How To Build Email Subscriber List?

In this article I will explain how to build email subscriber list fast?

how to build email subscriber list

How to Build Email Subscriber List?

Now-a-days everybody who is in online internet marketing or email marketing is talking about build a list. They are asking again and again your list is your asset.

And if you ask me that is really building list is my assets.  Then I would answer to it yes! It is true your list is your assets.

Build your list as soon as possible. Because in future it will pay you more residual income, if you build a healthy relationships with your email list and provide more value to your list.

If you have a list which is more engaged with you, then chances are more to make profit with them in long term.

If you don’t know how to build email subscriber list, then let me explain in short.

In this model we collect email of our visitor’s to our site or landing page by giving free gift to them. And when they submit their email in exchange of free gift, they become our subscriber.

Note: – Free gift can be anything in the shape of e-book, video training, mind map, infographics etc.

And when they become our subscriber, we can market them or sell them any product whether it’s our own or any affiliated product in future by providing them value as well as engaging with them through our email with the email marketing software such as Getresponse and Aweber. That’s it.

Note:- Above said link to Getresponse and Aweber are my affiliate link.

So let’s discuss about how to build your subscriber list?

1. Give away free stuff.

Tell me one single person in this world who does not like free stuff.  Of course everybody likes free stuff. Right!

Here is the big ticket. Just think about your audience related to your niche or field and research what is their biggest challenge and make a free stuff on that. Give it for free in exchange of email address.

Your free stuff can be anything such as e-book, infographic, whitepaper, video training, audio, mind map etc.

2. Provide quality content on blog/website.

In this online industry you will not find even a single person who will give you his email address easily for free.

So what should be in that case? If you really want to collect their email and build your list then offer them the content that is interesting to them on your website/blog.

Provide them the content that is worth reading and watching whether it is on your blog/website. I hope so you get the point, what I mean!

3. Have a strong content distribution strategy.

Creating great content is only half the battle. Make sure it is visible to the right audience/people.

Make sure who your ideal audience is and find out where they like to hang out online. Then choose communication channels according to that.

4. Keep sign-up forms on every web page or landing page.

This is very-very important.  If you want to build your list fast then you have to keep sign-up forms everywhere on your webpage/blog or single landing page.

Just to make sure, it should be visible, easy to get access and easy to fill out.

If possible have web forms on the above the fold of your website/blog, on the side bar of your website/blog and below the fold of your website/blog.  See below some example.

5. Well designed sign-up form.

A well designed sign-up form converts well. It should not look messy.  You might have heard, less is more, so keep it simple and short.

In short only have less field/column in your sign up form to collect the information such as Name and Email address field.  See below an example.

Here is on great tip, if you have only email address filed/column in your sign up form then you get high conversion rates.

It happens because of the simple reason and that is, it is easy for visitors on your sign up from to fill out only email address rather than their name.

6. Social Media.

If you are not using social media in your marketing, then you’re losing a big portion of your subscriber as well as a big profit that you can make using social media.

Today you will see everybody is on social platforms.  Everybody is spending almost 2 to 4 hours on regular basis on social platform.  If you are not cashing them, then surely you’re losing your subscriber.

Just go and have your presence on social platforms now. If you can’t make your presence on every platform, then at least choose one or two platforms to make presence out of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit etc.

Help the people on social platforms and interact with them and share your valuable information there.

Now here is the best part while helping, and solving their problems on social platforms, integrate your sign-up forms with social media platforms asking them to subscribe to your list to get more information relevant to them.

Getting traffic from multiple sources of social media platforms allows you to build a strong email marketing list much faster.

7. Blog consistently.

If you have a blog then write post on it consistently.  It doesn’t mean to build list a list; you have to blog 2 to 4 posts constantly on daily basis.

It’s up to you that whether you want to blog on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. But if you want to build your list fast then blog on regularly or weekly basis and be consistent to that.

One more thing just to blog on daily or weekly basis, don’t write crappy post on your blog.  Write blog post that is of great value to your readers on your blog.

Being consistent with your blogging, it helps in bringing more traffic to your blog as well as building subscribe list.

Have a content publishing schedule and be stick to that. Right!

8. Guest post on popular blogs.

You have heard so many times about guest posting on other’s blog which are related to your content.

Yes! It helps in building your subscriber list fast.

If you don’t know what is guest posting, then let I explain it you in short.

In guest posting you write article or post on other people’s blog and at the end of article/blog or in bio section or signature section, you give your blog’s link which redirect the visitor’s to your blog.

And if they find more great content on your blog, then they subscribe to your list. That’s it.

Really publishing your most valuable content on other people’s blog is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers in your industry as well as to introduce yourself to new people.

Note: – By doing guest posting you also get back-links to your blog which helps your blog to rank high in search engine.

9. Ask to share.

Normally what happens, people are not in a mode to share unless you ask them to share.

Or till they don’t see any line asking them to share such as Please share if you like the article or post, please share if you think this will be helpful to others etc. I hope you get the idea.

Remember that just to put the social share buttons on your website/blog is not enough; you still need to ask your subscribers to use them.

So here take time to prepare valuable and shareable content.  Content can be anything such as post, article, photos, audio, video etc. that redirects the people to your website/blog/landing page etc.

And by doing that you get traffic which converts later on into free subscriber to your list and you build the list without paying any penny on traffic.

10. Call to Action.

Again this is great point to pay attention.  If your visitors on your blog/website/landing page don’t know what to do, where to do and how to do for becoming your subscriber, then you’re losing your subscriber.

So always have a strong call to action on your blog/website/landing page.  Let your visitors know what they have to do for becoming subscriber.

You can put your call to action in submit button of sign up form by saying something like Sign UP Now! Get Instant Access Now! Get Free Access! Download Now! Subscribe Now! Etc.

It gives a clear cut indication or direction to visitor on blog/website/landing page what they have to do to get access for completing a desired action.

This makes the sign-up process more engaging and it also improves the conversion ratio.

Here is a big nugget, if possible have the color of your submit button Yellow or Orange in your sign up form. Really it converts well.

11. Privacy policy.

Let your readers know that you will not share their personal information with any third parties.  Having a clear and simple privacy policy helps you to build trust and convince the visitors that it’s safe to subscribe to your list.

Finally, if you like this article on how to build email subscriber list then please do share it with your friends.

And yes if you know any other ways to build email subscriber list, then do let me know in the comment below. Right!

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