7 Steps To Start An Online Business For Beginner!

In this article I will share 7 Steps to start an Online Business for Beginner.

7 Steps To Start An Online Business

7 Steps To Start An Online Business For Beginner!

So, if you’re a beginner or newbie and don’t know how to start an online business then this article is going to help you a lot to understand how to start a online business.

As you know I share whatever I know.

So, to be very frank, these 7 steps to start a solid online business, I learned from Chad Thibodeaux.

He is an Author of LaunchFuel and he also is a member of Clickfunnels official Facebook Group.

Further, he has also been selected Top 6 Funnel Designer by Russell Brunson.

Now tell me are you ready to know 7 steps to start an online business.

Ok! I already know your answer.

So without any delay let’s know the 7 steps to start an online business.

1. Know Who You Are

Yes just to start an online business you have to clearly know who you are.

Mean to say, you will have to specifically know who you want to help.

What your one or two (no more) goods, products, or services are?

And be able to clearly articulate to a client what the expected outcome should be.

2. Help As Many People As Possible For Free

Yes! You have heard that right!

If you really want to succeed online then help as many people as possible for Free.

Help many people until you build up an incredible bank of testimonies you can use for social proof.

Then… never get out of the help mode.

Just keep helping, and helping, and helping with no strings attached.

3. Get 100 People On Your Email Database Immediately

As you know in online industry, your email list is like your digital asset.

So build your asset (email list) as soon as possible.

At initial stage, get 100 people on your email subscriber list or database immediately.

And then use the money that you make from 100 people to grow it to 1,000 email subscriber.

4. Create A Simple Process

When you’re starting out an online business then always keep the thing very simple.

I mean create a simple process which is very is to follow.

Here, what you can do?

Have a lead magnet that moves your visitors to your landing page to a webinar or 4 part video series.

And let your first type of “sell” be booking a free phone consultation with you.

Actually by doing this way, you will accomplish a few things:

First, you can launch within this WEEK!!

No need for stalling, or waiting until you’ve studied 30 gurus or waiting until everything is perfect (it never will be).

Be sure to record the calls.

Second, this process is invaluable because you get to hear from your potential clients their problems, their pain, and exactly what they need from you.

You then can create or adjust your product accordingly.

Third, it lets you practice your craft and perfect your pitch.

Fourth, it allows you to sell a high-ticket item immediately.

5. Forget The Masses

Go after individuals. Bring back the personal touch.

I’m afraid that in the online industry, you see a few gurus (like Russell) who have a massive following and this becomes your “porn.”

You fantasize about what it’d be like to be making six-figures per month, or having 250,000 people in your database, and this fantasy removes you from reality.

You move too quickly. You make massive mistakes. You become depressed.

You become cold and too driven.

Even, you become obsessed with trying to obtain clients that you don’t have yet.

And later on you forget to serve greatly the folks who are already interested in you.

Growing up in a religious home my mom would always preach, “If you can’t be trusted with a little, why would God give you a lot?”

Talk with your potential clients.

If possible text them personally.

Give them your phone number. Engage with them on Social Media.

Send them birthday wishes. Brag on them publicly. This will help you build an incredibly loyal tribe.

6. Stop Paying The Gurus And Hire A Coach

As a normal course of routine, you think if you buy a $997 course from a guru all of your problems will be solved that’s what they tell to you.

But it won’t!

Listen to their podcast yes.

Learn from their blogs yes.

But, do it all for free. Don’t buy their “magic bullet.”

Instead, join a coaching group ($20-$50/mo), and hire a rockstar coach for 30-60 days and listen to them.

It’ll help you create YOUR BRAND AND PRODUCT as opposed to mimicking someone else’s.

7. Create A High Ticket Item Immediately

It’s easier to sell 10 items of $10,000 per products than it is to sell 10,000 items for $10 per products.

The quickest way to get to six-figures is a high-ticket-item.


Think about it… if you’re in a job, someone is paying you $50K+ for your talents and services.

Which means, people who get you for $10K are getting one heck of a deal.

Start with high-ticket.

This is going to sound weird, BUT, you have to be more of an expert to sell a $97 product then you do a $9,997 product.

Low priced items have to REACH THE MASSES, and only the elite do that.

However, high-ticketed-products only have to reach a few, and you can do that.

That’s it. Now you know the 7 steps to start an online business.

Let me know in the comment below how did you find this article on 7 steps to start an online business.

Yes! If you have any question or queries then let me know in the comment below. I would be so happy to help you.

Finally one more thing, if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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