Clickfunnels Review (2018)-Is Clickfunnels A Revolution In The History Of Online Marketing Industry?

Hey! First of all, Thank you so much for coming to my blog to read my clickfunnels review.

clickfunnels review

My Personal Russell Brunson Clickfunnels Review!

Now a days, you might have heard a lot of buzz about clickfunnels.

Even some people are saying its a revolution in the history of online marketing industry.

Then, here question comes to mind that is Clickfunnels really a Revolution in the history of online marketing industry?

Or clickfunnels really helping the industry’s leaders, entrepreneurs, digital marketers (whether beginner or advanced) to build their sales funnels?

So to know the fact that whether clickfunnels is really a Revolution in online marketing industry helping leaders, entrepreneurs or marketers,  I am going to give my personal review on clickfunnels.

Even, I will try my level best to give all information about clickfunnels.

Very frankly, my clickfunnels review is going to be so long. So you have to keep patience while reading clickfunnels review.

But one thing I assure that you will not be discouraged with my clickfunnels review.

Let’s start now!

So, you have come to my blog while searching the keywords on Google like “clickfunnels review””clickfunnels pricing”, “clickfunnels cost”, “clickfunnel reviews” “what is clickfunnels” etc..

Or you might have also typed these keywords in the Google search bar such as “clickfunnels review 2016” “clickfunnels review 2017”“clickfunnels review 2018” “clickfunnels review 2017” “clickfunnels affiliate program” “Russell Brunson clickfunnels review” “clickfunnels review scam” “clickfunnels review warrior forum” etc.


Humm! Is it the case?

Here I would say, you’re absolutely right. Before joining any program or software, you must know each and everything about the program or software.

After all, you are going to invest your hard earned money. And it must be worth paying to any online coaching program or software.

Really, I also did the same like you, when I first heard about clickfunnels by Russell Brunson.

I researched a lot about clickfunnels at Google and Forum like Warrior Forum etc.  And then I took my decision to join clickfunnels.

I know how it feels when you want to know about any program or software?

Before joining any program or software, you want to know each and everything about that program or software. Right!

You want somebody who can tell you about the program or software step-by-step.

You want to know about the program or software from somebody who is already a user.

So here I would say that I am a clickfunnels user.

Before switching to clickfunnels I was using Leadpages for creating my landing pages.

Then later o I subscribed to clickfunnels Starter Plan  for creating my landing pages as well as sales funnels.

Let I first share my experience with clickfunnels.

In short, initially when I joined clickfunnels, I was totally confused with clickfunnels.

Even, at some point, I thought to cancel my subscription with clickfunnels.

But as soon as I gave myself time to learn about clickfunnels, it became so easy.

Really now I found clickfunnels very easy to use.

With clickfunnels, I can create my optin funnel having landing page as well as thank you page very easily.

Below you can see an example of my landing page as well as thank you page.

thank you

clickfunnels 10

clickfunnels 11

clickfunnels 12

clickfunnels 13

Even I can create my sales funnel with clickfunnels with ease.

As you know as an affiliate marketer, I only created optin funnels during my affiliate business for capturing the lead/email address.

Before that, I didn’t know how to create the sales funnel.

But during my training with Russell Brunson’s Funnel University program I learned how to create a sales funnel.

Now I can create a sales funnel inside my clickfunnels membership area.

Now I am recently working on my sales funnel of E-commerce taking one physical product i.e. Rice Bran Oil.

So this is what I experienced with clickfunnels.

Now let I give you my detail clickfunnels review!

Who Is Founder Of Clickfunnels?

Russell Brunson is the founder of Clickfunnels.

He is a well known Entrepreneur in our online industry.

He is a creator of so many products such as Funnel University, Funnel Scripts, Funnel Immersion, Marketing In Your Car, Two Comma Club etc.

He is also an author of books such as 108 Split Test Winner, Dot Com Secrets (USA best seller).

And recently he has launched his new book Expert Secrets and they have sold over 60000 copies of Expert Secrets.

What Is Clickfunnels?

Simply clickfunnels is a funnel builder tool or software.

In other words, you can say its a page builder software.

With clickfunnels you can create any type of marketing funnel that you can imagine in your business.

It does not matter whether it’s an optin funnel or sales funnel.

You might be wondering what is a funnel?

Ok! Let I tell you in short.

A funnel is the sales process that you lead your potential customers through to learn about you and your product.

