My Latest (2018) 3 Best Email Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing!

In today’s post I am going to share with you 3 best Email Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing that are affiliate friendly.

3 best email autoresponders for affiliate marketing

Best Email Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing!

Even as a bonus at the end of this post, I will also reveal my 9 best tips that you can apply while sending emails to your subscribers.

But before telling you my 3 best email Autoresponders for affiliate marketing and my 9 best tips, I want to ask you some simple questions…

Are you just a beginner in Affiliate Marketing Business?

Do you want to build your email list?

Have you banned by your Autoresponder service provider for sending spam affiliate links?

Are all of your emails having your affiliate links going to your subscriber’s spam box?

Have you frustrated of your Autoresponder service provider for bad support?

Searching for the best email autoresponder or best email service provider that does all Automation based on your subscriber’s behaviour?

And finally are you searching for the cheapest email autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing Business?

So if your answers come in YES for all of the above asked questions then this post is for You!

First if you’re just new to affiliate marketing and don’t know what is Autoresponder then let I tell you about Autoresponder.

Yes, you can skip this portion if you know what is Autoresponder and at the middle of this post you can read my 3 best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

Let’s start!

What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder or email Autoresponder is a piece of software through which you build your email list by collecting email addresses of your visitors on your website or blog.

So, once they become your subscribers or they are in your list then with the help of Autoresponder you send automated pre-written email messages to your subscribers.

And these pre-written messages are sent at a fixed time on alternate day basis or regular day basis containing information or offers whether it’s your affiliate offer or your own offer.

Below you can see the screenshot of my Opt in Form where on my blog, just to build my email list, I collect the email addresses of visitors by offering  my Free Offer (Lead Magnet).

As you can see below my Free lead magnet name is My #1 Handpicked Best Affiliate Program That Pays Monthly  Recurring Commission.

Landing page best autoresponders for affiliate marketing

So as and when a visitor submits his email address in my Opt In form in exchange of getting my Free Offer then with the help of my autoresponder I collect his email address.

Important to note: Offering free lead magnet something like free report, free cheat sheet and free video training in exchange of email address is a good practice to build email list in affiliate marketing.

Ok! Now you might be thinking where subscribers go after submitting name or email address or both on the website or blog.

Below you can see the screenshots where my subscribers go immediately when they submit their information in the Opt in form.

CF2 converkit autoresponder

Actually above screenshot is one of campaign which I named i.e. CF2.

So whenever any subscriber submits his name or email address in exchange of my FREE Offer then he directly goes to my CF2 campaign inside my email autoresponder.

And thereafter my pre-written emails goes out to my subscribers on alternate day basis at a fixed time.

Now you know what is Autoresponder and how it works!

Let’s move further….

What is the purpose of an email autoresponder in affiliate marketing?

If you’re an affiliate marketer whether beginner or advanced then I am sure that you might have heard it a lot of time that “the money is in the list“.

So yes I would also say that this is a So Called Truth.

Even, I would say that if you really serious about your online business whether it’s a blogging, affiliate marketing, E-commerce, Network Marketing then you need an Autoresponder to build a list.

I mean you need an Autoresponder to build a list of people who have visited to your website, blog, landing page, sales page or squeeze page etc.

And some way or other way they have shown interest to your offer whether it’s a FREE offer or Paid offer.

So here the overall purpose to have an email autoresponder in affiliate marketing is to collect the information’s of visitors on the website or blog for building list.

And later on to promote affiliate offers or your own offer in the backend by sending emails.

What are the information can be collected through Autoresponders?

Information can be collected through autoresponder in the shape of name, email, phone number or home address etc.

And in most cases affiliate marketers collect name with email address or only email addresses of visitors on website or blog.

So here what information you want to collect through autoresponder, it all depends on your business needs.

Important to Note: Not only you can use autoresponder to promote your affiliate offers but you can also use autoresponder to promote your own offer if any.

Now, let I give answers to some commonly asked questions that are related to Autoresponder!

What is an autoresponder sequence?

Like I already said above that the emails you send to your subscribers on alternate day basis or regular day basis are called autoresponder sequence or autoresponder email series.

You can see below an example of pre-written email messages or autoresponder sequences that I send to my subscribers on regular basis.

Autoresponder series

Ok now you know what is autoresponder, what is the purpose of autoresponder in affiliate marketing and what is autoresponder sequence.

So without any further delay let I tell you ……

3 Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing!

Actually these are the autoresponders that I have personally used for my affiliate marketing campaigns.

 1. Aweber Autoresponder

Aweber is the first autoresponder that I used for promoting affiliate offers when I started my affiliate marketing business as a beginner.

