Discover 3 Little Known Steps Of Jacob Caris ClickFunnels Six Figure Super Affiliate So You Can Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing!

In this post, I am going to share with you my short interview with Jacob Caris where he shared his one piece of advice for someone who is looking to start his own Affiliate Marketing Business in 2021.

Discover 3 Little Known Steps Of Jacob Caris ClickFunnels Six Figure Super Affiliate So You Can Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing!

3 Little Known Steps Of Jacob Caris ClickFunnels Six Figure Super Affiliate!

Yes in this short interview not only he shared his One PIECE of advice but he has also shared his 3 Little Known Steps so you can Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.

I mean in this short interview with Jacob Caris….

He has also shared his 3 STEPS FORMULA that will help you to start your Affiliate Marketing Business in 2021 with right blueprint so you can achieve your Income Goals Faster.  

So if you’re new to this affiliate marketing business and want to achieve your Income Goals fast doing Affiliate Marketing in 2021 then this post is for you.


So are you ready to know…

What one piece of advice Jacob Caris shared with us?

Let me ask you this again…

Are you ready to know…

What are the 3 Little Know Steps of Jacob Caris so you can make money online doing affiliate marketing?

If so then read this post till the end…

By the way…

If you don’t know who is Jacob Caris then let I tell you in short about him.

Who is Jacob Caris?

jacob caris

Jacob Caris is a 6 FIGURE Entrepreneur & Super Affiliate from Brisbane, Australia.

He is an online business & digital marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs start & scale profitable affiliate marketing businesses from scratch.

Jacob has sold over a million dollars of digital products online using a range of paid & organic marketing strategies.

He specializes in selling High Ticket Digital Products like….

Legendary Marketer

Its a high ticket program by Dave Sharpe who has made over 200 Million In Sales in his Online Business.

Legendary marketer affiliate marketing domination book

Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi

knowledge broker blueprint 2.0 tony robbins & dean graziosi

Moving further…

He has also won ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest..

Yes if you want to learn about Affiliate Marketing selling High Ticket Item then you can visit Jacob Caris website here…

Here one last thing I would say that..

He is one of the great coach, mentor and human being that I have ever met in my online affiliate marketing journey.

Now you know who is Jacob Caris…

Ok, without any further delay, let’s move to our short Interview with Jacob Caris..

What SINGLE Piece Of Advice Will You Give To Someone Who Wants To Start Affiliate Marketing Business In 2021?

A. If I could give one piece of advice to someone getting started in affiliate marketing, it would be…. 

Get clarity on your strategy.Click To Tweet

When you get very clear on what your strategy is…and there’s three parts to that which I am gonna talk through in a minute, then you know exactly what to do every day.

And a lot of people getting started in Affiliate Marketing are trying to juggle a full time job or whatever else.

So they need to be able to do it in an hour, two hours a day.

And if you don’t have clarity, you can really, really waste that time.

So you really need to be able to distill it down into an actionable plan that’s got a few steps every day that you can follow and have confidence that if you follow those, the money will come in.

Now, in order to get that clarity after all my experiences, trial and error, helping other people it comes down to figuring out three things…

The first thing is….. (First Step)

You really really need to decide on….

What am I going to promote?

what I am going to promote jacob caris

What’s my product going to be?

So here choose one, maybe two and really, really focus on those.

I would recommend at least one of them being a HIGH TICKET PRODUCT where you’re going to get paid $500, $1000 or $2,000 because that’s going to be the FASTEST WAY to get to your INCOME GOALS.

So, PICK A PRODUCT or pick two products and really, really FOCUS ON those.

Don’t jump around to the latest trends and all that kind of CRAP that everyone else is doing.

Focus on one to two.

Once you’ve got those, you need to CRAFT AN OFFER around those one to two products.

create offer jacob caris

Again it’s a three step process for doing that.

1. LIST OUT all of the COMPONENTS so that you know what is in your product.

2. Add SUPPORT via a GROUP or One To One.


Now what a lot of people do with bonuses is they just add as many as they possibly can.

But the BETTER WAY to do it that actually takes less work and gets better results is to really think about…..

What’s that core product missing?


What can I add to that core product that’s going to get better RESULTS.

So that can be you know, three to five really HIGH QUALITY BONUSES that you can put together yourself.

Do case studies or training or whatever it may be.

But make sure that it complements the CORE PRODUCT..

You don’t need 15 or 20 of them.

You just need some really, really high quality ones that relate specifically to that core product.

