Hey whats up? Hope so everything is going well. Welcome to our day 3 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp program.

clickfunnels affilaite bootcamp

Again if you missed Day 2 training where we learned about Secret Formula and 100 Clicks Formula then do check this previous post Day 2.

Ok! Coming further!

First, I want to take a moment to congratulate you!

I know that this is ‘only Day 3’ but if you’ve made it this far then you’ve already done more than many who sign up so they can feel like they’ve made a change in their life…… but you’ve actually done it!

In today’s training I walk you through the building blocks of crafting an attractive character… which I learned from Russell Brunson.

So you can present your best self to your community, in a way that makes you attractive to the right people, and almost physically repulse the wrong people…

After all, this is YOUR community… and whether you’re looking to lead the community or simply show them how to be the best them they can be…

People listen, follow and do business with those that they like…

Which means, you need to know this.

And Russell breaks down what seems like an enormously large task into a simple step by step formula that’s easy to follow.

Remember, you are learning today what most marketers fail to do right, which leaves them gasping for real momentum in their business.

Completing this fundamental work will put your light years ahead of any of your competition who are trying to ‘short cut’ what it takes to grow a real business online. Right!

So let’s start our Day 3 training.

Day 3: The Attractive Character

In this step, you will get to know The Key to Creating an Attractive ‘Celebrity’ Character, and How to Use That To Create a Distribution Channel. Right!

In our online industry, you might have heard this statement a lot of time that build a list. Build your subscriber’s list because it is your asset.

But what if despite building your list, nobody opens your emails. Nobody clicks on your link. Nobody buys what you’re trying to sell. And then you think what I am doing wrong!

So here the missing link is this concept of Attractive Character.

It’s about the persona you’re sharing with your audience and how you communicate with your list.

Most people either don’t bother to create this character, or they don’t do it correctly.

So it’s when one of the important steps you can take when it comes to making sales. Once you intentionally create Attractive Character, your business will change forever.

An Attractive Character is not someone who is extraordinary good looking, although they might be. What I am talking about here is a Persona that attracts clients or customers and helps you build following to eventually make sales.

An attractive character allows you to build a platform anywhere you want, whether on email, Facebook or You Tube. It doesn’t matter where you show up; your Attractive Character will draw people to you.

Just think about any business online or offline. Most successful ones have an Attractive Character front and center.

You can take an example of Subway. Subway used to be just another fast food restaurant like McDonald, Burger King etc. Then somewhere along the line, the company found this guy named Jared.

He was big guy who weighed over four hundred pounds. However, he started eating nothing but Subway twice a day, and over the course of a couple of years, he lost a ton of weight.

Subway shared Jared’s story with the world. They put him in commercials, on billboards, everywhere.

By making Jared their Attractive Character, Subway transformed its business from an average fast food restaurant to a weight loss plan.

This new tactic completely set the company apart from the competition.

One of the reasons that Subway does so well is because it focuses marketing tactics around an Attractive Character.

People trying to lose weight can relate to Jared. They understand his backstory, and they want to be like him. If this guy could lose all that weight just by eating Subway twice a day, then they can too. This same guy has been bringing in business for Subway for over fifteen years!

Now think about your favorite movies. What was the last movie you saw? Did you see it because you thought the storyline was intriguing?

Or did you go because one of your favorite actors or actresses was in it? Movies use Attractive Characters because those Attractive Characters bring in the customers.

You can take an example of movie Ocean’s Eleven in which producers brought in eleven Attractive Characters, actors who viewers already loved, put them together in a movie, and Boom! Instant hit.

May be you’re not a big Brad Pitt fan, but you love everything Julia Roberts does. So, you go see the movie because she is the Attractive Character you relate to.

Note: – You can take example of any other movie. I am sure there may be a movie which you liked the most and you watched this movie just because of its Attracter Character.

In this movie there may be a character or you can say any Hero or Heroine who you liked the most and you went to watch that movie just to see him or her. Right!

So this concept can mean the difference between making one thousand dollars a month and making one hundred thousand a month.

How attractive are you? How interesting are you? Why would someone tune in to watch a TV special about your story?

Here you might be thinking that I am not that interesting. Yes! It happens to everybody. But if you find ways to share your backstory, you can make it compelling, and people will follow you because of a personal connection.

So here, there are three components of creating an Attractive Character.

