In this article, I will explain the difference between Millionaire versus Broke through which you can decide that are you going to be a Broke or a Millionaire?

A Broke Or A Millionaire

You Are Going To Be A Broke Or A Millionaire?

As you know I share whatever I know or learn.

So I learned about Millionaire vs. Broke concept by attending Facebook live session of Vince Reed.

He is a great Internet Marketer and he is an Expert in Lead Generation for business.

He has a paid Facebook group called ILeadrs where he shares all of his experiences and expertise about business and lead generation.

And I am also the part of this paid Facebook group.

But before telling you the difference between Broke vs. Millionaire, I must say that I had this mindset which I am going tell you below but not now!

Lets start….

Actually Millionaire vs. Broke is a 3 part series of Facebook live video.

But I have divided it into 6 part series by adding some other contents which I learned from Myron Golden.

So that you can understand and consume the information easily.

I hope this article may help you to understand why you are Millionaire or Broke?

Here are my notes.

Millionaires vs. Broke (Part 1)

1. 99% people who are broke leaving life avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

2. You have to understand without pain, there is no gain.

3. If you face any problems in your business and you’re frustrated with the things that are not according to you then its mean you’re pretty much closer to your business income goal.

4. Just go and find the solution not the problem.

5. Your income and life is pretty much at the same level of income or life of average five people that you hang out or spend most time with.

6. Poor always say “oh! I know that”, “I knew it already”, “I heard it before”, “I heard that from somebody else”, but they never ever take action on what they have learned.

Millionaires vs. Broke People (Part 2)

1. Get a mentor as soon as possible. If possible go for 1 on 1 coaching. If not read their books, attend their seminar or online Programs.

Because, Mentor is the only person who can help you to reach your goal by taking your hand showing you what to do or what not!

2. Poor always try to do everything on their own and get confused and then finally being frustrated they quit.

3. Stop focusing on money and start focusing on providing value and solution.

4. Poor always seeks to make excuses.

5. Wise always learns more from the fool than the fool learns from wise.

Millionaires vs. Broke People (Part 3)

Really this is very important that you need to understand about the Mindset.

Even I would say before everything your mindset comes first.

1. Broke people always keep on telling to everybody who they meet that “I am broke”, “ I don’t have money”, “I can’t afford” etc.

Be aware about this mindset, whatever you consciously keep on saying to yourself as well as to everybody who you meet that goes to your subconscious mind and it becomes your reality.

So stop saying you’re broke.

2. Poor say everything is a scam if they fail in one or two tasks or businesses.

3. Broke can’t face setbacks in their life.

4. Broke doubt too much if something is given for Free and say hummmm! Why this is for Free? Definitely, there may be a trap.

5. Millionaires take calculated risk and despite failing they make it happen.

6. Broke people don’t want to invest in themselves.

7. Broke want everything thing for Free and when they get the thing for Free they doubt.

Even sometimes they disrespect the Free stuff. They don’t pay much attention to free stuff unless they pay for it.

8. Broke people don’t follow the instructions/rules.

9. Remember

man with the money, makes the rules.Click To Tweet

10. Broke people say it’s too much expensive. No, this statement is not true because they can’t afford.

For example if you want to buy a car and you have options to buy a car out of Maruti, Mahindra, Skoda, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Lambo then which one you will select?

If you select Maruti to buy then it means this is the car that you can afford.

Further, if you select BMW then this one is the car that you can afford.

In both case its affordability.

So it’s not expensive. It’s broke or you who can’t afford.

There are people who directly go to Mercedes Benz showroom to buy car not to Maruti Showroom.

Because they can afford. Got it.

The amount of money you make represents the amount of value you're for the worldClick To Tweet.

11. Just think what is the value you could provide to the market place that can actually afford the things you want in life.

Millionaires vs. Broke People (Part 4)

1. Millionaires make the thing happen.

2. Broke watch how the things happen.

3. Millionaires take responsibility on their shoulders.

4. Broke never take responsibility and blame and complain their situations all the time.

5. Millionaires never afraid of failing.

Millionaires vs. Broke People (Part 5)

Important to Note: – I have added the notes to part 5 of Millionaires vs. Broke People series which I learned from Myron Golden.

Actually these below said notes are from the podcast of Russell Brunson called Marketing Secrets where Myron Golden shared his expertise about Money. Got it!

Let’s move further………

Actually, there are five levels of making money.

What are those? Let us know!

1. Implementation

People who do the implementation or the person who does the things on instructions make least amount of money.

For example Housekeeper at hotel or any place.

Mechanic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re mechanic of Royals Roy or Bentley.

2. Muscle

People who use the muscle power are the people who make least amount of money.

3. Unification

They are the people who manage the things.

It is like your management skills, where you don’t do the things but you manage.

Here you make more money than the people who do the things.

But your income is still limited.

For example Managers or Vice President of MNCs or Big Organisation.

4. Communication

Communicators are some of the second highest paid people in the world.

Mean to say, communicators or people who communicate a message from their heart to somebody else’s heart.

When they communicate or say any words, you feel like they are talking about your life.

Even whatever they (communicator) are talking, you feel like yes this is the thing I do all the times.

For example, Speaker, Author, Actor, Songwriter, Networker, Salespeople etc. They all make Million Dollars per year.

5. Mind

Your mind with imagination is the greatest resource of making money.

But most of us have been programmed our whole life not to think big or not think or talk about money.

As you know, we are told that Money is the root of all problems.

But think for a second, it is the money through which you pay all of your bills and expenses.

There are very few people who use their mind with imagination to make millions or billions.

Whoever are Millionaires or billionaires are the people who are visionary, imaginary with their minds.

So use your mind with imagination to make millions or billions.

Your income is the result of value created and offered in the market place.

Increase your value to the market place to make money.

Millionaire Vs Broke (Part 6)

Important to Note: – This part is taken from the last Facebook Live video series of Millionaires vs. Broke People by Vince Reed. Ok!

Poverty by Consumption. Mean to say what you consumed whole day.

1. What You Watch

Broke always waste their time watching T.V. shows and serials.

Even they watch and share funny as well destructive Videos of cats, dogs, people or an incident on social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsup, Instagram, Youtube etc.

2. What You Read

Tell me when was the last time when you read a book that was educational or motivational or any kind of book that was related to your profession?

Broke always read the magazines and news related to what is the latest fashion, what is latest gossip? What is latest political stunt?

3. What You Listen

What you listen when you’re at home?

What you listen when you commute or travel to your office, office to home or while on vacations?

Millionaire listens to Podcast or Audio CD or DVD of successful people. They listen to their educational or motivational programs.

Whereas Broke listen to latest………… Fill in the blanks whatever you like( only if you are…..)

4. What’s Your Daily Habits

Broke’s daily habits are…………….. . Hummm! You got that right! Whatever the activities you’re doing right now!  (Only if you’re broke)

After watching your daily habits anybody can imagine or guess whether you’re going to be…………… Vs …………….

Your daily habits create your future.

So this is the end of Millionaire Vs Broke Series.

Remember, the money you make or your current income represents the amount of value you’re for the WORLD.

Be the person that people wanna be around you not getting away from you.

Very important, your level of expectations must match to the level of your EXPERTISE.

Finally tell me your five friends and I will tell you your future.

Do let me know in the comment below how did you find this series and what you like the most?

Yes! If you like this article, then do share it with your friends who you think will get benefit. Ok!

Have a nice day!

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