My Personal Russell Brunson’s Funnel University Review!

First let me welcome you on my blog. Thank you so much for coming to my blog to read about Funnel University Review or FunnelU review.

funnel university review

My Personal Russell Brunson’s Funnel University Review!

I know that now a days you might have heard a lot about Funnel University by Russell Brunson on Facebook.

And that’s why you eagerly went to the Google and might have typed the keywords something like “funnel university review” “funnel university review russell brunson” “funnel university russell brunson” “funnel university” “clickfunnnels university review” or “funnelU review” etc.

Funnel U

And after clicking on one of the above said keywords you are directed to my blog.

Is it the case?

Don’t worry!

You won’t be discouraged with my funnel university review.

In this post, I will provide you the best possible information about Funnel University.

Actually I will start my Funnel University review just by showing you the process how I registered myself with Funnel University?

How I created my account with Russell Brunson’s Funnel University and from there I will show you everything inside the Funnel University. Ok!

Let’s do it!

First I went to Funnel University Sales Page and opted for Funnel University Monthly payment plan with their bonus packages.

And then filled out all my details such as name, address and credit information and hit the button Add To Cart Now!. You can see the screenshots below.

funnel university 1

funnel university 2

funnel u3

funnel u4

funnel university 5

Note: – I ordered Funnel University with Bonus packages for which I paid $29.95 for shipping & handling charges (international) as Funnel University comes with Free for 14 Days Trail and after 14 days, I will be charged $67 on monthly basis. Right! You can see the receipt below.

Funnel U receipt

Coming further!

After purchasing my Funnel University Monthly Program, I was offered next Upsell Product i.e. “Funnel Catcher” at a cost of $297 to which I said “No Thanks” and proceeded to next step. You can see below the screen shot.

funnel u next page after buying first product

On the next step, I was again offered same upsell/product i.e. “Funnel Cather”.

But this time it was in the shape of Payment Plan where I had to pay 3 payments of $97 each and to which I again said “No Thanks” and proceeded to next step. You can see the screenshots below.

second offer funnel u with video

payment paln page when I deny to accept the offer

funnel payment plan 2 same page

Basically here whole idea was that if somebody is not able to pay $297 on a product called “Funnel Catcher” at first then he can opt for 3 payments plan of $97 each.

So that he can feel easy to make the payment and may not feel burden to pay the price $297. Right!

Now further on the next step, I was taken to next page Welcoming to the Funnel University and giving me Thanks for Order.

And down below the page I was given link to access to Funnel University Monthly and Funnel University Shipping & Handling (international). See the screenshots below.

funnel u congo

funnel u congo page

Ok when I clicked to the link which says Access Your Purchases Here to Funnel University Monthly, I was again taken to the next page where I had to create my account by filling up email address and password.

So I did the same and created my account with Funnel University. You can see the screenshot below.


And after creating my account, I was directly taken inside the members area of Funnel University. You can see the screenshot below.

funnel university inside


I did it!

Now you can see clearly step-by-step the whole process which I did here while joining the funnel university by Russell Brunson.

You might be thinking that why am I showing to you?

Just wait a minute!

I will tell you the reason.

Actually here I wanted to show you the whole process which I went through while purchasing my membership of Funnel University by Russell Brunson. Ok!

To this whole process, which I showed you above, you can call it a Sales Funnel. Got it!

So in short, this is what you are going to learn during the membership with your Funnel University.

This is what you’re going to learn how to make funnels in different-different niches.

Or how to know/hack ethically the process of high converting or winner funnel in any niches.

Now, let I tell you everything about Funnel University step-by-step.

Who is the founder of Funnel University?

Russell Brunson is the founder of Funnel University.

He is a well known Entrepreneur in our online industry.

He is a creator of so many products such as Funnel ScriptsMarketing In Your Car, Two Comma Club etc.

He is also an author of books such as 108 Split Test Winner, DotComSecrets book (USA best seller) and recently he has launched his new book Expert Secrets and they have sold over 60000 copies of Expert Secrets.

