Hey! You might have heard a lot of buzz about E5 CAMP Masterclass. Or you might be wondering here and there in the search of E5 CAMP Masterclass Review ?

e5 camp masterclass review

My Personal Todd Brown E5 CAMP Masterclass Review!

That’s why you went to Google and typed keyword “E5 CAMP Masterclass review” “e5 camp msterclass todd brown” “E5 camp review by Todd Brown” “E5 Camp” “todd brown e5” “todd brown e5 camp masterclass” etc. and from there you are brought to my blog whatever I know. Right! Is it the case? Hummm!

So don’t worry! In this article I am going to give my E5 CAMP Masterclass (Customer Acquisition Marketing Protocol) review or you can say E5 CAMP review by Todd Brown.

Let’s start!

Who is the Founder of E5 CAMP Masterclass?

Todd Brown is the Founder of E5 CAMP. Todd Brown is well known for high quality internet marketing software and training products, in particular in the area of sales and marketing funnels.

Todd is a direct response marketing expert that has been in the trenches for years.

Todd Brown has worked closely with top internet marketers such as Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson,Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Mark Thompson, Andre Chaperon, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and many more.

His client list consists of students from over 23 countries from all over the globe, many of which who are some of the most well-known Internet marketers today.

Todd’s copy hacks and strategies have been used to create tens of millions of dollars not only for himself, but also his clients.

He has also remained No. 1 earner/affiliate for the contest i.e. What’s Your Dream Car of Russell Brunson founder of Clickfunnels

What is e5 camp masterclass?

E5 camp masterclass training is an online 6 weeks training program for marketers.

In short E5 camp training is a combination of 5 key elements such as 1. Examine 2. Engineer 3. Evaluate 4. Enhance 5. Expand. Got it!

And Todd brown e5 camp masterclass training is totally based upon above said 5 elements to build a successful business.

What you will get when you enroll with Todd Brown E5 CAMP Masterclass?

The Entire E5 Training Suit.

When you enroll with E5 CAMP masterclass then in this entire E5 C.A.M.P. Masterclass you will have 8 modules that will teach you how to build your own high converting E5 campaign.

Further in Todd Brown e5 camp program you will get access to 30 video lessons which will teach you everything about marketing from start to finish step by step.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started. Right!

Furthermore in e5 camp masterclass, you will get implementation worksheets to save you time and simplify the process so you stay on track and get the results you want.

6 Week E5 C.A.M.P. Group Coaching.

Here, you will have access to live weekly calls with Todd himself where you have direct access to ask Todd about any of business and marketing questions you have.

On these live coaching calls, Todd will be giving you the expert advice and direction you need rapidly grow you business.

Personal Implementation Feedback & Direction from E5 Faculty.

In this any time during your six week you can submit your E5 campaign for review, critique or feedback and then E5 faculty will directly respond to your E5 campaign.

In other words they will give their honest critique and feedback.

So here you don’t have to wonder or think whether you’re on track because Todd’s personal team will be on hand and take you side by side by taking your hand to make sure your new E5 campaign is spot on and totally dialed. Right!

Lifetime Access to the E5 Community.

Here you will get access to the Insider Club of E5 Marketers who assist and support  one another in order to take your as well their businesses to the next level.

What Are the Bonuses You Will Get When You Join E5 CAMP Masterclass?

Complete Campaign Swipe File.

This package is easily worth $4,997 itself. Because inside you’re getting access to 6 of Todd’s personal, real-world marketing campaigns that have generated over 8-figures in online sales.

You get all the pages, all the images, all the offers, and all the copy. This way you have the exact page templates and layouts he uses in his own million-dollar-plus E5 campaigns you can model and swipe for your own campaigns.

This way you don’t have to worry about how to layout and format any of your campaign pages… you can just swipe mine!

You also get access to a behind-the-scenes view and dissection of 4 more of my E5 campaigns that have produced multiple millions of dollars.

You’ll see what Todd’s said, when he said it, why he said it in each of these campaigns… including how he developed the Unique Mechanisms and Big Ideas, all the psychological triggers used (and why), how he strung together the claims, promises, and proof.

Includes 12 video scripts, 8 slide-decks, 2 mind maps, and a long-form sales letter dissected and ready for you to model and swipe.

