How I Made $100 ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission In 12 Days!

In this post I am going to reveal how I made $100 clickfunnels affiliate commission in 12 days without spending a single dime on ads?

So if you want to know how I made clickfunnels affiliate commission then read this post till the end.

how I made 100 dollar clickfunnels affiliate commission

How I Made $100 Clickfunnels Affiliate Commission!

Now without any delay, let me tell you how I made $100 clickfunnels affiliate commission.

Here we go….

As you know I am clickfunnels affiliate.

And I am promoting clickfunnels one of the product i.e. one funnel away challenge.

BTW if you don’t know what is one funnel away challenge then let me tell in short.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

Its a training where you will learn how to start your online business step by step by word’s best coach Russell Brunson.

In other words, its like a 30 days online workshop where you will learn how to start your online business step by step or how to scale your existing online business selling your product through sales funnel by applying the framework hook, story and offer.

Got it.

Now moving further…

By promoting one funnel away challenge, I make $100 clickfunnels affiliate commission.

I mean, as an clickfunnels affiliate, for every sale of one funnel away challenge you will be making $100 commission.

Now you might be thinking…


Come to the point and tell me…

How did you make $100 clickfunnels affiliate commission?


How did you make this one funnel away challenge sale?


Ok, I got you…

Simply, I made this $100 clickfunnels affiliate commission just because of  below mentioned ingredients which helped me to make clickfunnels affiliate commission.

1. My Facebook Profile

I mean my Facebook profile, where I publish almost on daily basis documenting my journey.

my pankaj singh facebook profile

2. Daily Video Vlogs

My daily video vlogs that I publish almost on daily basis on my FB profile.

facebook profile videos

3. Blog

Its my Blog i.e. Whatever I Know which you’re reading right now.

whatever i know blog

4. Ebook i.e. Affiliate Commission Secrets

affiliate commission secrets book

It’s my own ebook i.e. Affiliate Commission Secrets which I use as a leadmagnet.

5. Affiliate Sales Funnel

Its my One funnel away challenge template or you can say my one funnel away challenge funnel through which I offer lead magnet promoting one funnel away challenge.


BTW if you want then you can download my one funnel away template for FREE here. 

But yes to download my one funnel away challenge funnel/template for  FREE, all you need ClickFunnels.

So if you have’n created Clickfunnels account then you can create Clickfunnels account here.

Yes good is that ClickFunnels comes with FREE 14 Days trial. 

So you can try Clickfunnels for FREE for 14 Days and if you don’t think it fit for your online business then you can cancel it any time.


funnel link affiliate commission secrets

6. My Story

In my story I have revealed how I started my affiliate marketing journey. What were struggles, pain points I had gone through and how I overcame from those struggles, hurdles etc.

one funnel away challenge my Story

7. Bonuses

pankaj singh one funnel challenge bonus

These are mine Irresistible one funnel away challenge bonuses that I give to someone who joins one funnel away challenge using my affiliate link.

That’s it.


Come again Pankaj…

Yes you have heard that right…

Ok, let me tell you in detail…

Actually what happened..

Person approached to me in my Facebook messenger on 21st October…

And said…

cf ofa commission

Hey Man What’s Up..

I said…

All good what Abt you…

He said..

I am great Man..

He… bro you make videos everyday?

Me.. Yes


How you don’t run out of ideas?

Me.. Hahaha…. simple I document my journey rather thinking how to create content

He. that’s awesome brotha

cf commission

Very frankly.

We had long conversation.

But I don’t want to bore you.

So just to make long story short.

Finally he asked information about One Funnel Away Challenge.

And I gave information on OFA Challenge and gave link to my one funnel away challenge review post where he could get more information on Russell Brunson one funnel away challenge.

blog link cickfunnels

He said…

one funnel commission

Ill check it out in a bit.

Cuz just woke up.

I said..

Yes please check it out as you get time and if there is anything then let me know

Now here conversation ended.

Then on 2nd November, he approached me again and said…

ofa commission clickfunnels

clickfunnels ofa commission

He.. Hey man…

Me.. Hi bro

He.. I’m ready brosky to purchase ofa.

Me… That’s awesome bro.

He… I already went through your funnel, read your book.

And I felt pretty familiar with your story.

Me… That’s great bro..

He.. I read your whole book non stopping like in 40 min.

Send me your ofa link brother, and give those bonuses too haha..

Me… Sure bro, I send you link..

ofa commission

Yes bro before clicking on my link please delete the cookies all time from your browser and open link using incognito or private window and do check my Affiliate Id 650467.

And here is my link bro. It’s Affiliate Bootcamp link.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp link

clicfunnels commission

On the next page you will find OFA as upsell after submitting your email.

With this link you will be getting access to Affiliate Bootcamp training of 15 Experts for life plus affiliate boot camp ebook too.

Point To Note: We again had long conversation.

But making it short…


He bought the OFA Challenge using my link.

Me… Yes bro thank you sooo much for putting Trust on me to go with OFA Challenge..

He.. No problem man, your story got me hooked to be honest with you.. cuz it is exactly what is happening to me right now..

Plus you seem to be a great dude.


cf ofa

Now can you see the journey of this person from Cold to Hot?

He visited my FB profile then watch some of video vlogs on my profile..

He read my blog where I reviewed about OFA challenge.

And then he opted for my lead magnet which is my ebook i.e. Affiliate Commission Secrets going through the OFA Funnel..

Then he read my Story in the ebook and through my story he STRONGLY resonated.

Further he read my ebook in one go within 40 minutes.

And then checked my One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses.

And finally took the decision to register with OFA Challenge and in response to that I got the $100 clickfunnels affiliate commission.

That’s it.

Now you know my Secrets.

I mean you know the recipe along with ingredients to make $100 clickfunnels affiliate commission.

I hope it will help you.

BTW if you haven’t gone through One Funnel Away Challenge….

….then I must say, you’re CRAZZZZY….😀

Yes if you want then you can join OFA Challenge through this link and get my Bonuses.

Ok, let me know in the comment below how did you find this post.

Yes, if you have any questions or queries then please let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to answer you.

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