And ultimately your lead decides whether or not to opt-in to what you are offering. That’s it.

Funnels are a powerful tool for driving your objectives, like:

  1. Purchasing your product.
  2. Signing up for a newsletter.
  3. Joining a membership site.
  4. Attending your upcoming webinar.

Now you have known what is funnel.

Let’s move further…..

Inside the membership area of clickfunnels, you can create Product launch funnel, Network marketing bridge funnel, Survey funnel etc.

Even you can crate E-commerce physical product funnel, Membership site funnel, supplement funnel, Webinar Funnel, Book Funnel etc.

In other words, clickfunnels is a place where you can create your landing page, squeeze page, thank you page, sales page, order confirmation page, webinar registration page, privacy policy page, terms and conditions page according to your business requirement etc. Got it.

What Are The Features Of Clickfunnels?

Just to show you the features of clickfunnels, let me login into my clickfunnels account.

clickfunnels 1


As you can see below, I have entered into my clickfunnels account.

clickfunnels 2

After login into my account you can see my three funnels named as clickfunnels, Expert and Affiliate Bootcamp in my dashboard.

Or you can say these are my optin funnels.

Then you can also see six funnels that you will get when you join the clickfunnels.

  1. Copy of Real Stuff Funnel
  2. Copy of Product Launch Funnel
  3. Copy of Perfect Webinar Funnel
  4. Copy of Fishbowl Funnel
  5. Copy of Network Marketing Bridge Funnel
  6. Copy of Best-Selling Book Funnel

See below the screenshot.

clickfunnel 3

Further on the right hand side of dashboard, you will see your account details having your name, email address, your starter plan details etc.

As in my case you can see my details. See below the screenshot.

clickfunnels 3

Furthermore, down below your details, you will find a link to Funnel Hacks Webinar.

It is a advanced training where you will learn how to ethically hack any funnel and how to ethically hack your competitors traffic etc.

And after watching Funnel Hacks webinar, it’s totally upto you whether you want to join Funnel Hacks program or not.

Ok! Let’s move further.

Shared Funnel:

At the end 0f my dashboard, you can see shared funnel where it says ACB DotComSecrets Book Bridge Funnel.

It is a clone copy of ACB DotComSecrets Book Bridge Funnel.

Actually, inside the clickfunnels account you can share your funnels with your partner or with any group members by giving a link of your funnels.

You can share any funnel whether it’s an optin funnel/Sales funnel or any other funnel. But he or she must be clickfunnels members.

And in the same way you can get the shared funnel of others.

As in my case I have received a shared funnel i.e. ACB DotComSecrets Book Bridge Funnel from my Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

It is a funnel through which I am promoting DotComSecrets Book.

Here I don’t have to recreate a new funnel. I got a pre-built funnel.

Only I have to change the script according to my DotComSecrets Book promotion. Right!

You can also share your funnel with other by going to setting column inside of clickfunnels account.

But one thing to note here is that you have to first click on your funnel which you want to share.

And then on the next page at the right hand side you will see a setting column.

And by clicking on that at the bottom you will see your shared funnel link which you can share with your partner or any other member of your group.

See below the screenshots.

clickfunnels 6clickfunnels 7setting

share funnelSplit Test:

Further inside the clickfunnels account you can split test your every section of your funnels such as landing page, squeeze page, sales page, thank you page, order confirmation page etc.  See below the screen shot.

split test


You can also check the stats of your campaign inside the clickfunnels account.

I mean you can check how many visitors visited to your landing page?

And out of total visitors, how many were unique visitors?

How many visitors put their email address in optin form?

What is the optin rate etc.? Below you can see the screenshot.



Even in the stats column you can see their name and email addresses.

And you can directly download the contacts in the .CSV file format. Below you can see the screenshot.

clickfunnels 8


By going in your settings section you can add or change your funnel settings.

In settings section, you can give a name and path to your funnel.

Further, you can integrate SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings.

Note:- SMTP is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving e-mail.

Further you can edit or add domains to your funnel by going to settings section.

Furthermore, you can put Favicon URL, you can put Tracking code in the Head and Body section of your funnel. See below the screenshot.

Even you can clone your funnel. I mean you can duplicate your funnel inside the clickfunnels settings.

Edit Settings

New Funnel:

You can create new funnel inside of your clickfunnels account and for that, inside of your clickfunnels account at the top right hand side, you will see yellow button where it says Add New.

