How To Land Multiple High Paying Jobs as a Digital Nomad?

In today’s post I am going to share with you How to Land Multiple High Paying Jobs as a Digital Nomad.

how to land multiple high paying jobs as a Digital Nomad

How To Land Multiple High Paying Jobs as a Digital Nomad?

Very frankly I learned about how to land multiple high paying jobs as a Digital Nomad from Dan Cheong who is an Entrepreneur and has had multiple 6-figure successes as an affiliate, at ecommerce, as a marketing consultant and you can find him at Passion Profit for online business consultancy.

Now moving further….

Really if you’re a complete beginner and searching for how to land multiple high paying jobs as an Expert in Digital Marketing World then this post is for you.

So are you ready to know how to land multiple high paying jobs as a Digital Nomad.

Ok, let’s start…

Here’s How to Land Multiple High-Paying Jobs as a Digital Nomad While Spending Significantly Far Less Time and Effort on Fulfilment and Delivery:

To be able to do this, you must first understand the MOST fundamental principle when it comes to winning in business…

Position Yourself as the Single Greatest Solution

To win in business, it is absolutely imperative that you position yourself as the SINGLE, GREATEST solution to a very specific problem, to a very specific market.

Most digital nomads position themselves as generalists. Their resume typically consists of something like, “I do a little bit of everything”.

If that’s you, then you are actually condemning yourself into the pit of mediocrity.

Usually, the reason why most digital nomads do that is because they hold the perspective of scarcity.

They think there aren’t enough jobs, so they increase the size of their net, hoping to catch anything that falls their way.

The problem is that the only jobs that ever fall into that net are “bottom-feeder jobs” (I.e. Tons of work for very little compensation.).

Before you start thinking, “yea, but I am not skilled enough to do anything else…”.

I will tell you now that your skills and your income are often completely uncorrelated, especially as a digital nomad where YOU are responsible for creating any kind of a connection between those 2 elements.

So here’s the secret…

you need…..


Don't be a generalist. Be a specialist.Click To Tweet

But what does that really mean?

Most nomads automatically start to assume that means they should be a specific service provider, like say, a copywriter.

Now, that’s a little bit better than being someone who does everything, but you are still competing with 5 million other copywriters out there, which means you are still stuck in the water…

Also, that form of specialization only serves you – i.e. You may specialize in copy writing, but how does that specialization serve your audience in any way? The answer? It doesn’t.

So then all this brings us to what you need to do instead:

1) Specialize in One Market

Start by specializing in one MARKET. This is critical. Instead of serving everyone who needs copy writing services… Serve only gyms, or life coaches, or chiropractors, or any one market population that is super specific. Just don’t be general.

This specialization automatically positions you as someone who understands all the unique problems of that market, providing you with instant rapport with your audience.

This is a HUGE advantage.

2) Specialize in Getting Results

The second specialization you must hone in on is the RESULT.

Most people sell features, like “I sell websites”. I mean, who cares? When someone buys a website, they are not actually buying the “website”, they are buying the result that “website” gives them.

Usually, what they really want is more customers, and they believe that a website gives them more online presence, which they believe will get them more customers.

These beliefs are usually erroneous, which works in your favour if you deliver specific RESULTS.

When you focus on results, you are able to bypass a lot of the nonsense your clients might believe, because they trust you as the expert to solve their problem.

Also, when you deliver results, it becomes easy for your prospect to justify the value, which leads to significantly far less sales resistance during the close.

3) Specialize in Process

The final specialization which will cement your position as the SINGLE GREATEST solution to your market is your PROCESS.

The process is where your “service” comes into play, but instead of a generic service, it should be a UNIQUE spin on that particular service. So instead of “copy writing”, it could be your “21-step sales formula”.

The reason why this is so powerful is simply because it allows your prospect to attribute all the results you have gotten into one single vehicle, a vehicle which only YOU have access to.

This immediately separates you from everyone else, because there isn’t any other way to get access to that vehicle.

If you ever wondered why beer commercials take the time to explain their brewing process even though nobody really gives a shit, this is why! It makes their beer unique and special!

And when you combine ALL 3 specializations, you will appear like a GOD-send to your market. You will no longer be chasing clients, clients will chase you.

Of course, you must still make yourself known and PROVE you can actually do what you say you can do… But that’s a post for another time.

Now, go put these principles to work and observe the magic of attraction…

And yes, let me know in the comment below how did you find this post?

If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

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