My Latest (2018) Morevago Review! Is Morevago Worth Paying?

In today’s post I am going to share with you my latest 2018 Morevago review.

morevago review 2018

Morevago Review! Is Morevago Worth Paying?

So, you might have heard a lot about Morevago and I think there may be lot of questions in your mind that what is Morevago?

How does Morevago work? What’s Morevago pricing etc.?

Now, don’t worry!

You’re at the right place. I will try my level best to give you best possible information in my Morevago review.

Ok, tell me!

Are you ready to know more about Morevago?

Let’s start!

Who is the founder of Morevago?

Matt Staton is the founder of Morevago. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple businesses leveraging affiliate marketing.

What is Morevago?

Simply I would say Morevago is the tool or software through which you can display testimonials or social proofs or reviews or purchases, Optins, Downloads etc. on your Website or Landing pages, Squeeze pages, Sales pages, Funnels or Blog.

How does Morevago work?

To show how Morevago works, first I have to login into my Morevago account.

Below you can see in the screenshot my dashboard of Morevago.

Morevago dashboard

As you can see in the first column of Morevago dashboard where it says Create Campaign.

So in this section, you can create your campaign in which you can display custom Notifications on your website, funnels, landing pages, etc.

Let I show you how you can create your Campaign inside Morevago.

First, to create your campaign click on button that says CREATE in Create Campaign section. Below you can see the screenshot.

create campaign morevago 1

And after clicking on CREATE button then on the next page write your Marketing Campaign name and also write down your website URL or Domain.

As you can see in the screenshot below I have put my blog URL or Domain i.e.

And I have also put Interval Duration 10 second as well as Blur Duration 3 second .

Add campaign morevago

Then further in the Notification Settings you can select your notifications that you want to show on your website or landing page. Below you can see the screenshots.

choose your notifications

select notifications morevago 2

And after selecting your Notifications click on the button that says Save Campaign. See below the screenshot.

Save campaign morevago

Now after saving your campaign then you will be taken to the next page.

And on the next page you will be shown your Site Embed Code/Java Script that you have to copy. Below you can see the screenshot.

CLIPBOARD morevago

And here what you have to do is you have to paste this Java Script on every page of your website or blog or landing page etc. before the </body> tag where you want social proof Notifications to display.

And yes don’t forget to click the button which says ACTIVATE inside your dashboard otherwise your campaign will not be active or display. See below the screenshot.

Activate morevago campaign

That’s it now you know how to create a campaign in Morevago.

Moving further, in the second section of Morevago dashboard where it says Create Notifications, you can create notifications as well as you can use success stories from your customers to display as social proof on your website, funnels, landing pages, etc.

Important to note that in the notification, you can include your customer’s name, picture, a message, a location and a time. See below the screenshot.

notifications morevago

Let I show you how to create Notifications in Morevago.

First go and click on the button that says CREATE in Create Notifications Section. See below the screenshot.

create notifications button

Then on the next page click on the Green Plus Button/Sign. See below the screenshot.


And then from here you will be taken to next page and on this page you have to Upload the picture and select your Campaign to which you want to show your notifications.

Note: You can upload the pictures of your Customers. So, just to show an example how it works here I am uploading my own picture.

Below you can see the screenshot where I have uploaded my photo as well as I have selected my campaign i.e. Free Report.

Drag photo and sellect campaign morevago

free report morevago

So after uploading your picture and selecting your Campaign, write your customer’s name with their messages, location as well as time and then click the button that says Save.

See below in the screenshot where I have put my own name with my message, my location and time.

notifications save 3 after uploading imageNow after saving you can see your exact notifications with your image or customer image, name, message, location and time on the next page. Below you can the screenshot.

notifications morevago time

That’s it. Now you know how to create notifications in Morevago.

Furthermore inside the dashboard of your Morevago, you can see all of your campaigns details after clicking on the Campaigns secion.

Below you can see the screenshot of my one campaign details.


Important to note that you can delete or edit all of your campaign inside the Morevago.

Is Morevago Mobile friendly?

Yes. You can display your social proofs or testimonials on all devices, including mobile.

