Certified Pharmacist To 6 Figure Entrepreneur Revealed Top Secrets To Grow Online Business!

In today’s post, I am going to share with you the top secrets to grow Online Business shared by 6 figure entrepreneur who was once a Certified Pharmacist.

Certified Pharmacist To 6 Figure Entrepreneur Revealed Top Secrets To Grow Online Business!

Certified Pharmacist To 6 Figure Entrepreneur Revealed Top Secrets To Grow Online Business!

Actually this is an interview that I took on Zoom where Navjot Singh who is a 6 Figure Entrepreneur revealed his secrets to grow online business that he learned in his 10 years of experience of Online Business.

So if you’re doing any online business or you’re just a beginner or you’re thinking to start your online business and wanna know his biggest secrets to grow online business then you must read this post till the end.

Now, are you ready to know what are the top secrets to grow online business?

Ok, first, if you don’t know who Navjot Singh is…. then let I tell you a brief introduction about him.

Who is Navjot Singh?


He is a Full-Time Blogger, WordPress Expert, SEO Consultant, and Internet Marketer from Punjab, India.

And he has over 10 years of experience working as an Internet Marketer.

Further he is a certified Search Marketing Specialist, Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist and Email Marketing by Digital Marketer by Ryan Diess.

Furthermore he is also a Super Affiliate and one of the Top Affiliate of Clickfunnels.

Below you can see the screenshot of his ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission that he shared in the ClickFunnels Avengers Group.

navjot singh supper affiliate

So now you know who Navjot Singh is…..

Ok, without any delay, let’s move to our interview with Navjot Singh.

Q. How did you start your journey in Online Business or Affiliate Marketing Business?

A. I started my online career as a freelancer and earlier to that I was working as a Certified Pharmacist for more than 8 years…

But due to low salary and very tough duty, I was looking for an alternate option which could provide me good income as well as also some time so that I could spend time with my family.

So these were the two things which motivated me to go for online business.

In 2008 I left from my Pharmacist job and after that I joined a local company. It was in Patiala, Punjab.

And I joined there as a Content Writer and that time the Content Writing field was very new to me.

And I didn’t have any previous knowledge that how to write content but anyhow I did it.

But what I saw that if I worked there for 2 or 3 years and get some experience then I could also do that from my home as a Freelancer and could earn some money and become self-employed, so that was the vision in my mind from the day one.

So, I joined there as a Content Writer and used to work for 8 hours.

But whenever I used to come at my home, I also used to spend another 3 to 4 hours in searching of how can I get an online work from home so that I can start some independent project.

So this way I started my online career.

And the very first product which I had secured was from a portal i.e. Elance which later on had been merged with Upwork.

So that way here my first project was of $50 but due to my illness, I was unable to complete this project and for that project, the client only paid me $25 for that task.

And it was a Ahaa moment or you can say it was surprising moment for me that in 2008 nobody believed on me that you could earn money from the Internet.

But the main thing which I had experienced in this whole episode that if I could earn $25 then it is very much possible to earn as much as money which I was looking to earn.

And after that I created my website and I used my $25 in buying a hosting and domain and created a website and then I started posting some articles on that website.

And at that time the competition was not too high so that’s why my website started ranking for desired keywords.

Further, I started implementing AdSense Ad on my website and the very first cheque that I got from Google was of $100 and when I got that amount into my bank account then again it was amazing experience for me.

And after that my earnings from that very website started increasing and I started earning around Rs.50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 p.m. from Adsense.

Later on, after 2 or 3 years, due to some Google updates, the website got penalized and dropped in ranking and due to that my Adsense earnings also went down.

So at that time in 2013, I entered into Affiliate Marketing and I joined a company and made quite good money from ClickBank, JVZoo and some other third party product.

So this was my Journey in Online Business.

Q. What drives you the most to do better in Online Business?

A. Here I wanna say 2 or 3 things.

First one is that I wanted to get the Freedom.

I didn’t wanna obey my boss order that somebody comes and gives me order to do this task.

And also what I experienced during my job that despite doing your best, if your boss doesn’t admire you then it is very disturbing and frustrating for a person to continue that good work in future.

So that’s why I kept on looking for becoming self-employed and to start my own business so that I could become my own boss and get the Freedom and nobody could ask me and question me whenever I want to go on leave or I want to work.

So very first thing I wanted the Freedom.

And second thing….obviously we all want money and the money is also the main factor that drives me to do more in my online business.

And I also wanted the Time Freedom.

Now I enjoy my whole day with my family and kids. And this is very precious thing for me.

Q. What you mainly do to grow your Online Business?

A. I mainly do blogging on my blog i.e. Navjot Blog.

You can say blogging is my passion and I also do Facebook Marketing.

So overall you can say blogging and SEO is my passion.

And I also run a Digital Marketing Agency and provide digital Marketing Services like SEO and PPC Ads for Local Business Owners through SeoWebMedia.

Q. What is SEO and why SEO is so important to do Online Business?

A. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization and under this we optimize the main URL of the website by doing On site (On Page SEO) as well as Off site (Off Page SEO) optimization.