Read my review on Expert Secrets here.

Plus he is also a founder of ClickFunnels which is a well known funnel building tool.

With ClickFunnels you can build an entire funnel and it lets you split test every page in your funnel.

You can say, almost every big guru, expert, or internet marketer is using clickfunnels for creating his funnels whether it’s an Optin Funnels or Sales Funnel etc. Right!

Coming further…….

What is Funnel University or FunnelU?

As I mentioned above, just having clickfunnels in your arsenal doesn’t give you a guarantee that you will be successful in your business.

Of course, clickfunnels is a much needed tool to be successful in business.

But here main point is that you still need all the knowledge to build a high converting or winning funnels.

You need to know how to create sales scripts that converts.

You need somebody who can show you how to create a successful funnel step-by-step.

So, keeping all that in mind, a concept for a training program was established.

And this training program is called as a Funnel University

In short, Funnel University is place where every month an issue/report/newsletter is released regarding one or two highly converting funnels in different-2 niches/businesses.

Note: – Funnels can be of Russell Brunson’s product or any other renowned internet marketers/businesses in any niches.

In this report/issue/newsletter, Russell shows you the process of his own highly converting funnels step-by-step.

Even, he also shows the process of other highly converting funnels of other big internet marketers/businesses/experts related to different-2 niches.

Note: – Funnels are related to High Ticket Program, E-commerce, Inner Circle, Physical Products, Digital Products, Book Launch or Product Launch etc.

Furthermore, he also shares his funnel with you.

So what does it mean that?

Simply you don’t have to create your own funnel!

You don’t have to put your efforts? You don’t have to apply your mind while creating funnel!

All the hard works or efforts are already done.

Only you have to click on the share funnels link or download link inside the Funnel University.

And you will be directly having access to highly converting funnels of Russell Brunson as well other big internet marketers or experts.

You just only have to change the scripts according to your product/niches.

Even you can download every month’s Issue/Report/Newsletter where he shows every step of highly converting funnels directly from membership area of Funnel University.

Note: – To get the access of Russell’s high converting funnel as well funnels of other’s internet marketers/gurus/experts/businesses, you have to be the member of Clickfunnels.

Hey! Are you getting confused!

I hope so, you’re not!

Here I am trying my level best to make you understand what Funnel University is.

But if you still think you’re getting confused then let I explain about Funnel University in other words.

Funnel University is a kind of online training where on every month Russell shows you the process of his own funnel as well other marketer’s funnel almost in every niches or businesses step-by-step.

He shows you what are the steps during his funnel as well funnel of other marketers?

What are the sales scripts?

What are the prices of product at Downsell or Upsell in a funnel?

Why are the different-2 prices of product at Upsell or Downsell?

What are the strategies behind the funnels?

And what he liked, what he didn’t like about the funnels.

Further, how you can implement those funnels into your business.

Even, he will show you or give you the advice that what could be the best in the funnel to make it higher converting or winning funnel?

So now I think you have got the overall idea that what Funnel University is.

Ok! Moving further!

Funnel University is for?

As I earlier mentioned Funnel University or FunnelU is a online training program.

So, Funnel University is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, affiliate marketers or people like you who want to learn about winning as well highly converting optin funnels as well as sales funnel step-by-step.

Funnel University is for who wants to learn how to test or optimize their funnels or how to create a winning funnels.

Funnel University is for who want to learn how to create sales funnels for their successful product launch.

What you will get when you join Funnel University?

Let I show you EVERYTHING you get when you Join Funnel University!

1. Funnel University Newsletter ($9,997 Value)

2. The New “Funnel Stacking” Book ($297 Value)

3. 108 Split Test Winners Book ($297 Value)

4. Funnel-U Black Card + Handouts ($497 Value)

5. Labs Software Suite ($997 Value)

6. CF Pro Tools Software Suite ($1,997 Value) Over 30+ Scripts To Make ClickFunnels EVEN COOLER!

7. Funnel-U Digital Access Pass ($2,997 Value)

Still not clear?

