7 Things That Pro Marketers Never Do!

In today’s post I am going to share with you 7 things that Pro Marketers Never Do!

7 things pro marketers never do

7 Things That Pro Marketers Never Do!

Very frankly I learned these 7 things from Justin Brook who is the founder of Adskills.

Actually this is the email post that I got directly from Justin Brook and when I read it, I found it very helpful for marketers and then I thought why don’t I post it on my blog so that marketers like you may get benefit from it.

So are you ready to know what are those 7 things that Pro Marketers Never Do!

Ok! Let’s start!

1. Skipping Customer Interviews & Market Research

The amateur marketer instead thinks that he knows his customer. He’s got it all in his head.

No reason to spend time doing market research exercises.

In fact he may even think he doesn’t have time to do silly exercises, he’s gotta be making money.

And the amateur marketer would definitely never take time to do real customer interviews by phone.

2. Rely on Basic Tracking or No Tracking

Amateur marketer thinks all he needs to know is clicks and conversions. He never takes the time to consider micro-conversions.

Doesn’t even think they are important. He doesn’t have a spreadsheet where all his metrics are in one place so he can review it monthly for trend lines, opportunities, and weakness.

And he’s definitely intimidated by rather than motivated by Google Analytics full power.

3. Optimize For Costs Instead of Earnings

To the Amateur marketer, saving costs is everything. He wants to reduce his CPC (cost per click) rather than take the time to increase his EPC (Earning per click).

They’re definitely not piping in their shopping cart data into the ad network or their Google Analytics data.

Because if they did they could be optimizing campaigns for earnings. Instead they just look to keep the ad sets with the cheapest leads and cheapest clicks.

Then they wonder why no one’s buying or opening their emails. He thinks cheap leads are the holy grail, if only he knew how expensive that thinking was.

4. Ignoring View Through Conversions & PDS

Amateur marketers scoff at VTC (View Through Conversions). They don’t believe in them.

A billion dollar company spends hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars to build the technology to measure them, but the amateur thinks it’s all woo woo.

They would never take the time to compare shopping cart date ranges with ad campaign date ranges to see if they are real.

And they are blind to PDS, promo driven search. They think all their sales come from the linear click > read > buy funnel they setup.

Not realizing that most consumers do research before buying these days and then come back to buy.

5. Create One Landing Page For All Traffic

No way is the amateur marketer going to spend the time to create a new landing page for every campaign.

He thinks he can get away with creating one great lander that will work with all types of traffic.

He doesn’t think it’s worth his time to match his landing pages to his ad sets or god forbid, each keyword and interest.

Telling him to create multiple funnels, one for his cold traffic, one for his JV traffic, and one for his internal traffic is absolutely absurd.

6. Because It Makes Money It Must Work

The classic amateur response to any criticism from a pro, is “hey it’s making money so it’s working.”

This is a sign of their laziness. They would rather rationalize keeping a less efficient process because it’s getting some results, than spend time implementing an even more efficient process to get even more results.

Some even take this mentality all the way up into the millions of dollars earned, never realizing that it’s all about to fall apart at any moment or could have been tens of millions earned.

They’ll never be the #1 guy in a market with this attitude though. They’ll always be the underdog, because their machine just isn’t efficient.

7. Rely Only On The Tools They Have

Again their own laziness eats away at their success because amateur marketers would rather stick to what their tools do out of the box.

They don’t spend the money or time to create their own custom plugins, connectors, or scripts. Which limits their marketing power, because they can only use the same out of the box features everyone else has.

Telling an amateur marketer he might need 2-3 different shopping carts rather than just one, is a laughable offense.

They don’t make their decision based on what is most efficient, they make their decision on what are other people using or what is the cheapest solution.

That’s it.

Now you know the 7 things that Pro Marketers never do.

So what are you for go and start doing the opposite of these 7 things, and you’ll be a pro in no time. You’ll go from being in a niche to leading the niche.

And if you want even more pro tips then you can grab Justin Brook’s  Media Buying Masters course. That course is 10yrs of his experiences boiled down into 10 hours of video training.

Imagine, adding 10yrs of experience and knowledge in just 10 hours.

Ok, let me know how did you find this post.

If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment below.

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