My Latest (2017) Free Book 108 Proven Split Test Winners Review!

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free book 108 split test winners review

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You might be thinking is it really a free book? Is this a trap to make money from you? Or What is 108 Split Test Winners Book?

Don’t worry, I will explain everything about this book step by step.

So have patience! Ok!

Actually I finished reading 108 Proven Split Test Winners Book first week of August, 2017.

Then I decided that let’s give a review on 108 Split Test Winners Book.

I hope so that this review will somewhere help you to decide whether you should read 108 Split Test Winners or NOT.

So let’s start without any delay.

Who Is The Author Of 108 Proven Split Test Winners?

Russell Brunson is the Author of Book 108 Proven Split Test Winners.

Now you might be wondering who is Russell Brunson?

Let I tell you in short who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a Funnel Expert, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.

Even he has written other books that are USA best Selling books such as DotCom Secrets book and Expert Secrets book

He is also founder of Clickfunnels which is a Funnel Builder or Landing Page builder/software. Right!

Now you know who is Russell Brunson.

Let’s go further.

What Is 108 Split Test Winners?

Actually 108 Split Test Winners book is all about 108 Split Test of Direct Response Marketing.

Simply you can say 108 Split Test Winners book talks about the results of 108 Split Tests done on Ad Copy, Landing Page, Sale Page etc. by Russell Brunson himself as well as other Renowned Marketers.

Again you might be thinking what is Split Test in Direct Response Marketing?

Let I explain in short.

Split Test is something where you test your ad, landing page or sales page etc. with the same identical ad, landing page or sales page by making small changes just to find out which one is Winner or Loser. Got it!

In other words, you can say Split Test is where you test out your one ad to another ad, one landing page to another landing page, one sales page to another sales page by making small changes to it.

You can see the examples of Split Test below.

Credit: Russell Brunson

Overall, the purpose to do split test in Direct Response Marketing is to find out the broken link in your sales funnel so that you can make a change/tweak and fix it to grow your business. Ok!

Small changes on Ad, Landing Page, Sales Page or any other Webpage can be anything like:

  • Colour of the Landing page,
  • Colour of the Call To Action button,
  • Headlines of the landing page,
  • Text on Call To Action Button,
  • Social Share Buttons,
  • Payment Options or Payment Plan,
  • Survey Form,
  • $1 Trail,
  • Free vs. Paid,
  • Hello Bar Vs. Without Hello Bar,
  • Buy Now Button Vs. Buy Now  + Free Trial Button,
  • Order Form Shown Immediately,
  • Order Form With Hidden Form, “Add to Cart” Button Above Video,
  • Free Video Series,
  • Optin Forms etc.

My 32 Key Notes/Golden Nuggets From 108 Split Test Winners Book!

  1. The Power of Direct Response Marketing is we can look at each step of the process, and see what is Broken, then just Focus on the Problem.
  2. If you’re going to build a Mobile Responsive Version think it out as well as you think out your Desktop Version.
  3. Test Everything.
  4. Don’t throw up a responsive Version unless You’ve tested out and proven it out converts your regular one with mobile viewers.
  5. Keep in mind if your page already is usable on a mobile device, you may not have much to gain from a fully mobile version.
  6. Collect real Video Testimonials and adding them to below your Sales Video. It will make your offer look much more credible.
  7. Good looking women usually do very well in Ads and Landing Pages.
  8. People on Newsletters are far more likely to subscribe to another newsletter or to Optin versus Cold Traffic coming from somewhere like Facebook.
  9. Ensure that you emphasize that there will be no Hidden Shipping Costs on the pricing page so that your customers know what to expect when they add your product to their shopping cart.
  10. A simple free Shipping Badge should do the trick.
  11. A customer from a Search Engine who has been actively searching for your product is a totally different type of buyer compared to a Facebook surfer who stumbled upon your ad or was targeted to your campaign.
  12. Always make your sales offer as appealing (and affordable) as possible, no matter the product price.
  13. Online Marketers should implement Free Shipping but always emphasize that there will be no hidden shipping costs on the pricing pages.
  14. Don’t give your Facebook Customers a reason to abandon their carts by surprising them with a shipping charge.
  15. Two words “it’s free” increased response by an Amazing 28%.
  16. Cut out as many options as possible. Remember, a confused mind always says No.
  17. As a Rule of Thumb, never put a human face next to a Headline. Human faces capture the visitor’s gaze instantly and take attention away from the Headline.
  18. If the image doesn’t communicate value-do without it.
  19. If using an image of a model, choose one that faces the headline and not the Camera. The human gaze pulls eyeballs away from your headline.
  20. Use easy to read fonts on a light background, or experiment with transparent images.
  21. Copy is KING and design is the sidekick.
  22. The Light Box should appear after 10 seconds on the website or once the reader has scrolled down to a particular point on the stage.
  23. A light box should never be used on Google Landing pages.
  24. Adding a unique coupon or discount voucher to your Facebook Page could do wonders for your sales.
  25. Make the design mesh with the Overlook of Facebook-try using similar colors and the Facebook Symbol.
  26. Include photos of your Facebook Fans on the Coupon as social Proof.
  27. Make sure the copy on the Coupon shows the offer is for a “Limited Time” and for your special Facebook Fans only.
  28. Design the Coupon to look like a regular Voucher with a Barcode (this familiarity increases credibility)
  29. Anything distracting on a landing page scares customers away.
  30. It would be better to tell a Story and get people engaged before showing any testimonials (which reveal that there is product)
  31. As a Marketers we know the higher the price the more people have to justify it to themselves and to their partner. By offering them an option to split the payments they see this as a good deal and it is much easier for them to justify.
  32. There is percentage of your customers who want to buy, but they have just one question keeping them from calling. If you give them the ability to get that one question answered, they will buy.

