(Day 3 FHL 2018 Notes) What Are The Top Secret Patterns Of The Titans!

In today’s post I am going to share with you what are the Top Secret Patterns of the Titans (FHL 2018 Notes Day 3).

FHL 2018 Notes

Now you might be wondering what the heck this is?

So don’t worry….

Actually I am talking about DAY 3 FHL 2018 notes!

As you know I am sharing all Notes of FHL 2018 right from Day 1 to Day 4. So today I am going to share the notes of Day 3 of FHL 2018.

Very frankly these are not my notes as there are of Adel Anwar who is one of the great contributor in our ClickFunnels Facebook Official Group. He frequently keep on posting valuable posts on ClickFunnels Facebook Group.

So I copied the exact post i.e. Day 3 FHL (Funnel Hacking Live) 2018 Notes and with some changes I am writing it down here on my blog.

And I think it would be great to publish all the notes on my blog so that readers can get the benefit from all Day 1 to Day 4 FHL 2018 Notes.

So yes, if you missed Day 1 and Day 2 notes of FHL 2018, then read my previous posts. Right?

Ok, now moving to what are the top secrets patters of the Titans ( Day 3 Notes of FHL 2018).

So are you ready for Day 3 Notes of FHL 2018.

Ok, let’s know…….

What are the TOP SECRET Patterns of the Titans?

1. Secret to Living is Giving

If you study the posts of the 2 comma clubbers and those on the stage you will notice the secret to their million is living in a state of pure giving!

I’ve always wondered what is the science behind this!

Turns up that a Professor at Wharton did studies on this (you know where President Trump and Sen. John McCain went to university).

Prof. Grant found that the richest people in the world are adaptive givers. They give like crazy but are not stupid in so doing!

Your job is to be a compassionate capitalist. You are to live in state of giving. But prudence and surprise means:

You can give for free “and” making money going up the funnel PARADOXICALLY doing the same things that give you for free and low cost!

It’s not like information is not already available online for free – such people’s books in talks like on Google talk at Google H.Q, or on TED talks!

Even Tony Robbins has a TED talk and its free!

But the some people pay $1million for a one to one- and you know what?

It’s the same information!

The middle class read this and think “oh yea? Then I’ll use the free” !

The rich read this and think “oh yea? Then I’ll pay the million to join” !

Do you notice the different mindset? Both have money!

Your job as a compassionate capitalist is to capture both types of fish and move them up the funnel.

Create many different bait points and river beginnings to suck them into your stream so they float down river to the ocean moving up the funnel.

In other words you do not limit yourself to one ‘entry’ point for your folks.

Go M.D. – multi dimensional: send them emails, have different funnels for lead magnets to get optins, where possible get their SMS, get their home address, send them voice mail drops, retarget the living daylights out of them!

Be smart about it….

Getting just their email is the easiest thing so focus on that;

But when they enroll into your webinar let them know you’ll send them a SMS to remind them to capture this;

If you do ‘free plus shipping’ then you end up (not so) stealthily capturing their total details without raising their red flags!

Drop pixels to retarget them.

Compassionate capitalism covers more than the above.

Use profits to help people who can’t even get into your funnels because they are just so poor: it’s not yet feasible for them.

This will make you feel spiritual abundance. And you will become a living magnet attract other people into your life that will help you when you are in need, or even interesting when you have no need!

Think about it…

If someone has helped you or those whom you also care about wouldn’t you bend over backwards to help them – even if they are doing perfectly fine!

2. Alphabet Method

Although there are so many books in a giant library and so much has been written in a law library that it boggles the mind!

But ultimately it’s down to only 26 letters! This is the basic foundation upon which you can “create” anything! Right?

Well the “core patterns” of the CF (ClickFunnels) millionaires is down to these basics in this post!

All people need to engage in :

-> Generating Leads!

-> Converting Leads into Paying Customers!

-> Moving these customers at the point of sale up the funnel: push them up, down, over and over again then cross-sell other products too – but give them an escape button each time (which means you capture the sales from where they have already been)!

Action steps:

a] What can you do to generate leads? Did you know there are more than 101 ways to do this 😉 Oh yes!

b] What can you do to convert leads into paying customers?

c] How to reel in your fish to move them up the stair chase of the river stream so fish climb upwards (even though they have no feet)?


So think….

What are the ways to generate leads?

* Best way is facebook today!

* Youtube is not bad if you can master that platform!

* Instagram has brought great riches for folks!

* Gary Vee is crazy about you mastering SNAPCHAT before others do!