Discover how and why he structured the offers the way he did, why he used the bonuses he selected, the follow-up sequences and emails, the ads he ran, even the videos and graphics he used.

Including your own unedited copies of the video scripts and video slide-decks that you can model for your own campaign.

Todd’s Private Complete Email Sequence Swipe File.

Inside you’ll find 15 different and complete email sequences you can swipe, model, and use in your own E5 campaign and any additional campaigns you have or set-up.

And these aren’t just some templates thrown together. These are email sequences Todd personally wrote and used inside of real E5 campaigns.

So, with your copy of the Complete Email Sequence Swipe File, you never have to worry about staring at a blank page or what to say or how to say it in any of your campaign emails.

Because you now have 15 complete email sequences you can swipe and deploy.

If you were to pay someone to create this volume of emails and sequences for you, even a C-Level copywriter would charge you at least several hundred dollars just for a single email, if not more.

The MFA Internal Traffic & Media Buying Video Manifesto.

Never shared publicly before. You get access to a private, internal video manifesto from the COO of Todd’s company, Damian Lanfranchi, breaking down his company’s entire traffic generation approach from beginning to end.

You’ll see right away, the way Todd approach and generate traffic is very different from what most average marketers are trying to do.

And this isn’t just some training on traffic generation…

Discover how they scaled their traffic from just $30 bucks a day to tens of thousands of dollars in new traffic, daily visitors, and customers.

Complete behind-the-scenes view of how they approach traffic generation, select channels, design campaigns, choose audiences, set our budgets, review our metrics, and more.

And because it was recorded as an internal debrief for their leadership team, you won’t find any fluff or hype or bogus tactics in here.

And when you’re done watching this, you’ll have everything you need to successfully and profitably scale your new E5 C.AM.P. campaigns using paid traffic to get even more new customer sales.

Now you have known what are the bonuses you’re going to get when you enroll with E5 CAMP Masterclass.

Ok now! There are some other questions may be arising into your mind. Right!

So let’s walk through these questions. Ok!

Why is this program different than any other program?

The E5 CAMP Masterclass teaches you how to market ANY product or service in ANY niche or marketplace.

It is a comprehensive course on understanding your prospects wants/needs, and creating a deep desire for your product or service before ever even mentioning it to your prospect.

Most other courses teach you how to SELL using short-lived sneaky sales tactics for a specific type of marketing channel, whereas the E5 CAMP Masterclass teaches you how to leverage the desire that is already within your market, and turn those desires into buyers without ever selling.

Will this work with ANY specific Niche or market?

Niche or market? It doesn’t matter if you are selling mattresses or Ninja swords, or cooking classes… the E5 Framework is designed to ignite a buying desire from your prospect that gets them to say YES to whatever it is you are selling. It works in ANY market, with ANY niche.

What if I am new and I don’t have a product yet?

If you do not have a product to sell, but you are planning on having something to sell in the future, then E5 CAMP is for you.

Even if you are not sure exactly what product to be selling, E5 will guide you in uncovering your prospect’s biggest needs, wants and desires- as opposed to creating a product just for product creations sake.

This sounds complicated, is it difficult to do?

There is nothing more essential to the success of your business and nothing that will change your life and income more than the ability to consistently get new customer sales.

And if it was easy, everyone would have 6 and 7 figures businesses. It is going to take some work on your part.

The unique thing is you will be following in Todd’s proven path and have Todd and his team with you every step.

With the E5 C.A.M.P. method, anyone willing to do the work can start getting the new customer sales you want and need to have a thriving business!

What if I sell high-ticket coaching programs.. will this still work?

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you are selling a simple entry-level product, or a high-ticket coaching program, the E5 CAMP system takes the desires that already exist in your marketplace and leverage them so that your prospect says YES to you when you ask them to buy.

They have many students who sell coaching programs over 5 figures and do very well because of the E5 Framework.

Will this work with Physical Products?

The E5 CAMP works with anything you are attempting to sell online or otherwise. It is a system based upon the desires and needs of your marketplace or niche, and uses those desires and needs to get the prospect to make a buying decision.

How and where should I build my website?

You are probably asking this question because there are a lot of different website builders out there, and they like to say that they are tool agnostic.

