Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Day 4 Notes Final Day (Tonny Robbins)!

In today’s post I am going to share with you Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Day 4 Notes.

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Day 4 Notes

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Day 4 Notes Final Day (Tonny Robbins)!

But first tell me have you read my precious posts on Day 1 to Day 3 of FHL 2018 Notes if not then I would highly recommend you to go back and read my previous posts. Right?

On the other hand, if you have read all 3 Days FHL Notes 2018 on this blog then this post is for you.

So, without any delay here is Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Day 4 Notes (Final DAY of Funnel Hacking Live which is an event hosted by Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels).

One thing.. I would say that these notes are not of mine, these notes are of Adel Anwar who is the active member of ClickFunnels Official Facebook Group and he consistently posts valuable posts in this group.

So I have copied that post (Day 4 FHL Notes) because I found it of great value and I am pasting it here on this blog as it is so that it may be helpful to our readers on this blog. Right?

Yes, one more thing I want to say that this is going to be a long post but believe me it’s worth reading. Ok!

So let’s start….

Day 4 Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes! 

The self made billionaire TONY ROBBINS takes the stage!!!! OMG! OMG! Get your Power Notes right here, right now!

Something you most likely neither realize nor believe!

2 comma club millionaire in your bank account will not come as a result of technology alone. It won’t even come because of strategy even.

It is about 100% about your mind!

You can live in one of the world’s poorest nation like this Egyptian teen Mostafa Hemdan and become a billionaire.

Or you can live in the richest nation like the U.S.A and have bullets flying across you in the ghetto.

Your mind is the most important, most likely the most overlooked component to success on the internet! This is the easiest to transform!

How to have this ‘mind power?

The golden triad of your success consists of…..


What does that mean?

It means you have the power to transform your mind using your will!

Your energy, your persistence to follow through throughout the day is dependent upon your focus!

What you focus upon grows!Click To Tweet

Your focus is dependent upon your state of mind. And your state is interactively dependent upon your physiology and your focus! It’s systemic!

Your physiology is itself dependent upon what you put into your body; how much sleep you get; your breathing, your posture; your health!

Change your posture - Change your life!Click To Tweet

You can prime and pump upon your physiology in a massive way through physical exercise!

Dancing does a ‘triple turbo boost’ because now you’re engaging the juice to get loose in life!

If that’s the way you ‘show up’ throughout the day at your computer, on camera, in your blogs, in your communication , on the phone, on cold calls, on warm calls, then you will rule the world!

“I don’t understand this magic?”

Your prospects are looking for something deeper than what you are giving them. They are not really buying the drill. They are not even buying the hole!

If they are drilling that hole to put a lock on their door – they are really looking for the “feeling” of certainty, of confidence that they’re going to be okay.

Your job is to inspire people into states of certainty, of inspiration, of confidence. But that is impossible unless “you are authentically in that state yourself!”

Have you ever been to an Apple Store? Why are they so different to other ‘electronic’ stores?

Others are sales men (or in some stores, slimy salesmen).

But in the Apple Store they are there to genuinely help you.

They aren’t there to “sell you”. Their identity is that of a ‘genius’!

Once in that tank top (UK English ‘T-Shirt’) these folks are transformed into confidence abundant happy and knowledge filled helpful geniuses!

For Mac lovers, it inspires you, tickles you, it invigorates you to just go hang out there! And it generates tremendous sales every day in every store.

The “dream” of many businesses is to get that level of sales in your online business! Not just the Apple store. It can be merely bits of fabric like the other amazing store that your lady friends love: Victoria’s Secret!

What is it that gets people to pay 10X more for the Mac or cloth from Victoria’s Secret? The entire experience – crystallized by the word ‘value’.

This ‘value’ includes many different associations: passion, luxury, design aesthetics, cleanliness, organization, and primal instincts!

For you: your website, your offer, the interaction your prospect has with any and “every touch point of contact with your brand” and you must exude this ‘qualitative’ feeling where your prospect ‘feels’ (keyword- feels: emotionally titillated).

You create that firstly with your mind! This sounds amazing! You would have thought that you create that with your ‘design skills’, your ‘coding skills’, your ‘funnelhacking skills’ – right?

But there’s millions of coders on minimum wage; “freelancers” that are not “so free” working in their job paid less than minimum wage when hours are averaged out ; and as for artists : well broke!

There’s funnelhackers in third world nations on Fiverr making five U.S. dollars whereas their boss is making $5 million!

Today there are so many $10millionaire Funnel Hackers that Russell gave them the brand new “X” prize!

How to be this dream?

What is the difference then from those that create the greatest success?

Mind power! Don’t believe me still?

Earlier I mentioned a teen Mostafa Hamden in Egypt. 

He was so poor that he had to collect rubbish and sort it to find food!

Do you?

But he got this brilliant idea! He realized that when people throw away computer parts and electronics – there is “insignificant” levels of real gold there!

What if you collect so much “electronic trash” every day that it soon adds up to “significant gold”?

There are some problems!