And after clicking on that button, you will be taken to next page where you will see the four sections.

First where it says Collect Email, second Sell Your Product, third Host Webinar and fourth Create Custom Funnel. See below the screenshots.

clickfunnels 15

clickfunnels 16

Here in this section you can choose your types of funnel which you want to create.

Or you can create your own custom funnel instead of choosing one funnel option out of three funnel options such as Collect Email, Sell Your Product and Host Webinar.

If you choose Collect Email then here you can build your optin funnel where with optin funnel you can build your email list. Right!

Second if you choose Sell Your Product option, then here you can build a sales funnel of any product or services. Product can be digital product or any physical product.

Third if you choose Host Webinar option then here you can build a webinar registration funnel.

Even, you can create a funnel for Live webinar or automated webinar replay.

Note:- Automated webinar reply means that you can create funnel for showing replay of your webinar which has already been broadcast. Ok!

How To Create An Optin Funnel Inside The Clickfunnels?

As you can see above after clicking on Choose button on the left hand side of you,  you will be taken to next page.

And on the next page you have to give a name to your funnel and also give a name to Select Group Tag section.

As I have given name i.e. clickfunnels review  in both section and then click on green button which says Build Funnel. See below the screenshot.

clickfunnels 18

After clicking on Build Funnel button, you will be taken to next page.

And on the next page, you will see at the top Funnel Steps on the left hand side of you.

Funnel steps page basically shows you that how many steps are in your funnel.

As you can see, there are only two steps in your optin funnel.

One is Optin and second is Thank You. So overall your optin funnel is a two steps funnel. Right!

Yes! There is also section of Add New Step, where after clicking on Add New Step button, you can add new step in your funnel. Ok!

On your Funnel Steps page, Optin section is the place where you can choose your optin templates to create a landing page to capture the lead or email address of your visitor to the landing page.

As you can see, from the Optin section, you have the options to choose different-2 types of templates such as 2 Step Video Optin, Big Red 2 Step, Classic Green Optin, Class Red Optin, Simple Two Coln. Optin, Super Clean Optin etc. See below the screenshots.

clickfunnels 19

clickfunnels 20

clickfunnel template

Further below you can also see my own templates Expert and expert1 which I saved as my own template.

clickfunnels 22

Here I have option either to choose Blank template and create custom landing page according my requirement to capture the lead.

Or I have option to choose my own template to capture the lead or email address. Right!

Furthermore, I have other options too to choose the templates for my funnel from Sales section, Webinar section, Membership section, ClickPop section and Misc. section.

See below the examples of templates of Sales Page, Product Launch, Order Confirmation, One Click Upsell, Webinar Registration, Member Area, ClickPop and Misc.

sale page

Product launch

order confirmation

once click upseel

Webinar Registration

member area

click pop

misc page

Page Editor:

This is the section where you can edit your page or template inside the clickfunnels account.

In page editor section, you can Drag and Drop your message into High Converting Page Designs.

Here after selecting the type of funnel you want to create, you just have to go into each page, and drag and drop your images, headlines, videos… your message into our pages that are already proven to convert!

As below you can see where after clicking on Edit page, I have been taken to page editor section.

It is the page editor section where you can change or add anything such as Element section, Redirect Link, Nav Bar, Bullet Point, Headlines, Sub-headlines, Videos, Timer, Paragraph, Colour, Font etc. See below the screenshots.

Edit Page

clickfunnels 9

Mobile Responsive:

Every Page you built inside the clickfunnels is Mobile Responsive!

All Funnels:

In this section, you can see all of your funnels.


In this section, you can see all of your recent funnels. As you can see below my recent funnels.



In this section, you can archived all of your funnels.Below you can see my archived funnels.



This is the section, where you can see funnels purchased in the marketplace.

market place



It is the section inside the clickfunnels account where you can directly have access to Browse Funnels, Sales and Funnel Marketplace.

Browse Funnels section where you can see all of your funnels.

Further Sales section where you can see all the sales made by you.

Funnel Marketplace section where you can purchase highly converting as well as professional looking sales funnel as well as optin funnels. See the screenshots below.

clickfunnels sales place

sales funnel

Even you can higher the Certified Expert for creating your funnels based on certifications, industries, specialties and locations. See below the screenshot.

clickfunnels expert Actionetics:


What Is Actionetics In Clickfunnels?

Don’t worry I explain it in short!

Actionetics in clickfunnels is a tool that lets you learn about the visitors to your website.

