A Journey To Become Billionaire By 2037!

Hey first of all I Welcome you to my Blog. As you know I share whatever I know and I am going to share my journey to become Billionaire by 2037!

Journey To Become Billionaire

In above said picture, I have written $100 Billion Dollar In 10 Years on home’s wall so that it reminds me all the time what is my goal.

Note:- Just to clear any confusion, here I am giving 10 years more extension to me to be real. But my target would be to get this in 10 years.

My favorite quote “You can’t hit a goal unless you see it “. Right!

So, today I got a post regarding Billionaires in my Facebook Feed by Grant Cardone who is a Multi-Millionaire, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor.

Yes this post encouraged me to remind me my Goal to Become a Billionaire in 10 Years and you know I want to earn 100 billion dollars in 10 years.  Is it Big amount? Yes! Of course, it is!

In other words, you can say this post reminded me my goal to get Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.

So this post was about some fun Billionaire facts. Below you can see these facts that will make you to think.

1. There are 56 billionaires under 40. 
2. There are 67 billionaires in Hong Kong, making it the Billionaire capital of the world.
3. There are 227 women billionaires.
5. Of the 2,043 billionaires, more than half—1,291—have less than 3 billion.
6. Only the top 9 billionaires have more than 50 billion.

When I read these stats, really these facts made me to think, can I be a Billionaire one day?

Even for a moment, I doubted myself.

So I ask you a question when are you going to become Billionaire?

Ok let I keep it simple question.

Have you ever thought or imagined to become a billionaire?

Some of you might be thinking what the heck is this?

Is it possible to be billionaire?

I would say “Yes” without any doubt.


Because as you can see the above facts are real.

No doubt numbers are less compare to World’s Population but at the same time you can’t deny that there are billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet etc. in our real world.

So if they can become billionaire then you can also become a billionaire. Right!

You know there is fact that you become what you think, what you focus on, what you believe, what you work on consistent basis and last but not the least you have to be in the company of successful people.

And yes very important you have to learn how to sell not how to be sold yourself.

So here I want to quote my favorite line by Grant Cardone “Sell or Be Sold”.

Let I tell you my story, how did the idea of becoming Billionaire or getting Financial Freedom and Time Freedom come to my mind?

I come from a lower middle class family. During my 34 years span of life, I never ever thought to become a Billionaire.

Right from my childhood, I was taught, guided, and advised how to get a Government Job.

Point to note here is that getting a Government Job in my society is a BIG Achievement.

Or you can say it is becoming like a Billionaire! But in reality it is not the case.

Some of you don’t know about me that I wanted to become a Cricketer but I couldn’t become because getting a Government Job was more important in the sight of my family and society than becoming a Cricketer.

So I work hard and did Stenography Course and got two Government Jobs in three and half years.

First Government Job, I got as a Steno-Typist in the year 2006 at Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, Haryana.

I remained there for 9 months and then I got my second Government at District Court, Chandigarh in September, 2007.

While doing my Government job at Chandigarh I found something in me that I love to dance.

Note:- I want to be very honest here that I joined dance just to remove my frustration of the job.

So I started learning the dance.

As I went into deep into dance then I found my love for Latin dance.

Again I learned it and later on started teaching Latin Dance.

During my JOB I kept on thinking that something is missing. I kept on thinking that there is something that I supposed to do.

But after 4 years at my Job or in the year 2011, somewhere in my heart I was saying to myself that this is not something that I love to do. This is not something where I can fulfill my dreams.

Note:- Right from my childhood I have been a Big Dreamer. I always wanted to get something BIG.

So in year 2014, I came to decision that I must leave my job and start doing what I love.

But again it took me 3 years more to come to the final decision to leave the job. So overall I worked for 7 years at District Court, Chandigarh.

No coming to point, I resigned from my job as a Stenographer, District Court Chandigarh in April 2014.

In our Indian context we say it “Road par Ajana” or come to Off the track.

Very frankly, even today I am on Road not on Track.

Ok so what other options I had after leaving my job?

