My Latest (2017) Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training Review!

In this post, I will give my Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training review.

live funnel hacker cookbook training review

Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training Review!

You might be thinking what is Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook training?

Don’t worry, I will explain each and everything about Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training as well funnel hacker cookbook.

So let’s start.

Who Is The Creator Of Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training?

Russell Brunson is the creator of Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training.

Now you might be thinking who is Russell Brunson?

Let I tell you in short.

Russell Brunson is an Entrepreneur and he is also an Author of USA best Selling books i.e. DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets

Further he is a founder of Clickfunnels.

On a quick note, Clickfunnels simply is an all in one place where you can start your Small Online Business.

In short, I would say Clickfunnels is a Funnel Builder where you can build any type of funnels whether its a Sales Funnel, Optin Funnels, Free Book Shipping Funnel, Network Marketing Bridge Funnel, Perfect Webinar Funnel, Product Launch Funnel etc.

What Is Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training?

It is actually a live Training where you will learn how to create a high converting funnel as well as you will also learn how to ethically hack your competitor’s high converting funnel and how you can ethically implement the tricks and tips revealed in the training into your online business.

Further Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training is a 3 part video series where in the first video training you will learn about Funnel Strategy.

In short, I would say in this training you will learn how to strategically create a funnel.

And in second video training you will learn about Page recipes.

Mean to say in this video training you will learn about all pages that are used in making a funnel.

Finally third part of video training is all about Funnels such as Membership Funnel, Product Launch Funnel, Autowebinar Funnel etc. Got it!

Let I explain all about Funnel Hacker Cookbook step by step.

Funnel Hacker Cookbook!

In short, Funnel Hacker cookbook has 3 chapters only.

First chapter name is Elements (The Ingredients).

In this chapter you will learn about…..

• Media Elements
• Form Elements
• Advanced Form Elements
• Countdown Elements
• Content Blocks
• Misc Elements
• Order Forms
• Affiliate
• Membership
• Webinar and Integrations

Second Chapter name is Pages (Page Recipes).

In this chapter you will learn about…..

• Presale Pages
• Optin Pages
• Thank You Pages
• Sales Pages
• Order Form Pages
• OTO Pages
• Webinar Pages
• Membership Pages
• Affiliate Pages
• Other Pages
• Advanced Page Design

Third and final Chapter name is Funnel (Funnel Recipes).

In this chapter you will get to know about all types of funnels such as …..

Lead Funnels

• Squeeze Page Funnel
• Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel
• Lead Magnet Funnel

Bridge Funnel

• Survey Funnel
• Application Funnel
• Ask Campaign Funnel

Buyer Funnels

• 2-Step Tripwire Funnel
• Video Sales Letter Funnel
• Sales Letter Funnel
• Membership Funnel
• Daily Deal Funnel

Event Funnels

• Invisible Funnel
• Webinar Funnel

Autowebinar Funnel

• Product Launch Funnel

Other Funnels

• Hero Funnel
• Homepage Funnel
• Cancellation Funnel
• Storefront Funnel
• Summit Funnel
• Live Demo Funnel

And finally you will learn about Automation & Follow Up Funnels.

That’s it.

When Is Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training Going To Launch?

As per Russell Brunson’s post on Official Clickfunnels Facebook page, Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training is going to be launched on 29th August, 2017.

And this training will be from 29th August, 2017 to 31st August, 2017. Ok!

As you know, I am an Affiliate of Clickfunnels, so I also got to know about launching of Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training when I got an email from Russell Brunson.

You can read the email below which I got from Russell Brunson about the Launch of The New Viral Video.

So, we are about to launch our new viral video we did with the Harmon Brothers (the same guys who did Squatty Pottie, PooPouri and a ton of other awesome viral videos) and so we thought we’d throw a launch party… 🙂 

But not any normal, boring launch party… 

– 200 of the top social influencers in the world WILL be there…

– Gary V. will be there…

– After the video launches, we have the Guiness book of world records coming so we can…

– Play the LARGEST game of bubble soccer in the history of the world! 

It’s gonna be fun, and I posted a video to show you how YOU can get a free ticket.  Check it out here: “

Hopefully I can see you in Boise in a few weeks for our launch party!


Russell Brunson.

Actually this email was about an Invitation that I received from Russell Brunson to Join The Affiliate Contest To Attend The New Viral Video Launch Event In Boise, Idaho Sept. 15th, 2017.

At this event, Online Industry’s Top Influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, The Harmon Brothers and Russell Brunson himself will teach and share their vast knowledges and experiences about business.

And at this Launch party, Garry Vaynerchuk will teach on “How To Use Social To Fuel Your Direct Response Funnels, Grow Your Brand and Change The World”.

Further Russell Brunson will share his experiences on “How they Grew ClickFunnels From $0 To $100,000,000 In 3 Years Without Taking On ANY Venture Capital”

Furthermore, at this launch party Harmon Brothers will share Secrets Behind Viral Marketing.”

