7 Steps To Make A Most Profitable Online Course!

In this article, I will share the 7 Steps To Make A Most Profitable Online Course.

7 Steps To Create A Most Profitable Online Course7 Steps To Make A Most Profitable Online Course!

Very frankly, I learned these 7 steps about creating most profitable online course from Adel Anwar, who is a great Internet Marketer.

As you know, as an Affiliate Marketer you don’t have to do anything. Even you don’t have to think about creating a course or product.

Only you have to choose a product solving the biggest problem with high commission and then you have to promote it.

If someone buys, you make commission in your pocket. That’s it.

But when time comes to create a most profitable online course or any product then question arises how to create a course or product that may give you high profit?

But one thing for sure that whoever have their own product or course in the market makes more profit than anybody else.

Now, if you’re an Internet Marker and doing business in digital information market or have an expertise in any niche then this post will surely help you to create a most profitable online course or product.

So are you ready to learn these 7 steps to make most profitable online courses.

Let’s start!

1. Rough and Ready Mindset not perfectionism

Your people will feel more connected to you if you are authentic (i.e. rough and ready footage).

These days or since the 80s or 90s, even professionals like MTV interweave (fake) rough and ready with expensive footage to maintain that ‘authentic connection’.

Heck – coming to think of it – INSTAGRAM hit a billion (purchased by Facebook) PRECISELY because you can turn your perfect photo into retro-rough-and-ready! Weird world we live in! 🙂

Did you know there are people who are voluntary POOR because they want the BLURRY look?

In a era where every Tom Dick and Sally has a blurry look, the fact that you do not – makes you stand out! OUT-STAND. Out-stand-ing!

2. Use CF (Clickfunnels) Fully And Only

Too many people get too tripped up about using 3rd party apps for this or that.

Those folks either stay poor; or are already wealthy from their own version 1, and came onto Clickfunnels and use it in hybrid mode with other apps. You should just use Clickfunnels Suite.

One argument that people had which has a valid point is – but what if you need to do ‘flash sales’ or instantly notify folks about a webinar?

Then what you have to do is to get the people’s SMS using CF + Twilio (they integrate) so you SMS folks about instant items!

Besides – instant emails does not mean people read them instantly.

Elsewhere, I read posts of people needing LMS features with surveys and all that bullocks.

Those people are very POOR people with one exception to the rule.

LMS means learning management systems: involves badges, points, gamification, questions and answers testing etc.

As a marketer you don’t need any of that. You need to make and sell courses.

Period . The one exception to the rule led by Ryan Deiss was having one course for $500 without LMS and another for $10,000 with LMS so you license people.

That’s fine!

Charge $10,000, use a LMS and that’s fine. But make sure you have a brand that people want to get licensed by you first!

Honestly – the only people using LMS are “very poor people” like teachers who MUST use that [on MooCs].

Or they are multi-billion dollar corporations who have that budget.

In fact this is a second exception to the rule – if you are selling $1million contracts on your courses to a multi-billion corporation, then having a LMS helps your pitch.

Then there’s the poor leading the poor on 3rd party apps where you can create a membership site for FREE!

Free means they take 15% of your money. If you are in that mindset- being in business is not for you.

Join a charity and help people in other ways. No business person in their ‘right’ mind gives away 15% .

For God’s sake Trump doesn’t even give away 1% to government taxes by LEGALLY using the law; whereas you are giving away 15% before even thinking taxes? Wake up! Use CF suite.

3. Use Your Iphone 6

The 2 extra things – sound and light. A research showed the MOST important thing is SOUND!

If going cheap then use a Yeti mic with your MAC. Or use a iRig mic (cheap and works for less than $100) or Shure mic with your iphone.

Then use Screenflow (7 just came out) to combine sound-with-iphone video footage. BOOM! DONE!

In between each ‘TAKE’ clap loudly three times; so you’ll know from observing audio , when to “cut” during editing.

For light $200-300 on Amazon light kit at best.

Or daylight is worth $100,000 studio [for real] when it comes to luminescence! That’s what all those expensive light kits try to emulate anyway – sun!

A tripod for $20 and something to hold your iphone (that ‘thing’ is now available everywhere for $10 on a extension arm. Screw it off and put it on your tripod.

4. Upload Your Content Into CF Membership Area.

After creating or recording all of your content or course only you have to upload into Clickfunnels Membership Area. That’s it.

5. Focus All Your Time In Marketing.

Now after uploading your content or course on clickfunnels then next part you have to do is focus all of your time in Marketing your course. But rough and ready again. Ok!

6. Webinar

Preferably 5 live webinars then see which one gets the best traction and use that for evergreen CF auto webinar!

By the way – a webinar is best done using YOUTUBE LIVE (billion dollar company owned by freaking GOOGLE with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited viewers.

And they save it for you and that you can embed into your CF membership area or any other CF page.

Anyone else out there (other than Youtube) wants to charge you an arm and a leg for unlimited viewers and unlimited bandwidth!

The world is on Youtube! Youtube works very well with CF suite!

If it’s in your membership area then the trick is you give people free membership and when finishing your pitch they can click a button to pay.

And after they have paid, the membership area now opens up with new courses in their area!

Bet you didn’t know that? So they do not have to get another membership area.

After doing 5 live webinars, pick the one with the most traction and put it on your CF autowebinar -so you make money when you are sleeping even! Boom! Done!

7. Focus On Optimizing And Mastering Facebook Ads

Don’t get courses at first, just do it!

Consider charging $997 to $1997 for your course; allow payments in 6 parts (knowing many will end up paying part 1 only, that’s fine).

You can drip-feed the course or give it them using your CF membership.

FOCUS on marketing. With great profits – do more courses or version 2. I told you above – Jeff Walker makes a million every year by doing version 2, version 3, version 4 and so can you.

Believe me – even if your expertise is stamp collective, there will be lots of new information for you to share every year.

Also there are niches for every group out there.

Did I mention bloody Stamp collecting! Oh yes! How about ‘bird spotting’? Oh yes! 🙂

Lots of expertise needed for that – for real! Get your sheeeeet out there now! The world needs you. The world needs YOUR voice, your unique take on things!

That’s it for now. Let me know in the comment below that how did you find this article on how to create a highly profitable course.

If you have any question or query then feel free to comment or ask below.

Yes if you have any expertise on how to create a course or product then let me in the comments below.

Finally, if you like this article then please share it with your friends who you know may get benefit.

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