My Latest (2017) Anik Singal FB Academy Review!

In this article, I will give my latest Anik Singal’s FB Academy Review.

FB Academy Review

FB Academy Review!

As you know I share whatever I know. So yesterday I got an email from Anik Singal about launching of his FB Academy.

You know I am an Affiliate Marketer and being an Affiliate Marketer I work for commission.

But at the same time it is my moral duty to give you the best possible information about the Products.

So that based on the information provided, you can make your best buying decisions about the product whether you should buy or not.

And that’s why I thought I should inform you about Anik Singal’s FB Academy.

Because I believe he is a very genuine and honest Internet Marketer.

And  whenever he comes with any product, it is very useful for the Entrepreneurs like your or people like you who want to start their business online.

Yes! Below you can see the exact email that I got from Anik Singal.

“Sorry about the short notice, but if you’ve got any room on your calendar, we’ve got a great chance for some excellent commissions coming up…

We’re launching FB Academy!

Launch Dates: September 21 – September 28.

Yep, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen Anik’s face plastered all over Facebook.

We’ve been spending over $20,000 a day on FB ads, and feel like we’ve got it pretty much nailed, so it’s time to reveal everything we’ve learned.

We’ve already tested this to our own list, and it converts like gangbusters, so we’re releasing it into the wild.

If you’ve got a list of people interested in internet marketing, you won’t want to miss this!

As always, we’re going to provide your list with insane value, then convert a ton of them to be very happy buyers (so that you make a ton of commission in the mean time)

So save the date, and over the next week and a bit I’ll be releasing more information, along with swipes and links!”

Now coming to FB Review!

Who Is The Founder Of FB Academy?

Anik Singal is the Founder of FB Academy.

If you don’t know about Anik Singal then let I tell you in short about Anik Singal.

Anik Singal is a very renowned Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Coach and Trainer.

He is the Founder of Lurn which is basically an online training platform where you get a chance to learn everything about Online Business.

In short, at Lurn’s coaching /training program, you will learn how to set up your online business.

What Is FB Academy?

As from the name itself i.e. FB Academy you can imagine it may be all about Facebook especially for business owners.

In simple, FB Academy is all about how to promote your business on Facebook.

In Facebook Academy, you will learn how to put up your Facebook Ads strategically regarding your business step by step.

It doesn’t matter whether you have business with Physical Products or Digital Info Products.

Further you will learn what Re-targeting is and how to use re-targeting to show your ads again with new ads or message or new offer with discount to the person who abandons your website?

Even you will learn what is Pixel and how to use pixels on your website to get more conversions and leads?

Who Is For FB Academy?

If you’re a business owner and wants to promote your business on Facebook then this FB Academy is for you.

Even if you have no prior experience about Facebook Ads or you’re a totally beginner then FB Academy is for you and it will teach everything about Facebook Ads right from A to Z.

Furthermore, if you’re an experienced Internet Marketer then still there is a lot to learn in Anik Singal’s FB Academy about Facebook Ads and so many things.

I am pretty much sure, you will find some golden nuggets and strategies about posting the Facebook Ads.

When FB Academy Is Going To Launch?

As per the email I got from Anik Singal the Launch date of Facebook Academy are 21 September, 2017 to 28th September, 2017.

That’s it for now.

Now you might be thinking what is the price of FB Academy and how you can get access to FB Academy.

So just to know the price of FB Academy as well as access link wait for next week.

As soon as Anik gives more updates about the price as well as access link and further updates of FB Academy I will let you.

So stay tuned and do come to check this post again to know more about FB Academy by Anik Singal.

Have a Nice Day!

My Latest Updates about FB Academy Review!

As per the latest email that I got from Anik Singal, there is going to a FB Bootcamp before launching FB Academy.

Mean to say, this FB Bootcamp is going to be an 8 part video course that teaches people the basics (and some neat advanced tricks) of Facebook advertising.

Actually, this alone is better than many paid courses I’ve seen out there.

So, if you want to know some Free Advanced tricks about Facebook Advertising then I would say go to Free FB Bootcamp and enrolled yourself with FB Bootcamp for free.

Further no doubt, after watching 8 part video course, you will be asked to join FB academy. So if you found any value with 8 part video series of FB bootcamp, then go for FB Academy. Right!

Moving further……

What Is The Price Of FB Academy?

Actually FB Academy comes with two payment plans.

First you can pay a fixed amount i.e. $677 one time payment.

And the second, if you’re not able to pay $677 at one time then you have option to pay 3 installments of $277 p.m.

That’s it for now.

If there will be any further updates about FB academy then I will update you in my FB academy review. Ok!

Till then, have a nice day!