Actually I heard about Aweber in the year 2015 when I bought my first online course i.e. Chrriss Ferrell Membership Program through Clickbank.

This program is created by Chrriss Ferrell who is one of the top rated and honest Internet Marketer that I found in our online industry.

In one of his training videos he showed me how to create an autoresponder campaign to collect email inside the Aweber (autoresponder).

And he also showed how to build email list so that I can promote affiliate offers to make money online.

So, I started using Aweber (Autoresponder) to build my email subscribers list promoting my affiliate offers and I found no difficulty to use Aweber.

And very frankly it was my first course i.e. Chrriss Ferrell Membership where I made my first affiliate commission in my life by sending a sending solo ad through Udimi.

Below in the screenshots you can see my first affiliate commission, solo ad email, my first solo ad vendor and my message to solo ad vendor that I sent to my solo ad vendor.


solo email first

My message to lisa

solo ad message

So, yes if you are a beginner or advanced marketer and searching for an affiliate friendly autoresponder then you can use Aweber.

Further with the use of Aweber you can also get the best deliverability of your email.

I mean all of your emails will get delivered instantly, opened and clicked by your subscribers if you follow the best practices of email marketing.

Now NEXT question comes to mind…..

How much Aweber Cost?

Actually Aweber comes up with 5 plans and its first plan starts with $19 p.m. for 500 subscribers.

Below in the screenshot you can see Aweber’s all pricing plans with the features you get when you join Aweber.

Aweber Pricing List Screenshot

Furthermore, Aweber offers you a 30-day free trial to test out their services.

And yes for any reason if you think that Aweber doesn’t fit to your affiliate business needs then you can ask for cancellation of your Aweber account any time.

2. GetResponse Autoresponder

It was back in 2016 when I was jumping one opportunity to another opportunity.

Or you can say I was jumping one shiny object to another shiny object.

And during that period, I heard about GetResponse when I bought another online course.

And that was 4 Percent Group, an online training program by Vick Strizehous who is called a traffic king.

In one of his training videos he showed how to create an Autoresponder Email Sequence using GetResponse.

But I was in confusion!

Because at that time I was using Aweber.

And finally, just to learn how to create an Autoresponder Email Sequence in GetResponse I cancelled my account with Aweber and shifted to Getresponse.

There was no other reason to shift from Aweber to GetResponse but except to learn how to create an Email Autoresponder Sequence in GetResponse.

Really, I was fully satisfied with Aweber Autoresponder.

But eventually I had to move from Aweber to Getresponse.

So, I started using GetResponse and I found no difficulty with GetResponse sending autoresponder email series as well as promoting my affiliate offers.

Below you can see the screenshot of one of my email having my affiliate link that I used to send to my subscribers using GetResponse Autoresponder.

Getresponse email

Using GetResponse I got Good email delivery rate and all of my emails were delivered directly in the box of my subscribers not in the Spam Box.

To be very honest with you, sometimes I saw some of my emails were bounced but it was due to my fault cause I used to send so many affiliate links in my email. Got it!

Furthermore, from my personal experience what I like about GetResponse is that their instant Live Support.

Really whenever I got stuck they helped me and resolved my problems instantly.

And for this reason, I will give them a BIG Thumps Up and 5 star rating.

So, yes.. GetResponse is the second best Autoresponder for affiliate marketing in my opinion.

And with wholeheartedly I would say that if you’re just a beginner in affiliate marketing and searching for best and the cheapest Autoresponder to build your email list then GetResponse is the best option for you.

Ok! Now again question comes to mind…….

What is the cost of GetResponse Autoresponder?

Answer to this question is…… actually they offer 4 pricing plans for different levels of service which are called Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise.

And GetResponse first plan starts..where you have to pay $15 for 1000 subscribers.

Below you can see the screenshot of GetResponse’s other Pricing plans with the features you get when you join GetResponse.

GetResponse Autoresponder pricing list

Note: All GetResponse’s plans are customizable and according to your customized plans you have to pay. So it all depends on your business needs.

And further all plans of GetResponse also come up with 12 months payment plan as well 24 months payment plan with the discounts.

Yes, like Aweber, GetResponse also offers a 30 day free trial, so you can check their services for one month.

3. Convertkit Autoresponder

As I have already said above that I was using GetRespose for building my email list and promoting my affiliate offers.

So, somewhere in November, 2017 one of my Internet Marketing friend who is also a blogger and affiliate marketer suggested me to use ConverKit as he has found great results with ConverKit.

He also told me that with ConverKit he is getting great delivery rate.

