Hey buddy welcome to Day 5 training of Affiliate Bootcamp.


Three Types of Traffic of Affiliate Bootcamp Program(ABC)

In today’s training we are going to learn about 3 types of Traffic which I learned from Russell Brunson.

And yes if you missed our previous training then go check previous training.

So in today’s training I am going to show you the difference between the kind of traffic that will help you grow and scale your business…

… and the kind you want to stay away from.

Let’s start.

Before discussing about 3 types of traffic, I want to discuss about the concept of Who, Where and Bait.

Do you remember our Day 2 Training of affiliate bootcamp?  If not then don’t worry! I explain it in short.

In our Day 2 training we discussed about Secret Formula where we discussed about Who is our dream customer, where they congregate, what is our bait to attract our dream customer and where we want to take our dream customer.

So this concept goes here while choosing our target traffic. And that’s why it is very important to know the concept of Who, Where and Bait.

Let I explain it in detail.

Just think who is your target market whom you want to sell? Or who is your perfect customer Avatar you want to sell?

So here my target market is Kristina who is my dream client. She is female. She is married. She is beautiful and smart.

She is doing her traditional job/business. She is earning $30000 to $40000 per year. She has 9 to 5 traditional job/business.

She is frustrated with her traditional job/business. She wants to make money online. She wants to start a business online.

She is positive. She has passion for her talent. She is willing to invest in herself as well as in her business.

She is eagerly to change her existing life to her desired life. She wants to live a luxurious lifestyle.

She loves her family. She has message that she wants to share. She value’s her personal growth over money etc.

And same thing goes for my next dream Client Alex. He is married. He is smart and Handsome. He is positive.

He is doing his traditional job/business. He is earning $30000 to $40000 per year. He has 9 to 5 traditional job/business and so on.

Did you get the idea here?

Here the main idea is that before promoting anything you have to understand that who is your target market whom you want to sell? Right!

Second where are they congregating?

Just find out where they are congregating with their similar belief and interest. Are they on online forums? Are they on Facebook? Are they on Facebook Groups, Facebook Page etc.

Are they on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube?

You can take an example of Warrior Forum which is related to Internet marketers where people come and discuss their problems and find solutions related to their businesses.

Another example, as on Facebook there are so many groups and pages of related to Weight Loss where people of the group discuss their problems and solutions regarding weight loss. Got it!

Simply you can say find out what are the online places or platforms that they hang out or come together and discuss with similar belief, culture and interest. Right!

And third question in this series you have to ask that what is the shiny object (bait) they want?

To attract your dream client you have to create bait or you can say shiny object that they want.

It must be something that they eagerly want.

Or in other words, your bait must be something like a solution to the big problem of your dream client that they are searching for?

Just think what they want and create your Shiny Object or bait according to that.

For example, do they want to lose weight? Do they want any secret stock tip? What solutions they are searching for? So go in deep.

Take another example as in your Affiliate Bootcamp, you are dream client of Russell Brunson.

And you want to make money online or want to start your business online or want to make commission from affiliate business.

What is the bait here? Here the bait is Free Affiliate Bootcamp Training. Got the point?

So in the same way in your affiliate bootcamp training, your bait or shiny object is Free Dot com Secrets Book that will teach your dream client how to strategically build an online business. Right!

Coming further!

3 Types of Traffic.

Further before promotion, you have to understand the concept of three types of traffic.

What are three types of traffic? Let’s understand this!

1. Traffic You Control

In this type of traffic, you have the control over the traffic.

For example Solo Ads, PPC ( Facebook, Google etc.) or Affiliates.

Actually, this type traffic is a paid traffic where you pay for showing your ad to your target market having full control over the traffic.

Just take example of Facebook PPC Ad where you place ad on Facebook on PPC (Pay Per Click) based. And when you place ad on Facebook then here you have full control over the traffic.

In other words you can show your ads by selecting specific person such as male or female.

You can also show your ads by selecting specific countries such as USA, UK or any other country of the world. Even you can decide that to what age group you want to show your ad on Facebook. Right!

Note:- In your coming training I will show you how to set up your Facebook Ad step-by-step to promote your offer.

Hey! You might be thinking why we have emphasized so much to show your ad on Facebook.

Answer is simple, because Facebook is the second largest social media platform where you can place your ad and Google is number one place to show ad.

Of course, there are other places too where you can place your ad such as Google, You Tube, Yahoo, Media Buying etc. But Facebook is by far the best platform where you can place your ad and get better results.

2. Traffic You Don’t Control

Here in this type of traffic, you have no control over the traffic. For example SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media etc.

Just take in this way, when somebody goes to Google and while searching he finds your blog and read the content on your blog and go away to another blog or site.

So here you can see you don’t have control over that person. Here Google owns that traffic. Got it!

3. Traffic You Own

This type of traffic is like your own email list, your own followers, your fans on Facebook page, your readers on blog, your audience on Podcast etc.

This by far is the best method where you own your traffic. Because you have full control over that traffic.

