How To Spy On Competitors Websites With SimilarWeb?

In today’s article, I am going to explain that how to spy on competitors websites and how to find out exactly where they are placing their ads?

I will also show you how to find out exactly what keywords people are looking for when they are looking for those particular websites?

Furthermore, I am going to show you how you can take this data and set yourself up to absolutely crush it and build a powerful business?

how to spy on competitors

How To Spy On Competitors Websites With SimilarWeb?

So are you ready to know how to spy on competitors websites?

Let’s start!

Actually there is a tool or you can say there is a website through which you can spy on your competitors.

Now you might be thinking what is that tool through which you’re going to spy on your competitors?

This tool or website name is SimilarWeb.

how to spy on your competitors websites

Yes! You have heard that right!

SimilarWeb is the tool or website through which you can spy on your competitors.

What Is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is a website, where you can go and search for your competitors websites anywhere in the world.

In other words, you can say SimilarWeb is a free online competitor analysis tool.

With SimilarWeb you can do so many things such as you can find competitors website, you can check competitor website traffic etc.

Even with this website you can find competitors keywords whether it’s organic keywords or paid keywords.

Actually what it does, when you go to SimilarWeb and type the name or domain of your competitor’s website then it basically pulls out a ton of data and analytics.

And yes, with SimilarWeb you can also find out the data and analytics regarding mobile apps too.

So, if you have an app company then you can leverage SimilarWeb.

One thing to note here is that the data and analytics you get from SimilarWeb are very useful and helpful for you to get the better results in what you’re offering whether it products or services.

Even if you’re offering for coaching or mentorship, you will be able to leverage this website to find out the data you need.

If I have to say in short then I would say that you can get the insights for any website or app that you essentially select.

As you can see below, I have typed the domain name or website name i.e. Clickfunnels  in the search bar of SimilarWeb at the top.

clickfunnels similarweb searchbar

Now you might be wondering what is Clickfunels?

Let I tell you in short.

Actually it is a software company or SaaS (Software as a service) company through which you can create any type of sales funnels or marketing funnels and landing pages. That’s it!

Ok! Lets move further….

And I am just gonna use this example in this particular article in terms of Internet Marketing only.

But I want you to let your imagination go wide.

Mean to say through this website, I want you to see a bigger picture that how you can use this website for building your business.

Here is how?

If you’re selling something for small businesses.

Or if you have products and services then I am sure there may be competitors in your niche and field where you definitely can use and leverage the data from this website.

So in this particular case, as you can see below I have typed in Clickfunnels and it pulls it up and I am going to click on the button called Search on the right hand side.

Now, it’s gonna give me a lot of data about this website.

clickfunnels 2 similar web

But let say you’re in different type of field or niche.

May be you’re a Dentist.

You can type in domain of all the different dentists in your local area.

If you’re a Chiropractor then you can also type in domain of all the different chiropractors in your local area.

If you’re selling information products, then there are companies out there who are selling information products.

So you can type in those websites and you can find all those of different companies selling information products all over the world.

Basically, what I want you to not necessarily to focus on the fact that I am just using Internet Marketing niche.

I want you to think about the types of websites that where your competitors are selling.

Now you can get that data to find out whose eyes exactly searching for.

And you can also find out where your competitors are placing their ads to get all of their traffics.

Now you can see below the data about this website.

Amazing analytics!

clickfunnels similar web

As you can see the Global Rank of that particular website is #4213.

You can also see the Country Rank i.e. in USA is #1,504.

Further, you can also see their category in which they are in, as you can see it is Business and Industry.

If you go down, it gives you a lot of other types of data such as their estimated monthly visits and this is 18M. Really this is great!

Further, you can see how long people stay on their websites. You can see how many Pages Per Visit people are basically going through their websites.

You can also see the Bounce Rate of their website which is 48.68%. See below the screenshot.

similar web traffic overview clickfunnels

Now I wanna give you a big lesson that will help you moving forward in your business.

Do you know?

You don’t have to get everyone to click on your website.

You just only need a percentage of people to click on your website.

And what I mean by that?

Let’s say you are in the Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing niche.

And the people that visit this website are the people who are gonna buy your products.

And for a moment, just think that if you’re were able to capture just one percent of this 18 million visitors.

Take a look on that 1% of 18 million visitors equals to 180000 visitors to your website.

Just imagine 180000 visitors to your website! Isn’t that cool?

I hope so you got my point, what I mean.

