How To Rapidly Create Your Products And Webinars (FHL 2018 Notes Day2)?

In today’s post I m going to share with you how to rapidly create your products and webinars.

How to rapidly create your products and webinars

Actually these are the FHL 2018 Day 2 Notes by Adel Anwar where you will learn how to rapidly create your products and webinars like $10million+ Jason Fladlien the speaker….

So if you want to know how to create your products and webinars then read this post is for you.

Yes, if you missed my FHL 2018 Notes Day 1 then you can check my previous post here. Ok!

So without any delay lets know…..

How To Rapidly Create Your Products And Webinars?

So you have a dream. You’ve come to realize that there are some things that you know, like, do which others also want to know more. This makes you an INSTANT expert.

Perhaps you can play the Piano better than a 7th grader?

That means you can make a million like Jermaine Griggs who went from the Ghetto to Pure wealth, meeting Presidents of the U.S.A. ?

Oh – that was no error above! An expert (marketer) ) is someone that knows “more” than one level below you!

Sure there may be others who know 10X MORE THAN you, but who cares? It is *you* making the *offer* to others making you an INSTANT SUPER-GENIUS EXPERT!

Listen who are the richest on online marketing?

Does Zuckerberg know some things at $20billion upwards?

Does Bill Gates know some more things at $80billion upwards?

Did Steve Jobs at a personal wealth of $1billion-ish ?

But are they “online gurus” teach the sheeeet?


Only millionaires are teaching you. There’s a HUGE difference between a millionaire and billionaire. HUGE!

Do you see the point? All you have to know is a tad bit more than your own marketplace!

As long as your market is “hungry, have the money and is big enough (in a micro-niche)” then you will get more income, more money than most people ever dream above!

So here questions comes….

How to identify your Expertise?

Or even better: how to become an overnight expert in a market place that others are buying like crazy?

1. Put on some powerful music

Get into a good state after a great dance!

2. List down things you are naturally good at doing – aim for 20

This could be hobbies, work related things, things that friends or family rely or call upon you to do.

It maybe something your “other half” compliments you on with delight.

Write it all down. It may be the ‘one thing’ that you take for granted – yet- THAT is “thing” think.

Maybe you’re a better lover? (This has made millions for people in different ways).

3. Research

Research what people out there are already buying?

What do they want?

This is the key many newbies overlook. Give the market what “they” want, need, buy, are already buying – instead of – giving them what “you FEEL they need” !

Like they say in the Australian military “the enemy does not give a sheeeet about your feelings” ! (Your market is not your enemy but you get the meaning!)

How to do this research?

  • Google
  • Alexa
  • Competitive legal spy tools and trackers like SimilarWeb and SEMrush
  • Best seller lists on hot parental sites that tell you outright what is selling very well, even given you precise metrics!

4. Match your list 1 to list 2

What I mean by that….

I mean you may have to make modifications.

So if your special skills is “making love all night long” but the best seller is “how to romance your spouse” then you will either/or : market your skill as a brilliant add-on to those that buy others’ “romance your spouse” or you will create your own “romance of your spouse” as the lead hook magnet (it can be a mere mindmap, pamphlet) to draw the fish in and hit them up in a ethical “bait and switch” with your product

Now it’s time to create your product rapidly!

5. Mind map it

Keep it simple to key phrases.

Others prefer simple linear outline that you can make in Evernote.

You now have the structure to your product!

Each major mind map branch is your next module!

Hack: if you can’t do this well then you can simply look at the structure of competitor products.

Use your own wording. Add , take away, expand , or change the syntax to make it your own hot structure.

Look, you have a total of 2 days, but if you take 3: the whole weekend then that’s fine too.

a] Consider getting a nice hotel room.

b] Put out your smart phone or other camera.

c] Tripods are the key to hold that camera or two.

d] Do not green screen. You “can” white screen if you are no in a hotel with a nice background.

e] you can purchase white screen and light set on Amazon

f] A good microphone is the most important thing.

If you’re on a budget then use your laptop to record with a Yeti or Nessie mic.

There are “Shure” mics for the iphone X [but these cost yet are very good]

If you’re recording audio on your laptop then later either you or your editor you will get on Fiverr, Upwork or one or two of the persons on CF (Clickfunnels) boards that post regularly – can edit it for you

g] Million dollar editing hack: CLAP 3 times whenever making a new segment.

The spike in sounds instantly alters your editors where to “cut” and start.

CLAP 10 times when you have made a mistake and want a previous portion “cut out” !

You can also purchase low cost CLAPBOARD on Amazon!

h] Get a simple make up kit.

Guys this means you too. Cameras today pick up ‘everything’. Make it nice for your audience! Cream will reflect light making it look bad.

i] Keep it all very simple. It’s very easy to get very complex and never do anything.

j] So above you have lights, camera and it’s about you – in action!

