7 Pro Tips To Promote Affiliate Products As A Super Affiliate!

In this today’s article, I will show you 7 Pro Tips To Promote Affiliate Products as a Supper Affiliate.

7 pro tips to promote affiliate products as a super affiliate

7 Pro Tips To Promote Affiliate Products As A Super Affiliate!

But before telling these pro tips, one thing I want to say from my personal experience that people especially those who are new to this affiliate marketing still don’t consider Affiliate Marketing as a serious business.

Actually, what they do?

They (newbie or beginner marketers) come to affiliate marketing business just to make money over night.

They go after one product to another to make some quick commission or money.

Even, they just go and join to any other affiliate network or any affiliate program.

And then pick a product there and start promoting the offers without knowing the exact strategy to promote the product.

And response of this, I would say that you might have noticed or experienced those ugly looking links (affiliate links) with the offer or opportunity or any kind of product or service on social media profile?


Did you notice that?

Of course, yes, you have noticed those ugly affiliate links on social profile or any other place on the web.

And further what they (newbie or beginner marketers) think after posting those ugly looking affiliate links on social media platform?

They think with the hope that somebody will come and click on that ugly looking affiliate link and will purchase the product or service.

And then they will get paid commission and all of the sudden they will be rich overnight.

No my friend…. No!

This is not the reality. You can’t make money by doing that.

Just for a second, put yourself in the shoes of others or just replace yourself in place of others who are on web or on social media platform.

Now, tell me will you be the person who will click on this ugly looking affiliate link on social media platform or at any other place?

I hope you will not click on this ugly looking affiliate link unless you’re really a frustrated guy to make money online like me as I used to be.

Here, yes I would accept this fact that I used to do the same mistakes when I first started doing Affiliate Marketing as a beginner.

I used to put those ugly looking affiliate links on the web and even I also used to click on those ugly links posted by others when I was totally new to this affiliate marketing business.

So you’re not alone or single one person in the world who does this type of mistakes. Right!

Moving further……..

Would you like to know what we call to the person who puts those ugly links on social media profile?.

In our language we call it spammer who spams on other profiles or any other place on the web with the ugly looking affiliate links.

Now, tell me would you like to be this type of Affiliate Marketer?

Absolutely Not!

So, now you might be thinking……

Then what to do or how to promote my affiliate offers?

Let I tell you how you can promote your affiliate products as a Super Affiliate.

Actually these are the 7 Pro tips to promote your Affiliate Products as a Supper Affiliate.

So are you ready to know these 7 pro tips to promote affiliate products?

Let’s start!

1. Treat Affiliate Marketing As A Real Business

Yes, first rule of thumb of affiliate marketing is to treat Affiliate Marketing a real business.

It’s a business of real people with real product or service. Right!

Never ever think affiliate marketing is a Get Rich Quick Scheme or make you money over night or make you rich over night.

One bitter truth about affiliate marketing business is it requires lots of patience and hard work to succeed in affiliate marketing business.

If you have these guts then I welcome you and encourage you to come and join with me  in the world of affiliate marketing business.

2. Use Link Shortener

What I mean by that?

My mean is to when you go to promote your affiliate offers; always use the tool that create your long or ugly looking affiliate link into short link or URL.

Actually what this or software does, it makes your long affiliate link into short URL or link so that your affiliate link looks short and nice.

Here you can use the Free Tool or service of such as Bitly and Google URL Shortener to make your long affiliate link into short URL or link.

Below you can see an example of link shortener.

affiliate link to promote affiliate product

This is my affiliate link which is long and ugly looking.

And after shortening this above said affiliate link through the tool or software such as Bitly as well Google URL Shortener, it looks short and nice. See below the screenshot.

bitly and google short url affiliate link

Note: Never Ever promote your affiliate products with long URL link.

2. Mask Your Affiliate Link

Here what you can do, you can mask your affiliate link.

Actually what happened in that case you, you buy your own domain and then you redirect your visitor to your custom domain or your own domain after masking your affiliate link.

Still confused?

Let I give you an example on this!

Suppose I have my own domain i.e. whateveriknow. com.

And I have masked my affiliate link with my domain i.e. whateveriknow. com inside my account from where I purchased my domain.

Note:- As in my case my domain Registrar is Namecheap.

So in that case when somebody clicks on my domain i.e. whateveriknow.com then he is not able to see my affiliate link in the browser bar because I have masked it.

He is only able to see my own domain which is whateveriknow. com in the browser bar.

Make sense!

Ok, if you don’t know how to mask your affiliate link then don’t worry, you can read my full article on how to mask affiliate link using Namecheap.

Important To Note: I would highly recommend you to use your own domain while promoting affiliate offers and send your traffic or visitor to your own domain name.

