How to Write Great Affiliate Marketing Content That Generates Sales In 2019?

In this post I am going to share with you how to write great affiliate marketing content that generates sales in 2019.

How to Write Great Affiliate Marketing Content

How to Write Great Affiliate Marketing Content That Generates Sales In 2019?

So if you are just a beginner in affiliate marketing business and looking for how to write content for affiliate marketing that generates sales then this post is for you.

Even if you’re already having a blog or website and struggling for how to write quality content then this post is also for you.

So are you ready to know how to write great quality content for affiliate marketing that generates sales?

If so then read this post till the end.

Actually, the Affiliate Marketing is a very big business in today’s world and the quality affiliate marketing content is the main reason for the success in affiliate marketing business.

And you can see, now a days many new people are starting the affiliate business as an extra source of making money online.

So keeping that in mind and to become successful in this business, you should possess a skill of writing a great affiliate marketing content for your blog or website.

Now you might be thinking…..

I don’t have writing skills so how I can write great quality content for affiliate marketing?

Is it the case?


Here I would say…..

Don’t worry!

Writing great content isn’t a big task cause in this post you will get to know exactly how to write content for your affiliate blog or website that converts better in terms of conversion and also sales? Ok!

But one thing to note that creating a compelling content for your blog or website is the most important task of this affiliate business.

So when you create a valuable content for your audience, your affiliate business will generate three times better sales. Right?

Moving further….

Let us know…..

How content affects affiliate marketing?

As we all know that content is the king, and every marketer or blogger puts out more time and money in writing effective content.

The quality content is a kind of advertisement for your brand and it is termed as an effective promotional tool.

It influences a lot on your affiliate marketing business, just think when someone visiting your website to read a couple of articles.

He/she after noticing some captivating title would become more interested to browse pages to read more articles.

While reading, they click some links and the banners because they feel the content is great.

Indirectly you will be getting more leads and sales, just for writing an effective affiliate marketing content.

You thereby gain more attention and trust from your blog readers thus your relationship starts growing.

This effect will be reflected in your search engine ranking positions too as Google trusts your content.

How to write a great affiliate marketing content?

I always insist writing content for the people to attract them and make them take some actions such as subscribe your newsletter or click on a link etc.

But, do not forget another side that is search engine bots. You need to implement SEO to make your content more search engine friendly.

If you ignore this fact, then all your work won’t give you the desired results as you expected.

So that way…SEO optimized article has the tendency to attract more traffic to your post because it normally ranks to the number one position in the search results.

Let us see some of the important strategies to implement to write a great affiliate marketing content.

Right Keywords:

Here, the keywords may be the product name as well and it should always be relevant to your blog niche.

Include various keywords with your focus keyword to add more value to your article.

For example, as I am in affiliate marketing niche and I want to get this post in Google search engine then for this post my keyword is, “how to write great affiliate marketing content”. 

Or take another example, if you’re in weight loss niche and you want to write an article on how to lose weight fast then in that case how to lose weight fast is your main keyword. Right?

I hope so got the idea what I mean by that… So pick your right keyword while writing an article or post.

Break lengthy content:

You are not writing an essay for the exam, keep in mind, and break your lengthy contents into short paragraphs.

Present your content neatly by adding sub-headings, titles, bullet points, indents etc and make it legible to read.

Define perfect length:

According to the case study results done in September 2016 by Backlinko “the average word count of a Google first page result was 1,890 words.”


Further according to Neil Patel, an article should consist of a minimum 2000 words for a better ranking.

On-Page Optimization:

Follow Google webmaster guidelines and write an optimized SEO content by including title tags, description tags, header tags, alt tags etc.


Insert highly relevant links to another article with the post for the better engagement.

So, now we have seen the importance of SEO in writing an affiliate marketing content and how does it help to drive potential traffic from search engines?

Now, let’s aim for the people (audience or visitors or readers) and write a quality content that attracts people that leads to more sales and conversions.

Following are the important points when writing affiliate content for your blog or website.

1.) Be Yourself and Be Original:

The affiliate marketing is about selling a product or service to the customers for a commission but it is not just selling something to someone.

If you are running an own personal blog, be yourself and write your own thoughts in the original way you are.

