Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes (Day 1)!

In today’s post I am going to share with you Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes.

funnel hacking live 2018 notes

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes!

Very frankly, about Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes, I learned from Adel Anwar who is a Trainer to the World’s Most Profitable Corporation and he is also a Lawyer and you can find him at his personal Facebook Profile here.

Really, the good thing about him is that he always comes up with great information and provides numerous amount of value in the shape of his own insights and information about the online business, sales and marketing etc. for FREE to which in the market you have to pay thousands of dollars.

Totally unbelievable!

Actually, I read all of his Funnel Hacking Live 2018 notes right from Day 1 to Day 4 shared by him in the ClickFunnels official Facebook group and then one word came to my mind that Wow.

Really he is so awesome.

So after reading Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes I thought why don’t I share it on my blog so that it may help you in your online business.

Hey if you don’t know what is Funnel Hack then you can register for Funnel Hacks Webclass by Russell Brunson and know in details what is Funnel Hacks. Right?

Now moving further….

If you’re a totally beginner in the online business or just thinking to start your own online business then in coming days I will share with you all of the Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes right from Day 1 to Day 4.

So, whether you are there OR MISSING OUT… never fear, it’s all here and keep coming to this blog to read all notes.

Ok, without any delay here are Funnel Hacking Live Notes of Day 1.

You can become a millionaire. You can then become a multi-millionaire. You DON’T have to, but if you can add that much value to others then why not?

Money is nothing but ‘evidence’ of value. Everyone and anyone can ‘tallk talk talk a good talk’. But like Tom Cruise screams “showwwww meeee the money!”

Money is the crystalized objective evidence of the value that others ‘feel’ and therefore they give up their money to gain what you have. It’s the most beautiful thing – love: a trading of values!

If you are going to live this one life – in pure joy – then why not add such massive freaking value to others?

Isn’t that the very best way to live?

Think Russell or think Steve Jobs: the common denominator is working day and night – even when they did not have to – to “Create” and add value.

Russell was up well into the A.M (3am) even though he is on stage just as earlier today.

The best of the best, eat, dream and live “value” creation and so can you!

It’s the very best way to have the most exciting, enjoyable, happy life!

So how to do take action on this?

The secret to the richest is to 'anticipate'Click To Tweet

What are trends out there?

Facebook shows news trends daily.

Facebook Trend

Entrepreneur magazine, Inc., Wired, TechCrunch , Forbes, Fortune, HBR, and The Wall Street Journal have trends.

JVZOO and Clickbank shows what is selling mostly.

Even you can see Google Trend.

Google Trend

Ideas: cryto currencies (pro-trend and anti-trend too as FB and Google gets very strict); legal weed in U.S states (but not legal by the Feds so bear that in mind), “online marketing” ) etc.

2. Make a list of a handful of competitor businesses in your trend watch

In fact make a notebook (Evernote? Mindmap? Personal journal notes) of trends to watch and actively watch them.

There are 3 trend lines:

Immediate (Fads)
Medium term
Longer term (Trends) – defined as a minimum of 10 years.

You can out-do almost all others in a SIGNIFICANT AND MASSIVE WAY by being aware of this and keeping an eagle eye on certain items.

Due to your app/computer – you can automate this process in electronic note books such as I mentioned Evernote above, but there are many more.

3. Research

Go through their funnels. How are they attracting customers?

Some people hate this step – others love it. You need to breathe and use Google to read and research.

You need to get into the habit of bookmarking pages (hint: Evernote or other electronic note book is very useful here) and also add your own notes.

Later go back to certain pages in your notes and go into deeper dive mode.

4. It’s all about you

Ask yourself what can you do? Can you have fun (motivation is needed) and can you easily funnelhack the target?

Can you do what they are doing and list build and make offers?

For example, if the trend is U.S. arms selling to foreign nations.

It may be that online marketing to gain clients rapidly to make a mill is not the best way [side note: yes, this is a HUGE multi-billion dollar business so never say never. But is your market hanging on the internet? Do you need licenses and clearance for this? ]

So pick those few that *you* can rapidly and easily funnelhack. That is the trick. This will filter your list!

