How To Do Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step For Beginner?

In this article I will explain how to do affiliate marketing in a right way step-by-step?

how to do affiliate marketing

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Step-By-Step For Beginners?

Actually what happens?

People just come in affiliate marketing and start promoting product without any strategy, system or strategic funnel.

There are so many things that you need to consider before promoting anything online in affiliate marketing.

So without any delay, let’s know how to do affiliate marketing step-by-step in a proper way?

Choose a Profitable Niche

This is your first step in affiliate marketing.

Don’t just randomly pick any product and start promoting it.

Surely you might have also heard many a times something saying like that “Choose a niche in which you have passion or interest.”

No doubt, you must go with that niche in which you have passion or interest.

But just think in that way, if a niche in which you have passion or interest, is not profitable.

I mean, there is no demand of this niche in the market!

There is no money in this niche!

Then what will happen?

Will it be worth promoting this niche?

Just because of the reason that you have passion or interest in that niche, won’t make you money.  Right!

So here I would suggest, choose a niche which is profitable.

And there are five evergreen niches that you can choose.

  1. Health

  2. Dating

  3. Make Money Online

  4. Insurance

  5. Loan

Note: – In Health niche, it can be anything related to health but weight loss is very lucrative and profitable.

There are so many profitable niches or sub-niches out there in which you can go according to your taste, interest and passion. It is up-to to you.

But above five are broad niches and highly profitable niches. If you want, you can drill-down the broad niches into sub-niches or micro niches. Ok!

If you ask me what is mine niche then my answer is “make money online”. 

There is a huge demand in making money online niches.

Everybody wants to make money online.

Tell me one single person who doesn’t want to make money online.

Or who doesn’t want to make some extra money or doesn’t want to work from home for money!

Really this market is huge. See below the average monthly results people search on Google by typing the keywords how to make money online.

how to do affiliate marketing 1

Choose A Solid Product

After selecting your profitable niche, then you have to choose a solid product that solves the problem of people.

You must choose a product in which you really believe from the core portion of your heart that it will solve the problem of people for which they are looking for.

I will emphasize here that before promoting any product, it would be better to purchase the product first.

Use it yourself and then come to any conclusion that whether it delivers value or not.

And then start promoting it only when you think it is best product to promote and really delivers value. Further you think, people will surely get benefit from the product.

Product must be something like that you won’t feel any hesitation to promote or give it to your family members/friends/relatives. Right!

Let I tell you some other great feature of solid product.

1. Customer Support

A solid product must have great Customer support. If a product has great customer support then it creates more trust towards the product.

People don’t feel any hesitation to buy this product because they know whenever they get stuck they have customer support to help them.

2. High Commission

Yes. Another quality of a product that it must be of high commission. Great commission always encourages an affiliate to promote the product eagerly and enthusiastically.

3. Recurring Commission 

A solid product must have recurring commission.

Mean to say in recurring commission, for your one time efforts of promoting the product, you get the commission in the front end as well as in the backend till the subscription of service by customer on monthly basis.

4. Big Competition

Product must have a big competition too. Mean to say, a lots of people are selling this product.

If a product has great competition and lot of people are selling it then it is a clear cut indication that product has great in demand.

People are really making money by promoting it and you can also make money by promoting it.

Now, you know the great feature of a solid product.

So, what next?

Again a question arises!

Where To Find The Product To Promote?

To find the product to promote, you can go to Clickbank.

how to affiliate marketin click bank 1

Clickbank is an affiliate network, where almost in any niche; you can find digital products to promote.

There are some other affiliate networks too where you can go and find the product to promote after creating the account with them.  See below the list of some other affiliate networks.

Strategic Funnel/Selling System

Now after selecting the profitable niche and product you need a strategic funnel/selling system which sells the product automatically in a strategic way!

A strategic funnel/selling system is that works all the time with automation.

Even this system works without your presence. There is no need of physical presence of yours.

System must have zero resistance point of entry. It must engage the visitor.

It must have multiple streams of income in a strategic way. System must sell without selling.

What Are The Tools Of A Strategic Funnel/Machine?

1. Great Product

It must be great product as I have already described about great product in detail above.

2. Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something of valuable in your niche related to interest of visitors which you give away for free in exchange of getting their name and email or only email of visitor when they land on your landing page.

Note: – Your lead magnet must be something that solves the biggest challenge of your prospects/leads and you’re giving it for free.

Lead magnet must be something that if your prospect goes to the market, then he has to pay for that.  I hope you got my idea what I mean.

A lead magnet can be something like Ebook, CD, Cheat Sheet, Mind Map, DVD, Video Training etc. It can be your own or you can outsource it from Fiverr.