Want to know more in detail?

Ok! I got it!

Let I explain everything that you get when you join Funnel University!

1. Funnel University Newsletter.

2016 university 5

6 university

Here in this section, you get a monthly printed newsletter for the year 2016 and 2017 which complements the monthly videos in which Russell will give you his insights and detailed explanations about the top 2 funnels of the month.

Below you can see an example of the 2016 issue # 1 of Funnel University that you will see inside the Funnel University Newsletter.

Funnel University – Issue #1

Funnel 1: Self Liquidating Content

Funnel 2: The Political Bridge

Videos And Share Funnels From This Issue

Funnel 1: Self Liquidating Content (Watch this lesson)

Funnel 2: The Political Bridge (Watch this lesson)

Funnel 1: Your “Self Liquidating Content” Share Funnel

Funnel 2: Your “Political Bridge”

Note: – Inside the Funnel University, you can see video of every funnel as well as you can download the shared funnel.


Moving further….

Below I am going to show you what are others Issues/Newsletters of Funnel University you get access to.

Funnel University – Issue #2

In this newsletter you will learn how an invisible funnel works and how to promote high ticket offers!

Funnel 1: INVISIBLE Funnel

Funnel 2: High Ticket Funnel

Funnel University – Issue #3

In this newsletter you will learn how to build continuity and KILLER video sales letters.

Funnel 1: Digital Marketer’s Continuity Funnel

Funnel 2: REO Rockstar’s VSL

Funnel University – Issue #4

Here, Russell will show you how to plug in profits with Network Marketing and how they ran a product launch using the Perfect Webinar Script!

Funnel 1: Funnel Hacking Launch Funnel

Funnel 2: Network Marketing Plug Funnel

Funnel University – Issue #5

Here you will learn how to use the power of the quiz and survey inside of your sales funnels! They’ll show you how better engagement leads to better profits!

Funnel 1: The Acidic Quiz

Funnel 2: The Fabletics Quiz Funnel

Funnel University – Issue #6

In this newsletter Russell will show you the Supplement Stack.

Funnel 1: The Supplement Stack

Funnel University – Issue #7

Here in this newsletter, he will show you how to use the power of the quiz and survey inside of your sales funnels! Plus he will show you how better engagement leads to better profits!

Funnel 1: Third Way Man

Funnel 2: Local Consultant Funnel

Funnel University – Issue #8

Here you will learn how to use the power of supplement funnels and one of Russell’s most classic go-to strategies, butterfly marketing funnel!

Funnel 1: CPA Supplement Funnel

Funnel 2: Butterfly Marketing

Funnel University – Issue #9

Here Russell Brunson will show you how to use the power of high end membership sites (surprisingly simple). Plus, you will learn how to capture leads locally…

Funnel 1: Frank Kern’s Inner Circle

Funnel 2: Local Painter Quotes

Funnel University – Issue #10

Here in this newsletter you will learn about one of CrowdCow and JustAnswer funnel.

Funnel 1: CrowdCow

Funnel 2: JustAnswer

Funnel University – Issue #11

Here you will learn about Funnel Friday’s as well as Trump/Clinton Donation funnel.

Funnel 1: Funnel Friday

Funnel 2: Trump/Clinton Donation

Funnel University – Issue #12

Here in this newsletter Russell Brunson will show you two of the hottest funnels. One is of book funnel and another one is of eCommerce.

Funnel 1: Borrowed Book Funnel

Funnel 2: Super eCommerce Funnel

So these are the Issues/Newsletters for the year 2016 of Funnel University to which you get immediate access when you join Funnel University

And further in the same way you also get access to Newsletter for the year 2017 of Funnel University. Below you can see the screenshot.

Funnel University Section 3

Funnel University – Issue #13

funnel university 2

Funnel 1: Marketing In Your Car

Funnel 2: Funnel Graffiti

Funnel University – Issue #14

In this newsletter Russell dives deep into the BILLION dollar business ‘Dollar Shave Club’ and the awesome ‘Dollar Beard Club’.