5. Take action

Use your CF (ClickFunnels) suite to funnelhack.

Start putting yourself out there in channels that your competitor is doing [hint: if it involves FB ads, ad words, Instagram, Youtube, Webinars and such – then it’s the IDEAL Target for the nature of the CF suite product and mindset]

6. Constant split testing and optimizing

The earlier steps gave you a huge quantum leap. The secret to the above – that I have not yet stated is: be HIGHLY UN-CREATIVE!

This is what most folks get wrong. They try to be creative and end up broke!

That’s why “artists” are broke!

In the above steps of funnel hacking: heed the words: do NOT be creative!

But now with split testing and optimizing you CAN start to add creativity to out-do yourself and grow!

The truth -whether your art works or not is in the results 😉

7. Scale Fast

Whatever is working, be prepared to pour time, effort, resources (profits) back there to create further and more growth!

Sounds easy?

Wait till you see money in your pocket the likes of what you have not seen before AND now you are to REINVEST IT, RISK IT AGAIN – it’s NOT easy psychologically!

This takes us to the bonus!


a] 100% Mindset

That is what FHL is about. In fact all business is about *you*.

Surprise and twist!

It’s not about CF (ClickFunnels).

CF is a tool like a Ferrari is a tool! They are both brilliant tools – the best there is!

But if the driver is no good – then you can (and many do) crash that Ferrari – OR – keep it new shiny clean UNTOUCHED driving slow, carefully on Sunday only (in the U.K. – people drive carefully on Sundays – driving slowly in little country lanes!)

Or you can make the full use of that Ferrari like in the U.S. (or better still in Germany where there are NO SPEED LIMITS – so you can test it to the full!) This needs “skills”. It needs “mindset”.

b] Funnel Hack

Above you may have thought the secret is to funnel hack one company.

In fact at the beginning you want to spread out. Up to 3 companies – and see what works better, what works lesser.

That way you can focus on what is working well. Hence the research phase earlier to find out ideal targets to funnel hack!

c] Research Phase

Many folks do not do this effectively. I have a 100% rate of telling folks to funnel hack competitors in their HOT niches and 100% tell me “they DON’T HAVE COMPETITORS”!

i] Then are they doing in business? Leave business if you do not have competitors.

Close that business. Do some other business. This is very serious. Exception to the rule is you have disposable money or time (e.g. Swedish government supports you for free)

ii] Truth is you MUST likely have competitors but you do not know it and you are NOT thinking effectively and therefore can NOT find them on Google search! [And oh yea… use Google search darn it]

Here’s the secret – so lean forward and listen up: think wider outside your immediate industry to an adjacent industry.

If you sell wheels then thinking wider means: who sells cars, trucks, even airplanes (have wheels)?

If you sell hair dressing then thinking wider, you have businesses like “just hair blowing/drying”!

Similarly if you just sell hair blowing services (huge business in the U.S.A – nothing but blow drying your hair – don’t know if this exists outside the U.S.A) then to look for competitors , naturally there is hair dressing; but there is also other “personal care grooming” like “Waxing”, tanning , pedicure care and so forth.

d] Do NOT get married to your business

Your business is NOT your identity, your personality in life!Click To Tweet

This is the BIGGEST danger! It’s just a vehicle to add massive value and make money.

What that also means is IF it is NOT adding value (i.e. the evidence of value is profits – else it is NOT value that you are adding regardless of your imagination)!

If it is not making sufficient and growing, consistent profits – NOT TO WORRY! Divorce is not needed as you are not married to the business!

Instead you flexibly CHANGE vehicles in a mindset of ABUNDANCE! There are NO shortage of businesses to funnelhack and use your CF (ClickFunnels) suite to make as much income as humanly possible!

That’s it.

So these were the Notes of Day 1 of Funnel Hacking Live 2018.

Let me know in the comment how did you find these notes of Funnel Hacking Live 2018.

Yes, don’t forget to read Day 2 Notes of Funnel Hacking Live 2018 which I will share in my next post. Right?

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