Pick Up Centres) all over India.  RCM business has approximately 700 products in Cloths, Stationery, Accessories, wellness, agriculture, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Note: – Really there is no other MLM company in India who has this range of products almost in every categories.

One interesting fact about RCM business is that it has its own around 1.50 Crores direct sellers/distributors and out of that there are 25 Lacks are active users of its products.

What Is The Marketing Plan of RCM Business?

Just to understand the business plan or marketing plan of RCM business, you must know some terms that are mostly used while doing RCM business.

So, in RCM business, following words are used in Marketing Plan.

1. Business Volume (B.V.) :

It is the value of a product on which the Sales Incentive is calculated. It can be seen on company’s website.

The B.V. of product may be equivalent to selling price or different as may be declared by the company from time to time.

Business Volume can also be changed from time to time by the company.

2. Main leg (Group) and other leg / Legs (Group):

The leg (Group) with highest Business Volume is called main leg (Group) of Direct Seller. All the legs (Group) other than main leg (Group) are called other leg/legs (Group). Main leg (Group) may be different in different months.

3. Calculation of Sales Incentive on Difference Basis:

Net Sales Incentive of a Direct Seller is calculated by deducting Sales Incentive of downline group from Sales Incentive of total group.

This can be termed as calculation on difference basis. The Sales Incentive relates to the Direct Seller who becomes disqualified for any reason for Sales Incentive, shall not be excluded for calculate of Sales Incentive payable to other Direct Sellers on difference basis.

4. Proposer:

Direct Seller who promote new person to become Direct Seller in his/her group termed as a Proposer.

5. Sponsor:

Just immediate upline of new applicant termed as a sponsor.

Now you know some basic terms of RCM Business that are mostly used. Right!

How To Calculate Sale Incentive In RCM Business?

In RCM Business sales incentive is calculated on a fixed percentage of business volume of the purchase made by direct sellers and their groups on differential basis as follows:

Up to 32% of B.V. as Performance Bonus on difference basis
Up to 8% of B.V. as Royalty Bonus on difference basis
Up to 5% of B.V. as Technical Bonus on difference basis

Performance Bonus :-

Business Volume Percentage
100 to 4999 10%
5000 to 9999 12%
10000 to 19999 14%
20000 to 39999 16.5%
40000 to 69999 19%
70000 to 114999 21.5%
115000 to 169999 24%
170000 to 259999 26.5%
260000 to 349999 29%
Above 350000 32%

Still confused? Humm! Let’s understand this with an example.

When one has business like

Purchase in main leg (group) 80,000 B.V.
Purchase in other leg /legs (group) 33,000 B.V.
Self purchase 2,000 B.V.
Total Business Volume 1,15,000 B.V.

Calculation of Performance Bonus :

Bonus of total group 1,15,000 x 24% = 27,600/-
Less Bonus of main leg (group) 80,000 x 21.5% = 17,200/-
Less Bonus of other leg/legs (group) 33,000 x 16.5% = 5,445/-
Net performance bonus = 4,955/-

Let’s under this with another example.

When one has business like

Purchase in main leg (group) 1,18,000 B.V.
Purchase in other leg/legs (group) 52,000 B.V.
Self purchase 2,000 B.V.
Total Business Volume 1,72,000 B.V.

Calculation of Performance Bonus

Bonus of total group 1,72,000 x 26.5% = 45,580/-
Less Bonus of main leg (group) 1,18,000 x 24% = 28,320/-
Less Bonus of other leg/legs (group) 52,000 x 19% = 9,880/-
Net Performance Bonus = 7,380/-

Now you got it!

Note:- Performance Bonus will be given to only those Direct Sellers whose minimum purchase of RCM Products is 100 B.V. in the relevant month or they can fulfill this minimum purchase requirement within next 30 days from the end of the relevant month.

Performance Bonus will be calculated on monthly Business Volume on difference basis system (Deduction of performance bonus of downline from performance bonus of total group).

