Hey everybody welcome to our Day 6 training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program.

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7 Phase Of A Lead & 100 Visitor Test Of Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp!

If you missed our previous clickfunnels training then go check our previous days training.

By the way this has been an amazing week so far.

Think about all that you have accomplished…

You have learned and created YOUR secret formula to build your business…

You have developed your Attractive Character

You have created the foundation for your distribution channel…

You have learned the importance of controlling your traffic…

You have learned how to outspend your competition profitably…

And so much more!

But most importantly, you learned the #1 secret to success in all things…

We’ve all heard “knowledge is power” but that’s just not true…

Knowledge is potential power…

And that power is achieved through action! Right!

In today’s lesson I am going to explain about 7 phase of lead & 100 visitor tests which I have learned from Russell Brunson.

In this training you will get to know how to get your prospects to act, join your list, and ascend into becoming a customer.

In this training I am going to reveal the 7 action steps that each of your leads must go through to allow you to serve them at the highest level.

So let’s start our training.

1. Traffic Temperature.

Traffic Temperature is the first phase that you have to understand.

To make it clear, you have to examine the mindset of the traffic before it reaches to site, product or service.

You may not be aware about this but there are three levels of traffic that come to your website and i.e. Cold traffic, Warm traffic and Hot traffic. So let’s learn about these types of traffic.


Cold Traffic.

Cold traffic is made up of people who have no idea who you are. They don’t know what you offer or whether they can trust you.

Warm Traffic.

Warm Traffic consists of people who don’t know you, but they have relationship with somebody you know.

This is where joint venture (JV) partnerships work well. Affiliates or JV partners have relationships with their lists, and they endorse you or your offer to their subscribers.

They lend their credibility to you so their followers feel comfortable checking your offers.

Hot Traffic.

Hot traffic is made of people who already know who you are.

They’re on your email list, they subscribe to your podcast, they read your blog, and you have an established relationship with them.

You’re going to talk with them as they are your friends. You tell them stories, share your opinions and let them into your private life a little bit.

Each group needs special treatment and individual communication. Or you can say that each group needs to come across a different bridge to arrive at your landing page.

Yes, that means you may even need three different landing pages, depending on how you’re driving traffic. Right!

Here is a quote that Russell Brunson mentioned in his training which will help you to understand hot vs. warm and cold traffic and how you must communicate differently with each type. w.

“If your prospect is aware of your product and has realized it can satisfy his desire, your headline starts with the product. If he is not aware of your product, but only of the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire. If he is not yet aware of what he really seeks, but is concerned with general problem, you headline starts with the problem and crystallizes it into a specific need.” Gene Schwartz

We can also understand it another way, where you have to understand the level of awareness of your prospect or lead.

There are five levels.

  1. Unaware
  2.  Problem aware
  3.  Solution aware
  4. Product aware
  5. Most aware.

Lets discuss about five levels in details.


Unaware where somebody knows nothing. He doesn’t know what to do? How to do? Where to do? They may somehow know their problem but may not know the solution.

Actually this is cold a traffic. This is the hardest point where you make someone to understand what to do? How to do? Where to do?

No doubt it’s a time and money consuming phase of your marketing or funnel. Where you take your prospect or lead from point A to Z.

Problem Aware.

Problem aware where your prospect or lead knows exactly what their problem is but they don’t know what is the solution of their problem.

This type of traffic is also called a Cold Traffic. So in your funnel or marketing, you need to focus your copy on the problem because that’s what they are more aware of.

Solution Aware.

Solution aware where they know that there is solution for them. They know that there are multiple solutions for them for their problems.

For example, when it comes to DotCom Secrets Book, they are probably aware that there are others books that can help them regarding their online business.

They are aware that there are so many Video Trainings, Coaching Programs, Books, You Tube videos that could help them and solve their problems but here what you need to do is give best solution to their problems.

You can take them to your blog post or podcast or any other distribution channel where you solve the problem in best possible way of your prospect or lead. Ok!

Further, in this training Russell has also made point that for solution aware, Facebook is a very hot place to start with.

The reason for this is because there are so many communities or groups on Facebook regarding your dream client, interest, product or service.

And when you tap into other’s people community or groups on Facebook with the same belief, culture and interests that you have and provide solutions to their problems then they become more solution aware.

They become more interested in your community, your product or service. They want to know more about solutions to their problems.