Here by providing true value to your list, follower or readers you build relationship with them. Once you build relationship with your list, followers or readers they start trusting on you, they start believing on you.

And you can promote your offer to your list, followers and readers anytime whenever you want without paying extra cost for traffic.

Now, the best recommendation here is that build your list. This is the best traffic that you own.

Finally the goal of all traffic is to convert it from traffic you control/don’t control into traffic that you own. Ok!

Further, I would say it again that to make a successful campaign or get success in any business, you must get as much data about your dream client as you can. Dig deeper and deeper and find out everything about your dream customer. Right!

This is the secret, foundation or fundamental of every successful business. Any successful businesses don’t just randomly pick a product or service and start promoting. They don’t shoot in the dark.

They make strategy, plan, and get the data about their dream client as much as possible. Right!

If you’re not making proper strategy, plan or getting proper data of your dream client/customer then surely in every campaign or every business you’re going to fail.

I know this sounds bad! But there is no other way to make your business successful. Got it!

Furthermore, find other people who have a successful funnel and are selling to your target market. Ok!

Then if you find others who are already successful selling to the chosen market, then reverse engineer what they’re doing and figure out where they are getting their traffic.

Very frankly, if you don’t find anyone who is successful in your market then don’t move forward. Right!

The Internet is full of gurus teaching hundreds of different ways to generate traffic, and it seems like a new tactic or trick pops up every day.

Just focus on real strategy.  Prefer to find out where the traffic already exists and then just plunk yourself down in front of it and send them to your site.

Why work hard to generate traffic when it’s already out there waiting for you?

Existing Traffic Streams.

The first step to reverse engineering existing traffic streams is understand the five elements that go into any successful online ad campaign. What are the five elements?

  1. Demographics
  2. Offer
  3. Landing Page
  4. Traffic Source
  5. Ad Copy

Never ever start creating a funnel unless you know at least four of these above said five elements.

If your campaign/funnel is not working then surely it will come down to one of these above said five elements.

Let’s look at each variable individually so you can get a clearer picture.

1. Demographics

The demographics are all the characteristics of the people you’re targeting. The demographics define who belongs in the target group and who doesn’t.

Here meaning is that you have to consider the distinguishing factors like what are their ages? Are they male or female? Where they live? What are their Educations? What are their languages?

What they wear? Are they married or single? What are their hobbies? What are other interests except hobbies? What their common belief? What religion they belong to?

What are their financial conditions? What are their passions? What they want to become or achieve in life? What are their problems? And any other characteristics you can think of that define those people you want to reach with your message.

Let’s take an example of Russell‘s Company where their main demographic is entrepreneurs making between one and three million dollars a year.

If you put the right offer in front of the wrong demographics, it’s going to bomb. If you put a wrestling supplement offer in front of older people with diabetes, they’re not going to buy.

So, you need to make sure that you get your demographics right. Once you know the demographics of the people your competitors are going after, it’s very simple to know what yours should be.

When you know your demographics, you know who your target market is and where they are likely to be hanging out online. You know what sites they’re on and where they get together to talk to each others.

Once you have that information, it becomes very easy to scale your offer and build your business quickly.

2. Offer

The offer comes down to what you are selling and at what price point you are selling it, including your upsells and downsells. You need to find out what your successful competitors are offering.

Remember, the first offer you see probably isn’t the primary offer. The first offer is just the tip of the iceberg and you need to see their entire iceberg during this research phase.

When you’re researching competitors then you need to go in and purchase everything they offer. Just know exactly what they’re selling, how they’re selling it, and at what point they’re offering each product in their funnel.

What’s the copy on the sales videos? What emails you’re getting? Are they selling in every email or offering content in some? The more you know the better chance of success you will have.

3. Landing Page

This is the page a person lands on right after they click on ad and it is the most important page of your entire funnel. Find out what does that page look like for your successful competitors? Is it an opt-in-page? Is it a sales page? What’s working for people right now?

Point is that you are not going to make up your own landing page and hope it works. Here you’re going to reverse engineer what’s already working and model that for your own page.

It’s always comes back to modeling what’s already working.

It is a mistake that so many people put up random sites they think look good, without first investing successful sites in their niche.  Then they wonder why they’re not making any money. It’s because they’re not following a proven model.

There is quote by Tonny Robbins and where he says “If you want to be successful in any part of your life, you need to find someone else who is already doing what you want to do and model your efforts after theirs”.

So idea is that you need to model, what’s already working. Don’t reinvent the wheel again. Got it!

Find what someone else has already done and model it.

4. Traffic Source.

Where is your Competitor’s traffic coming from? What are the specific websites that competitor buys ads on? Is the traffic coming from banner ads or social media or email? Does your competitor use mainly video or text?

Do not think that you need to create traffic. The traffic is already out there.  All you have to do is find it, tap into it, and redirect it back to your offer.

5. Ad Copy

This is the last element of a successful campaign. What do successful ads look like? What makes people click on the ad? What’s enticing them to even look at the competitor’s ad in the first place?

What pictures are competitors using? What does the headline say? What does the body copy look like? Are the competitors using video in their ad?  All these things influence whether a person clicks on an ad or not.