Royalty :

Main Leg (group) B.V. Other Legs (group) B.V. Royalty on
Main Leg (group) B.V.
3,50,000 or exceeding it 1,15,000 or exceeding it 3%
3,50,000 or exceeding it 1,70,000 or exceeding it 4.5%
3,50,000 or exceeding it 2,60,000 or exceeding it 6%
3,50,000 or exceeding it 3,50,000 or exceeding it 8%

Note:- Royalty will be given to only those Direct Sellers whose minimum purchase of RCM Products is 1500 B.V. in relevant month or they can fulfill this minimum purchase requirement within next 30 days from the end of the relevant month.

Royalty will be calculated on difference basis by deducting Royalty of downline from total Royalty.

Royalty will be calculated on monthly basis.

When B.V. of any other leg (group) except main leg (group) is 3,50,000 or more, it is called second leg (group) and if B.V. of other leg/legs (other than main and second leg) is 1,15,000 or more, then he will get Royalty on second leg (group) also as per the slab applicable.

Note:- In the world only three people get Royalty. One is Singer, second Writer and third Scientist.

Let I explain it in short way.

Suppose you are a singer and you sing a song and your song has been popular. Ok!

So an agreement is signed between you and Publisher (Seller) at a fixed percentage that whenever a CD/DVD/Cassettee of your song is sold then you will get a fixed percentage out of that sale for whole life.

Even after your death, your family members will get a fixed percentage of every sale of your songs’s CD/DVD/Cassettee. So  this we call a Royality. Got it!

Technical Bonus:

Main Leg (group) B.V. Other Legs (group) B.V. Technical Bonus on
Main Leg (group) B.V.
5,00,000 or exceeding it 500000 or exceeding it 1%
10,00,000 or exceeding it 1000000 or exceeding it 1.75%
22,00,000 or exceeding it 2200000 or exceeding it 2.50%
48,00,000 or exceeding it 4800000 or exceeding it 3%
10000000 or exceeding it 10000000 or exceeding it 3.50%
20000000 or exceeding it 20000000 or exceeding it 4%
50000000 or exceeding it 50000000 or exceeding it 4.50%
100000000 or exceeding it 100000000 or exceeding it 4.75%
250000000 or exceeding it  250000000 or exceeding it 5%

Note:-Technical Bonus will be given to only those Direct Sellers whose minimum purchase of RCM Products is equivalent to 1500 B.V. in related month or they can fulfill this minimum purchase requirement within next 30 days from the end of the relevant month.

Technical Bonus will be calculated on difference basis by deducting Technical Bonus of downline from total Technical Bonus of main leg (group).

Technical Bonus will be calculated on monthly basis.

To entitle for achieving Technical Bonus, one has to get 8% Royalty for consecutive 3 months.

When B.V. of any other leg (group) except main leg (group) is 5,00,000 or more, it is called second leg and if B.V. of other leg/legs (other than main and second leg) is 5,00,000 or more, then he/she will get Technical Bonus on second leg (group) also as per the slab applicable.

How To Become Direct Seller Of RCM Business?

To become Direct Seller of RCM business, first you have to submit an application form under proposer of any existing Direct Seller through internet.

And a print out of the same has to be sent to the company Office after signing it by applicant and two witnesses along with the necessary documents.

Note: – The good thing about RCM business is that there is no charge/fee for registration as a Direct Seller.

You can become RCM business Direct Seller/Direct Distributor absolutely for free and after becoming Direct Seller you can start promoting their products anywhere in India.

What Are The Documents Required For Becoming RCM Business Direct Seller?

To become Direct Seller you have to submit following documents along with application form:-

Two Passport size coloured photograph (Mention Applicant Name & Father/Husband Name on Back Side ).

Self attested photocopy of any of the following documents for photo identification.

