How I Made Second Sale Of Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA Challenge) Without Spending A Single Dime On Ads!

In this post, I am gonna share with you, how I made second sale of Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA Challenge) without spending a Single Dime on Ads!

clickfunnels one funnel away challenge

Yes here point to note that here I am talking about the second clickfunnels one funnel away challenge sale that I made on 25th July, 2020. 

Got it.

BTW if you want to know how I made my first clickfunnels OFA challenge sale then you can read my previous post here. 

I mean in my previous post, I have revealed my first Secret (strategy) where I explained how I made $100 in commission promoting one funnel away challenge as a clickfunnels affiliate.


Now without any delay let’s know…

How I Made Second Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Sale?

Actually what happened the person on 18th June, 2020 approached me through messenger and asked me…

He…. Hi I am from New Delhi and I need your guidance…

Me…. Hi, I called him with his name….

Me…. Assuming that he wants guidance in Affiliate Marketing then I asked him…

What Exactly the problem you see in your affiliate marketing?

He…. Hi Pankaj, I would like to tell about myself first. Then we come to affiliate part.

And here he explained everything about him and after hearing his story I got emotional which I don’t want disclose here.

But let’s move to Affiliate Marketing part directly which he told me…

He… My Technical skills are also fine and I don’t want to quit from my life

He… How much time and amount I have to invest in affiliate marketing to start earning if I work on a serious note?

He… I have seen so many videos on YouTube related to affiliate marketing. Means base is ok now.

He… Dear one more thing from you if possible can I make a facebook audio call if you are ok with it. Please…

Me… Considering his personal situation I agreed to give him a call and I said…

Me.. Call me Now!

So here during call I asked him…

How did you get to know about me?

And he answered me during the Facebook Audio Call…

He… First I watched your video on YouTube about JV Zoo training and I found it of great value.

clickfunnels one funnel away challenge review

Second I visited your FB profile and there I found your FB live videos and found it of great value.

My profile

And from your FB profile and FB live videos you appeared me genuine and REAL person.

clickfunnel fb live video

Third I have also read your ebook i.e. Affiliate Commission Secrets and found it of great value.

affiliate commission secrets

And then finally I approached you because of the TRUST..

Me… That’s awesome bro…Thanks a lot…

And then I cleared all his queries regarding Affiliate Marketing during the call…

Finally I offered him OFA Challenge giving my one funnel away challenge affiliate link as a solution to go through only if he is serious…

And then he said…

Ok I will check it out…

And finally said…

He.. Thanks pankaj for your valuable time to help me out….

And then I asked him….

If you found any value in our call give your honest testimonial/feedback in my FB group i.e. Digital Affiliate Business.

digital affiliate business group

And he agreed and gave his feedback/testimonial in my group i.e. Digital Affiliate Business on 22th June, 2020.

Below you can see the screenshot where he gave his testimonial in the Facebook Group.

testimonial one funnel away challenge

So here point to note is…

He didn’t buy OFA after the first call.

Then again on 18th July, 2020, he approached me again and said to me.

He.. Hi how are you dear…

Me… I m great… ( I called him with his name😁) and said…

What about you?

He… All well here, I need your 5 minutes if possible…

Me… Regarding?


Me… Ok, you can call me….

Now here during call he asked me again everything about Clickfunnels OFA Challenge and I explained everything about one funnel away challenge in better possible way I could.

And at the end of call, I also talked about my One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses that he is going to get if he joins ofa challenge training through my affiliate link.

Then he told me in the call…

Ok, I will buy OFA Challenge from you only because you guided me and helped me a lot and I will buy OFA Challenge from you in coming days.

I said…

Ok no problem…

Then after 2 days before making one funnel away challenge purchase.

He called me again and asked everything about OFA and I explained again everything about OFA Challenge.

Point to note:

It was my third time where I explained EVERYTHING about Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge.

And finally…

He made the decision to buy one funnel away and bought it using my affiliate link.

Now here points to note that made him to take decision to buy OFA challenge are…

Or you can say…

The Pattern of making Successful Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge sale!

First My YouTube Channel where I have put my Valuable content and he watched my one of videos.

one funnel away challenge youtube profile

Second my FB profile where I do FB live almost on daily basis and he watched my FB live videos.

Third My Ebook i.e. Affiliate Commission Secrets that he read and found it of great value.

Fourth my 3 Facebook Audio Calls where I helped him clearing his all doubts about Affiliate Marketing and explained everything about Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge around 3 times during the calls.

Fifth my One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses that I offered him during the call.

Sixth my PATIENCE where I heard him patiently and solved his every quarries about Affiliate Marketing and one funnel away challenge training by Russell Brunson etc.

So you can see clearly….

All these above factors took him to one thing i.e. Know, Like and TRUST.

And considering all that he bought the One Funnel Away Challenge through me.

That’s it….

Now you know my SECOND SECRETS on How I Made My Second Clickfunnels One funnel Away Challenge Sale Without Spending A Single Dime On Ads.

I hope it will help you.

BTW if you haven’t gone through One Funnel Away Challenge….

….then I must say, you’re CRAZZZZY….😀

Yes if you want then you can join OFA Challenge through this link and get my Bonuses over $3000 worth value.

Ok, let me know in the comment below how did you find this post.

Yes, if you have any questions or queries then please let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to answer you.

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