So as you can see the above said are my keynotes. Still there are so many keynotes/golden nuggets that I noted down from the book 108 Split Test Winners.

What You Will Learn From the Book 108 Split Test Winners Book?

Actually, inside the Book you’ll Discover or you can say you will learn the Results of Splits Tests done by Russell Brunson himself as well as other renowned Marketers.

See below what you will learn from this Book.

  • “Buy Now” VS “Free Trial” – one of them will give you a 158.6% increase – do you know which one? (Page 10)
  • When do you show your order form – screw this one up and you could lose 44% of your sales (Page 11)
  • The secret “Bridge” page you should show BEFORE anyone sees your video sales video – by blocking your orders with this page before they see your message, you can see up to a 59% increase in conversions! (Page 13)
  • Where do you put your testimonials? Did you know that the location on the page you place them can actually INCREASE conversions on your VSL by 101% Yes, twice the number of sales without touching the VSL! (Page 18)
  • The strange “Mad Libs” style squeeze page that increased conversion by up to 40%! (Page 19)
  • Boobs VS Obama – which one wins? Knowing this could help give you a 45% conversion on your next landing page! (Page 21)
  • Animated VS Static headlines… one of them will DROP your conversions by 29% – MAKE SURE YOU DON’T USE THE WRONG ONE. (Page 22)
  • Offer this ONE THING for free – and see in INSTANT 55% boost in your sales! (Page 24)
  •  The TWO magic words (next to your order button) that increased conversions by 28%(Page 27)
  •  Selling SAAS products? Should you focus on the length of the trial or the speed of singing up? One of them will increase your conversions by 30% – the other will slow signups to a screeching halt. (Page 27-28)
  • How simple is your design? – cutting these 20 items OFF your landing page will increase conversion by 21% (Page 29)
  • Sales script that Russell used that took his company from 7 figures a year… to 8 figures a year!  (Page 85-87)
  • Red order button or Green order button? Choose carefully because you’re risking 34% increase in conversions! (Page 30)
  • The tiny headline tweak that increased conversion by 58% (Page 30-31)
  • Long copy VS Video  (Page 33-34)
  • The “Facebook Testimonial Trick” that increased sales by 296% (Page 58)
  • A few order button delay tests on VSL…  (Page 38, 49 and 72)
  • Adding these 7 things to your light box pop-up increased conversions by 67%! (Page 39)
  • Do coupons boost sales on Facebook? Or will they actually hurt you? Shocking proof that will change how you market on Facebook. (Page 40)
  • A widget you can embed on your VSL page that will give you an instant 5% bump without you needing to do anything except copy / paste. (Page 43)
  • The “Video Spoiler” box that increase sales on our VSL by an incredible 73%! (Page 62)
  • That BIG ANNOYING button that raised conversion by 25%! (Page 52)
  • What color is your headline? If it’s matching your site design, it’s probably HURTING your conversions. Change them to this color and see an almost INSTANT 313% increase! (Page 53)
  • DON’T SCARE COLD TRAFFIC – taking this OFF of your site will show you a 10% increase to all forms of cold traffic. (Page 54)
  • New “Micro-Commitment” style squeeze page gave a 95% lift over old (Page 56)
  • The Affiliate Hack you can add to any of your webpage that will get an instant stream of new affiliates to promote your products without ANY extra effort! (Page 59)
  • The Facebook /Order Form Trick – this one took 36 seconds to add to order form and gave an 80% increase in sales! (Page 60)
  • The “Hot List” pre-frame to take someone to BEFORE they get to your order form that causes MORE buyers NOW! (Page 61)
  • Should you have a pause button on your VSL? Should you do just text, or text plus video? Should you offer split pay? Delayed order button? These 9 tests will show you the PERFECT winning combination! (Page 64)
  • The payment options trick that gave a 217% INCREASE in sales! (Page 71)
  • ONE word on squeeze page that increased optins by 206% (page 73)
  • Changing ONE number in headline gave a quick 34% bump. (Page 74)
  • A new order form tweak that increased sales by 76% (Page 76-77)
  • Should you do a 7 day trial or a 30 day trial? One of them will give you a 110% increase (Page 78)
  • All free trials are NOT equal… Should you require a credit card or not? One option resulted in 50% MORE paid customers. (Page 79)
  • The PayPal trick used on webinar that instantly put 35% more money! (Page 82)
  • Are your customers afraid to buy online? Add this to your site and get 65% of those people to buy INSTANTLY! (Page 84-85)
  • The secret “Toilet Letter” that increased LIFETIME Customer Value from $150 to $450  (Page 88-93)
  • How to make your affiliate links go VIRAL on Facebook!  (Page 95)
  • Simple tweak to your ad frequency caps can increase conversion by 68% (Page 97)
  • The secret “Twitter CTA” that will increase your follower rate by a shocking 27%! (Page 98)
  • Newsfeed VS Sidebar ads… (Page 99-100)
  • Russell Brunson’s 3 postcards… (Page 104)
  • Postcards VS Tearsheets – (Page 101-106)
  • Blatant Pitch VS Curiosity – (Page 103)
  • Russell Brunson’s  “Dirty Little Conversion” secret that increased click through rates by 122%! This one works in EVERY market (Page 115)
  • Tiny little classified ads that create HUGE cash (Page 116)
  • Adding this in your emails will actually get 20% MORE people to unsubscribe (yet you’re probably doing it now) – fix it ASAP or your list will die! (Page 117)
  • The email “Subject Line Trick” that increased opens, click through rates, optins and sales! (Page 121)
  • Make this ONE tweak to the “From” line in your emails and see an instant 8% increase in opens and 32% increase in click through rates! (Page 130)
  • Discover “Control” – the exact layout Russell START with each of their offers. If NOTHING else, just copy this layout, and 90% of the work will be done. You can then increase your conversions from there! (Page 131-134)
  • The 2 words he (Russell) added to his automated webinar that increased sales by 74.61% (Page 136-141)