Passport (Valid)

PAN Card

Voter’s Identity Card

Driving License (Valid)

Written confirmation from the banks certifying identity proof

Domicile certificate with communication address and photograph

Central/State Government certified ID proof

Certification from any of the Authorities mentioned below:

Panchayat Pradhan


Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat

Self attested Photocopy of any of following documents for address proof:-

Telephone bill not older than 6 months

Bank account statement not older than 6 months(Attested by Bank)

Electricity bill not older than six months

Ration card

Passport (Valid)

Driving License (Valid)

Voter’s Identity Card

Written confirmation from the banks (Attested by Bank)

Lease agreement along with rent receipt not older than 3 months

Current employer’s certificate mentioning residence

Domicile certificate with communication address and photograph

Central/State Government certified Address proof.

Note:- Expired passport cannot be used as address proof; it can be accepted as ID proof.

Cancelled original signed cheque which has the name printed of account holder or original Bank statement issued and attested by bank for the proof of Bank Account Number.

Photo copy of PAN Card.

Further, after scrutiny of the application form and documents and then the acceptance of applicant as Direct Seller, a Unique/Track ID Number is given on website.

Furthermore, after receiving the ID Number, the Direct Seller has to obtain the ID card by login their personal information on Website.

One thing to note here is that sponsorship for new applicant is allowed only when proposer and sponsor complete purchases of minimum 1000/- .

Purchases can be done in parts. If proposer or sponsor does not fulfill this condition, they will not entitled to sponsor.

However Direct Seller will get performance bonus as per marketing plan by product purchases.

One Direct Seller can sponsor as many person as he/she desire. Sponsor who is not Direct Seller can sponsor single new person but benefit privileges is given only after becoming Direct Seller.

Important To Note:- You can now become direct seller/distributor of RCM Business by submitting online application.

But you must have Adhar Card having registered Mobile Number as well as Email.

Because after submitting your Adhar Number you will get an OTP (one Time Password) on your registered mobile number as well Email. And after submitting your OTP to the online application, you will be get registered to the RCM Business. Right!

Is RCM Business Have Any Refund/Return/Exchange Policy?

Yes, they do have Refund/Return/Exchange Policy. Below you can read their Product Return Policy.

RCM Product Return/Exchange Policy:

If you are not satisfied with the products because of any manufacturing

defect, you may return it within 30 days from the date of purchase for a

exchange/refund as per the terms of the Returns/Exchange Policy.

The policy is applicable only for products in marketable condition,

accompanied with an original invoice. This policy does not apply to

products that have been intentionally damaged, mishandled or misused.

Important Notes:- The Direct Seller must return the product(s) to RCM Pick up Centres.

Period of return for products is calculated as the number of days from

the Invoice Date, to the date of receipt at the PUC.

Condition refers to the condition in which the stock is received back

from the Direct Seller as a return. The product can be ‘marketable’ or ‘unmarketable’ depending on the condition of the returned stock as assessed at PUC.

What Is The Qualification To Join RCM Business?

No, there is no need of any higher educational qualification to start RCM business.  You can start RCM business right from today, even if you’re a beginner or have no prior experience in any business.

Is RCM Business Legit To Start?

Yes. It is 100% legit to start.

Will RCM Business Make You Rich Overnight?

Absolutely Not! If you’re having that kind of mentality and thinking to be rich overnight then this is not a right place for you.  Please stay away from this.

My Opinion.

As I always say before coming to any conclusion or giving any opinion about any business or system, you just need to check the system properly and that you can check when you’re in the system or business.

So, that’s why I joined this system in April, 2016 and became the direct seller/distributor of RCM Business.

First, I started purchasing their products with biased mind. I was trying to find faults in their products. Really I found nothing.

RCM business gained my belief when I used its one of the product called Health Guard Cooking Oil.

Really, Health Guard Cooking Oil is one of the best product that RCM has in their arsenal.  I would highly recommend you to try Health Guard Cooking Oil at least for once.

Ok, coming further, as previously, I heard a lot about RCM Business something like “it’s a chain system”, “a pyramid scheme”, “it has bad reputation about products”, “they don’t release commission to their direct seller”, etc.

No doubt, some true MLM company has its own ups and downs, bad and good times.

But it’s a process to learn and improve. Time by time genuine MLM Company improves itself as well as also improves its products and systems. RCM business is the real example of this process.

