Discover How I Won One Comma Club ClickFunnels Award!

Today in this post I will tell you how I Won One Comma Club Clickfunnels Award?

And what exactly ClickFunnels One Comma Club Award is?

one comma club clickfunnels

One Comma Club ClickFunnels Award!

So without any delay let I tell you….

What is One Comma Club ClickFunnels Award?

Actually its a Award given by Russell Brunson who is co-founder of ClickFunnels and author of two best selling books DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets.

And this One Comma Club Award is given to someone who has made at least $1000 with single funnel selling product or service.

Yes point to note is that…. product can be like physical product or digital product. So it doesn’t matter.

Moving further and let’s know….

How I Won One Comma Club ClickFunnels Award?

So here I would say….

I did it because of focusing on ONE THING…..

As simple as it SOUNDS….

I mean I focused on promoting one product i.e. One Funnel Away Challenge.

And promoted it through One Funnel having landing page and bridge page offering BONUSES…..

By the way, if you don’t know what is One Funnel Away Challenge then you can Read my One Funnel Away Challenge Review here..

Yes I also wanna say it was also possible because of One Funnel Away Challenge Training…….

This OFA Challenge totally changed everything in my Affiliate Marketing Business…..

Really…….earlier to this OFA training……

I was struggling in my Affiliate Marketing Business…..

Very frankly one of the biggest reason to struggle was….

Shiny Object Syndrome…

Due to this shiny object Syndrome…….

I was struggling, dabbling and wondering…..

And I was at the same place where I started in affiliate marketing business….with no results having frustration and desperation…..

Even I would say… due to this shiny object 💡💰….

I wasn’t focused and wasn’t getting any results in my Affiliate Marketing Business…..

In other words… you know..

What mistakes I was doing……

I’m damn sure……. some of YOU will relate to these mistakes…

Actually what I did….

Whenever I saw any New Opportunity or New Product that pays high commission, I jumped on to promote that product…..

Even whenever I saw any Free Webinar Training or E-Book teaching…

How to Make Money …. selling your own course, software, kindle books, t-shirts, online dating products, weight loss products, real estate etc., I jumped on…

Further whenever I saw any Ebooks or Webinar training teaching….

How To Make Money Onlineplacing Adsense ads on YouTube and Blog, Writing articles on blog, placing Google Ads, YouTube Ads, FB ads etc., I jumped On.

Furthermore whenever I saw any FREE training teaching…..

How To Make Money Working from Home just by doing drop shipping, CPA marketing, Affiliate marketing, E-commerce, Flipping websites or domain and doing SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) etc., I jumped on. 

Really I didn’t stop here….

Still I kept looking for other…

Money Making Opportunities…

How To Earn Money Online….doing Freelancing services on Fiverr, Freelancer etc.

How To Earn Money from Home doing Copy writing or Funnel Hacking as a Funnel Hacker…

Remember the webinar having title… How A weird funnel made $17497 in a day and how you can ethically Knock It Off under 10 Minutes….

Even whenever I saw any screenshots with the results posted in Facebook Group especially ClickFunnels Avengers Group…

I got distracted by the results….. and straight way I jumped on to that person’s Inbox😉asking…..

“Hey Mate, how do you getting results promoting Dotcomsecrets book”

“What traffic source, you’re using mate….is it paid ads or organic to promote ClickFunnels

“What Solo Ads platforms are you using to promote other ClickFunnels Stuffs”

“Which funnel are you using bro to promote Expert Secrets book

“How do you promote Funnel Hacks Webinar Class (Which is now FBS Training)

“What tips will you give to promote Funnel Hacker Cookbook


“What strategy are you using to promote One Funnel Away Challenge

So here……

Can you see above….the Disease of Shiny Object Syndrome that I was having….?

Can you see the DISTRACTIONS in promoting different- 2 products…..?

Even, can you see above the great example of NOT being FOCUSED on One Thing?

And I know your Answers to all questions is……


But one day I found the solutions to all these problems.. when I heard about…..

OFA Challenge Training…

I guess it was the month of August 2018 and very frankly at first I was SKEPTICAL to join this challenge…..

And I thought…

How OFA gonna help me to get results in my Affiliate Marketing Business….?

But anyhow I made my decision to join OFA Challenge.

And I decided to invest my Precious Time and my Hard Earned Money i.e. $100 in this training….

And when I saw its pre-training it totally blew up my mind….

Because very first thing I learned from Russell Brunson that…

“You Need To Believe In Yourself”

Very frankly I wasn’t believing in myself, business, process, my capabilities, my talent etc….

And due to this reason only I wasn’t making progress in my affiliate marketing business…..

But when I BELIEVED in ME things started changing in my Affiliate Marketing Business….

And then the second thing I learned in OFA training…

“You Need To Be Focused at One Thing…..”

And finally the third thing I learned… when I went through its actual training…..

And after learning this third thing that I am gonna tell you now…

I said to myself WOW…..and told to myself….


“That’s Why I am not getting results in my affiliate business”

Because there were 3 pieces and these pieces were missing in my funnel.

Or you can say..these 3 pieces were missing in my affiliate marketing business.

Now you might be thinking…..

Pankaj what are these 3 pieces?

Ok, don’t worry….

Let I tell you about these 3 pieces….

And these are…

  1. Hook,
  2. Story
  3. Offer….

Yes, you have heard that right….

In One Funnel Away Challenge Training, I learned…..

How to create Hook, Story and Offer….

And when I implemented all these 3 pieces in my funnel or in my affiliate marketing business….

Then see what happened?

It was MIRACLE that happened to me…..

And this was…

Any guess…?


I started seeing consistent affiliate sales in my affiliate marketing business….

And also got my first One Comma Club ClickFunnels Award.

Isn’t it great…?

So without taking your much time…..

I would say……

If you’re looking for…

How To Start Your Own Online Business Selling Your Own Product Or Someone else Product As An Affiliate Marketer Making Affiliate Commission then join One Funnel Away Challenge.

As simple as it sounds…..

And do what Russell says…..

Yes above all…..

Focus on One Thing….

I mean…

Focus on One Product to Promote With One Funnel and Master At One Traffic Source….

And at least give 6 to 12 month’s time to see results… your Affiliate Marketing Business…..

Finally take MASSIVE ACTIONS…..implementing what you learned in OFA Challenge….

I am damn sure…..

You’re One Funnel Away………….to get huge success in your affiliate marketing business.

That’s it.

Now you know what is one comma club ClickFunnels Award and how I won my one comma club clickfunnels award.

So what next Pankaj…

Now my next target is to win 2 Comma Club Clickfunnels Award.

By the way, if you don’t know…

What is 2 Comma Club Clickfunnels Award?

Then let I tell you in short…

Actually two comma club award is given to someone who has made at least One Million Dollar with Single Funnel selling product or service online.

And this 2 comma club award is given by Russell Brunson.

Below you can see the picture of 2 comma club winner.

This 2 comma club award is given to Akbar Sheikh who is 7 figure Entrepreneur.

And yes good thing is…

He is also my mentor and coach and I am learning from him a lot about online business.

Akbar Sheikh two comma club award

By the way, if you want then you can read my blog interview with Akbar Sheikh where he has shared his 4 Secrets that made him a 7 Figure Entrepreneur.

That’s it. Now you also know what is 2 comma club clickunnels award.

Yes, let me know in the comment if you have any questions, I would be happy to help you.

One more thing, if you like this post then please do share it with your friends or with someone who you think will get the benefit from this post.

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