My Latest Internet Traffic And Leads Book Review!

In this post, I am going to give my Internet Traffic and Leads Book review. Actually today I just finished reading this book.

Internet Traffic And Leads Book Review

As you know I share whatever I know so I thought I must give my review on this book.

So are you ready to know about this book called Internet Traffic and Leads?

Ok! Let’s start?

Who Is The Writer Of Internet Traffic And Leads?

Actually this book is written by Vince Reed.

Who Is Vince Reed?

If you don’t know about who is Vince Reed then let I tell you about him in short.

Actually he started his online business in 2008 after he lost everything during the mortgage meltdown.

After failing to earn a single dime for 6 months, Vince focused his efforts on mastering Internet Traffic and Leads allowing him to earn his 1st Commission of $6.73 leading to a multi 7 figure empire.

After selling his 1st Company in 2016, today Vince Reed operates as the CEO of several companies and speaks all over the world helping entrepreneurs get more traffic and leads for their businesses leveraging the power of the internet.

What Internet Traffic And Leads Book Is All About?

Internet Traffic And Leads is a book that reveals “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” side of the digital marketing world.

This books talks about the things that can cause you to go Broke Fast and the things that can turn you into an overnight success!

What Are The Table Of Contents Of This Book?

Actually this book has 19 Chapters.

Chapter-1 My Story

Chapter-2 Building A Business Is Like Going To School All Over Again-How This Book Is Laid Out

Chapter-3 Freshman Year- Walking 10 Miles In the Snow- What To Do When You Get A Lead

Chapter-4 Sophomore Year- My Early Mentors And The Switch That Sparked My First Business Idea

Chapter-5 Junior Year- Wanting Recognition Before It’s Deserved And My First $100,000 Month

Chapter-6 Senior Year- 7 Figure In 1 Year And Hosting My First Event

Chapter-7 The Present- Graduate School Year 1: There Has To Be A Better Way-The Income Maximizer Formula

Chapter-8 Graduate School Year 2- Prove It Vince-And The Secret To Standing Out

Chapter-9 Graduate School Year 3- 3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before They Spend A Single Dime On Marketing

Chapter-10 The 5 Powerhouse Marketing Platforms- It’s Time To Get Leads!

Chapter-11 Facebook Ads- How They Work And The Strategies Behind The Ads

Chapter-12 Twitter Ads-How They Work, How I See Them, And The Strategies Behind The Ads

Chapter-13 Instagram Ads.. How They Work And The Strategies Behind The Ads..

Chapter-14 You Tube Ads.. How They Work And The Strategies Behind The Ads..

Chapter-15 Search Traffic Ads-How They Work And The Strategies Behind The Ads…

Chapter-16 The Real World-The Future: Insider Trading And My 1% Targeting Secret Of 7-Figure Earners

Chapter-17 My New Crush With Sales Funnels-Tripwire, Better, Best And Maximizer

Chapter-18 Internet Traffic Factory- Factory Mastermind

Chapter-19 The Humble Yourself Story

Note:- Over all this book has 176 pages to flip through.

My Notes From Internet Traffic And Leads Book!

Actually I noted down all the key notes from this book in my note book.

Even I am also going to reveal these 25 key notes below in the post.

I hope you will find great value as well some golden nuggets from these below said key notes.

I am also sure that if you go through all the key notes mentioned below, you will find a spark, motivation, encouragement in you.

And yes, you will have a kind of feeling in you that if you apply these key points, then nobody can stop you to take your online business to the next level.

So please read below mentioned 25 key notes.

1. You must be willing to listen and quickly execute because money loves speed.

2. Always know your numbers in business. This is the secret to take your business next level.

Numbers can be something like….

  • Daily Marketing Expenses (Paid Ads Only)
  • Cost Per Lead or Subscriber or Client or Customer (Clicks divided by total number of lead or subscriber)
  • Daily leads
  • Monthly leads
  • Daily Sales on every product you offer
  • Phone Sales Numbers

These are what you call your KPI or Key Performance Indicators

3. If you ever felt that you were the best at what you do or you’re the best at what you do? If your answer comes in YES then let the world know that.