But when I myself went through in RCM Business deeply and met with my current business partner Mr. Satpal Malik as well Adv. Sunil Kagsar who are great leaders, then I got to know that it was political stunt as well some misrepresentation about the RCM business/Company, just to defame RCM Business.

They release direct seller’s commission on time directly to their direct seller’s bank account.

Again I would try to explain this with an example which I have already mentioned above.

As you can see when a farmer plant the crops in his field, then you might have seen or heard that by the side of healthy crops some weeds occur and these weeds try to destroy all the healthy crops.

So same thing happened with RCM Business when it was growing fast, some corrupt people entered into the system and they gave bad reputation to the RCM business by manipulating with RCM’s product and system.

You may be shocked to hear that previously there were no guidelines or policies in our India to control or run such Direct Selling, MLM/Network Marketing companies.

But due to hard work as well best efforts of RCM Company, finally, India has a clear cut guideline for Direct Selling /Network Marketing /Multi-level Marketing  (MLM) industry with the announcement of Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 on 12th September 2016 by Govt. of India.

Here is the link of Direct Selling Guidelines by Govt. Of Inida that you can read as well as download.

So now legitimate Direct Selling companies are rejoicing & scams are in trouble.

You will glad to know that it is the first Indian MLM company who follows all the guidelines to run its business. Now you can take MLM or Network Marketing as a career.

Hey you might be thinking what is Direct Selling?

Let I explain it in a short way. In direct selling, company sells its product through its registered direct seller or distributor directly to the customer at a fixed price.

In direct selling there is no C&F Agent, Big Distributor, Wholesaler or Retailer.

In direct selling, we get 100% pure product with discounted rate and profit margin is shared within company’s direct seller/distributor.

Just to understand it better, please see below the presentation.

Direct Selling

Note: – Actually in traditional marketing there is a chain between C&F Agent, Big Distributor, Wholesaler or Retailer and these are the persons who control our economy and share all the profit margins of product between them.

In traditional marketing chain system there are more chances of duplicacy of products.

RCM business also deals in Wellness Industry.

As you may be shocked to hear that wellness Industry is worth of Rs. 90,000 crore market according to recent study published in newspaper The Times of India. See below the screenshot.

rcm business review

So keeping that in mind RCM joined hand with the company called Nutricharge.

Nutricharge is a world’s renowned company in the field of Wellness or you can say Nutrition having world class Nutrition products.

Nutricharge has almost all Nutrition products for Kids, Man, Women and Aged People.

Nutricharge is the Guinness World Record Holder in making Protein Shake at Delhi. You can see the video below.

Nutricharge has also won so many Awards including National or Internatioal and has also endoresed  Bollywood Starts as well Support Starts such as Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mrs. Sania Mirza for their Nutrition Products. You can see videos below.

Further, Ms. Aditi Arya, Ex. Miss India 2015 has also recommended one of Nutricharge’s product i.e. Nutricharge Woman for healthy and active life of women.

Currently Mr. Sangram Singh, Wrestler, World Champion in Pro Wrestling has also been endorsed as Brand Ambassador for Nutricharge Pro-diet.

Further as you know our 70% people are totally dependent upon agriculture and day by day our farmer’s land is becoming concrete (Banzar).

So keeping that in mind RCM has also many products in Agriculture especially for organic farming and their one of the star product is Harit Sanjivani.

Now you can see RCM covers every sector of market. So there are great chances to grow or make future in direct selling.

Now, keeping all these facts in mind, I would highly recommend to Join RCM business because it is already in Direct Selling which is growing by 20% in every year and has $154 billion market globally.

Further Direct Selling is the fastest growing industry in India and has a bright future.

Note:- This RCM Business is specially designed for Indian people. Company is planning to take their business outside India very soon.

Finally, I would say don’t believe on my words just come and join the RCM business and then come to any conclusion.

Yes, if you have any questions or queries, then feel free to contact me or comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

And if you like my RCM Business review then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Right!

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