* Offline post card marketing is VERY powerful!

* Retargeting folks is wowza!

* Joint venture with others with big lists is INVALUABLE AND THAT IS THE MAGIC OF BEING AT FHL !!!!!!

You meet folks eye to eye, heart to heart – and NOTHING beats that level of trust!


How to convert folks?

* Scarcity timers are amazing!

* Hit them with a call to action (CTA) after enrolling them into a free webinar : make your offer.

* “Seed” your webinar with the offer – this is a VERY POWERFUL skill.

Russell is a master-blaster at this throughout the event! Tony Robbins is too 😉

{Below I seed your mind with the concept of “All in” and it’s all deliberate but it’s truthful too – so it’s not a nasty trick – it IS a professional neuro-scientific nudge for your own good – to transform your destiny! And here I am seeding you again 😉 }

** Talking about seeding folks: asking question in a survey, keeping things simple and then feeding their answers back to them by expertly segmenting them is very simple and very very powerful.

CF (ClickFunnels) has apps to do this survey and also you have the capability in your CF designer.

* Limit numbers (scarcity again).

* Give them bonuses that knock them off their chairs so they “must” buy and buy not or miss out (FOMO: fear of missing out).

* Show the social proof!

* Demo your product and wow them!

JVZOO products are often ‘not so good’ but their marketing must be studied like crazy because they are THE BEST at this!


How to reel in the fish?

* Many folks need 21 points of contact with you before they know, like and trust you.

Most won’t pay attention 2 out of 3 times: that means 7 points of massive contact.;)

* Hit them up with lead baits so they bite! Its good old fashioned fishing!

* Hit them in multiple channels so you follow them around (retargeting)

* Incentivize them with powerful copy (see below)

3. Massive Action

It sounds odd. But in an era when it’s so easy to engage in ‘fake work’, the millionaires focus on doing what you’re meant to do, and doing it ‘all out’.

Step by step they moved forwards, whereas all others in a ‘relativity time-space’ continuum moved backwards!

Most people get ‘out of line’ so they are constantly at the back of lines. Then how do you expect to get to the front of any line and ‘collect’ the cash?

It’s so easy to chase shiny objects but why not just stick to CF (ClickFunnels) Suite and focus like a Ninja on maximizing the use of your CF Suite?

Why watch and pay for other courses?

Why watch and pay for other autoresponders?

But there are so many doing that – when – in reality all you need is in front of you but are you blind or seeing it?

Get, immerse and soak up everything Russell, only Russell and no one but Russell. Are you?

Like U.S. military sharp shooters the millionaires focused on the bulls eye, instead of the bull {fill in the blank | clue: rhymes with ‘Pitt’ ! } !

Action steps:

a] Do you focus on the bulls eye too?

b] Do you even know what the bull- eye is daily, weekly, monthly?

c] Do you measure if you’re hitting the bull- eye?

d] How much did are you hitting the other type of bull, the bull{fill in the blank}

e] Do you have apps or a living human being coach keeping you ‘on task’ daily and weekly?

If you don’t know where you are going then no destination will take you there!

4. All in

Have you noticed how completely committed the two comma club are to clickfunnels?

You may mistake effect for cause.

So many people are still messing around with ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit with rationalization, justifications and stories. But where is the money?

Go all in and get the incredible packages that Russell gives you because you’ll get the urgent training you need as part of that on ‘what to do’ so you ‘do it’!

But going ‘all in’ is not just with generating wealth using CF suite. It’s the same thing in any sports or activity! It’s how a woman test a man to determine if the man is – man enough.

Listen why did a lady accept a marriage proposal on the stage on Day 2 in front of the thousands of people at FHL?

She didn’t have to accept! The man had shown he was “all in” – heart, body, soul.

You know? Imagine if you’re that way with CF suite M.D.!

Imagine! You’ll be un-stoppable and this year you will hit $1million.

How can you “not”?

You have to be completely in love to be accepted for marriage by the time proposal comes around! It’s no different with business!

You must decide to go all the way to generate more than a million dollars of value for others if you are to ‘therefore’ see that in an objective measurable quantifiable way in your bank!

Question: Are you all in?

Actionetics has now upgraded to M.D. level! Have you?

5. The Magic Feedback Circular system

Use the platform you are recommending to enroll folks that already know, love and wouldn’t mind using that platform.

Use FB to sell FB!

Use Instagram to sell ‘Instagram yourself to millions’!

Use LinkedIn to find your fish in order to sell ‘how to use LinkedIn to land your ideal B2B client’ !

