My Live Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Program Review!

In this article, I will share my live clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program review. Right!

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program reviewMy Live Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Program Review!

But before giving my live clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program review, I want to share a short story or you can say my experiences with clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training of 15 days. And why I thought to restart my training again from Day 1.

Lets start!

To me as an affiliate, its been more than 4 years in this online industry promoting affiliate products.

And I have gone through so many coaching programs as well training of big gurus as well as experts in this online industry.

Sometimes I failed and sometimes I succeed. But still I am willing to learn, willing to fail and most important willing to invest in myself and my business. Right!

Ok! Coming to the point of affiliate bootcamp,

Actually I heard about clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program when I created my account with clickfunnels to create my landing page to capture the lead as an affiliate.

Very frankly initially I was skeptical about this affiliate bootcamp program.

Even, I was under impression that this might be like the same other’s affiliate programs or coaching programs which I had gone through in my past.

But when I went through the training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp, only one word came through my mouth and that was “WOW”.

Really after watching the affiliate bootcamp training, I said to myself that I have paid a lot of money on different-2 coaching programs to learn how to do affiliate marketing or you can say how to make money online.

But this affiliate bootcamp training is above the all training as well as coaching programs which I had gone through in my past.

And one interesting thing is that there is no cost to join clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training. Great!

According to me this clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training might be more than $1000 but you’re getting this affiliate bootcamp program at no cost inside of clickfunnels affiliate account. Awsome! Isn’t it?

So coming further, after going through the affiliate bootcamp training, I realized myself that I know only little bit about affiliate marketing.

You know what mistakes I was doing! I was just choosing the product and was promoting to make commission. But it is not the case.

There is always a strategy behind to promote anything. And this strategy part I was missing in my every affiliate campaign.

Yes about this strategy part I got to know inside the clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp.  So, still there is a lot of things to learn about affiliate marketing or internet marketing.

Later on, a big Ahaa moment during my training day of 15 in my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program was when I made $118.80. Again “Wow”. You can see the screen shot below.

Note:- This below screenshot of income is not to brag about my income. This is just to motivate you or tell you that system works if it is done strategically. Right!

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 10

Then, during my 15 days of training I got a feeling or you can say I got intuition that I must share this training live on my blog because affiliate bootcamp program is of great value.

And everybody who is thinking to start online business or thinking to make money online or thinking to become super affiliate must get benefit from this affiliate bootcamp program. Right!

Further I decided that I will go through the training again inside my affiliate bootcamp despite the fact that I have already completed the training of day 15.

So here my sole intention is to help you to become a super affiliate by providing the training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program through my live clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review and yes make some money side by side with me. Right!

Again in short, I would say don’t go here and there, don’t overwhelmed yourself with the information out there.

Don’t confuse yourself. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t waste your time and money in search of other shiny objects or opportunities or programs or gurus.

Just go through this free training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program or directly with me through this blog day by day.

I am 100 percent sure you will not be discouraged. Right!

So this was my short story or you can say my little experiences that I had during my 15 days training of affiliate bootcamp program.

Note:- Again this training is designed for 90 days.

Now coming to live clickfunnels affiiliate bootcamp program review.

Who Is The Creator of Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Program?

Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program is designed by Russell Brunson who is well known internet marketer, entrepreneur, leader and speaker.

He started his first online company while he was wrestling in college. Within a year of graduation he had sold over a million dollars of his own products and services from his basement.

Over that past 10 years, he has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books such as DotCom Secrets (USA bestselling Book), 108 Proven Split Test etc.

And popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their messages out to the marketplace.

He has recently launched his new book name called Expert Secrets which is a book for all who wants to be Expert and get paid for advice.

Expert Secrets book also teaches us how to create a mass movement of people who will pay for your advice.

Really in short I will say this book is a Bible of Online Business.

If you’re seriously thinking about how to start an online business, how to be an expert in your passion. And what the mindset or strategy should be to run a successful online business, then this book is the answer of all of your questions.