Funnel 1: Dollar Shave Club

Funnel 2: Dollar Beard Club

Funnel University – Issue #15

In this issue he walks you through the incredible marketing behind an amazing fitness funnel. Plus he also dives deep into the magic behind Frank Kern’s Inner Circle funnel process…

Funnel 1: Strength Camp Funnel

Funnel 2: Kern Inner Circle

Funnel University – Issue #16

This is the newsletter where you will learn about Home Page Funnel and Funnel Hacking.

Funnel 1: Home Page Funnel

Funnel 2: Funnel Hacking – Back to Basics

Funnel University – Issue #17

In this newsletter he walks you through the Expert Secrets Funnel which is his latest funnel.

And they have already sold over 60,000+ copies of their book in a VERY short amount of time.

This issue is ALL about his book funnel and how he got so much buzz…

Expert Secrets Book Funnel

ES Book : 7-day launch

ES Book : “Product Launch” Funnel

Funnel University – Issue #18

In this Newsletter he shows you a closer look at the success behind TWO viral videos AND the physical product they’re promoting.

Funnel 1: Supplement Funnel

Funnel 2: Viral Ecommerce Funnel

Note: – These above said funnels were upto June, 2017.

July, 2017 Issue/Newsletter is yet to be published or issued.

2. The NEW ‘Funnel Stacking’ Book

Now, in this book you will get to know about the 3 core funnels – what they are, why they work and how to build them in a very detailed format.

Here, you will also learn what powerful scripts to use, how to leverage these 3 funnels in your business, and so much more!

3. 108 Split Test Winners Book

In this book you learn Russell Brunson Split Test Winners which has got after spending money and time on testing the funnels whether it’s a sales page, squeeze page, video sales letter, button colour on sales page or optin page, headline, sub-headline etc.

In other words, through this book you will learn what works or what’s not in a funnel.

You don’t have to spend lots of time and money on testing funnels.

4. Funnel-U Black Card + Handouts

This gift is valued at $497, which you will get for free. It’s a USB. You can even carry it around in your wallet!

This fantastic tool comes up with powerful video training where you will learn valuable information to help you make the most out of your sales funnels.

It has everything from funnel hacking, funnel building, copywriting, and more!

With its plug and play nature, you can watch the training videos on-the-go and on-demand, anytime, anywhere!

Note: – Actually these above said Funnel Stacking Book, 108 Split Test Winners Book and Funnel-U Black Card+Handouts are free. You don’t have to pay for these free gifts.

But here you only have to cover the shipping & printing charges and i.e. $19.95 shipping US or $29.95 International.

5. Labs Software Suite

Funnel University 1

Further by joining Funnel University you will get access to Russell’s Labs Software Suite which you can use to optimize your sales funnel conversions.

Actually, in this Labs Software Suite you get five tools which are mentioned below:

1. Instant Survey Generator

This is a tool where you can generate any survey that you can imagine of.

Here Russell shows you a video that how to create one survey for Author, Network Marketer, Service Provider etc. while asking different-2 questions and at last taking the people to the landing page of Author, Network Marketer etc. separately based on their answers.

Really this tool you get inside the Funnel University for free.

2. Video Image Generator

When you become the member of Funnel University, you also get this tool i.e. Video Image Generator for free.

Through this tool you can instantly turn every image into a “play button” and instantly upload them to Amazon so you can use them in your emails, blog posts and more.

3. Webinar Chat App

This tool enables your webinar attendees to chat with you. With this tool, you’ll increase your engagement on every autowebinar with the webinar chat box script.

4. Instant File Uploader

Again this tool enables you to upload files whether its PDF, Audio or Video files. These files you can send to customers or add to your members area.

5. Image Headline Generator

With Image Headline Generator you can create amazing looking headlines that will actually INCREASE your conversions.

