Discover How Doug Boughton Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner Went From -$414 To 6 Figures In 4 Months!

In this post I am gonna share with you how Doug Boughton Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner went from -$414 To 6 Figures In 4 Months….

And I am also gonna share with you what One SINGLE Piece Of Advice he shared with us.

Discover How Doug Boughton ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner Went From -$414 To 6 Figures In 4 Months!

Doug Boughton Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner Interview!

In other words, it’s my short interview with Doug Boughton where he has shared his story on how he went from -$414 to 6 figures in 4 months.

And also he has shared with us one SINGLE piece of advice for someone who is looking to start his or her own Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020.

So if you’re a beginner and looking for the right way to do Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020 then this post is for you….

Even if you’re thinking like…

I don’t know from where to start

And I am confused …

I have NO CLARITY about where to start affiliate marketing business in 2020 then read this post till the end….

Really, I am very much sure, in this post you will EXACTLY get to know how to start your affiliate marketing business in 2020 in best possible way!

Got it….

So are you ready to know…

How Dogh Boughton Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner Went From -414 to 6 Figures In 4 Months..?


What one SINGLE piece of advice Doug Boughton shared with us….?

Ok let’s know…

By the way…

If you don’t know about Doug Boughton then let I tell you about him….

Who is Doug Boughton?

doug boughton

Doug Boughton is a ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner.

clickfunnels dream car winner

He is a Funnel Expert and Six Figure Supper Affiliate.

Further, he started his own agency while helping a restaurant that he was employed by with building a website utilizing a new software as a service product in 2015 known as ClickFunnels.

In November 2019, Doug had it with working at his full time job and wanted to focus on his business.

With negative $414 in the bank, behind on student loans, he channeled his passion into helping others grow their income and made over $103,000 of pure profit in four months.

Doug now provides sales funnel education and consulting services through his online program i.e. Sales Funnel Mastery.

His mission to help business owners implant and automate sales systems that maximize revenue in less time, effortless, and efficiently.

Now let’s know about…

Dough Boughton Accomplishments so far….

1. Went from -$414 to 6 figures in 4 months….

2. Won the ClickFunnels Dream car in 66 days with no paid ads…

3. Made $34,000 in one week launching a beta course….

4. Sold over 800 people into the OFA Challenges and became the top affiliate on the ClickFunnels OFA Challenge

5. Leaderboard winning a Trip to meet Russell Brunson….

6. Grew a Facebook group to over 5,000 seemingly overnight….

7. Finished Top 20 on the Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets book launch leaderboard….

traffic secrets book russell brunson









8. Interviewed Russell Brunson during his Traffic Secrets book launch in April, 2020…

Now here are some of his programs and courses that you can check out..…

Click here to join his free Sales Funnel Mastery course…

doug boughton sales funnel mastery course

Check out Affiliate Launch Mastery course here..

affiliate launch mastery course

Join Dream Car Secrets 5 Day Challenge here.. (Starts May 18th 2020)

doug boughton dream car secrets 5 Day Challenge

Now you know who is Doug Boughton…..

Ok, let’s move to our interview and first know his backstory…

How did you start your Online Journey?

I hung up the phone and threw it as far as I could over some trees into a baseball field as I let out a giant “Robbbbbbbbbed!!! I am getting F@#king robbed!”.

I was across the street from the baseball field at a gas station talking to a Sallie Mae student loan specialist while my friend was pumping gas.

Later on, I had just been told that there is no way I can go back to school to finish my last term of my college without having another co-signer.

On top of that, my total original student loans of $56,000 had more than doubled during the time

I was away at college.

As she told me my total amount due… $114,968 and 72 cents. I lost it.

After calming down…..

I knew I had to devise a plan…..

I was already working two jobs trying to keep up with my bill as it was, now I had to add another $900 per month to my bills for my student loan interest. 

My Nonie recommended I check out this meeting with her.

Some friends of hers told her about this online marketing thing that they were doing to make some money on the side, and that some of the people doing this had become successful very fast with this method.

Next thing I knew I was at a Crown Plaza Hotel on a Saturday morning getting pitched to.