Even if you’re thinking to launch your product whether it’s a physical or digital product, then I would say stop your launch now and I would highly recommend to read the book Expert Secrets at least for once before launching your product. Right!

I am one hundred percent sure that it will give you some golden nuggets as well as strategies to take your launch or business to the next level.

Further, this book will save your precious time as well as hard earned money, wasting or committing mistakes on experiments in your online business.

In my point of view, it doesn’t matter you’re a beginner, how experienced you’re or how much experience you have in online business but you must read Free Expert Secrets book at least for once. Right!

Further Russell Brunson is also creator of some other products such as ClickFunnels Certification Application Funnel, Funnel Graffiti, Funnel Immersion, Funnel Scripts, Funnel University, Marketing In Your Car, Perfect Webinar, Two Comma Club Coaching etc.

So he knows what he teaches. Right!

Hey! Wait a minute! You might also be thinking what is Clickfunnels?

Let I tell you in short, basically it is a software where you can create your landing page, squeeze page, sales page or different-2 types of funnels easily without having any coding knowledge or without hiring any tech guy. Right!

If you’re really serious about doing online business whether it’s a affiliate marketing or promoting your own stuff then you need your own funnels to capture the lead or to sale your own product.

In other words, just to capture the lead or you can say just to capture the email and name, you need landing page or optin page that you can only create in clickfunnels account.

Further for selling your own product you also need sales page and this also you can create in clickfunnels account. Ok!

So, clickfunnels is much needed tool to start your affiliate bootcamp training. Right! And yes you can Try Clickfunnels Account Free For 14 days.

Ok! Now you know what is clickfunnels. Right!

Now again you might be thinking that is it a clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program review or expert secrets book review or clickfunnels review?

Yeh! Don’t worry! It was so important to me to let you know about expert secrets book as well as clickfunnels if you’re really serious about starting up your online business.

So coming to the point of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program review.

I created my Free Account with Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Program and logged into my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training account. Below you can see the screen shots.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program review 1

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program reivew 2

After logging into my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp account, there are five steps that I have to complete before starting my affiliate training.

Step-1. Welcome to Bootcamp!

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 4There is video of Russell Brunson welcoming to join the clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program and describing about what I am going to get in clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training. Ok!

Note:- In my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp account, there is Mr. Kevin Chia who is my affiliate manager and will help me and will provide all the training in affiliate bootcamp. Right!

Step-2. Join Our Community

I joined ClickFunnels Avengers Facebook Group. Below you can see the screen shot. Right!

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program review 5

Step-3. Setup Your Affiliate Account

After  joining clickfunnels avengers facebook group, I created my affiliate account with Clickfunnels. See the screen shots below.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 6

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 7

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 8Note:- One thing to note here is that if you have already clickfunnels account then there is no need to re-create your affiliate account with clickfunnels. Ok!

You can directly login to your clickfunnels account and inside of your clickfunnels account from the Account section, you can find your affiliate section by scrolling down to the bottom. Right!

Further if you don’t have clickfunnels account then still you can create your affiliate account with clickfunnels. See above the screen shots where I created my account as non user of clickfunnels. Right!

Step-4. Get Your Affiliate Links

Then I got my affiliate link to promote the book i.e. DotCom Secrets from my affiliate account. You can see the screenshots below.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 11

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 9

Step-5. Track Your Affiliate Sales

After completion of all 4 steps, there is a video regarding how to track your affiliate sales.

So I have watched this video and got to know how can I track my all affiliate sales. Below you can see the screen shot of Microsoft Excel sheet which is downloadable inside of my affiliate account, where I can track all of my affiliate sales.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp 12

Ok! I have completed all my five steps inside of my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training which I supposed to complete.

Till now I am so excited to start my training. I am feeling good inside of my clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp account.

Actually these above said steps were of the day when I created my account with clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp.

But my affiliate bootcamp training has not been started yet. It will start from tomorrow onwards. Right!

I am eagerly waiting for my first day training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program. Till then Bye! Have a nice day! We will meet tomorrow.