So, these are the tools that you get in your Labs Software Suite.

6. CF Pro Tools Software Suite

Pro tools add ons 3

add on 5

Here you will get over 30+ Scripts (Java + CSS scripts) to give your funnels more professionals look. It does matter whether its optin funnel or sales funnel.

Mean to say with these 30 scripts you can make your funnel from basic to highly professional funnel.

These 30 scripts you can add into your funnel according to the requirement of funnel.

Scripts are like:

1. CF Check Button

2. CF Promo Code

3. Edit CF Page Bookmarklet

4. CF USA Only Shipping Hidden

5. CF USA Only Shipping Disabled

6. CF UTM Term Replacer

7. CF Member Nav

8. CF URL Email Replacer

9. CF Customer Info Replacer

10. CF Cookie Timed Button

11. CF Best Seller Highlight

12. CF Rearrange Products

13. CF Add To Calendar

14. CF Remove Expiry Years

15. CF URL Keyword Replace

16. CF Pass Product

17. CF Select Default

18. CF Bump Image

19. CF Split Full Name

20. CF 2 Step Track Lead

21. CF Member Scroll To Content

22. Funnel U Funnel Hacked

23. CF Cart Mode

24. CF Multiple OTOs

25. CF Lesson Links

26. CF State Selector

27. CF Multiple Product Script

28. CF Unslider Script

29. CF Top Of Hour

30. CF Every Fifteen Minutes Webinar

31. CF Same Billing

32. CF Order Summary

33. CF FB Total Track

34. CF Toggle On Product

35. Magic Member Nav

36. How To Change Page-Type

Note: – For every script there is video that will show you how to add your script into your funnel step-by-step.

7. Funnel University or Funnel-U Digital Access Pass

This digital access pass allows you access to all the Funnel University content, old and new, through the membership site.

The content in this site is updated monthly. With this, you will also receive an exclusive access to previous Dot Com Secrets lab reports and tests, some of which haven’t been released before.

Dot Com Secrets Lab Report and Traffic Tests and Conversion Tests are like:

  • 2 Tiny Words Increased DPL By 74.61%
  • Postcard Vs. Tear Sheet
  • Postcard Smackdown
  • Blunt Pitch Vs. Curiosity
  • Conversion Test
  • Open Optins
  • Order Button Delay
  • Disappearing Decoy
  • How Should We Connect
  • Video Unlocker
  • The Evolution Of An Offer
  • The $10 Million Stack
  • The $400k Month Blueprint
  • The Control
  • Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter
  • The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  • The Ultimate Funnel Stack
  • The Dream 100
  • The Funnel Catcher
  • The Order Form Bump

And many more…….

Moving further, Digital Access pass also allows you to get access to Sales Script like:-

sales script

1. Perfect Webinar

2. Star, Story, Solution

3. The OTO Bump

4. Who, What, Why, How

5. Daily Seinfeld Emails

6. Perfect Webinar Funnel

Furthermore, Digital Access pass allows you to get access to:-


1. The Black Card Videos

2. The Auto-Membership Site Blueprint

3. Virtual Book Tour of Expert Secrets

Here in The Auto-Membership Site Blueprint section, there is an interview with World Teacher Aid’s, Stu Mclaren, he unfolds the secrets of his multi-million dollar membership sites…

So, now you know what you will get when you join FunnelU or Funnel University.

Let’s move further!

Note:- All photos courtesy to Funnel University and Russell Brunson

What’s the Funnel University price to join?

Actually, they have two payment options.

First option is Monthly Membership where you have to pay $65 p.m.

Second option is Yearly where you can pay yearly basis and can save money.

For yearly, you have to pay $597 for one year.

Does Funnel University provide any Money Back Guarantee?

As I have already mentioned that when you go to Funnel University sales page, they offer you a Free Gift Box.

And this Free Gift Box includes Funnel U Black Card, New Funnel Stacking Book and 108 Split Test Winners Book for free.