On site optimization includes such as optimizing H1 Tag, Meta Tag, Heading and Description etc.

So these kind of things come under On site optimization (On Page SEO).

And in off site (Off page SEO), we build some back links from various sites which helps in improving the ranking of the website.

Q. Would you be so kind to share your best strategy or tip that works to grow your Online Business?

A. The main thing is that you just stay focus on one traffic source.

That’s the biggest secret which I have learned in last 10 years.

You can see that newbies keep moving their focus on one traffic source to another traffic source.

They keep learning and learning and they never implement on the things they have learned.

So that’s why they don’t get any results.

What I suggest to a newbie that every traffic source is working but just stick to one traffic source as per your interest.

For example, for me blogging is one of the best thing and I feel comfortable in writing articles.

Just take example of You (Hummm here he is talking about me, isn’t it great……).

As you are more comfortable in Video Marketing and you’re doing it for the last six or seven months.

And I think that Video Marketing is working good for you as per my experience and it will definitely be bringing sales for you.

So Video Marketing is working for YOU and Blogging is working  for ME.

But if I talk about others then some are more active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

So every traffic source is working and you need to stick with one traffic source. So this is the biggest secret I want to tell you.

Q. What tools or software you’re using to grow your Online Business?

A. I am using various tools and for complete lists you can visit my Navjot Blog Resource Page. 

And if I talk about any specific tools that are very helpful in my online business then I would say that there are blogging tools i.e. SemRush, Ahref etc.

And one another tool that now-a-days I am using and its name is Serped. 

It is very useful tool if you’re looking for blogging, keyword research and link building.

Apart from that I am also using tool name i.e. Ubersuggest by Neilpatel and also Keyworld Tool for finding keywords ideas.

So there are various tools which I am using but we can’t depend on one tool.

Q. What are the books you recommend to read to the Marketers especially who is just beginner?

A. I will recommend the very first book which motivated me to start my business is……

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

And another books I want to recommend to somebody who is new in this online industry are………

2. DotComSecrets Book

3. Expert Secrets Book

Both books are written by Russell Brunson who is co-founder of ClickFunnels.

And there is another book I will recommend to read is…..

30days dot com (One Funnel Away Challenge)

Q. What advice will you give who is just starting out in this Online Industry?

A. The very first advice I would like to give to newbies who are just looking for entering in this online space or who has just entered in this Online Marketing is that they should stay focus on one topic or one niche.

They don’t need to promote different-2 products. They just focus on promoting one product in their niche.

And same thing for traffic, they just need to stick with one traffic and learn the skill to get traffic from that very traffic source.

And also they need to have some patience as in our Online Marketing you don’t become rich overnight.

So you need time to see actual results and I suggest that you need at least 6 months to 1 year to see actual results.

There are so many things which are involved in online marketing to see actual results.

Let’s take an example of College.

When we go to College to get the degree then we have to spend like 3 years to get that Degree and after getting this Degree we qualify for a Job.

I suggest you that in first year or at the beginning of your online business, you have to learn the new skills and when you implement those things  then you will see results in one and half or two years.

It is a long game but stay focused.

And if you’re working in a job then I suggest you that don’t quit your job because you will face some financial problems.

So I suggest you that you start online marketing by working part time and once you start getting results and get some experience then you can turn it into a full time career.

And also one last advice I wanna give that if you wanna get fast results then you should work with a Mentor who can guide you step by step in your online career.

You can find them online as there are many online marketers but it all depends on you that who you are comfortable to working with.

So yes I would say working with a mentor will definitely increase your chances of success in online marketing and will save your precious time and money.

That’s it.

So, this was my interview with Navjot Singh!

Now, here are some keynotes or you can say secrets from this interview that will help you specially to those who are just thinking out to start off the online business.

1. Stay focus on one topic or one niche..

2. Stick with one traffic and learn the skill to get traffic from that very traffic source.

3. Work with a Mentor who can guide you step by step in your online career and say working with a mentor will definitely increase your chances of success in online marketing and will save your precious time and money.

4. You need to have some patience as in our Online Marketing you don’t become rich overnight.

So if you’re a beginner to online business and want to take your business to the next level then pay very close attention to what he said above.

Yes, you might have heard these secrets before but my friend these are the secrets of a 6 Figure Entrepreneur that have helped him to be a 6 Figure Online Marketer.

Really people often fail in business!

Wanna know why?

Because they don’t take massive actions on the advice given by any successful marketer.

So go an take massive actions on what you learned from this Interview post.

Finally, I would say thank you so much Navjot Singh for giving your precious time and sharing your experiences and golden nuggets.

Again I would say that don’t forget to read his recommended books above.

Yes, if you need any consultancy regarding your business and want to take your business to the next level then you can personally Contact Him On His Personal Facebook Profile Here.

Now, let me know in the comment below how did you find this Interview.

If you have any questions or queries then please let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help.

Finally, if you found any value from this post, then please share it with your friends or with somebody who you know will get the benefit from this post.

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