In this article, I am going to give my personal Everlesson review by Chad Nicely.

everlesson review

My Personal Everlesson Review By Chad Nicely!

First I would say that why I thought to give Everlesson review?

Actually today I got an email from ClickBank. Below you can see the screen shot of email which I got.clickbank 1

Hey! You might be thinking! What is Clickbank? And Why I got this email from ClickBank?

Ok! Don’t worry! Let first I tell you about Clickbank in short.

Clickbank is a largest platform where you can find all digital products related to every niche that you can imagine.

It is a platform for vendors who have digital products, where they can sell their digital products.

On the other side, it is also a platform for affiliate marketers who want to promote digital product for a commission. Got it!

Second, I got email from Clickbank because I am an affiliate of Clickbank. That’s why, they sent me an email regarding Everlesson Membership Site launch. Right!

Note:-Very frankly Everlesson has not been launched yet, as its launching date is 11th July, 2017.

Now! You might be thinking that Ever lesson has not been launched yet and how can I give Everlesson Review.

Ok! I accept this fact.

But I would say here that I am giving my Everlesson Review on the basis of their Demo Video. Ok!

Coming to point of Everlesson review.

I researched a lot on Youtube about Everlesson. Even I watched a demo of Everlesson software personally. It is a 28 minutes long demo video.

So after watching their demo video I decided to give my review on Everlesson Membership.


Who is Chad Nicely?

In short, Chad Nicely is the founder of Everlesson.

He has experiences of more than 10 years in creating online courses and membership’s sites. He is an Entrepreneur online as well as offline since 1998.

Note: – Actually there are two people behind Everlesson, one is Chad Nicely and another is Karthik Ramani. Right!

What is Everlesson?

In one short, I would say that Everlesson is a platform where you can create your membership sites for yourself as well as for your clients and can sell your online educational courses or any digital products.

If you don’t know what is membership site? Let I tell you in short, a membership website is a medium where you get paid for what you know every month.

What Are The Features Everlesson Membership Site Has?

Create Membership Sites.

With the click of a button you can create as many membership sites as you want. Then you’re able to add as many products as you want to each membership!

Dozens Of Different Custom Themes.

Just like you change out your theme in WordPress, you can do the same exact thing inside of Everlesson. Everlesson has dozens of beautiful themes to choose from!

Create Your Master Templates.

Not only are you able to swap out your theme, but you can customize your new theme to your liking.

Add Many Products To Membership.

After creating your membership and your master templates, you can add an unlimited amount of products to the membership.

Library Storage System.

Everything in Everlesson is based out of a Library Storage System where you can load your media, resources, rewards, etc. into libraries. You are then able to retrieve those items from your libraries.


This is one of the cool feature they have inside the Everlesson Membership area. Here you are able to create goals, assign points, rewards, and so much more!

Advanced Monetization Platform.

They have five different monetization platform. And one of them is that inside of your site you can show banners of complementing products the member would be interested in. This is a great way to cross sell.

Further, EverLesson’s intelligent algorithm predicts that interests on the member based on the tags you provide. The tool will display relevant banners so you don’t have to worry.

Complete Control.

Everything in this membership you have complete control over. If there is a feature you don’t like you’re able to control how that is being used.

Sales Page.

With EverLesson every single product created will instantly create a sales page making you money.

Payment Integration.

Getting paid is a very important part of the process. With Everlesson you can integrate every type of payment processors such as Paypal, 1Shopping Cart, JvZoo, ClickBank,, Infusionsoft etc.

Affiliate Platform.

Everlesson has their own Affiliate Platform. Once you get your membership and products setup, you can let your members sell your products as an affiliate?

Free Paid Product Sequence.

The option best used to promote your products –both packages and levels to an email queue. When this option is enabled, e-mails are automatically triggered to your members based on the criteria you provide.

Optin Pages.

EverLesson comes built-in beautiful squeeze pages that lets you create optin forms on the go.


EverLesson comes with built-in autoresponder. You can now send messages to your members directly with their native autoresponder. Even you can integrate 3rd party autoresponders too.


You can rename the URL so it gets maximum reach with your SEO initiatives. Even you can share these links with your members.

3rd Party Comments.

Do you want to use 3rd party comments to your membership pages? No worries, they have made provisions for you to add scripts and run those comment system inside of EverLesson.

Change Your Theme Instantly.

EverLesson works the same way as WordPress. With the click of a button you are able to instantly change your whole entire theme.

Even after you do that you are then able to completely customize the theme.

Instant Sales Machine.

Every time you make a membership or a product, EverLesson will instantly make and link a sales page for you so that you are instantly able to make profits with your site!

Rating Settings.

This feature let your courses be rated. Research shows that the courses with better rating are most sought by the audience.

Free Preview and Free Funnel.

This feature displays the content to prospects to give them a sneak peek at the course that you have to offer.


The live leaderboard option will let the members know their standing among the whole crowd.

Manual Payments:

In Everlesson, provision has been made to accommodate manual payment and not only automated payments.

The Membership owner can grant access after checking if the amount has been received. Why only online payments integrated with 3rd party gateways?