And also think of selling much needed accessory services to those already hungry in the field trying to Make Money

There are two types of people that got rich during the California gold rush.

Some of those that looked for gold (but far less than you think) got extremely rich.

ALL of those that sold shovels to gold diggers got rich!

Do you notice the distinction? That is the secret!


Do you market your item in the right niche in the right platform?

6. Copy is King

The number one skill you have to master as a business person is to sell.

A core sub-set of this skill is sales copy. It’s simply communication!

Two people can sell the same item, with one staying on the edge of being broke forever whilst the other makes millions over and over again.

The difference is their ability to communicate – quite literally.

It’s in the words you use to create a trance: a hypnotic effect such that your target audience wants to leap out of their chair and buy now!

Copy is a skill set. Everyone thinks they have it but only your results show the truth. By using Russell’s Perfect Scripts app , you can leap ahead with this because it creates copy for you!


Are you using professional sales copy? Most people are not. Most people do not even realize they are not.

Most people think that short bullet points notes is the same thing as sales copy.

Most people WRONGLY think that long long highly long (did I say ‘long already’;) ? will cause your audience to flee.

Most people do not understand the ‘science’ of sales copy.

COPY IS KING!Click To Tweet


80/20 principle.

What is the most important thing about copy?

* The title is golden! Scream out loud! Shock them! Capture their attention!

Go crazy on “!” exclamations.

* The subtitle is also gold!

What is the letter, post, article, conversation about?

What is the benefit they will get?

And the real benefit? Generate ideas on all questions here and take your time to hone down the title and the subtitle because I repeat: this is the gold that captures attentions and gets them to read it.

For examples – look at titles to the daily tabloids, even the funny ‘National Enquirer‘ (which is not true) but a magical attention grabber (that many people think is true!)

National Enquirer

Courtesy: National Enquirer

* Bold, italics, key words, pictures (not too many, keep it very simple)!

* The end particularly after “P.S. ” – people read that !

* And they read the “P.P.S”!

* Heck they read the “P.P.P.S”!

* They look at the price contrast!

* Everyone loves bonuses!

* Stacking up bonuses has powerful effects of people’s minds!

* People even notice SPELLING MISTAKES AND EXPERTS use that to their advantage!

QUESTION FOR YOU: DID ANYONE CATCH MY MISTAKEN LYRICS ABOVE? Check the comments below 😉 …. Proof in action!

* Call to action!

You have to tell them what to do, when and how… “but wait… if you buy now then… instead of 1, will give you 2! But you must call now, the number is… I repeat the number is… if you missed it call the number is …. “.

(know these famous words from infomercials? )

* People notice change in fonts, colors. But keep it to mostly one color as a rule of thumb

* Interestingly “design” is NOT so important! Beauty is not (except the picture of your product or yourself – get that professionally done)

* Your words must flow so simply that a 13 year old can read it and understand it [most adults get this wrong AND don’t even know they get it wrong].

The 13 year old must keep their focus and lean forward and want to read it – instead of wanting to run away too!

* You must speak the language of your target market.

Dan Kennedy helped market the anti-acne cream that made BILLION dollars . He spent significant time hanging out with teenagers!

This is total commitment ! TOTALLY “ALL IN”

Do you understand? Go “All in” !

7. Re-invest like a Thai

I mean Tai, you know Lopez! Peng Joon is from Thailand. You can reinvest like him too! The King!

How did Tai Lopez become so big, so well branded and in fact hated too?

In fact not too unlike Pres.Trump. And all of them used methods not too like Pres.Obama too!

Tai invested heavily into Youtube ads. He retargeted you like crazy. He re-invested the profits in an unusual and heavy way until you peeked and purchased.

And if you did not purchase, then you’re not his customer anyway, and probably a hater – which makes no difference whatsoever to his bottom line.

Just like haters make no difference whatsoever to Pres. Trump.

Despite so many haters and 3 million more voting for the opponent, using strategy (in an electoral college system – its winner take all).

What this means is: focus on making the mostest, the fastest. Get yourself out there. Use Russell’s tip on polarizing your audience.

You’ll have many haters. You’ll have many more lovers – who pay you and then keep paying you.

Hence Tai produces courses on anything and everything – and wins money all the time now that he is branded.

Neil Patel is another multi-millionaire guru: that has his team produce courses and win huge income.

Donald Trump had his contracted team produce 99% of the content for Trump university and made millions (true he had to settle for $25million on this in a class action law suit but that’s a different story!)

Ryan Deiss has his team (staff) makes so many different course and videos – but in his brand – and make millions.