4. The secret to wealth is the Phone. Hire someone to call all of your leads/subscribers and your business will explode.

5. Mastery is the advantage that millionaires and billionaires have over you. So in business commit to mastery.

6. Learn from the people who are successful in business and from the people who learn and fail with the intent of mastery.

7. “Whoever spends the most to acquire a customer, Wins” Den Kennedy.

8. A confused mind always say No to your offer and service. So keep your business, website, product, service etc. simple, neat and clean.

9. People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want.

10. People buy feelings not the product. So make them realize how they will feel if they buy this and that.

11. Show people what benefits they are going to get rather telling them about the features your product or service have.

12. Meet your customer where they are at, and you will win them over forever- Mark Cuban

13. Stay in your Lane and do what you’re good at!

14. Just to stand out, you must be willing to deliver the information or product in a way that disrupts the industry norm.

15. Do in a way that other people in your industry are not doing and that makes your competitors a little uncomfortable.

16. Making everyone happy is not your job. Your job is to make an impact and provide the most value to your customers as you possibly can.

17. Unsuccessful companies try to figure out how to spend as little as they possibly can on marketing because they view it as an expense.

18. The truth is, your goal as a company is to figure out how to spend as much as you can! More, not less.

19. Remember the quote “Whosoever spends the most to acquire a customer, always Wins” Den Keneddy

20. If your relationships and health are not solid then your business will eventually crumble! And you won’t be happy.

21. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to be left when everyone else is going right, and vice versa.

22. Zig when they zag. When go for a hook, deliver a massive uppercut to rock and shock them all.

23. The amount of money you make is in direct correlation to the amount of value that you offer to the world.

24. Focus not on the result, or the dollars per hour earned. But rather focus on the daily, consistent activities that will get you to the result.

25. The Best Entrepreneurs in the world understand their customers better than the customers even understand themselves!

So these are my key notes from this book. I hope you got some value.

Internet Traffic And Leads Book Is For?

This book is for everybody who wants to get leads and traffic to his online and want to grow his online business to 7 figure.

What Is The Cost Of Internet Traffic And Leads Book?

The cost of Internet Traffic And Leads Book is nothing but you have to pay $4.95  for shipping/handling charges. Right!

Important To Note:- You will be offered this book only when you try to join the Ileadrs community.

And after joining the Ileadrs community, you will be given free access to Internet Traffic Factor Membership Site for 35 days Trial where you will learn all about the Advanced Strategies of getting the Traffic and Leads to your online business.

And after 35 days you will be charged $27 p.m. for being a member of Internet Traffic Factory as well as Ileadrs Community.

Plus you will also get access to Vince Reed Resources PDF book through which you will get to know all the tools and software that Vince Reed outsourced and used for his businesses.

Even you will also get access to Facebook Group name called Ileadrs where Vince Reed shares his vast knowledge, Insights, Strategies and Techniques on weekly basis that he uses in his online business.

My Verdict!

Really in this book Vince Reed has put all his experiences of online business including his mistakes.

So overall in this book he is sharing his strategies and tactics with you that are proven to work to create 7 figure online business.

I myself personally wish I’d had something like this when I got started.

I hope instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll realize while reading this book that this is actually a huge shortcut.

If you’re looking to know what it takes and what mindset you should have to grow your business, then this book is for you.

Yes! If you want to take your business to the next level then I would highly recommend to have this book in your library or your study table and read this book meticulously without any distraction.

Furthermore, if you’re thinking to start your online business or thinking to launch your product or service then read this book at least for once.

Surely it will prevent you committing so many mistakes in your business.

Plus after reading this you can save your hard earned money on experimenting new things in business. Because whatever explained in this book is already tested and proven to work.

Finally in one line I would say read Internet Traffic And Leads book.

I am sure it will uncover so many facts about business and mindset in business that you were unaware of.

So this was my Internet Traffic And Leads Book review. If you like my Internet Traffic And Leads Book review then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

And yes let me know or comment below how did you find this Internet Traffic And Leads Book review. Ok!

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