With actionetics you can create marketing sequences and communicate to your visitors based on who they are as well as based on their behaviour and actions on your website.

Actionetics consists of four parts such as Contacts, Email Lists, Broadcasts and Action Funnels.

In Contacts section, you can see all of your lifetime contacts including their names, email addresses, new contacts as well who unsubscribed from your list.

Plus you can also import and export contacts lists from this section. See below the screenshot.

Contact clickfunnels

Email Lists:

In this section, you can manage your email list as well as add new list.

Email list clickfunnels actionetics

Email Broadcasts:

Here in this section, you can manage your email broadcasts.

Email Broad cast clickfunnels actionetics

Further, you can also check how many email broadcasts you have sent, clicks on your link in the email as well how many unsubscribed to your list.

Even you can also broadcast your new email/newsletter to your email lists from this section.

Action Funnels:

In Actionetics, you can also create an Action Funnel and add the Message you want to sent out to..

People who signed up for a webinar, but didn’t show up

People who did show up, but left early

People who have come to your website X times in the past week

People who buy more often

Below you can see my action funnel set up in actionnetics.

Action funnel clickfunnels actionetics

Actionfunnel clickfunnels actionetics

Even you can edit your messages in Email builder/Editor. See below the screenshot of email editor.

email editor clickfunnels actionetics

Note: – You can also integrate third party Autoresponder for your email campaign such as Getresponse, Aweber, ConvertKit etc.



What Is Backpack In Clickfunnels?

In simple I would say that Backpack in clickfunnels is place where you can add your own affiliate program to your sales funnels.

It is the place where affiliates comes and join your affiliate program and promote your products in exchange for a commission.

Backpack will also create referral links for each of your partners to promote.

Further, when they promote those links, they will be able to track their clicks, their sales and how much MONEY they are making!

Note: – As I am only subscriber of Clickfunnels Starter plan so I have taken this information about Backpack on the main website of Clickfunnels.


clickfunnels 5

This is the section where you get access to:

Account Details:

In account details section you can check your account details such as your subdomain name as in my case it is, your name, your home address, phone number, email address etc.

Even you can see your affiliate ID, your WordPress API Key, your Plan status and you can also add or change your account details. See below the snapshot.

account details


This is the place where you can integrate all of your third party tools such as

Below you can see the snapshot of mine where I have integrated my funnel with GetResponse as well you can integrate your funnel, simply by clicking on Add New Integration button.

In this section when you click on Add New Integration then you will be taken to next page.

And on the next page, you have to login to your 3rd party tool and from there you have to copy your API key and paste it into API box inside the clickfunnels.

And then click the button Create Integration. That’s it. See below the screenshots.



Custom Domains:

By going in this section you can add your custom domain. As you can see below I have added my custom domain to my funnel.

custom domain

custome domain

Actually when you join clickfunnels you are provided a subdomain having your username.  As in my case you can see my subdomain is

Note:- Now you can directly register your domain with the clickfunnels.

So here just to give a professional look to my funnel, I added a custom domain i.e. to my funnel.

On the other side, if I don’t add a custom domain to my funnel then it would be my subdomain i.e. which somewhere looks ugly and unprofessional.

So that’s why, it is very necessary to add a custom domain to your funnel.

As you can see below that you can add domain by clicking on Yellow button where it says Add New Domain.

And after clicking on this button, you will taken to next page where it says Use An Existing Domain or Register A New Domain.

So here if you have already added your custom domain then click on Use An Existing Domain if not then click on Register A New Domain and follow the process. Right! See below the screenshots.

Manage domain

subdomain add new domain

Important Note: There are 2 possible scenarios when adding a custom domain to your ClickFunnels account, depending on your specific needs:

If you want to keep your existing website intact, and only use ClickFunnels on a subdomain (such as:, where “go” is the subdomain), then you can do that by going into your clickfunnels account and follow the guide: Setting Up a Custom Subdomain (NEW Automatic – Recommended)

Further, if you want to use your entire domain with ClickFunnels exclusively, then by going into your clickfunnels account you can follow the video: Setting Up A Custom Domain (Manual – Advanced)

Important To Note: Now you can add your custom domain inside the clickfunnels easily.

As previously just to add custom domain you had to add your domain through Cloudflare. So now there is no need to set up your custom domain through cloudflare. Right!

