What Is Lead Magnet In Affiliate Marketing?

In this post, I will tell you about what is lead magnet in affiliate marketing and what is the best converting lead magnet to capture the lead in Affiliate Marketing.

what is lead magnet in affiliate marketing

So, if you’re just starting an affiliate marketing business or internet marketing business then you might have heard a lot of time from the gurus and experts saying that build your list.

I mean build your email list.

Yes! I would also say this too that build your list if you really want to get success in your online business.

But first here question comes how to build list.

Answer is simple offer a lead magnet for free to your visitor to capture the lead or email.

Ok now you know just to succeed online, you need to build your email list and to build your list, you need a lead magnet. Right!

But now again questions come to mind that you don’t know how to create a lead magnet?

You don’t know about what lead magnet is?

Further you don’t know what types of lead magnet you should offer to capture the lead in affiliate marketing?

Even you might be thinking of what is the best converting lead magnet in affiliate marketing?

Hummmm! Is it the case?

So, don’t worry! I will answer your all questions in this post.

Further I will give you some lead magnet ideas to create a lead magnet.

Even I will also tell you how to create a free lead magnet.

So just chill!

Let’s know first about a Lead Magnet!

What Is A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something like an offer that you give away for free to your visitors on your website or  landing page in exchange of their name and email address.

Important to note here is that whatever lead magnet you give away to your prospect or visitor, give them the lead magnet that solves their biggest problem.

In other words your lead magnet must be something like that takes away your prospect’s biggest pain. Got it!

If possible give lead magnet for free something of great value to your visitor that nobody is offering in the market or if somebody is offering then they’re charging for that lead magnet in the market.

What I mean by that?

My mean is that offer lead magnet of high perceived value.

If your visitor or prospect goes to the market then there they will have to pay the price for getting the lead magnet that you’re offering to them for Free.

Got it!

What Are The Types of Lead Magnet?

To capture the lead or email, a lead magnet can be in the form of

  • Cheat Sheet
  • E-Book
  • Mind Map
  • Short Mini Video Course
  • Audio or Video CD or DVD
  • Free Sample of Your Product
  • Blueprint of Course or Business
  • Short Check List
  • Swipe File
  • You’re Notes
  • Blog Post
  • One Lesson or Chapter of Your Course
  • Video Clip
  • One Chapter Of Your Book
  • PDF File
  • A Software or Tool
  • Email Template
  • Blog Template
  • Webinar Training
  • Tripwire Product

What Types Of Lead Magnet You Should Offer To Capture The Lead?

Here I would say, you should offer a lead magnet which is very easy to consume, read, listen and watch.

I mean, if you’re offering an Ebook then it should not be more than 15 to 20 pages. Book should be easy to read.

If possible keep it to 10 pages.

Further, if you’re offering a Software then it should not be too much techy or time consuming.

Your software must be easy to use or operate.

Or if you’re offering a Video Course or Short Mini Course then it must be 3 or 4 or 5 part series not more than that.

Even in some cases you can also use a Tripwire product as lead magnet.

Actually in that case you offer an ebook, cheat sheet, product or mini course as lead magnet for a small price.

Lead magnet’s price can be of $1, $7 or $9 in comparison to your actual backend product price where your backend product price is somewhere $49 or more.

In other words, in tripwire offer, you offer your product for low price in the frontend just to capture the lead.

So this whole process is called Tripwire.

One good thing about tripwire is that you can easily get or select who is your buyer.

After all a buyer is always a buyer. It doesn’t matter whether he has purchased your offer for $1 or $100 or more. Ok!

Moving further……..

How To Create A Lead Magnet?

Really when time comes to create a lead magnet, first question comes to mind that how I can create a lead magnet.

Let I tell you some of the options that you can go for to create a lead magnet.

1. Create A Lead Magnet By Yourself

Yes! You have heard that right. Create a lead magnet by yourself.

Go and find the biggest problems of your market or prospect that they are currently having.