Because people usually don’t buy anything from the new merchants and they neglect things they found un-satisfied.

Think you are running a blog for some time and put a great effort to build a loyal group of audience.

And if you are starting affiliate marketing business means, your audience will love to buy the products you recommend because they already have trust in you.

The success in this business is about how you establish the relationship with your audience?

So you have to express yourself and be transparent as far as possible as the blog is your virtual home where you stay online.

2.) Write reader-focused content:

A great affiliate marketing content is the one that converts better and brings in more sales on the blog.

While writing the content, keep your users in mind and think what they need and what they want?

Also, explain them how will they get benefitted by purchasing the product you recommend? In what way the product will be useful to them?

No doubt, there are so many different questions that may arise depending on the product you have chosen.

The thing is, write content that tells the value of the product, describe the product and explain its purpose etc.

3.) Provide Useful Information:

Even though the ultimate goal of an affiliate marketer is to sell products or services thereby to earn residual cash, but don’t sell products.

Yes, again, I am saying, DO NOT SELL PRODUCTS.

Confused huh?

Ok, let me ask you a question….

Why would anyone listen to you and buy the product you recommend?

This is not necessary of course, even you will not buy some product on some blog that recommends it.

It’s a common thing that people use to search a lot to find various reviews, testimonials, feedbacks before purchasing the product.

This is what we need to be presented in the content writing, yes, focus on the niche and become the go-to place for your niche.

This phenomenon will attract tons of visitors to your blog from the search engines and various other resources.

For example, if one of your blog posts receive 1000 visitors daily and 10% of them makes a purchase.

You have promoted some affiliated product whose affiliate commission is $10.

Then, absolutely, 100 sales a day will earn $1000.

See, how this small strategy has the greatest potential with itself.

4.) Be Honest:

Being original is different from being honest. Yes, you should promote only the quality and genuine product to your audience.

At the same time, the product you are going to promote should be either tested by you personally or your family members or close friends.

Nobody is interested to try products that you haven’t tried ever before and nobody wants to purchase a product that you cannot provide a guarantee.

Think if your friend recommends a restaurant which he never tried actually? Will you go and have food? Absolutely NO.

The same goes for your readers, hence recommend only the products or services, which you have personal experience with.

Because people have questions before buying the product and they want you to answer them.

If the answer is from your own experience, then there is a chance for more sales through your blog.

Don’t feel hesitant to include negative feedback about the product when writing a great affiliate marketing content.

Because people expect you to be honest in expressing your thoughts about the product. They don’t need your recommendation, they expect your review (experience).

So the next time, while writing content, always be honest to write from your experience about the products.

5.) Write naturally:

Everyone starting affiliate business to make money but the money should not be the main intention.

Focus on writing your affiliate content in a very natural way like when you are talking to your close friend.

Write some stories about the product or service in your content and it should feel like a natural recommendation.

Moreover, in your content, do not force your users to buy the product rather give them options to take a decision (write a convincing article).

This will help you keep your content fresh building more new audience as well as subscribers.

So, naturally written contents have the tendency to look more appealing and everlasting, also users get excited while reading.

Write in a way that lets your audience to invoke any action, makes them build a relationship with your blog.

6.) Choose the trending product:

Again, to impress the customer, it is therefore important to choose the best selling product that is trending today.

If you promote products which your audience don’t love, then you may not be able to make any sales.

So, before finding the product, think of your audience what they will buy, when and how much they are ready to spend?

Based on these analysis reports, find the correct product your readers would need. Also, highlight important points to inform them why the product is a good fit for your readers.

Always keep your readers in your mind and write articles or content by standing from their point of view.


As you might have noticed that any blogger who is able to write a compelling content that helps educate the audience and drive referrals then he/she is the one who achieves success in this affiliate marketing business.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and write some great articles for your affiliate marketing business on your blog and generate some sales.

Ok, now you have learned how to write great affiliate marketing content and I hope so you would be able to present a better content from today onwards for your affiliate marketing business.

Wait a minute!

One last thing I would say…..Implement one improvement each day to keep your audience engaged and active to run your affiliate business into profits.

Thank you for spending your time reading  this post on how to write a great affiliate marketing content…

Yes, if you have any queries or questions then do let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

Finally, if you find this post useful, share a word with your friends.

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