Install on Your WordPress Blog:

If you have a WordPress site then you can use clickfunnels WordPress plugin so that your domain name will show in your URLs.

Note: – Everything is described step-by-step what to do or how to do while setting up your custom domain or sub-domain in the help/doc section of clickfunnels. So you don’t have to worry about it. Ok!

Digital Assets:

In Digital Assets section you can add or store your digital assets such as Files, Ebook, Videos etc. See below a screenshot.

diggital asset

My Templates:

In this section, you can see your templates such as Page Templates, Email Templates and Saleable Templates etc.

As you can see in screenshot below my 3 templates as EXPERT, TH which is my thank you page and EXPERT1.

My Template

SMTP Settings:

In this section, you can integrate SMTP service with Send13, Mandrill, SendGrid, or Amazon SES etc.

Actually, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings are simply your Outgoing Mail Server settings.

It’s a set of communication guidelines that allow software to transmit email over the Internet.

SMTP Settings clickfunnels

Smpt 2

smpt 3 clickfunnels

Global Unsubscribe:

In this section you can see Global unsubscribers or you can also add Global Unsubsribes.

Glob Unsubscriber

Payment Gateways: 

Payment Gateway

In this section, you can integrate your payment gateway with your sales funnel with the 3 third party gateway such as:

Account Billing:

In this section, you can see your subscribed plan. As you can see my Starter plan $97.

Payment details clickfunnels

Here in this section, you can also upgrade your account to another plan as well you can update your payment information.

Further, in case you don’t want to continue with clickfunnels then you can cancel your account by clicking on the button where it says Start Cancellation Process. Ok!


In this section, you can directly access to your affiliate account.

Mean to say, the day when you join the clickfunnels, you also become an affiliate of clickfunnels.

And by becoming clickfunnels affiliate, you can start promoting clickfunnels as well as other products of clickfunnels. Ok!

Below you can see my affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate link


In this section, you can see assigned manager’s name, email and action.



Humm! Lastly by clicking on Logout button, you can logout from your clickfunnels account. That’s it.

So these above said are the features of clickfunnels and I tried my level best to explain about every feature. Right!

Moving further…….

What You Will Get When You Join Clickfunnels?

Let I show you everything you’ll get when you join ClickFunnels.

  • ClickFunnels – Smart Funnel Builder  ($2,997/yr Value)
  • Backpack Smart Affiliate System  ($1,997/yr Value)
  • Actionetics – Smart Action Funnels  ($4,997/yr Value)
  • 6 Pre-Built ‘Funnel-In-A-Box’ Templates ($997/yr Value)
  • 21 Day ‘Ignite Your Funnel’ Training ($497/yr Value)
  • ClickFunnels Member Community (Priceless…)

Is There Any Free Gifts/Bonuses To Join Clickfunnels?

Yes! There are 3 Gifts that you will get when you signup for the ClickFunnels Trial!

1. The 21 Day “Ignite Your Funnel” Online Training Program

When you signup, you get FULL access to 21 day online training program called “Ignite Your Funnel.”

Actually, they have sold Ignite Your Funnel Training alone for $497 and here you’ll get it for free EVEN if you cancel your membership before the 14 days are over!

Inside of the ‘Ignite Your Funnel’ program all you have to do each day is to watch the video, follow the simple homework assignments, and within 21 days you’ll have a Live funnel.

2. The 6 Pre-Built ‘Funnel-In-A-Box’ Templates

When you get your free trial, you will also get 6 funnels!

Only you have to replace the elements inside of each page with your information and within minutes you could have a best selling funnel ready to go live!

Here are the 6 funnels:

Best Seller Book Funnel – Using this funnel you can launch your new book and become a best seller!

The Product Launch Funnel – This funnel will help you to launch your new product!

The Perfect Webinar Funnel – This funnel will get people to register and show up to your webinars!

The “Real Stuff” Funnel – With this funnel you can sell physical products.

The Fishbowl Funnel – This funnel will help you to generate new leads online!

The Network Marketing Bridge Funnel – This funnel will help you to get people to join your opportunity without talking to friends or family!

3 . Network with over 10,000 other ClickFunnels Users in Exclusive Facebook Community

Being a member of Clickfunnels Facebook Community, I can say myself that this one is alone worth paying.

This community is very active and supportive each other.

Here in clickfunnels community like minded people, even people from 2 comma club interact with members and they share their valuable knowledge, insights and help each other.

In this Facebook Community you can ask any questions related to your funnels or businesses.