Before the shooting day begins – take 30 minutes to dance off with yourself to powerful music.

And as you do identify your purpose in life – for yourself and your audience.

So this with 10000X passion. You may cry. You may scream. Do all the above.

So when you’re on camera -with THAT PASSION. You will hit HOME RUN, out-earning, outdoing , outperforming PROFESSORS AND experts who know 10000000X more than you on your subject but it is YOU (not them) earning 100000X more than them because it is YOU that has the bravo to take action : get on camera, film it, do it, and then funnel it babe, funnel it !

6. Editing Excellence

This takes more time than the above. This can slow you down and get you to procrastinate.

So above is the key tip: getting someone else to do it that loves doing this portion!

But due to budgets and motivation if you want to do it yourself then.

Pick one :

[The last two are great , simple, easy , rapidly to learn and many online training videos without breaking a sweat- and pick one, or….],

[The last two are professional grade products and to train on them , give yourself one week to “do training, learning, doing” BEFORE touching your own product!]


even iMovie

If there’s sufficient room on your iphone X then there are apps to edit that are very good these days.

But as a rule of thumb you’ll most likely want to do long pieces of editing on a newer Macbook.

You need sufficient disk space for larger files, RAM for rendering (hence the suggestion for more modern Macs) because rendering takes time as well.

7. Re-purposing Magic

This tip alone is worth $1million.

Did you know you can stripe the product of audio, get it transcribed and now you have :

a] Your book, done! Get ready to rumble on Amazon!

b] Blog and blog posts done! Here you come WordPress!

c] Podcast completed ! Get ready to go i-so-looney on iTunes!

d] Youtube videos for organic growth !

e] Webinars! oh yes! This is it !


1. Advertising videos

a] After you have completed your product then freshen up! Exercise! Shower. Green Juice! Walk!

b] Now refreshed. This is where you go for it to create advertising marketing videos! Basically you go nuts telling people why they must come to your course.

c] Now spend time educating them about your course. Give them the very best points and summarize the whole course!

The above is something newbies would HATE to do! You feel like you’re giving away the bath and the bathtub!

You feel like you do NOT want to do that for free! But do it!

Those that learn, love you and have the money will BUY YOU even though they will relearn the same thing in the product!

Listen – above I’ve given away the best! You could pay JEFF WALKER $3,000 and many do or $30,000 in a mastermind , on top of travel and hotels to learn the same thing!

And there are readers that would do that – feeling “uncertain” even though I’ve given it ALL away above – there are those many folks that feel they need to learn more than the above to be “perfect” and they will pay – pay – pay – to learn it!

What I’m saying is……


People will surprise you and pay you and pay you again and again! They will pay you to learn the same info you teach at $500 for $30,000 in your private members club even if you tell them the above.

That is the beauty of humanity. To take advantage of this magic – what most people fail to do is- take action and get the above done!


Above I have said NOTHING about scripts or lines. I do not believe in them.

But there are people who can Not be so organic like the present leader of free world!

Remember he is vulgar , rude, offensive and still makes a BILLION or so much power it’s unbelievable.

My point is – if he can – so can you!!! You do not have to be vulgar – and that is not my point.

My point is “let it all out” ! That’s what people will vote for or pay you for!

People want authenticity and the leader of the free world is different because for better or for worse, he gives them that ‘raw’ presentation so it is perceived as highly authentic.

He goes off script to do that (and his script writers are some of the highest paid professionals BUT people love ‘raw’ so much – that is valued MORE than scripts!)

That said, if you must script it (not my way) it’ll take you time – give yourself a month before you even start the project.

If you take more than a month then pay professionals as your life will run-away doing nothing trying to be perfect, but you will stay “perfectly poor” by choice.

d ii] One area where SCRIPTS are recommended is when you start talking about the sales portion. You want to do this part “perfectly”. This is towards the end where you sell the video.

You can use VSL (video sales letter using power point or keynote or Google slides) method with FunnelScripts that Russell gives you to rapidly and effectively do this.

This “d ii” is the secret to creating webinars too!

Also doing the above product advertising is another webinar . You can have a product launch sequence that consists of you live on camera and other parts on VSL .

Russell teaches this in his Perfect Webinar Secrets.

You can educate them for 40 minutes and sell them for 20 minutes- as a good rule of thumb.

The length of time of your webinar – contrary to popular belief does not matter IF you are very interesting.

There you have it! How to create a product rapidly within a weekend!

But how to market it using your Clickfunnels suite? Look for my previous post that says Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes Day 1 and you will have the method of marketing there. Right?

So let me know in the comment below how did you find this post.

Yes, if you have any queries or questions then let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

Finally, if you like this post how to rapidly create your products and webinars then share it with your friends or with somebody who you know will get benefit from this post.

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