And all of his emails are going directly to his Subscribers Inbox and it is very easy to use and especially meant for Bloggers.

So based on his suggestions I moved from GetResponse to ConverKit.

And here I would say that ConverKit is the Autoresponder that I am currently using to build my email list promoting my affiliate offers in the backend.

Really, till date I found no difficulty to promote my affiliate offers with ConverKit Autoresponders.

And I am also getting great delivery rate, open rate and click through rate with Converkit Autoresponder.

Below you can see the screenshots of one of my email campaign with the open rate, click through rate, total subscribers and unsubscribes inside the ConverKit Autresponder.

Convertkit Open Rate Clickthrough rate

open rate witrh email messages in ConverKit Autoresponder

So I would say… ConverKit Autoresponder is the third Autoresponder that I find the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing especially if you’re a blogger promoting affiliate offers to make money.

Now you might be wondering……

What is the cost of ConverKit Autoresponder?

Ok, let I tell you about ConverKit Pricing plans.

Actually, ConverKit comes with 4 different plans and first plan starts with $29 for 1000 subscribers.

And below you can see Convertkit other pricing plans with the features you get when you join ConverKit.

Converkit Pricing with features

Furthermore, ConverKit also offers you 14 days trial to taste the ConvertKit and you can cancel ConverKit services any time you want if you think it doesn’t fit to you.

So, keeping all that in mind and being a current user of CovertKit, I would say it again if you’re a blogger and want to build your email list promoting you affiliate offers then ConverKit can be a great option for you.

Point to Note: As I was fully satisfied with GetResponse and found no difficulty promoting my affiliate offers but as ConverKit is especially designed for Bloggers so based on this reason only I moved from GetResponse to ConvertKit.

Ok now you know my 3 best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

Now, let I tell you my 9 best tips that you can apply while sending your emails to your subscribers inside your Autoresponder.

Really if you use these tips which I am going to reveal below then I am pretty much sure that you can save yourself from getting banned from any Email Service Provider.

Further if you apply my tips then all of your emails will go directly in your subscribers Inbox rather Spam Box and you will also get a high deliverability rate.

Furthermore if you apply my below mentioned tips then you will be able to make a better relationship with your subscribers.

And they will trust you and eventually you will make money from them by promoting your affiliate offers.

So are you ready?


Here are my 9 best tips to consider when you send emails to your subscribers especially if you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing.

1. Give What You Promised

Immediately give them what you promised on your website or blog or landing page in exchange of their information whether name & email or only email address.

2. Don’t Pitch Hard

Don’t pitch hard for sale in every email you send to your subscribers.

3. Build Trust

Before promoting your affiliate offers, first build trust.

And also build healthy relationships with your subscribers by sending emails that are full of valuable information solving their problems.

4. Send Regular Emails

Send regular emails that are full of Value and connect with them.

According to a report if you don’t make regular connection with your subscribers then within 48 hours of their subscription to your offer they forget about you, your offer and what they opted for.

5. Give Result Fast

Your subscribers opted to your offer for getting solution to their problems so give them (your subscribers) results fast.

6. Show Testimonials

People buy when they see others are getting results with your offer.

So if possible show testimonials or social proof in your emails.

7. Keep Affiliate Link Above The Fold

Whenever you sent your affiliate offer in the email then keep your affiliate link above the fold.

I mean your affiliate link must be in first 2 or 3 lines of your email.

8. Keep Email Short

Keep your email short unless and until it is necessary to go long in email because your subscribers, due to lack of time or so much distractions in life don’t read your all emails or till the end.

9. Use Custom Email With Your Domain

To get better deliverability rate, don’t use your personal email to send your email autoresponder sequence.

If possible use custom email address to send your email to subscribers. As in my case it is 

So these are my best tips that you can use and get better results in your affiliate marketing.

What are you waiting for? Go and apply these tips and let me know the results you’re getting. Ok!

Now again by concluding this post, I would say that above said 3 Autoresponders i.e. Aweber, GetResponse and ConvertKit are the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

And they all have great deliverability rate, easy to use, come up with Automation, affiliate friendly and very important they all have great Support.

So as an affiliate marketer what else you want.

You get that! Right!

Ok, now let me know in the comment how did you find my post on 3 best email autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

And also tell me how did you find my 9 tips to apply while sending emails to subscribers inside the Autoresponder.

Yes, also let me know what autoresponder you’re using for your affiliate marketing!

Further, if you have any questions or queries then let me in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

Finally, if you like my post on 3 best email autoresponders for affiliate marketing then please share it with your friends or with somebody who will get benefit from this post.

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