I freaking loved it! I was all in.  But somewhere I knew that if I could take my door to door sales knowledge and put my effort into direct marketing, I could do really well.

That was far from the truth!

This meeting changed my life, but it would take me 27 business opportunities and eight years later until I finally found ClickFunnels. 

When I found ClickFunnels, I knew this one was going to be different and I knew that this was going to be the vehicle that brings me success.

The only problem was…..

I didn’t know how yet…

I dabbled with designing and selling funnels.

Even I dabbled with doing lead generation for local businesses.

I dabbled trying to sell physical products online and even tried to make my own course on selling a debt relief course.

The keyword was DABBLED!

The #1 mistake people make when they first start out online is that they don’t know where to start, so they dabble in it all.

They try to do everything and when nothing works they give up and call things a scam.

After I decided that I want to teach people how to use ClickFunnels in order to get more customers for their business, and REALLY focused on that one thing, I was able to go from -$444 in January 2019 and make over $100,000 by the end of April 2020. That’s it.

Really he has great a STORY to tell.

Isn’t it?

Thank you sooo much Dough for sharing your Backstory with us.

Now moving further to our short interview and lets know….

Q. What single piece of advice will you give to someone who is beginner and starting out Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020?

A. The single piece of advice that I would give to a beginner in affiliate marketing is…..

Find and align with a company whose mission you stand for.Click To Tweet

Find a product, service or software and focus on their best offer!  

For me, that company is….


I clearly admire and stand for their mission.

“Liberate and educate all entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools and resources they need to be successful online.”

That is the ClickFunnels mission and I can really stand behind that because my life has been changed due to their mission.

Once you have found a company whose mission and values you align with, find their entry level offer that you want to promote.

PICK ONE offer and go with it.

Don’t stop until you are making more money than you currently are with any other stream of income. 

For me, that product was……

One Funnel Away Challenge…

This is the BEST $100 anyone could ever spend on digital marketing education.

I call it a marketing degree in 30 days. I wish I had found this challenge eight years earlier because it would have saved me a ton of time and money.

Go through the offer yourself, find out what you love about it and think about what you can add to it to make it even better.

Find the gaps and fill them.

These will become your bonus for anyone who buys this offer with your affiliate link.

Mine bonus offer was a private Facebook group to hold everyone accountable.

As a team, we took the OFA challenge and helped support those who were getting stuck.

For the first half of 2019, I went through this challenge over and over again, taking a new group of people through it with me.

By creating that one bonus offer, I signed up over 800 people into the One Funnel Away Challenge, made multiple 6-Figures, signed up hundreds of people to ClickFunnels and helped them become successful as well.

If I can do it, I know you can do it!

BTW if you are interested in my free online course teaching everything you need to know about getting started, I would like to invite you to join my Facebook group called Sales Funnel Mastery.

Remember, one company, one product, one focus… you can do this!

That’s it.


So many GOLDEN NUGGETS have been shared by Doug Boughton.

Isn’t it great…?

I hope….you might have enjoyed reading this short interview with Doug Boughton.

Yes if you missed reading this interview then here are…..

My 4 Takeaways From This Short Interview With Doug Boughton Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner!

  • The #1 mistake most people make when they first starting out in online is that they don’t know where to start, so they dabble in it all.


  • Find and align with a company whose mission you stand for.


  • PICK ONE offer and go with it.


  • Find the gaps in the Offer and fill them. These will become your bonus for anyone who buys your offer with your affiliate link.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and apply his advice that Dough has shared with us when it comes to start your own Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020.

I hope that now you have got the CLARITY and the IDEA on where to start in your Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020.

Yes do let me know in the comment below how did you find this short interview.

Now at the end, I would say….

Thank you so much Doug Doughton for giving PRECIOUS TIME and sharing PRECIOUS ADVICE and WISDOM about starting Affiliate Marketing Business in 2020.

Yes, if you have any questions or queries then please let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to answer you.

Finally, if you have found any value from this interview with Dough Boughton then please share it with your friends or with someone who you know will get the benefit from this post.

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