First you have to get folks to “sort” the public trash from electronic components!

Second even if that were possible you need hardcore industrial chemical processes to sort the gold and filter it!

What to do? Especially when you are poor and living in a poorer economic nation? What would you do? What ‘can’ you do today?

Fortunately Egypt uniquely offers this opportunity because extremely poor people do that in order to rescue electronic parts for re-use!

However this teen didn’t want to re-use electronics: as you know!

He had to get funding to pay off these people to pass electronic components to him.

Secondly to “strip” the gold from the parts is an industrial process needing some good chemistry.

Egypt was not the right place to do that stripping. But if the parts could be shipped to another country that will do that for you -then boom!

The teen has to hustle for the investment capital to make these projects happen.

Through great struggle (what does that mean? Rejections, pitching to the V.C. venture capital firm in his nation, over and over again like a Zuckerberg) he made it happen! Now he sits atop a billion dollars!

What do you learn? Atop your senses right now there’s more knowledge, more experience, more access to resources to make things happen that you possess. The diamonds are right here!

Today it does not have to be gold. The power is in information!

It’s also in what others are buying already – and being a middle man drop shipper giving it to them!

As you go through life there will be people younger than you that “sniff it out” and lo-and-behold they will out-earn you, out-do you, out-live you !

Yes research shows the richer you are – CONTRARY TO ‘POP’-ular belief: the longer you live, the happier you are in life!

In fact a Nobel Prize winner did this research called Daniel Kahneman).

So how to create such exceptional wealth so you can live longer, happier and add so much value to humanity like a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett (in their way or in a micro-way that totals in millions instead of billions)?

It starts with changing your Focus….

What are you regularly focusing upon?

Are you focusing consistently, persistently, massively on achieving your dreams?

Have you figured out your purpose in life?

Do you actively look for trends? Do you take time to research “where is the money already”?

In other words, fish where the fish are! Even fishermen know this!

But do you “really” do that? Do you know how to do that online?

But there’s more involved to mind power – nourishing yourself!

Do you exercise your different important categories of life: health, wealth and love?

Or are you one-sided topsy-turvy, like a car with two wheels, trying to move forward? Do you have love?

Are you a huge adaptive giver that adds massive value to others – going above and beyond the call of duty?

That’s what Tony does every one!

In conclusion: whatever you focus on consistently ‘grows’ in your mind.

That is your ‘perception’ of reality – which really means, as far as your brain is concerned – THAT – “is” reality!

That’s why that Egyptian kid can switch perception upon something that was there for “anyone” to perceive all along!

And so can you due to the magic of the internet and specialist trend apps, legal spy tool apps and all of this massively magnified by your Clickfunnels Suite M.D.!

Isn’t’ that what Russell did? Funnels are not new! They have been taught in business schools since the very first business school every opened up! They are known as A.I.D.A .

Now you might be wondering….

What is A.I.D.A.?

It’s the secret to capturing attention and throwing folks through your sales funnel!

1. Attention

Create attention at the top of the funnel to funnel folks inwards.

2. Interest

Generate interest by communicating and matching people’s wants and needs to the product!

3. Desire

Increase that desire by helping them understand the benefits in their life.

4. Action

Help them close themselves by being a guide on the side!

Now at the point of purchase upsell, cross-sell , downsell away!

Isn’t that what the Apple store genius does?

When you purchase your product, you can’t help but get the warranty (a massive profit maker for Apple).

The price of the warranty seems so little in contrast to the price of the device!

And then there’s “extended warranty” upsell! There’s also accessory products!

Then there’s cross selling complimentary products….

How about a tripod and a Shure mic to match that iPhone X – if you’ve let them know you want it for filming purposes!

Steve Jobs was zealous about the packaging being perfect. 

In memory science: it’s that first contact with the product when giving birth by opening it that you will forever remember – and even want to reproduce that feeling!

Today there are thousands of Youtube videos of people doing nothing – but opening products to help viewers “re-live” that magic moment!

In fact there are people salivating who have never even lived that moment with the Youtube video product opening video that is shown!

Remember I said that every point of contact with your brand counts.

But the deep underlying secret to your funnels, your business and your life comes down to your psychology!

It is up to you to regularly and deliberate cultivate states of empowerment!

This is not natural in the sense that if you do not do that you’ll be pulled down to the gravitational level of the “average” population.

Your aim is not to live an ordinary life. It’s to live an extraordinary quality of life. To beat the “bell curve” average and move to the extreme!

Traditional psychologists may think you’re mad!

Heck many prospects may hate you like they do of Trump, Tai Lopez or Dan Henry!

Many do not like Tony Robbins despite all the incredible good work he does for humanity.

Your aim is to be the few, the proud, the best there is. This means cultivating those states of mind using your physiology – keeping at peak so you can perform at peak consistently throughout the day!

With all that energy – like Tony Robbins or Trump getting up without fail before 4 am – you will out-do, out-perform, out-last others.