And this event is going to be very important for me as an Affiliate Marketer to learn from the Top Influencers and there is condition that I have to be on Top 50 Affiliates to join this event.

So I have decided to promote their Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training plus Free Book by giving my review.

And yes if you help me to come in under top 50 Affiliates, I will give you my Two Optin Funnels absolutely for Free through which you can capture your lead and build your Email list and make money from the list. Right!

Note:- Very frankly, Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training has not been live yet.

But as and when the Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training will be live publicly, I will give you an access link to this training and I will give you more updates too about this training. Ok!

Yes! From experience, I would say that this training is going to be Full of Value.

Really, whenever Russell Brunson comes with any product or training, he comes with full of value.

So keep an eye on this training and do come back to my blog for further updates about Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training. Ok!

Have a Nice day!

Latest Updates:-

According to latest updates the launch of Funnel Hacker Cookbook has been extended to till 15th September, 2017.

As per the Facebook Live video on Clickfunnels Affiliates (Avengers) Group, Russell himself updated about the Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

So, Funnel Hacker Cookbook is still on process but in between they have released an Private Invitation to Viral Video Launch and for that you can Reserve Your Seat To Viral Video Launch Party.

I am saying about this Viral Video Launch based on the email which I got from Russell Brunson himself which you can see below.

“Yes… on September 15th, I’m going to be taking my first shot at “going viral,” but we need YOUR HELP!

Last year we started to work with the Harmon Brothers (the guys who did Squatty Potty, FiberFix and all of the other top viral videos online) to make a viral video for ClickFunnels… 

Well, it’s done… and it’s SO COOL !!!!   (I can’t WAIT to show you!!)

The video is going LIVE on September 15th (mark it on your calendar)… but I’m throwing a CRAZY big launch party online that, and I wanted to invite you to be part of it.  

You can register for this virtual party here >

That video will tell you more about WHY we’re doing thiswhat’s happening at the party, and why you should invite EVERYONE you know to be part of it… 

Hint, Hint…  I’m bribing you by giving you $1.00 for EVERY person you invite!

Yes, that means:

If you invite 10 people, I’ll give you $10

If you invite 100 people, I’ll give you $100

If you invite 1,000 people… I’ll give you $1,000

If you invite a MILLION people… well, you get the point.

Here’s What To Do RIGHT NOW!

Step #1 – Register for our virtual launch party here >>

Step #2 – Get your referral link on the 2nd page and invite EVERYONE you know to the launch party…  

Step #3 – Get ready for the BIG DAY and block out September 15thon your calendar to celebrate the launch with us…   

Get Your Ticket To The Launch Party Here >>


Russell Brunson

P.S. Don’t forget – you’re just one funnel away…” 

So based on that email I can say that yes, you have also an opportunity to promote this Viral Video Pre-Launch and make some money.

I mean for every one of your friends or any other person who signs up under your link, you will earn $1 per sign ups.

So what are you waiting for go register yourself and share your own link with your friends or someone you know may get benefit.

Let’s help Russell and Clickfunnels to Go Viral while making some money.

That’s it for now.

Yes, if there will any further updates, I will let you know. Ok!

Have a Nice day!

Latest Updates in Live Funnel Hacker Cookbook Training Review!

As per the latest updates the Funnel Hacker Cookbook is available inside the Clickfunnels membership area.

funnel hacker cookbook review

So if you have already an account of clickfunnels then you can get it inside the clickfunnels membership area.

What Is The Price Of Funnel Hacker Cookbook?

Funnel Hacker Cookbook comes for FREE and it has two versions, one is soft and second is hard.

What I mean by that?

Actually now you can download PDF file of this Funnel Hacker Cookbook for FREE. 

Second if you want to hard copy of this Funnel Hacker Cookbook then you can order this just by paying $9.95 ($14.95 Shipping).

My Verdict:

As you can see the book name is Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

As in reality whenever we heard about a cookbook then some questions comes to mind that it may be all about different-2 recipes.

It may be all about different-2 ingredients, what are the quantity of ingredients you have to put in while making a recipe and finally book tell you how to cook a recipe. Right!

So in the same manner, the sole motive of this book i.e. Funnel Hacker Cookbook to teach you about Sales funnels.

In other words this funnel hacker cookbook teaches what are the elements to use, what are the pages to uses while making a highly profitable professional sales funnels.

Yes, it doesn’t matter in which niche or market you’re in. This funnel hacker cook book covers almost every niche and market that you can imagine of.

According to me this is a perfect guide book for those who wants to know how a profitable funnel is made step-by-step.

Even if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced marketer, still I would say, there is a lot to learn from this funnel hacker cookbook by Russell Brunson.

So keeping in view all facts and circumstances mentioned above, I would say go for this Free Funnel Hacker Cookbook and read it atleast for once if you’re really serious about your online business.

Yes let me know in the comment below how did you find this funnel hacker cookbook review.

If you have any questions or queries then do let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

Finally if you like my review on funnel hacker cookbook, then do share it with somebody whom you know will get benefit.

Have a great day!

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