For this Gift Box, you only have to pay shipping and handling charges which is $19.95 Shipping US or $29.95 International.

So, in any case you are not satisfied with the freebies you received then all you have to do is to email Russel’s support staff with your receipt number and he’ll refund you your payment without obligating you to send the freebies back. Not bad! Yaaa!!!!

Does Funnel University provide any Trial?

Yes! Funnel University comes up with 14 days free trial.

Within 14 days you can taste the water of Funnel University.

If you don’t like Funnel University then you can ask for cancellation of your membership from monthly membership of Funnel University.

But you have to ask for cancellation of your membership within 14 days of your first month by emailing their support staff.

Note: – Within 14 days your card will not be charged or you will not be billed. But after 14 days you will be billed or your card will be charged $65 p.m.

My Verdict!

Here, I would start with monthly subscription of Funnel University, you get 4 main benefits. Of course, there are others too.

First every month, you get a video of Russell Bruson’s top 2 funnels where he explains everything about the funnels such as what he liked, what he didn’t like about the funnels, what could be the best in the funnels, and how you can optimize or implement those funnels into your own business.

Second, you get a monthly printed newsletter which complements the monthly videos in which he will give you his insights and detailed explanations about the top 2 funnels of the month.

Third, you get immediate access to each hacked funnel with Share Funnels which you only get when you’re a clickfunnels member.

Fourth is Funnel-U Digital Access Pass.

Actually this alone section is worth paying attention. This section alone provide great amount of value.

Further the most exciting thing is that you not only get training videos, but you can also download a digital handout copy of that video for reference.

Besides from that, you can also download the funnel discussed in each training video via Share Funnel.

Mean to say you don’t have to put your hard work in creating funnel. Just with a one click, you get access to highly converting funnel.

One more thing, you don’t have to waste your time and money on testing your funnel.

Funnels you get are already tested out. You just need to plug your shared funnel into your clickfunnels account.

Plus they also provide sales script creation training similar to Funnel Scripts.

But here the main difference is that you will have to manually create the script using the downloadable template and it is only limited to six kinds of script such as:

1. Perfect Webinar

2. Star, Story, Solution

3. The OTO Bump

4. Who, What, Why, How

5. Daily Seinfeld Emails

7. Perfect Webinar Funnel

So what else you need while creating a successful Funnel in your business?

Here Russell shows you everything to make a winning funnel almost in every niche right from A to Z and he also explains what to do or what not do.

Even he provides you some software that helps you in your business while creating your Funnel.

So he tried his level best to help you in best possible way to make your business/funnel successful.

Further, I would also say that through this Funnel University, you’re also getting his 10 years experiences of online business.

Furthermore, I also like the concept of printed copy. Where you can expect a monthly printed copy of the newsletter.

This alone gives you a feeling that you’re a part of online education system, organization or class.

One thing to note here is that people pay Russell Brunson $25000 to attend his masterclass in person but here indirectly, you’re getting his insights, experiences, mistakes just for a little price.

So finally, if you’re a serious entrepreneur or seriously looking for someone who can help you in your business as well as creating sales funnel.

Or you need someone who can take you by the hand taking your business to the next level then Russell Brunson’s Funnel University is the right answer for you.

Yes! I would highly recommend giving a look to Funnel University.

And the good thing is that it comes up with 14 Days Trial.

If you’re making a mind to taste the water of Funnel University then you can Join Funnel University here.

Note:- Above said links are my affiliate link. If you purchase anything through my link then I will get commission.

So this was my personal Funnel University review!

Please let me know how did you find my Funnel University Review?

Yes! If you have any questions then do let me know in the comment below. I would be so happy to help you.

And yes! If you find any value through my Funnel University review then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Have a nice day!

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Latest Updates in Funnel University Review 2018!

Enrollment to Funnel University has been closed.

As 12th March, 2018 was the last date to enroll for Funnel University.

So as and when Enrollment to Funnel University is opened or there will be any other updates regarding Funnel University I will update you. Ok!