Let’s move further…..

I want you to go to SimilarWeb and write down all of your competitor’s websites.

Just imagine if you’re able to find 10, 20 or 30 different websites and they all are getting this types of traffics as I have shown you above.

And you’re able to pick up the only 1% of their traffic to your website.

Do you see how powerful this is?

You see how quickly you start to drive traffic to your website, to your products and services and build your business?

So remember, you just need a small percentage and in the internet marketing world, we call that stealing traffic legally.

Because what you are doing!

You are just putting your information in front of where your competitors or where your customers are already looking. Right!

So further when you come to this website and you look at the analytics on the left side you will notice a bunch of different things you can click on to get more information about the website you selected.

Just look at few, there is a tab on the left that says Referral which means you can actually go and find the Top Referring Sites.

Mean to say, websites that are referring to this website.

And on the right side, you can also see the Top Destinations Sites.

Refferal sites similar web clickfunnels

If you move further, then you will also find a tab that says Search which means you can actually go and search and look at the keywords that people are searching when they’re looking for that particular website that you spying on.

left side keyword search similar web clickfunnels

Above in the screenshot, you can see the Orgranic keywords that people are searching.

Actually these are the 5 keywords out of 2,531 organic keywords.

Further you can also see the 5 paid keywords out of 117 paid keywords on your right hand side.

You see how powerful that is.

Now if you do any type of pay per click marketing (PPC) and you want to basically legally steal traffic then you can find all the keywords that people are already searching for when they are looking for this particular website.

That’s how you leverage that data to build your business.

Further if you go ahead, you will find another tab i.e. Social.

And when you will click on this tab, you will see top social platforms or social websites through which they are getting the most amount of traffic to their websites.

social search similar web clickfunnels

As you can see they are getting most of the traffic from Facebook and second highest traffic from Youtube. Got it!

Further, the other cool thing when you come over and click on the tab that says Display.

It actually shows you where that particular website is placing all of their ads.

display ads similar web clickfunnels

So you can literally come here and see where they are placing their ads so that you can go to the same places and put your ads where they’re placing their ads.

And good thing is that you don’t have to have any guess work.

As you can see in this particular case, they are is doing Display Advertising.

Here you can clearly see that top publishers such as, youtube,,,

Further you can also see their top Ad Networks such as ClickBank, Google Display Network, OutbrainTaboola etc.

If you see below you will also find that there are 117 more publishers.

Again tell me how powerful is this website i.e. SimilarWeb to get the data of competitors.

Another cool thing you can do that you can come over to Competitors tab and click on that tab and now you can see all of the different websites that are similar to this website.

similar websites clickfunnels similar web

Now here what you can do, let’s say you have written down 10 of your competitors websites and when you come to the section of Competitors website then it will show the additional websites that they view as being similar to the websites that you’re searching.

It can take your list of 10 websites and actually push all the way upto 100 competitor’s websites. Right!

Now you have more websites that you can spy on and more keywords and obviously more data that you can use to help you to build your business.

Moving further……

As you can see on the left side down below there is a tab that says Mobile Apps and when you click on Mobile Apps tab then you will find the apps that are Related Mobile Apps.

In this case, there are four mobile apps. See below the screenshot.

mobile apps clickfunnels similar web

That’s it.

Now you have seen with your own eyes that how this SimilarWeb can help and get you the data and analytics for building your business.

Actually, the basic motive to tell you about how to spy on your competitors websites through SimilarWeb is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

There are people, who are already getting tremendous amount of success and that’s why these statistics and data are here that will help you to build your business.

As you have seen above that a little research will give you a strategic edge over all of your competitors.

Here one thing to note that, you’re doing the things that average person is not willing to do.

Your competitors typically are not willing to go and do this type of deep research.

People are out there and finding one strategy that everyone else is doing.

And they are trying to mimic them instead of taking the time to write down the competitors websites and take the keywords and to see where they are placing their ads.

Finally, you know exactly where you need to be and how to spy on competitors websites and how to find out where your competitors are placing their ads to get traffic to their own websites.

So what are you waiting for?

Go to SimilarWeb and spy on your competitors website and find out the data and analytics and build your business.

Yes,  do let me know in the comment below how did you find this article on how to spy on competitors websites.

One more thing, if you know any other seo competitor analysis tool or any other competitor analysis tools for marketing then let me in the comment below. Right!

One final thing, if you got any value with this article then please share it with your friends who you know will get benefit. Ok!

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