And therefore due to you directing and empowering no.1: yourself with great foods, focusing on the good side of life most of the time (but not ignoring problems and what needs to be fixed), by breathing in a state of harmony, exuding joy, confidence in the face of the unknown future – because of your state created by your physiology, empowered by your focus: when you interact with ‘things’ – everything glows!

What kind of things?

Interacting online, on blogs, in articles, create Youtube videos, getting on the phone, are up on the stage; called to interact with investors and customers, and gaining the best employees – everything about you “transfers” across to them!

People subconsciously buy 'you' before they buy any product!Click To Tweet

AND THAT is how the magic is done – the magic of Tony Robbins, of Russell (listen to his podcasts, vlogs (Marketing Secrets)or writings and you will see what I mean)!

So let’s summarize with action steps!

What are you putting into your body?

Your biochemistry will radiate that.

Are fatty folks vibrant or lethargic?

What about healthy and fit folks those eat well?

Are you spending time breathing and reflecting?

Are you grateful for your life? Do you cultivate this state?

You can change your focus by changing the quality of questions that you ask.

You can simply ask “what am I grateful for in my life right now?”

OR “What could I be grateful for if I really wanted?”

Do you think about the value you are bringing and going to bring to your prospect?

If it’s only about you – then they will smell it and you will have a different set of behaviours.

If it’s about genuinely and massive adding abundant value for others then – they will also feel and over time you, your brand will be celebrated like Russell and his ClickFunnels; like Steve Jobs; like Tony Robbins – the man, the brand, the events!


Let’s do the Egyptian teen exercise from the above story!

This exercise is in two parts: immediate to warm up your brain – and the rest of the week your brain will search out answers in the environment!

What is or what could be of high value around you in your life right now?

This value can be intangible like your experience, your unique abilities, your skills, the things you already know!

It maybe external: what are things out there that you believe you can do easier, simpler, or better than others?

It may be experiences of great frustration you have experienced with products or services and you know you can do it better if given half a chance!

Tony Robbins had been ‘let go’ multiple times as young man.

But he was also told by customers when he was a professional sales genius for his own mentors that he is really good at speaking and knowledgeable in bringing in mentors’ knowledge to the prospects when pitching or meeting and talking passionately about their brand.

He finally decided to go out there with his own brand. To this day he is literally hated by gurus in the self help world like Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and other NLP practitioners.

He decided he can do all that far better, with far more fun and creatively added the firewalk as a living demonstration in events to show you that NLP really works.

After 10 or so years, he moved past NLP as it had self-imploded into a cult-like pseudo-science.

So he merged and mixed (like a mix tape) with any and every science and pseudo-science creating an art-form of his own – practicing until he perfected it.

He is now trainer to professional psychotherapists and has out-done every single psychologist on earth in history!

Russell, Steve Jobs and Tony took what existed and mixed-and-matched to create their own blue ocean.

This enabled them to vastly out-do, out-perform and out-generate all others!

Let’s get back to the exercise!

What different skills, experiences, or knowledge structures out there do you know that you can “add some of this”, “remove some of that”, and do a ‘shuffle” so you create something new?


Write down the features – both tangible and intangible to 3 things.

Then put a plus, minus or star for neutral. Plus means ‘add’, minus means ‘remove and star means ‘keep as is’. Do that on a table.

This will help you notice what could you create that is perceived by your market to be new.

Clickfunnels: landing pages existed before Clickfunnels, lead by LeadPages. Websites existed. Autoresponders even existed – complex or boring like Infusionsoft.

Clickfunnels “removed” the boring factor; added “design u/x thanks to Dylan” , got young brilliant coders to rapidly construct (thanks to Todd Dickinson) and made it as simple to use as possible so even kids can do it (and they do)!

They started by narrowing focusing on funnels. This created an entire blue ocean in a red ocean and Clickfunnels found themselves overtaking market leaders thanks to the genius of Russell!

What is it that you love to do? What value can you add to others?

Use your CF Suite to market that value: testing different markets, niches, micro-niches….

You can save yourself immense time and money by simply funnelhacking existing competitors, then creating your own blue ocean within their red ocean of ‘bloody competition’ using the above formulae!~

To do so you’ll have to wake up and put yourself in peak states using daily morning rituals – to overcome the gravitational pull of lethargy, and a “Return to the public average” where most of the population live (else it would not be “an average”!)

You can do it! Yes, YOU can! This is your time!

With much love! I’ve given it all to you.

There are so many thousands of words accumulated to help you create and construct the best life ever!

That’s it. Now you know Day 4 FHL ( Funnel Hacking Live) 2018 notes.

So what are you waiting for go and apply strategies and tips revealed in this post. Right?

Yes again, also read my Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Notes by reading my previous Posts on this blog, I am sure you will some find golden nuggets.

One more thing, read the posts multiple times. Each one is distinct and yet they overlap too so you that your memory is enhanced and you recall and act on your dreams, now!

So, thanks a lot for reading this long Post and let me know in the comment that how did you find the notes of Day 4 FHL 2018. Ok!

Finally if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends or with somebody who you know will get the benefit from this post.

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