And from there you can bring them to your community and show them more solutions and from here make them more product aware as well as most aware.  Yes! You can consider them as Warm buyer.

So in simple way, solution aware where they already know there are solutions out there. And you tap into community or group and you show them solutions and bring them to your community. Got it!

Product Aware.

Product aware is where someone is already aware about your product that you’re currently promoting.

They are most aware of product. But they are still in doubt that whether this product is going to work? Whether this product is going to help in their business? What if it doesn’t work etc.?

In other words, someone who is not aware about other products but he is aware of specifically about your product that you’re currently promoting.

For example in this clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training, we are promoting Dot Com Secrets book, so here he already knows that Dot Com Secrets book exists.

And he has some kind of vague idea that what this book is all about.  But this doesn’t mean that you can’t promote to him.

Surely he is a hot buyer and he is great person to promote your product. But in this case, you probably wanna come from different angle that how to promote to him.

Because if he is aware of the book or he has already heard about the book and still he hasn’t bought that book then there may be reasons that he hasn’t purchased that book yet.

Reason can be something like whoever made him aware about the book, did not express in a way or did not position in a way to make that person to say yes I need that book.

So you have to think in a way that how you’re going to position yourself to get his attention and want him to take action. Ok!

Most Aware.

Most Aware where your prospect or lead already know your product. They may be product buyer. If they bought one product then probably they will buy more products too.

Here you don’t have to put more efforts to sell your products to your prospect or lead. Here they become your hot buyers. You just need to tell them how this next one product is going to help in other parts or areas of their business.

No doubt, at this point you have created most trust. Mean to say, your prospect or lead have started trusting on you as well as your product.

Surely if they have found value in your first product then no doubt they will buy your other products too.

Finally in short in a funnel or marketing, you take your prospect or lead from Unaware to Problem Aware and then Problem Aware to Solution Aware. Further solution Aware to Product Aware. And at last, product Aware to Most Aware.

Note: – Take your lead step-by-step. Don’t take your lead from problem aware to directly your product.

So this is the path that you take your customer down, all while keeping a relationship so that the customer will continue to ascend your Value Ladder.

The money you make in your business depends on how well you manage the experience of every person who comes in contact with you, no matter how long they stay.

Your goal, of course, is to get the prospect to stick around and become regular client or repeat buyer. The longer you can keep them around, the more likely they’ll buy from you.

Now you know the traffic temperature. This is the phase that you need to understand your prospect or lead. Or you need to understand the temperature of your prospect or lead.

In other words, you need to know that whether prospect or lead is a Cold, Warm or Hot. Make sense!

2. Pre-Frame Bridge.

This is the most important part of your funnel. Your pre-frame bridge sets the mood and mindset for the visitor to your site or landing page.

This is the step that builds the trust and allows you to build your community. So you need to understand it very carefully. Right!

If you’re sending cold traffic then your pre-frame needs to do more. You have to provide more information about why you’re making recommendation.

Each step of your funnel, pre-frames the next step.

Let understand this in that way. You pre-frame bridge starts with your ad and then move forward to your solution. It can be anything like your blog post, podcast, video training or any other distribution channel.

And from there you pre-frame your prospect or lead to product and move to the order page. Every single step is a pre-frame. Right!

Just think about when you go to the party and meet to t someone who you don’t know. You say hello to him and give your introduction such as “Hi my name is Pankaj Singh.”

So this is your pre-frame. Before you know each other better, you pre-frame that how you look, how you speak, how you smell etc.

And this same happens in your marketing when you place Ad.  Your Ad is your first impression. If your visitor to your Ad appreciate the ad and understand the ad, then they are more likely to click on your ad and want to know more about your offer.

From your ad, you take them to your community with a different mindset and change their environment. You change their relationship. You provide an opportunity that might open their minds.

Note: – Pre-frame is all about building a trust and you build trust by providing value. Being helpful. Showing them how they can get something done.

3. Qualifying Subscribers.

Now its time to qualifying subscribers.

Qualifying your subscriber is the act of presenting an option for your visitors to enter their email in exchange for something that will help them.

So, after pre-framing, you send your prospect to a landing page, optin page, squeeze page, quiz with optin or pre-sell page etc., where you get the email of your visitor in exchange for solution that you provide through your video training, E-book, Blog Post, Podcast etc.

Note:- When your visitors enter email then it means that they are saying yes to you that they are ready to continue their relation with you and accept your free offer or help.  So its mean they have qualified and become subscriber of you.