API Docs(Pro version):

Want  EverLesson to be integrated with your custom/favorite app? Yes, they provide you with API.

Fresh Converting designs on the sales page.

You do not have to have another page. With the built in sales page templates,you do not need another page builder software to “sell” your courses. EverLesson does it all for you.

Some other features and benefits.

  • You can be live from the inside of your membership area of Everlesson and can send updates.
  • You can upload your videos, lessons, digital products, webinar etc.
  • Cloud-hosted unique mobile friendly membership portal.
  • Unlimited Page Views.
  • No Transaction fee.
  • Automated license e-mails.
  • Domain redirection (CName Mapping).
  • Add comment box to courses.
  • Broadcast announcement inside membership.

What is the Investment to Join Everlesson Memberwship Site?

EverLesson Basic.

Its cost is $497 for one time payment for whole year. Here, member will receive the main EverLesson Platform with 20 membership sites and 10000 active customers.

EverLesson Pro Version.

Its cost is $197 a year. The Pro-Version of EverLesson will allow the end user to create 20 membership sites and 15,000 customers.

This includes more landing pages, autoresponder, free product sequence, paid product sequence, video membership builder and much more.

EverLesson Template Club.

Its cost is $ 47 p.m. Everlesson Template Club includes landing pages, themes and you will get new sales pages every single month.

EverLesson Agency License.

Its cost is $1997 one time fee. In this member will receive provision to offer membership services to their clients.

You can manage upto 20 clients and 40,000 customers.  There is also easy pay option for this EverLesson Agency Version.

My Opinion.

Before giving my opinion on Everlesson, I want to tell you about membership sites first. Right!

Actually in our today’s online industry, there are people or you can say marketers who are making money. This is a fact. Right!

So have you ever thought that how they are making money?

Hummm! When I asked myself a simple question, and found the answer rather FAST:

Most marketers are selling their online courses or online educational digital course and they are making money with it.

Simply what they do?

They find the problem and give a solution to the problem and sell it.

That’s it.

They create Video or Ebook related to their niche and sell it online through membership sites making money on monthly basis.

And next question is where are they selling their products? Or what platform they are using to sell their products?

As I think, I found two platforms where people are selling their online courses or online education.

One is Kajabi and another is Udemy. Right!

And Yes! There may be others too. But I know only these two platforms.

What people are doing at Kajabi & Udemy?

Answer is simple! People are selling their online courses or online Educational program while making money online.

Again question arises. Why we need membership sites?

So there are reasons that why you need a membership site.

And the answers are:

Recurring income.

It doesn’t matter if you charge a small monthly fee for members to join or offer a completely free membership site the website itself becomes an asset which can be leveraged to generate recurring income.

Solid Platform to Sell.

Most of the time you products to sell. But don’t know where to sell.

You want a solid platform where you can sell your digital products without looking to any technical problem such as hosting your site, domain, coding knowledge, technical support, etc.

You want a platform who can handle all your transactions.

That’s why you need a solid platform where you can go and with dragging and dropping system build your membership site and sell your digital courses or product. And all of your payments or transactions regarding your product are managed by such membership site.

Freedom to work at your convenience.

You can load all your course content at your convenience and making it online gives you the freedom to work at your convenience.

Leverage previously created content.

Membership sites are a great place to organize all your content in a single place.

You upload your content once and make money for years with your previous content.

So this is the power of leveraging your previous content with membership site.

And apart from the monetary benefit, there is a sense of satisfaction that you get when you can build a community and help them. Right!

So, there is no doubt that starting membership websites has been the most profitable business now-a-days.

Considering all above said facts and circumstances, if you have your own online courses or products, then you need a platform where you can sell your products easily.

You need a membership site where you can sell your courses or digital products without any problem with ease.

So here I would say that you can go with Everlesson.

Why I am saying this? Because what I like the most about Everlesson is, they provide drag and drop system; you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge.

It’s like a WordPress.

Another one I like the most i.e. Library Storage System, where you can load your media, resources, rewards, etc. into libraries. Even you can retrieve those items from your libraries.

Furthermore the feature of Gamification makes this Everlesson unique because here you are able to create goals, assign points, rewards with full control.

At last their support system. No doubt this is the one of the most important part of any business whether its offline or online.

If support system of any business is instant, fast and supportive then you can imagine the future of that business. Right!

So here in Everlesson they have full support system with the team of experts, in case you get stuck.

Even they have their own Facebook group of like minded people where you can ask any question and get answer as well as help regarding your business.

That’s it.

At last, boldly, I would say don’t believe on my review.


Because it’s your business? Finally it is you, who has to take decision.

Through my Everlesson review, I have just tried to give you a overlook, what’s it gonna be like. Ok!

And yes! If you still want to check out Everlesson Member site then feel free to Check Everlesson Membership site here.

Note:- This is my affiliate link if you decide to join Everlesson  Membership through this link then I will get a commission.

And yes, let me know, how did you find Everlesson membership site.

One thing to note, if there will be any further update regarding Everlesson Membership then I will update you. Right!

Finally if you find any value with my Everlesson Review then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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