What you will get when you buy Morevago?

Actually Morevago comes up with three pricing plans. So based on your plans you will get different-2 features and benefits.

Let I tell you in details that what you will get based on your selected Morevago Pricing Plans!

First with the Morevago Basic Plan, you will get..

1. 5 Domains

2. Unlimited Notifications

3. Unlimited Visitors

4. Morevago Branding

Second with Morevago Pro Plan you will get..

1. 50 Domains

2. Unlimited Notifications

3. Unlimited Visitors

4. No Branding

Third with Morevago Rock Star Plan you will get..

1. 100 Domains

2. Unlimited Notifications

3. Unlimited Visitors

4. No Branding

What’s Morevago pricing?

As I mentioned before that Morevago comes with three pricing plans Basic, Pro and Rock Star.

So according to that first the cost of Morevago Basic plan is $7.99 per month.

Second the cost of Morevago Pro plan is $9.99 per month.

And third the cost of Rock Star plan is $14.99 per month.

Even below in the screenshot you can see full details of Morevago with cost.

what is the cost of morevago

Does Morevago provide you any FREE trial?

Yes. Morevago provides you 14 Days FREE trial.

I mean you can try any of Morevao Plans whether Basic, Pro or Rockstar Free for 14 days.

Do you need to submit your Credit information?

Yes. You need to submit your credit card information to avail Morevago 14 day’s FREE trail.

But you will only be charged only after expiry of your 14 day’s free trial unless you ask for cancellation of your subscription with Morevago.

Further, in case you don’t like Morevago then you can ask for or write an email to their support to cancel your account or subscription.

Can you promote Morevago as an Affiliate?

Yes. You can promote Morevago as an affiliate and for every sale made through your affiliate link you will get 50% monthly recurring commission.

And you can withdraw all of your affiliate commissions through Paypal.

My Verdict!

Before coming to any conclusion let I share with you my personal experience that whenever I buy something online or offline first I look for what other people or customers are saying about the particular product which I am going to purchase.

So whenever I find good reviews, social proofs, testimonials and lots of happy customers on the website then it helps me to take my buying decision.

And yes without any doubt seeing lots of social proofs, good reviews and testimonials I  have purchased so many products whether it’s offline or online.

So keeping that point of view I find Morevago a very useful tool to convert website visitors into customers.

Because as we all know that most of the time people are easily influenced by seeing the real testimonials or social proofs on website or blog thinking that there are people who are buying stuff displayed on website and are getting satisfactory results.

But one thing I find missing in Morevago that all of the notifications or social proofs or testimonials or reviews shown on your website or landing page or blog etc. will be of prerecorded or pre-made or pre-built.

But you cannot show live notifications, live social proofs or live purchases or live testimonials done by any customers or subscribers on your website or blog.

Whereas, in comparison to Morevago there are other tools in the market place through which you can show live purchases or live testimonials or live social proofs on your website or blog done by customers or visitors.

So I hope that in near future Morevago will come up with this feature as well as with some other features and benefits.

Further what I like about Morevago the most is that it is very easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech guy.

If you know how to use internet then you can use Morevago very easily.

But very frankly as this tool is just new to the market place then it would be too early to say that this is one of the best tools in the market place to display social proofs or testimonials on your website or landing page or blog etc.

Still from my personal angel I will give this tool a proper time to stand in the market place or call it to be the best tool in the market.

So keeping all in that in mind I find this tool a very useful tool through which you can turn your website’s visitors into customers by showing pre-built or pre-recorded social proofs or testimonials on your website or landing page or blog etc.

Now, if you’re thinking to use any tool or software that helps you to display your testimonials or social proofs on your website with a reasonable price then I would recommend you to go and check out Morevago. And I think it will be worth paying.

Here, one best part about Morevago is that it comes up 14 days Free trial.

So here you have nothing to lose. Right!

That’s it.

Ok, now you know my latest Morevago review.

Let me know in the comment below how did you find my latest Morevago review.

If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

Finally if you like my Morevago review then please share this post with your friends or with somebody who you know will get benefit.

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