4. Qualify Buyers.

Next one is qualifying your buyers just like qualifying your subscribers.

Qualifying buyers is the act of offering something for your visitor or subscriber to buy.

Any time there is an opportunity to buy, your visitors must trust that the sale is in their best interest.  Trust must be established.

This is why your pre-frame is so important that you’re leveraging your trust toward the sale.

So when they buy they qualify themselves.

It’s important to understand that buyer is a buyer.  Once they pull out their credit card they have met this requirement. They will buy again at some point.

If they don’t buy then they disqualify themselves at that moment. But they have option to come back again and buy the product.

Because as they are your subscriber and you need to continue to build relationship with them by providing value and ask if they need your help or not.

5. Identify Buyers In Heat.

In this phase you have to identify that whether a buyers in heat or not.

So identifying whether a buyer is in heat and how hot their desires burn is based on whether they purchased the upsells offered and how far they ascend while in heat.

For example, when a buyer purchases frontend product then sometimes he also purchases upsells product.

So here we can identify that the level of heat of buyer.  Mean to say we can identify the burn desire of buyer to purchase the product.

To determine that whether a buyer is in heat or not, you have to download the affiliate sales CSV file by from your affiliate dashboard by checking for email addresses that purchases more than one product in a short period of time.

Check in your CSV file except Dot Com Secrets Book what else did they buy? Did they buy clickfunnels?

Did they buy Perfect Webinar etc.? Did they ascend upto Funnel Scripts Webinar and therefore buy the Funnel Hacks Masterclass.

7. Age and Ascend The Relationship.

This is where you contact with your community. You provide value and build trust and build relationship with your subscriber.

Remember trust is earned not purchased.  The only way to way to earn trust is to be consistent. Stay in contact and provide value.

Note: – In training video Russell said that if you don’t contact with your list within two weeks they will forget you.

And the best way to be in contact and provide value to your subscriber by applying the concept of SOAP Opera sequence and SEINFELD emails. We will cover this in our coming training. Ok!

7. Change the Environment.

Here you have to change the environment of your subscriber. Because there are lots of people, who are talking about marketing.

There are lots of people who are talking to your community asking them to get their attention.

1. Change the method, you communicate with your community.

First thing you have to change the method, you communicate with your community.

If you’re talking with them through email. Send them a video.

If you communicate with them through Video. Send them Emails. If you communicate with your community or subscriber through email and video couple of times. Send them Audio.

And by doing that you are simply changing their environment.

2. Change the format of your deliverables/training/tools.

Next you can do that change the format of your deliverables/training/tools.

May be an email that shows training step by step. Next send email having PDF that shows next training step by step.

Here the basic the idea is that you’re changing selling environment or communication environment. Right!

3. Change the presentation within the same format.

Next one is change the presentation within the same format.

For example if you’re doing presentation where you’re showing slides, you can also show the video, PDF etc.

So all these formats gonna keep them engage with you.

Congratulations you have determined your traffic source’s lead phases and buyer relationship. At this point you have a good idea of your traffic temperature.

Here is what you need to do, go back and understand your traffic temperature is determined by type of community that you’re drawing your dream customer from. Right!

The 100 Visitor Test.

Here whole idea is that monitor your Ads by sending 100 visitors, so you have a clean comparison.

By comparing your ads by 100 visitor, understand how to get customer to say “Yes” the first time and as many times as possible.

Make a note that your dream customers “Yes” starts with your Ad. Right! They have to say “Yes” first to your Ad. They have to click to your Ad first before going to your landing page, blog post or any where you want them to take.

Each step along the way needs its own “Yes”.

So as an affiliate your first “job” is to determine how to engage and get that first and second “Yes”.

Mean to say, how to get click on your Ad and second how to get email in exchange of lead magnet.

So when they submit their email or say yes to your landing page in exchange of lead magnet, this is how you build your community.

So as an affiliate you need to find out how you can get more Yes to your Ads, Optin Page and Your offers in the backend. Ok!

Finally many congratulations to you. You have completed your Day 6 training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp.

If you have any questions or any doubt then do let me know in the comment below. I would be so happy to help you.

And yes! If you find any value  through this training, then please share this post with your friends. Ok

Till then bye! We will meet in our next training of Day 7 where we will discuss about “Creating Your DCS Book Offer”

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