All of your business related questions are answered in this Facebook Group, so that you’re not left behind.

According to recent updates by Russell Brunson, clickfunnels has reached 95000 Facebook Group Members. See the screen

clickfunnels 95000 facebook book group members

What Is The Investment To Join Clickfunnels?

Actually Clickfunnels comes with two pricing  plans.

One is Starter Plan and second is Etison Suite.

Clickfunnels Starter Plan cost is $97 p.m.

Clickfunnels Starter Plan, where you have to pay $97 p.m. which includes Clickfunnels Funnel Builder.

With Clickfunnels Starter Plan you can build 20 Funnels, 100 Pages and 20k Visitors p.m. can visit to your websites.

Clickfunnels Etison Suite cost is $297 p.m.

Clickfunnels Etison Suite, where you have to pay $297 p.m. which includes Clickfunnels Builder, Backpack and Actionetics.

And I have already explained above what is Backpack and Actionetics. Right!

Note: – Both Starter Plan $97 p.m. and Etison Suite $297 have 14 days Free trial.

Mean to say, you can taste the water of clickfunnels Starter Plan or Etison Plan for 14 days.

Important to note: When you opt for 14 days trial then you will have access to Etison Suite where you can get access to all of the features such as Clickfunnels Funnel Builder, Backpack and Actionetics.

Later on, if you decide to stay with clickfunnels and want to start with Starter Plan then you can downgrade your subscription from Etison Suite to Starter Plan.

Can You Cancel The Clickfunels Account?

Yes! If for some reason you decide later that you don’t want to be a member anymore, then you can cancel your account.

Do You Have To Pay For Updates?

No! If there is any update to software or they add new templates, you get it all for FREE!

Because ClickFunnels is on the cloud, whenever they make any update or add new feature, they automatically show up in your account!

Is There Any Support?

Yes! They have a support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Only you have to click on the “support” link on the bottom of any of their pages.

If You Cancel Your Clickfunnels Account Then Will You Lose Your Data?

As with most SAAS (software-as-a-service) platforms, when you cancel your account, your data will become inaccessible.

But inside the clickfunnels account, before canceling you have the opportunity to download .csv files of your contacts and members.

Even you have option to “pause” your account where all of your data such as funnels, contacts etc.will be backed up by clickfunnels on a small monthly fee of $9.99 so that you can come back again later!

Is There Any Cost When You Shared Your Funnels With Somebody Or Any Member of  The Group?

Yes. For shared funnels account, there is  a cost of $19 p.m.

Important To Note:- You don’t have to pay any cost when you shared your funnels with somebody or with any group member.

But the cost i.e. $19 p.m. have to bear by the person or member with whom you shared your funnel.

For example if I share with you one of my funnel then first you have to create shared funnel account which costs you $19 p.m. for using this particular funnel. Right!

Further as it is a shared funnels only account, so it is not possible to create your own funnels in that account.

In order to add funnels to that shared funnels account you will have to receive a shared funnel link from other people and click on it.

Furthermore, it is not possible to add more than 3 funnel steps to one funnel on that plan either.

In order to activate that plan you have to click on a shared funnel link in a browser, where you are not logged into ClickFunnels.

Or do that in incognito mode. This way you will be given a choice of creating that account.


My Verdict:

If I go in the past and think about building a Sales Funnel then it was very difficult to build a sales funnel.

Just think in that way, for most people, if they want to sell their product or service online, just to get started, they would need:

  1. Website Hosting
  2. Landing Page Software
  3. Email Autoresponder
  4. Split Testing Software
  5. Automated Webinar Software
  6. Affiliate Software
  7. Membership Site Software
  8. Photoshop
  9. WordPress
  10. Programmers
  11. Designers.
  12. Webmasters

And here you can imagine what would be the cost to avail all above said services?

I think, it may goes in thousand dollars. Right!

Don’t forget the fact that you have to take care of all technical stuff too. Or you need someone to look after all technical stuff all the time.

Here, if you ask me to take care about technical stuff then I would clearly say “No”.

I can’t take care of technical stuff.

Then, in that case what I need?

I need a tool or software which does everything on my behalf.

I need software where I have to only drag and drop to create my sales funnels or optin funnels.

That’s it. Nothing more than that.

I don’t want to indulge myself in all technical stuff.

So here I find clickfunnels the best tool or you can say the best funnel builder which does everything.