What that means is that their E5 Framework works with any of the page building systems out there. As long as you can create a message, Todd’s framework works with it.

Where do I get traffic for my business?

With so many traffic sources available today like Facebook, Instagram, Google display ad’s, etc… it really doesn’t matter where you get your traffic from just as long as you are able to target your specific audience- which you can do in all of the examples Todd just mentioned.

The E5 CAMP Masterclass focuses on getting your traffic to convert into a buyer. THAT is the most critical piece of the puzzle.

What if I miss one of the live coaching sessions?

If you miss one of the coaching sessions due to a pre-scheduled event or even something like an emergency, it’s OK! All sessions are pre-recorded, and if you have a specific question it can be answered either on the following call, or in the secret Facebook group, where our team is ultra-responsive.

Now you probably be thinking despite knowing everything about E5 CAMP Masterclass, what is the minimum investment to enroll with E5 CAMP Masterclass?

There are two payments plan.

One is $1997 on time payment and second is 6 payments of $397 each. You can choose any payment plan out of two. Its upto you. Right!

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30 days money back guarantee. In case you don’t like E5 CAMP Masterclass then you can ask for refund within 30 days from the day of enrollment with E5 CAMP Masterclass.

Is this a Scam?

Absolutely not.

My opinion.

Before giving my opinion on E5 CAMP masterclass, honestly I want to say that I have not gone through the training of E5 CAMP.

Now! You might be thinking at what basis I am giving this review!

Yes! You’re right here. I shouldn’t.

But I am giving my e5 camp masterclass review because I know Todd Brown since I started my internet business. And have gone through most of his training or workshops.

And whenever he came up, he came up with quality training with full of value.

So on that basis I can imagine that E5 CAMP Masterclass Program will be more valuable than the previous training/program of Todd Brown. Right!

So, keeping in view all above said facts, I would say E5 CAMP Masterclass by Todd Brown is a legit program.

Actually, it has nothing to do with any new software, whizbang sales funnel model, or the latest marketing fad. And it’s totally different from the common online marketing methods being taught.

It’s a new and very different marketing method that generates daily new customer sales.

And it works regardless of your product… regardless of your marketplace… and regardless of your price-point.

Yes I would recommend going for E5 CAMP Masterclass specially for those who are Entrepreneur and have business mindset.  And they are willing to invest in themselves as well as in their business.

At first sight this looks to me that e5 camp is highly professional training program and especially designed for those who have already knowledge about online business. And they have their product or message to sell.

No doubt it is also designed for beginners or for a person who doesn’t have a product and doesn’t have prior knowledge of internet marketing or online business.

But this is my opinion that E5 CAMP Masterclass would be little bit overwhelming for beginners cause of highly professional information or knowledge of E5 CAMP Masterclass by Todd Brown.

Why I am saying this? Because as a beginner I know the feeling. What a beginner wants when he joins any coaching program or training program. He wants instant results. He wants to make money quickly.

And when he doesn’t get money fast then he get overwhelmed and quit from the coaching program or any other training program and ask for refunds.

He doesn’t have patience. He doesn’t give proper time to work the things/campaign/program in a right way.  And yes very important, he doesn’t take action to the things which were taught in the coaching program. Then finally he quits and run for another shiny objects.

Yes! I have done these above said things so many times during my online journey.

So without any doubt I would say that definitely E5 CAMP Mastercalss will work for marketers who have patience and dedication. And most important willing to fail and invest.

You can imagine a person who is having more than 10 years in marketing have the power to take your business from 0 to 7 figures because he has done so many times for world’s best known marketers.

Really Todd Brown knows what he does.

And yes this program is not for those who are looking for free information.

There is a true fact that when we get some training for free we don’t pay close attention to this.

But on the other hand, when we pay for training, we pay attention and seriously go through this training and take action. It’s just a human tendency.  Yes! I accept this fact. Sometimes I also do this.

So this was my e5 camp masterclass review. If you like my e5 camp masterclass review then do share with your friends. Yes! You can Join E5 Camp Masterclass here.

Note:- This is my affiliate link and I have partner with Todd Brown E5 CAMP Masterclass and if you join E5 CAMP Masterclass through my link then I will get commission. Right!

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