Remember traffic is made of real people. People can be persuaded to click, but it can take months or years of trial and error to discover how to make that happen.

Don’t waste time trying to figure it out by blindly tweaking and adjusting your own advertising methods. Find what’s already working and model it.

Once you’ve got a predictable, steady income, you can run split tests and try to improve on the ad yourself.

The whole reverse engineering process depends upon finding out about all five of these elements in regards to your competitors.

So get as much data as you can before you start building out your offers, lading pages and ads.

Never move forward unless you have enough data regarding these above said five elements.  Keep digging, keep researching until you find a niche where you can find all the data you need to move ahead and be profitable.

How To Reverse Engineer A Successful Campaign?

Now you know what to look for in your competitor’s campaign.  Now I’m going to show you how to dig up all this awesome information.

Where Are Your Competitors (Both Direct and Indirect)?

Right now, your customers are where your competitor’s customers are. So, that’s where you need to start looking.

You have two types of competitors: direct and indirect.

A direct competitor is a person or company selling something very similar to your product.

On the other hand, indirect competitors who are selling something different than you but to the same demographic.

The first step is to make a list of your direct and indirect competitors and their landing page URLs.

If you don’t know who your competitors are, then just got to Google and start typing in search phrases you would want people to buy in if they were searching for you.

For example, if you’re in weight loss niche then you’d just type in phrases like “how to lose weight fast” or “lose weight quickly” Look for the paid ads (Usually at the above and below of the page) and click on those ads. You will be taken to their site/landing page. Copy that URL. You can see the snapshot below.

google 3

This will give you a good idea of who your successful competitors are.

Now that you have your competitor’s website URLs, let me show you how simple it is to find out exactly Where they are already advertising, What ads they’re running, and Where they are sending their traffic.

Using this simple strategy, you’ll quickly be able to figure out all five of the variables in each of the competitor’s campaigns.

Just to know where they are advertising, what are ads they’re running or where they are sending their traffic etc., we will use the tool i.e. SimilarWeb.

There are other others tools too such as WhatsRunsWhere and Adbeat. But here we will use Similar Web only. Ok!

This is a website where you can find your competitor’s traffic sources and many more.

Let’s do it step-by-step.

As in our Affiliate Bootcamp we are promoting our Free Dot Com Secrets book and to show how to find your competitors Traffic Sources and Demographic we are using the URL of Dot Com Secrets Book.

First go to the site Similar Web and put your competitor’s website URL in the search bar of Similar Web and hit the button. As in our case we have put the URL of Dot Com Secrets Book. See below the screenshot.

3 types of traffic 16

From here, you can quickly see each of the traffic sources that the competitor is using. See below the screenshot.

3 types of traffic 5

Next you can see the countries from where the traffic is coming to URL of Dot Com Secrets Book. See below the screenshot.

3 types of traffic1

Further you can see the top referring sites that are referring to Dot Com Secrets Book. See the screenshot below.

3 types of traffic 14

And then you can also see the top destination site where traffic goes after Dot Com Secrets Book. See below the screenshot.

3 types of traffic 8

Furthermore you can also see regarding Top Publishers, Top Ad Networks, Social sites from which they get most traffic. As in that case Facebook is the site from where they are getting most traffic i.e. 96.22%. See below the screenshots.

3 types of traffic 9

3 types of traffic 10

3 types of traffic 11

Later on you can also see the traffic which they are getting organically and what the top keywords that are getting most traffic. Or you can say highly searched keywords in the search engine. See below the screenshot.

3 types of traffic 12

As in above example you can see all the demographics about your competitor.

Further you can also see what’s there ad copy or how ad looks like by going to the site WhatsRunsWhere. It’s not free. They have paid version but they have trial of $1 for 3 days. Right!

The last step is actually to purchase your competitor’s product so that you can see the upsells and downsells. What emails does your competitor send to customers? What else happens after the initial purchase?

Armed with this information, you now have everything you need to start building out your own successful funnel in that niche.

Isn’t it amazing? You can literally reverse engineer everything your competitor is doing in less than 10 minutes.

Just plug in the website and go where they have already gone. Sell to the customers who have already shown interest in this type of service or product. Redirect them to buy your product. Right!

Finally you have completed your Day 4 training. Many Congratulations to you. Here is your today’s home work. Find out and note down in your note book.

  1. Who is your target market?
  2. Where they congregate?
  3. What’s the bait or shiny object you’re going to attract your customer?
  4. Make a list of your direct and indirect competitor.
  5. Find each landing page URL.
  6. Enter a URL into the online research tools such as SimilarWeb, WhatRunsWhere or Adbeat etc.
  7. Collect data, Dig Deep, click on links, buy products and see what the competitor is doing.
  8. Create a swipe file of ideas to model.

If you have any question or doubt then comment below. I would be so happy to help you.

Yes! If you find this training valuable then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Now we will meet in our tomorrow’s Day 6 training where we will discuss about 7 Phase of a Lead & 100 Visitor Test. Till then bye. Have a nice day!

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