  1. Elements
  2. Identity
  3. Storylines

You need each of these components to round out a character people will like and follow and we’re going to go through that process in detail right now.

The Four Elements of the Attractive Character:

1. Backstory

Every good character has to have a backstory. It’s essential if you want results.  If you turn on TV and see Jared sitting there eating a Sub, what would your reaction be?

You’d probably think something like, who’s that annoying skinny guy just sitting there eating subs all day?

Without knowing his backstory of amazing weight loss, you would be unable to relate to him. He would be just a dude eating subs.

But if you see Jared’s backstory pictures of him at 425 pounds and 190 pounds-and then see him eating subs, it’s a whole different story.

You might think, I’m just like he was. If he can lose all that weight just by eating subs, maybe I can too. I want to be where he is. Do you see the difference in a potential customer’s reaction?

You share your backstory because you want people to see where you came from. If they can relate to where you came from, then they will want to follow you to where you are now.

If they don’t see the backstory, potential customers won’t follow you or listen to you. You will seem untouchable; you won’t seem real to them.

So the key is that the story has to relate to the product you’re selling somehow.

If you’re selling a weight loss product , you want to talk about a weight loss backstory. If you’re selling investing advice, you want a financial backstory. Does that make sense?

Further, if you don’t have a backstory that relates to your product, that’s okay.

You can find someone else backstory and use that instead.  Your students, your case studies, your successful clients those are all resources for relatable backstories and Attractive Characters.

So again in your backstory, just think to share the things that illustrate the purpose that you’re serving.

What can you share that helps you to relate to your audience and your audiences relate to you? What’s the part you’re going to share? What leads people to place that you want to take them or they want to go?

What point in your life did you decide to take the plunge? (offer)

What problem were you looking to solve?

What did you invest/lose before you took the plunge? It can be time, money, effort or stress etc.

What has changed in your life because you took the plunge?

What other aspects of your have been affected by this decision?

Your backstory is all about walking backward from where you are. What brought you here?

What steps did you take?

In another way or you can say in the context of clickfunnels.

Why did you decide on clickfunnels/Dot Com Secrets Book over every other option?

Hope so you have got an idea how you can relate people with your backstory or how to craft a backstory while becoming an Attractive Character.

2. Parables

Parables are little stories easy to remember that Illustrate a relevant point.  Think about other teachers you’ve had in the past, those who had a great impact on your life.

My guess is that if they had a lasting impact on you, it’s because they taught you by using amusing and memorable stories.

A parable is a story about something that happened in your Attractive Character’s life. Most people let life pass them by, and they don’t stop to take note of the interesting things that happen to them.

Just take another example. Here we are doing the training of Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp for free.

When I started my free training with Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp then at the first 3 or 4 days I regularly watched my training of Affiliate Bootcamp.

But later on I stopped watching my training of affiliate bootcamp just because I thought as it is free so I can watch my training any time and I can come back any time to watch my training inside of affiliate bootcamp. I took this training for granted because it was free.

On the other hand I preferred to read the book Expert Secrets over my Affiliate Bootcamp Training. Why? Just because I have paid shipping charges for this book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Now after finishing my Expert Secrets book I started watching training Affiliate Bootcamp again.

Now I personally think this training cost should be more than $1000 because it provides great value to the affiliates or any other person who wants to start his business. It shouldn’t be free. This is my opinion!

I think that you might have personally experienced that when something comes for free we take for granted. We don’t pay much attention to it.

On the other side, where we pay for something, we pay attention. Why? Because we have paid for that. Right!

Ok! Have you noticed here that what I did, I just shared a short story and this story is like a Parable.

So write down as many important concepts that you have learned since starting your journey that brought you to where you are now and drive you to where you want to go.

Write down as many parables as you can think of yours or someone else’s that illustrate the importance of these important concepts.

Just think in that way.

Important Concept: What Important To You?

Parable: What Story Can You Share To Illustrate That Concept?

Below you can see some examples.

Important Concept: The Importance of Measuring

Parable: Russell’s losing Weight Story

Important Concept: Creating a Distribution Channel

Parable: Workout Wednesday’s Videos

Important Concept: You Super Power is Second Nature to You.

Parable: Walter’s Vegan Cooking Story

So now you know what is parable. Right!

Let’s move further!

3. Character Flaws

This next element is one that most people really struggle with sharing, but it’s one of the most important ones to share because it makes you relatable and real.