Only I have to drag and drop inside the funnel builder of clickfunnels to create any marketing funnels.

Now I personally think that you don’t need a website, you need a funnel to take your business to the next level.

Clickfunnel fulfils all of your requirements to create a highly successful or converting funnel.

Every template in the clickfunnels are already tested and proven to convert.

If you have a product to sell and want to create high converting sales funnel with every feature then Clickfunnels comes with a lot of ways to increase the value of each customer in your funnel.

You can add order bumps, which allow you to present an additional offer on your checkout page.

Or you can easily add upsells and downsells to your funnel that you can show to your customer after they purchase your primary product.

You can also easily create coupons for your products which is another great way to increase conversions.

Even you can create membership sites inside the clickfunnels which is a really great feature.

As I have already mentioned that when I first joined the clickfunnels, I found it difficult to use.

But as soon as I gave time myself to learn about clickfunnels then I found it one of the best tools in my arsenal.

No doubt, if you decide to join the clickfunnels, then initially you will also face the problem to use it but believe me when you go through all the tutorials inside the clickfunnels, you will feel clickfunnels easy to use.

So keeping all this in mind, I would highly recommend using Clickfunnels for creating your highly converting and professional sales funnels or optin funnels.

Yes, I would say clickfunnels is the Revolution in our Online Marketing Industry helping Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Marketers like you.

Good thing is that there is no start up fee and you can try the clickfunnels Etison suite which comes for $297 p.m. with all features i.e.Clickfunnels Funnel Builder, Actionetics and Backpack for 14 days.

In case you, if you don’t like then immediately you can cancel it.

Or if you don’t want to use Etison Suite then you can downgrade your subscription to Clickfunnels Starter plan which comes for $97 p.m. Ok!

If you want to try clickfunnels then you can Join Free 14 Days Trial Of  Clickfunnels here

So, this is my personal clickfunnels review. Let me know in the comment below, how did you find my clickfunnels review?

One more thing, if there will be any updates then I will let you know.

Finally, if you find any value through my clickfunnels review then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Ok!

Have a nice day!

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My Latest Updates about Clickfunnels Review.

As per the latest updates the dashboard of Clickfunnels has been changed with new features.

Now as per the latest updates, you can see all of your stats such as page views, opt-in as well as sales related to your funnel on clickfunnels dashboard.

Just to know your stats such as page view, opt-in and sales etc., related to a particular funnel in your clickfunnels dashboard, you have to go in the search bar.

And from there click on the search bar and then you will see all of your favourite funnels.

Now next, you have to click the small stats icon on the right hand side of you. See below the screenshots.

Note:- Below the stats shown in screenshots are one of my two page optin funnels. That’s why it is showing only 541 Pageviews as well as 17 Optins and $0.00 Sales.

This is not a sales funnel. If there will be any sales funnel then you will also see the sales in the dashboard related to a particular sales funnel.

clickfunnels chart search bar

clickfunnels review chart icon

clicfunnels dashboard

clickfunnels chart pageviews

Moving further……..

In the clickfunnels dashboard now you can also see your Favourite Funnels as well as Live Contact Activity on the right hand side of your clickfunnels dashboard.

Mean to say, on the right hand side of your Clickfunnel’s dashboard, you can see the live or current or new subscriber with the funnel name through which your new subscriber opted in.

Even in this section i.e. Clickfunnel’s Live Contact Activity, you can scroll down and see your current as well previous subscriber with the funnel name through which they opted in. See below the screenshot.

clickfunnels review latest

Earlier in the clickfunnels, just to see your stats about new subscriber or contact, you had to select the funnel first to which you want to see the stats.

And then you were able to see the stats after clicking on Stats tab or Contact tab on the top of selected Funnel section.

Now with Live Contact Activity feature it’s very easy to see your new contact or new subscriber right from Clickfunnels dashboard.

Further with some changes in the dashboard of clickfunnels, now you can directly Send Broadcast Email to your subscribers list.

Even you can create your New Action Funnel right from Clickfunnels new dashboard.

Earlier, just to send Broadcast Email as well to create New Action Funnel, you had to go to Actionetics Tab right on the top of your Clickfunnels dashboard.

And from the drop down section of Actionetics tab, you had to select the option Send Broadcast Email or Create New Action Funnel.

That’s it.

So these are the some latest updates about Clickfunnels.

If there will be anything new about clickfunnels or any other updates then I will let you update about this. Ok!