I had two options either to teach dance or go do some typing work at Advocate’s office.

Finally I had chosen to teach dance.

So I started teaching dance.

Then again after 2 years, I had feeling that is teaching dance the ultimate goal I want in life?

No doubt I love dance and teaching dance.

Surprisingly, answer came in “No”.

It took me 4 years to understand this after leaving my job.

So what next?

I again asked myself what really I want from life?

What Ultimate Goal I want in life?

After brainstorming my MIND, I got to know the ultimate Goal i.e. To become Billionaire and get Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.

Again I haven’t been money minded throughout my life and I haven’t given any importance to money in my life.

But I think now,  to become Billionaire and to get Financial Freedom, I have to give importance to money.

Cause in our Artificial life you get everything with MONEY. You’re recognised by money.

Yes I accept this with wholeheartedly that money is everything in our today’s life.

Now again question comes what next?

Then one of my friends told me to do Network Marketing.

As you know initially I was very typical and skeptical about Network Marketing. But not NOW!

Really about Network Marketing, I heard the same thing as you might have heard about something like its a Ponzy Scheme, Pyramid Scheme, and Memberships System etc.

But when I went into deep and learned about Network Marketing from big industry Economist, Leaders, Speakers, Writers and Entrepreneurs like Paul Zen Pilzer, Tonny Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Less Brown, Grant Cardone, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Erric Worrie, Ray Higdon etc., they all say in one sentence BUILD NETWORK.

Come on!

I am not smart enough compare to all above said leaders, writers and entrepreneurs.

If they are saying something and pointing finger to something then there is no reason to accept it. Right!

I realized that this is something that can get me to Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.

Building Network is something that is to be done not to go away from this. OK!

Finally, I joined one Network Marketing Company.

Now I am currently doing Network Marketing alongwith Digital Marketing.

Oh I am really sorry!

I forget to tell you about my journey of starting Digital Marketing.

Let I tell you in short!

When I was doing job at Chandigarh I was also searching Part Time Job of DATA Entry or some type of Typing work side by side.

Note:- Till today I haven’t understood why we do part time job despite getting the full time job?

Why we are not satisfy with our current  job while doing full time?

Are we not getting enough salary to live our life smoothly at our full time job?

Are we not getting enough monthly salary in our full time job to fulfill our dreams as well as our family dreams? If you answers of these questions then please let me know in the comment below. Ok!

So coming further, in search of part time job I went to Google Baba as we all are supposde to do that you will find all of your answers at Google.

Like others I also did the same by typing at Google something like “How to get a part time job”, “how to make money online from home”, “how to make money online”, “data entry work etc.”

So, my Digital Marketing journey started in 2009. I joined so many paid as well as free online coaching programs of big Gurus and Expert on How to Make Money Online.

No doubt, I learned a lot from them but I didn’t see any results.


Simply because I was not applying or taking action on what I learned.

I was not willing to fail or invest.

So the day when I made my mind to be willing to fail and invest in me and in my online business, I started seeing results or you can say I started making money online from last 2016. See below the screen shots of my clickfunnels and clickbank earnings.


clickbank earning pankja

clickbank earning

Surely this is not as big as others are making millions dollars online but this is something I can celebrate.

This is something that I can say I crack the code that how to make money online.

This is something that I can say to myself as well as to you that “YES” it is true that” money is made online”.

Ok, this is my little story about starting Digital Marketing. Got it!

Now, coming on my journey to become Billionaire, I have chosen Two Vehicles that will take me to my destination.

First is Network Marketing and second is Digital Marketing.

As you know it is very important to choose your Vehicle very carefully. Right!

I am re-writing/re-painting my life. Even I am documenting my Journey to become Billionaire.

I have a Mission to become Billionaire, get Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.

So here I am concluding this post or you can say I am leaving you with these questions and let me know your answers in the comment below.

What’s your Mission?

Are you coming with me on my journey to become a Billionaire?

Are you coming with me on my JOURNEY to get Financial Freedom and Time Freedom?

Tell me what is your vehicle that will take you to your Destination?

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