Do you see the pattern?

Your job is to get so highly branded that it is a downhill ski-ing trip from there.

Either you OR others create YOUR course, speak in YOUR course whilst you hike, sleep or hang out deep sea diving – and people will buy because of YOUR brand name!

Trump makes gazillions- just licensing his brand name to hotels !

The above is also otherwise known as the magic of scaling!


Someone asked “How easy is it really to set up a clickfunnels and start making money today in e-commerce?”

I replied:

It is the gold rush at the moment. It is the fastest easiest simplest way to make the mostest income on earth – for now .

Like all gold rushes (e.g. California hard gold) some get superbly wealthy, others are in the wrong place looking for the gold but use the same equipment.

Here’s a very important idea stream:

The only reason (and it’s really the only reason) anyone should be doing internet marketing is because of profits.

Also today, for now, it’s the fastest greatest easiest way to generate massive income.

Therefore the least of your concern should ever be pricing/costs!

It is my expert opinion you should take this as a huge investment opportunity – upgrade to the highest package – CF suite M.D. and further – to grandfather yourself in now and the income you make in the year – should in my opinion make you enough income to set you up for life: new house paid outright, new sports car (Italian name) paid outright.

I repeat: for now internet marketing is the gold mine.

Every era this changes: it was ‘options trading’ one time, stock trading another era, real estate flipping in another era; real California gold rush in a distant era (although even now over $50billion of U.S. civil war gold is missing – so that gold hunt is not over).

That is my stream of thinking.

Side note: even at the time of writing – Pres. Trump has imposed huge tariffs on China and they will reciprocate.

I am wondering what online marketers who use Shopify, Aliexpress “with their CF” and/or with Shopify – they have made MILLIONS using drop shipping – but you can imagine “times have now changed”.

Info-marketing: times are still good (even though if you could make $10million a few years back and many have; today its now to $1million because it’s now taxed and sophisticated in both the E.U and U.S.A – whereas it was free for all a few years back.

My main point: things will change. So whilst you have this promotional offer – go ahead and upgrade to the highest level. Let go of all others.

CF suite M.D level now is a true “all in one”, all here, fully done for you in CF suite. Your audience do not “give a rat’s bottom” ) as long as you deliver what you promise in your marketing. And CF is both your marketing – and – the delivery (did i say “all in one” 😉 ).

Therefore – when it’s time to “let go” of the old then go ahead and let go. It’ll be okay. Let go.

You are now on a brand new shore. On a luxury speed boat (CF suite) with everything you need – all in one.

Its 100% psychology. 100% strategy.

P.S. So why will Russell give you a Ferrari ? All you have to do is enroll 100 people into CF suite. Learn how to do that in the 100 day bootcamp Russell gives you. The funny thing about CF is you don’t even have to own any other product or sell any other thing. At full partnership , Russell gives you almost half the money and a Ferrari for good measure! THAT IS GIVING !

P.P.S. So who made a million in 5 months? D. Henry did it by playing full out using only CF suite . He sat and filmed himself on his expertise, carefully positioning himself on a CF accessory product: how to master FB ads! He then used FB to market FB!

You learned how to do that above!

And there are those that use Shopify to market shopify! Well they use FB ads too going multi-dimensional in their marketing!

And now with CF Suite advanced level called “Actionetics MD. ” – did you know you can integrate it with shopify ?

You do know there are many MANY CF 2 comma clubbers making over $10million (not even $1million) using sales funnels to do drop shipping? Yes YOU can . YOU. YOU can do this or info products or both ! 🙂

P.P.P.S.  So you learn above you can either take action by funnelhacking and creating your own way forward – OR – you can grab a turn-key system and plug into it.

For example – Russell gives you all the sales copy, FB ad pictures and all you have to do is take massive action (like I said above)!

Today on the stage you learned about Alex who went from rags on the floor to courageously investing in his gym, using CF marketing to fill it up with clients; then marketing the gym concept to others.

This means other can plug-and-play his turn-key system – and so can you! This is called a share funnel and CF suite Actionetics M.D level gives you far more than just that!

That’s it.

So these were the Day 3 of FHL 2018 Notes and now you have also known that what are the top secret patterns of Titans.

Let me know in the comment below how did you find these Notes of Day 3 of FHL 2018.

If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help.

Yes, if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends or with somebody who you think will get benefit from this post.

Finally, in the next post I will share with you Day 4 Notes of FHL 2018 so do come to this blog to read the Day 4 Notes of FHL 2018. Ok!

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