You need to understand that every believable, three dimensional Attractive Character has flaws.

Think about your favorite characters in movies, books, or TV Shows. Every character that you bond with emotionally has flaws, Right!

No one wants to follow someone that’s perfect because you can’t relate. People are attracted to those with flaws.

As soon as people get to know that you’re not perfect, that you have character flaws, then they will start to empathize with you. They’ll like you more because you are like them; not perfect.

Just take an example of Superman. He’s the man of Steal. He’s Invincible. Nobody can kill him.

As a storyline, it’s not very exciting. But when you introduce Kryptonite and his concern for the welfare of his family, suddenly he has vulnerabilities and flaws.

He becomes an interesting character that people care about.

So here write down character flaws that your community can relate to, that will draw people closer to you and will let them know that you’re human too and a lot like them.

Just to make this parable concept more clearly to you, write down the answers of below questions.

How did you struggle before you overcome that struggle?

What do you still struggle with?

What do you love?

What do you hate?

What can’t you stand?

What insecurities do you have?

What defeated you in the past?

Did you overcome it?

Do you still struggle with it?

4. Polarity

Another challenge people face when communicating with an audience is trying not to offend anyone.

So, instead of being a relatable person, speakers become bland and stay neutral on many topics, only sharing safe things everyone will love.

Here’s the problem. While that sounds like the logical thing to do appeasing everyone but the problem is that being neutral is boring.

When an Attractive Character tries to win the votes of everyone, he ends up reaching no one.

Instead, Attractive Characters are typically very polarizing.  They share their opinions on hard matters, and they stick to their guns. No matter how many people disagree with them.

They draw a line in the sand. And when they take a stand for what they believe in, the split the audience into three camps: those who agree with them, those who are neutral, and those who will disagree with them.

As you start to create that polarization, it will change your “fair weather fans” into diehard fans who will follow what you say, share your message, and buy from you over and over again.

But being polarizing is kind of scary sometimes.

It is scary knowing that once you start sharing your opinions, there will probably be a group of people who disagree with you and will voice their opinions online.

If you’re neutral no one will hate you, but no one will know who you are either.

As soon as you start taking sides on important issues, you’ll develop haters, but you’ll also develop a group of raving fans. Those raving fans are the people who will buy your products and services.

If nobody’s talking about you, then nobody knows who you are.

It’s time to step out of that neutral space and start sharing your opinions. Bring the things you care about into the open. Right!

To make this concept of Polarity more clear, write down the answers of below questions.

What are the things that you know are going to piss off, but you’re going to do anyway?

What do you believe in that is worth standing up for?

Pick one or two most important concepts that are the important to you and that are “Evergreen”

Evergreen is something that people were disagreeing about 50 years ago and are likely to continue disagree about for the next 50 years.

Hey are you getting bored? I think you’re not. But I would say pay attention and go through this Attracter Character concept thoroughly.

I am 100% sure at the end you will say “Wow”. And once you know the concept of Attractive Character then nobody can stop to become successful in your business. Right!

Ok coming to our clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp training.

Identity of An Attractive Character:

Attractive Character will typically take on one of the following types of identities. You get to pick which one you want to be. When you get your identity then it’s going to shape how you communicate and interact with your audience.

1.The Leader

The identity of the leader is usually assumed by people whose goal is to lead their audiences from one place to another.

Most leaders have a similar backstory to that of their audiences and, therefore, know the hurdles and pitfalls the audiences will likely to face on the journey to get ultimate results.

Usually the desired result has already been achieved by the leader, and his audience has come looking for help along that same path.

Further a leader’s motto is follow me and I will take you there.

Yes! There are leaders you follow in different aspects of your life, and this may be the role that will be the most comfortable for you when communicating with your audience. Right!

2. The Adventure or Crusader

The Adventure is usually someone who is very curious, but he doesn’t always have all of the answers.

So he sets out on a journey to discover the ultimate truth.

He brings back treasures from his journey and shares them with his audience.

This identity is very similar to the leader, but instead of leading his audience on a journey to find the result, he is more likely to bring back the answers to give them.

You can take an example of Richard Branson. He is an Adventurer.

3. The Reporter or Evangelist

This identity is often one that people use when they have not yet blazed a trail to share with an audience, but have desire to.