Never ever directly send your traffic or visitors to your bare or ugly looking affiliate link.

3. Use Your Own Opt-In Funnel To Build List

What I found in most cases that people or new affiliate (especially beginner one) start promoting the affiliate offer using the opt-in funnel or landing page, sales page or squeeze page of company whom product or service they’re promoting.

In other words, to promote the affiliate products, they (especially a newbie) directly send the traffic to the sales page of product or service of the company.

And this is not a good practice to promote the affiliate offers.

So in that case, all of your traffic goes to the list of your company’s email list whom product or service you’re promoting.

You’re all efforts and money goes to build your company’s email list which offer or product you’re promoting rather going to your own email list.

Here what I mean by that?

My mean is to use your own opt in funnel or landing page to capture the lead or email.

By the way if you want then you can use my own optin funnel to capture your lead or to build your email list.

Ok moving further…

Here, make sure that visitor to your landing page should go to your email list and then they should go to the offer that you’re promoting.

And by doing this best practice to promote the affiliate products, you build your own email list.

And yes, one good thing is that you can offer your email list some other affiliate offers in near future without spending money on traffic. Right!

4. Use A Lead Magnet

To capture the lead or email address of your visitors on your landing page use a lead magnet.

What you can do here just to capture the lead or email, offer a bribe or lead magnet in exchange of their email.

Your lead magnet must be something of high perceived value so that visitors on your landing page can’t deny to your lead magnet or bribe in exchange of their email.

Lead magnet can be something like An E-book, Cheat Sheet, and Video Training etc.

5. Have Privacy, Terms & Conditions And Disclaimer Pages On Your Landing Page

While promoting your affiliate offers on FACEBOOK, Google, Bing or any other Ad Network, always have privacy policy, terms and conditions as well disclaimer pages on your landing page. See below a screenshot of this.

privacy page affiliate

Yes, before placing your ads on the above ad Networks read their terms and conditions carefully.

One more thing, while placing your ads at any of above said ad networks never ever promise something that is unreal or unusual in your Ad copy or landing page.

Further never ever use headline saying something like “How To Make Money Online In 3 or 7 or 90 Days” or “How To Lose Weight In 7 Days” etc.

This type of headlines sound unreal and over hyped.

So never ever use this type of tactic while placing your ads especially on above said ad Networks.

Otherwise your ad account will be banned or your ad will be disapproved. Ok!

Rather you can use headline saying something like “Free Webinar Training That Reveals How To Start Your Own Online Business” or “Free Masterclass That Reveals How To Grow Your Online Business” if you’re in make money online niche etc.

Further, in your ad copy or landing page copy, never ever claim a fixed time frame to provide the results especially while placing your ads on above said ad networks.

I hope you got the idea what I mean.

Note: – Make sure that your ad must show to your targeted audience.

And yes, don’t give up after your first ad campaign fails.

Again try it, tweak it, change it, if still you don’t get the results what you expected for then start it all over again.

I mean change in your ad copy, landing page, sales page, squeeze page etc. Ok!

6. Track Your Campaign

It is very important to note that when you’re placing any ads or promoting your landing page to get the leads, always track your campaign.

track the campaign

What I mean by tracking the Campaign?

I mean you must know track your campaign and know the statistics such as from where you’re getting traffic, which country they are from, what’s their age, are they male or female?

How many opt ins or email address you got from your landing page?

What’s the conversion rate? What’s the opt in rate?

Which landing page or ad campaign is converting or which one is not?

The main reason to track your campaign is to find which campaign is winner and which one is looser.

And if you find something that is not converting then remove it or tweak it or change it.

So overall track everything that you can imagine about your campaign.

And to track your campaigns, you can use Free Google Analytics tool. Below you can see screenshots of my blog to know how my blog is performing.

google analytics affiliate

users and devices tracking affiliate

Further, for tracking your campaigns, you can also use tools like Clickmagic and Clickmeter.

Both are paid tools but very good tracking tools to track your campaigns.

7. Provide Value

Yes, this is very-very important.

Always first provide immense amount of value to your lists or visitors before promoting your affiliate offers.

What you can do, just set up your own email sequence and provide immense amount of value.

Don’t just throw offer after offer in someone’s face!

From my personal experience I would say that providing value is the surest recipe to succeed in affiliate marketing business.

Note: – Never ever pitch all the time with your offers.

That’s it.

Now you know the pro tips to promote your affiliate offers as a Supper Affiliate.

If you have any questions or queries then do let me know in the comment below.

I would be so happy to help you.

Yes, also do let me know how you found this article.

Finally, if you like this article, then please share it with somebody who you think will get benefit from this article. Right!

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