Then give them the solution in the shape of E-book, PDF file, Short Video, Mino Course, Audio etc.

What you can do here?

Just record a short video on your Iphone solving the problems of your prospect or market and give it for free as a lead magnet.

Or record an Audio sharing or giving one or two tips in your expertise related to your niche and give away this for free as a Lead Magnet.

Or you can write your notes sharing your expertise or giving solutions to the problems in Microsoft File and convert it into PDF file and give it for free as a lead magnet.

There are so many free online software through which you can convert your Microsoft file into PDF file. Ok!

To get free converter, just go to google and type free Online Converter picture. You will find so many options or software to convert your Microsoft file to PDF. See below the screenshot.


Note: Your lead magnet can be of one page cheat sheet or PDF file.

2. Hire Somebody To Create Lead Magnet

In that case, if you don’t know how to create an Ebook,or lead magnet or don’t want to create lead magnet by yourself then you can go to Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.

Actually these are the websites or places where you can go and find someone who are professional and they can create an Ebook or any type of lead magnet related to your niche on behalf of you at a fixed price.

3. Lead Magnet With Private Level Rights (PLR)

Here, you can offer an Ebook, Video, Audio, Software etc. related to your niche or market as a lead magnet that comes with Private Level Rights (PLR)

Actually, in that case i.e. PLR product, you at a fixed price can buy Ebook, Video,Audio, Software etc., with a private level rights to use it as a commercial purpose.

Very frankly in some cases you get the full Private Level Rights to use it for commercial purpose as claiming your own property.

Mean to say, you can label your own name on the Ebook, Video, Audio, Software etc.

Even you can modify or change the contents in it according to your needs.

But on the other hand, in some cases you can get the Ebook, Video, Software, Audio etc. with limited Private Level Rights.

Mean to say, you can only use it for as a lead magnet or for personal use but you can’t modify it or label your own name on it.

Important To Note: Before using any products with private level rights read their terms and conditions carefully.

I mean read the terms and conditions that what you can do or what not with the product.

But here I would say, if possible give or create your own lead magnet.

Using lead magnet with Private Level Rights is only for starting purpose especially when you’re a totally beginner in affiliate marketing or online business. Ok!

What Is The Best Converting Lead Magnet For Affiliate Marketing?

According to me, now a days, the best converting Lead Magnet for Affiliate Marketing is short mini Course or Free Webinar Training.

What I mean by that?

Here my mean is that create a mini course.

As you know I am an affiliate of clickfunnels.

So the best converting lead magnet for promoting clickfunnels can be a short mini course giving some bonuses like Free Case Study, Free Webinar Or Master Class Training, Free Shared Funnels etc.

Mini course can be of 3 or 4 or 5 part video serious.

And in this video series, lesson can be on

How to create a highly professional lead capture page or optin funnels within 10 minutes using clickfunnels?

How to create a sales funnel?

How to create a membership site?

How to create Facebook Ads?

How to set up custom domain?

I hope you got the idea on how a mini course looks like while using it as a lead magnet to capture the lead for free.

Second you can offer a free Webinar training or master class as a lead magnet to capture the lead.

In your webinar training you can offer a solution to the problem showing your webinar attendees how to solve or get away from their problems.

For example in your webinar training you can show them how to become a highly paid consultant or how to become an expert who get paid for advice.

Or you can show them how to create a product or online course?

Or you can show them how to create a E-commerce website?

Or how to create a store on Shopify?

Or how to create a 7 figure funnels etc.?

Again I hope, you got the idea what I mean. Right!

So now you know what a lead magnet in affiliate marketing is, how to create a lead magnet and what’s the best converting lead magnet in affiliate marketing.

Let me know in the comment below that how did you find this post on what is a lead magnet in affiliate marketing.

Yes, if you have any question or queries then do let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

One final thing, if you found any value with this post then share it with your friends or with somebody whom you know can get benefit.

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