Facebook Advertising Tips For Small Business 2017!

In this article, I am going to share with you 11 Facebook Advertising tips for Small Business.

facebook advertising tips for small business

Facebook Advertising Tips For Small Business 2017!

If you’re running Facebook Ads for small business and not getting any satisfactory results with your Facebook ads then this post is for you.

As you know I share whatever I know, so here I would say that I learned these 11 Facebook Advertising tips from Depesh Mandalia who is a Marketing Expert running his own Facebook Ads Agency.

Further he is also an advisor to Facebook UK and IE.

Coming further….

So are you ready to know what are the11 Facebook advertising tips for small business?

Ok let’s start!

1. Reinvest Your Failures

Don’t expect to grow fast without reinvesting your failures.

That means, a setback is a learning, understand why it didn’t work, iterate and test again.

2. Set Aside Test Budget

Whether starting or scaling always set aside a test budget.

If you lose it all with no sales/leads but a tonne of learning. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t invest it.

3. Define Your Audience

Always define/refine your audience. Try to find out what interests they had and tally them in spreadsheets looking for commonalities.

4. Use Audience Manager

Use audience manager to not just look at fans’ profiles, but to also look at segments of your emails if you have them.

Is there something you’re missing out on? Particular pages they like or a particular demographic?

5. Ask Your Customers Open Ended Questions

Once you generate sales/sign ups ask your customers open ended questions. Like what made you choose us, who else were you considering, etc.

6. Test

Always have new audiences and new creatives under test, even when you are scaling hard. Audiences die out, creatives die out. When scaling and spending large amounts, the details matter.

7. Creatives

Keep creatives ready at least a week in advanced to cycle in when you need to scale. Make sure that relevance scores remain above 3 (at least) and frequencies below 4 in a week to score good CPCs (Cost Per Click) and CTRs (Click Through Rate) .

8. Focus On CPA (Cost Per Action)

Conversely focus on CPA at every level such as audience, platform, demographic, creative etc. If CPA is good yet relevance score is 1 and frequency is high, don’t change it but be testing alongside it

9. Don’t Always Believe On Facebook

Don’t always believe what FB tell you. Most of the FB reps have never run their own ad accounts. Test Test Test!

10. Thumb Stopping Content

Don’t ignore Facebook’s “thumb stopping content” line. Make people stop and take notice of your ad.

11. Run A Survey

Run a survey to find out what made people interact with your ads.

That’s it.

So know you know the 11 Facebook Ads Tips.

Let me know in the comment below how did you find these 11 Facebook advertising tips for small business.

If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

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