3. Landing Page Or Squeeze Page

A landing page is when visitors first time land on your web page and from there through your web form or opt in form, you collect their name and email addresses by giving something for free such as Ebook, Video training etc. See below an example of landing page.

how to do affiliate marketing for beginner

In short if I say on landing page we pre-frame the visitors what they are going to get and how their problems/challenges will be solved in exchange of their name and email address.

For making your landing page you can take the services of these below landing page service providers.

4. Thank You Page

A thank you page is a simple webpage.  Actually what you do, you redirect the visitors from landing page to the Thank you page after taking their email address.

And on thank you page you give a download link of your lead magnet (Ebook, Video training etc.,) for which visitors submitted their email address. See below an example of thank page.

how to do affiliate marketing 2

Note: – In some cases, after taking visitor’s email you can redirect the visitor directly to the sales page of product which you are promoting rather than sending the visitor to the thank you page.

Or sometimes, on thank you page you just give instructions to visitors to check their email address for downloading their Lead Magnet such as Ebook or Video Training etc., for which they opted for.

5. Tracking Software

Here I would say always track your system/funnel, I mean whether it is your landing page, affiliate links, traffic, whatever the case.

While you are promoting, it is very important to know how many clicks are going through, and how many sales are coming as a result.

If you don’t track then my friend you’re just trying to be lucky.

Make sure you’re figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

So always track your funnel/system/traffic whatever the case.

Actually there are so many tracking softwares out there but I will mention here only that which I have used and this is ClickMagick.

Through this tracking software you can track anything such as visitors on site/landing page, sale, traffic, devices, IP address, conversion etc.

6. Autoresponder

In strategic funnel/selling system last tool you need is an Autoresponder.

You need an Autoresponder for collecting email address of visitors as well as for sending automated email follow up sequence while making strong relationship with your leads.

Actually through an Autoresponder you send strategic email on alternative day basis as well as timely basis to your leads while providing them value.

And then later on after building solid relation with them, you can promote your product to them.

At this moment they have known to you and they have trust on you. And they happily purchase the product whatever you offer to them.

Note: – Product must of full value.  Product can be affiliated product or your own product.

Ok! Now for autoresponder you can go either with GetResponse or Aweber.

Both are great autoresponders with great support. Both come up with one month free trial.

Now when you have all above said features and tools in your strategic funnel/selling system, then you need targeted traffic to your system that converts.

Really traffic is a blood of your machine.

And for that you can promote your product/selling system on Google Adwords (PPC), Bing (PPC) , Facebook (PPC) (social platform),

Note: – To promote on Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook, you must read their terms and conditions before promoting your products/selling system.

Here is one tip to promote on Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook.

Your landing/website must have terms and conditions page, privacy policy page or contact page.

On your landing page your must have clear cut detailed information about your product.

For getting traffic to your product/system, you can also promote on Bysellads and BidVertiser by placing your banner ads on their publisher websites.

There is other option too that you can choose to promote your product and that is Solo ad.

Now-a-days, it is very famous and lucrative way to build your list as well as promote your product/system.

In short if I say, you promote your product in other people’s email list by sending your email having your affiliated link or landing page link in it and you pay to solo ad vendor at per click basis to your link or email ad. That’s it.

For your solo ad you can go with such as Safe-Swaps and Udimi. Both are great places to buy solo ads.

Note: – Be cautious before choosing any solo ad vendor. Check latest reviews of recently purchased solo ads on the site.

If possible, you can ask them how they collect email and what is their email open rate.  I mean do proper investigation and then choose the best solo ad vendor. Right!

These above said platforms are paid. I mean you have to pay the money to promote your product/selling system.

This way you get the paid traffic as well as targeted traffic.  By promoting your product on paid platform, you see the fast results. You don’t have to wait for traffic to come to your site/landing page.

No doubt you have to pay the money to promote but by far this is the best way to promote. You see the instant traffic and instant results. That’s it.

You can also promote your product/selling system through free method and can get traffic to your site/landing page.

But in that case, you have to wait for traffic and results. Surely you will need to have patience.  Right!

Note: – In free method you see great traffic or results unless your content/photo/video has been viral or shared on social platforms.

So, finally, you have know how to do affiliate marketing step-by-step with a strategic funnel/selling system.

Really if you follow the exact system/strategy which I mentioned above, then surely you will see great results in your affiliate marketing.

Finally I just want to say always provide immense value to your lead, customer, visitor or client, whatever the case.

Always keep value column first in making strategy to promote product or services. Don’t just go and pitch for sale.

Help as much as you can. Be authentic marketer. Right!

I hope this post will somewhere help you.

Yes, if you still need any help or have any questions feel free to ask, I would be so happy to reply.

Again, if you like find any value with this post, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Ok!

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