So that’s the first step is to find that product or those few products.

And then CRAFT YOUR OFFER around it so that you STAND OUT from the hundreds or thousands or ten thousands of other affiliates that are promoting the same product

The second thing…. (Second Step)

You need to figure out…

How you’re going to sell it?

how I am going to sell it jacob caris

So you need a some kind of sales process.

And this can come in a lot of different forms.

This can come in the form of…

Bridge Funnel

network marketing secrets book bridge page funnel

A bridge funnel where someone opts in to receive some kind of lead magnet AND then it goes to a bridge page where there’s a video of YOU.

And in that video, you can SHARE YOUR STORY.

You can share…

How the product that you’re selling has impacted you.

And why it will be good for the person that’s watching that video.

What it can do for them…

Focus on the result that it can get for them rather than just the information that they’re receiving.


people buy in order to get a RESULT, A TRANSFORMATION and OUTCOME.Click To Tweet

They’re not buying the information because they want the information, they want the outcome.

So that’s the one you can do like a simple bridge funnel.

Or you can just talk to people on MESSENGER or you can talk to people on the phone.

They’re really kind of your main three ways to get set up and selling really, really quickly.

So pick one of those and focus on selling that offer that we spoke about in step one using that sales strategy to sell that offer.

The third thing…. (Third Step)

You need to DRIVE TRAFFIC.

drive traffic jacob caris


Now you got your offer, you got your SALES PROCESS, you just need to get as many EYEBALLS as possible to that sales process.

So what I recommend is…

Pick One Platform..

It can be YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, a blog, whatever it may be, pick one and focus on it heavily for the next six months.

So many people are jumping from platform to platform where they’re trying to do too many things at once.

They get spread too thin, and they end up ultimately doing nothing.

So pick one focus on it for the next SIX MONTHS, and that’s going to get you massive traction.

And if you do that consistently, you’re going to be ahead of 95% of the people in the Affiliate Marketing game who are just jumping around from product to product.

Process I’ve just laid out is actually the reverse of what a lot of people recommend..

A lot of people recommend that just STOP putting out the CONTENT and then figure out the product stuff later.

What normally happens and I’ve seen this time and time again is….

People just keep producing content but they don’t know how they going to MONETIZE it.

They get really BURNT OUT, they get TIRED, there’s NO RETURN on their INVESTMENT, all that kind of stuff.

So starting with the product and then figuring out how you’re going to sell it, and then getting to focus on your traffic, you get everything set up.

And then you can ACTUALLY start to see a FASTER RETURN on the time that you’re spending to grow your business.

So that’s the three step process.

And the NUMBER ONE THING there is that it gives you clarity.

Because when you’ve got clarity and you know what you need to do each day, you will be consistent with it.

And when you’re consistent with it, that’s when you’ll start making really really GOOD MONEY.

That’s it.


So many golden nuggets….

Isn’t it great…?

I hope you might have enjoyed reading this short interview with Jacob Caris.

My 10 Takeaways From This Short Interview With Jacob Caris!

1. Get the clarity on your strategy.

2. Decide on what am I going to promote.

3. Pick one product or two to promote that pays HIGH COMMISSION so you can achieve your Income Goal Fast.

4. List out all the components of your Core Affiliate Offer.

5. Find out what is missing in your Core Affiliate Offer.

6. Add 3 to 5 High Quality Bonuses around your Core Offer that fill up the missing part in your Core Affiliate Offer so you can stand out from the competition.

7. Figure out how you’re gonna sell your affiliate product.

8. Have a Simple Sales Process (Bridge Funnel).

9. People buy the Information (Product) to get a RESULT, A TRANSFORMATION and An OUTCOME.

10. Pick One Platform to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Process and focus on it heavily for the next 6 Months.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and apply 3 steps strategy of Jacob Caris that he shared with us when it comes to starting your own affiliate marketing business in 2021.

I hope you got the clarity on what to do in your affiliate marketing business.

Yes do let me know in the comment below how did you find this interview with Jacob Caris.

Now at the end, I would say….

Thank you so much Jacob Caris for giving your precious time and sharing your precious advice and wisdom about Affiliate Marketing Business.

Yes, again I would say…….

If you’re really serious about starting your affiliate marketing business then don’t forget to check out Jacob Caris website here…

Yes, if you have any questions or queries then please let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to answer you.

Finally, if you found any value from this interview with Jacob Caris then please share it with your friends or with someone who you know will get the benefit from this post.

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