So they put on the hat of the reporter or evangelist and go out to discover the truth.

Typically, people who use this identity interviews dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people and share those interviews and all they have learned along the way, with their audience.

So becoming a reporter is a great way to start a business into my niche you don’t know much about.

You can take an example of this type of identity such as Larry King. What they do?

They bring industries top leaders, speakers or celebrities and interview them. Right!

4. The Reluctant Hero

This is the humble hero who doesn’t really want the spotlight or any fuss made over his discoveries.  But he knows the information or the secrets he has are so important that he must overcome his shyness and share them with the world.

There’s a moral duty that compels him to share all he knows. Many of you may feel this way naturally.

The spotlight is uncomfortable but you know you need to be there. If that’s you, the reluctant hero is the perfect identity for you.

So now you know the identity of Attractive Character. Determine which type is a good fit and build out your Attractive Character using the traits for that identity.

So choose your identity that you can serve to your community in best possible way. Ok!

If you’re an adventurer, tell stories of adventure. If you’re a leader, tell stories about where you’ve been and where you are going.

If you’ve chosen the right identity for you, it should be fairly easy to take on that role. If you’re struggling to create your Attractive Character, perhaps you should take another look at your identity.

Mean to say, if somewhere you think that this is the not the right identity for you then you can choose another one that fits to you. Right!

Attractive Character Storylines:

Stories are great way to communicate with your audience.  And there are six basic storylines that businesses use over and over again in emails, sales letter, landing pages, and other communications.

Each one is crafted for a specific purpose. Once you learn how to utilize these storylines, you will see for yourself how powerful they are and want to use them over and over in different ways.

Let’s go over the basic plot structure of each one.

1. Loss and Redemption

“I had everything. I was on top of the world. Life was great. Then I lost my job and I had to figure my way out of quitting my job.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I went through Affiliate Bootcamp Training and I learned a lot from this training.

Now after applying all the methods and strategy taught during my training inside of Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp, my whole life has been changed”.

Now above you can see the script of loss and redemption.

So Loss and redemption stories are very powerful because they show the upside of going through hardship or meeting challenges.

If you have your own loss and redemption story, great! If not, you can always borrow one from one of your followers or even from the mainstream media or a movie you like.

2. Us vs. Them

You want to use Us vs. Them stories to polarize your audience. Remember the power of polarity? Using these types of stories will draw your raving fans even closer and give them a rallying cry against the outsiders.

3. Before and After

These are stories of transformation and they work great in any market.

For example, in the weight loss market you might say, “First I was fat. Then I tried Program X. Now I am skinny” or “First I was Broke. Now I am Rich when I applied the methods and techniques of Affiliate Bootcamp.”

These stories are pretty self-explanatory and simple to use. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. Right!

4. Amazing Discovery

These stories are huge for selling webinars and teleseminars because they help people believe that the answer they have been searching for is finally available to them.

You can take an example of this.

“Oh my gosh, you guys…. wait till hear about this amazing new thing I just discovered! You’re not going to believe it, but I hit it out of the park on my first try! I wasn’t sure it would work, but it’s amazing. You’ve got to try it!”

5. Secret Telling

You remember the movie “The Secret”. Yes! Everybody wants to know the secret.

You can take an example of this such as “I’ve got a secret how to create a 7 figure funnel if you want to find out what it is, you need to fill out this form”.

6. Third Person Testimonials

Sharing other people’s successes with your products and programs provides powerful social proof.

Get as many third person testimonials from your customers, clients and students as you can.

Then sprinkle them liberally throughout your stories. Or use them as stand-alone stories and case studies.

Ok now it’s time to get started creating your Attractive Character. Start assembling your identity, your stories, your flaws, and your line in the sand. Right!

So congratulations you have completed your Day 3 training of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp.

How did you find this training? If you have any questions then do let me know in the comment below.

And yes! If you find any value then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Right!

Remember, you are learning today what most marketers fail to do right, which leaves them gasping for real momentum in their business.

Completing this fundamental work will put your light years ahead of any of your competition who are trying to ‘short cut’ what it takes to grow a real business online.

Today’s lesson is invaluable, and tomorrow’s lesson shows you how to take what you put into action today and turn it into a lasting marketing and sales platform… I can’t wait!

So now, it’s time to say good-bye! We will meet in our tomorrow’s Day 4 training. Have a nice day!

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