Now you have know what you will learn from Russell’s 108 Split Test Winners book.

Let’s go further.

Who Should Read The Book 108 Split Test Winners?

This book is for Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Business Owner, Affiliate Marketer and Network Marketer.

Further, this book is for who are already doing some sort of Online Business or who want to start online business. Right!

Even if this book is for who are Beginners or have No Prior Experience in Online business.

What Is The Price of 108 Split Test Winners Book?

Actually there is NO price of this book. This book comes for FREE.

But you have to pay Shipping and handling charges which comes $19.95 Shipping US or $29.95 International.

One more thing, not only you will get 108 Split Test Winners Book but you will also get Funnel-U Black Card and Russell Brunson’s New Book i.e. New Funnel Stacking Book for Free.

Important to Note:-  You will also be provided an option to get enrolled yourself for Russell Brunson’s  Funnel University program with 14 days Free Trial.

But it’s totally upto you that whether you want to get enrolled yourself for Funnel University or not. Right!

My Verdict.

In One line I would say without any hesitation READ Russell’s Free 108 Split Test Winners Book.


Because in your online business if you really want to save your time and money on split testing to find out which Ad, Landing Page, Sales Page, Design, Headlines, Color of Button, Payment Options, etc. are the winner or loser then 108 Split Test Winner book is the answer for you.

After reading this book, only you have to pick the winner and apply it into your online business. That’s it.

No doubt all results are of Russell Brunson’s Marketing campaign and may not be fit for some of your marketing campaign.

But one thing for sure that the chances of your marketing campaign to be profitable will be increased when you applied all the Strategies and Tactics revealed in this book.

In this book you will find Russell’s 10 years of experience about online marketing/Direct Response Marketing.

As a Marketer what else you want?

Tell me one thing!

Will your marketing campaign will be Profitable when you know what to do? Or what not do?

Will your business grow when you already know what works? Or what doesn’t work?

Of course, Yes! Your every marketing campaign or business will be profitable or grow when you know what to do or what works.

Just imagine how your business will be when you already know how a Successful Ad looks like,

How a Successful Landing Page looks like?

How a Successful Sales Page looks like?

Isn’t it great?

So keeping all this mind, again I would say Read Free 108 Split Test Winners by Russell Brunson at least for once.

I am 100% sure that this book will give you some Golden Insights which will help you in your online business.

Ok, now I am going to finish my Free Book 108 Split Test Winners review.

Let me know how did you find my free book 108 Split Test Winners Review.

If you have questions or doubt then let me know in the comment below.

Yes, finally if you like my free book 108 Split Test Winners Review then please do share it with your friends. Ok!

Have a Nice Day!

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