6 Influence Tactics To Perfect Welcome Email Sequence!

In today’s post I am going to share with 6 influence tactics that you can start implementing in your email sequence right from today onwards.

Or in other words, you can say it’s a Cult Leader’s Guide to the Perfect Welcome Email Sequence.

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6 Influence Tactics To Perfect Welcome Email Sequence!

But, as you know I share whatever I know, so here I would say that I learned about this 6 influence tactics right from Ali Eston.

He is a Founder at Eli Easton Direct Response Copy writing.

Further he is also a contributor as well as Admin of Facebook group called Underground 7 Figures Email Marketing Secrets where industry’s top most copywriters share their knowledge and wisdom.

Ok, moving further to our 6 influence tactics to perfect our welcome email sequence.

So you’ve gotten people to start signing up for your list.

But once they’re on there…

How do you make the most money possible from those leads?

Are you frustrated? Unable to come up with solid ideas on what to write?

Are you afraid to send out emails?

Fearing your prospects will jump off your list like rats off a sinking ship?

Do you hate watching other businesses slay their email marketing effortlessly?

While you’re left to wonder how the “Big Guns” are making Huuuge ROI from their email lists?

Regardless of how you’re getting along at the moment…

I’m about to give you a peek at what the best in the world are doing through email.

How they build a bond with their audience so strong…

Their customers wouldn’t hesitate to beat a path to their front door.

Believe it or not…

It’s not that hard.

All you really need to do is let go of most of the garbage you’ve been lead to believe about email marketing.

Now, just a warning this information isn’t for everyone…

Some of these tactics are actually being used by cult leaders.

Making people do and think whatever they want them to.

They will look to you as a leader.

So before you continue reading you must promise that you will only use this information for good.

And not for evil.

Can you do that?

Alright great.

So without further ado.

Here are 6 INFLUENCE TACTICS you can start implementing in your emails today.

1. Sign Them Up For Your Shared Mission And Its Benefits.

Intermediates sell people on their product.

Which is 100% necessary.

But for more long-term results and cash flow, you need to be selling them on the long-term shit.

You see this is where the experts make all the money.

Because they’re not just selling them on a product…

They’re selling on them on a whole new, different, better world, full of new people, and friends (your current customers) who are already succeeding.

You’re not just going to give them an ebook.

They’re going to be signing up for a whole new way of thinking.

And all the life benefits that come with it i.e. confidence, certainty, look better, be healthier etc.

2. Get Them Result, Fast!

Your Welcome Email Sequence needs to be related to your front end product.

Lower end $10-$100.

Your front end product is your most important product.

Most people are skeptical when buying from someone online.

You need to get them results if you want them to trust you and keep buying.

Once they buy and realize it’s not a scam, they’re hooked.

If your front end product is shit, you’ll be making shit for profits in comparison to what you could be making.

3. Establish Your Standards.

Relating to bringing them into a whole new way of thinking.

You are going to want to let them know what the standards and expectations are for joining your “team”

For example, “Around here, everyone is all in. We take action daily to improve our skills”

Depending on how strongly you come across with this.

A bunch of people who read this will think you’re an asshole and fuck off.

Thinking… “Who is this person trying to tell me what I can and can’t do?”

But the ones that don’t will be far more loyal.

And that’s how we want it because we only want the cream of the crop.

The people that will spend the most money with us.

So what is the most effective, and profitable way to convey this?

Tell them what your current customers are already doing.

Or the things that you want them to do also.

For example, reading your emails/newsletter daily, 

taking action on your info, 

getting success from your products, 

paying you lots of money, 

jumping on every product you put out etc. 

4. You Are The In Demand Coach/Seller.

You are skeptical if they’re ready to join the ranks of your already proven, thriving team.

As I mentioned earlier, most people signing up to your list are thinking “who’s this other scammer.”

You want to be pre-emptively implying things like…

I’m skeptical of you, I don’t think you can be here.

Everyone on my email list is already kicking ass. I don’t know if we can take someone else on unless you’re serious about getting results.

Totally stealing their frame and taking the power.

But you don’t want to just flat out say things like that, you want to convey it.

Here’s something you can use to convey this in your own Welcome Emails.

For example, yes I have more ebooks.

Yes they’re among the best and most effective in the world

Yes, I’m going to advise you to invest in certain ones.

But not yet.. I still need to see if you’re ready.

We’ll talk tomorrow…

6. Add Testimonials.

Testimonials are very important.

But there’s a…

I don’t want to say “wrong”

But there is a “meh..” way of doing it and then there’s the effective way.

You want to be using testimonial strategically.

To be most effective, Testimonials need to be from someone that your average customer can either relate to…

Or can admire.

And to be even more effective they should position you as a celebrity or authority or both.

That’s it.

Now you know 6 influence tactics that you can implement in your welcome email sequence right from today onwards.

So now I want to hear your thoughts on Welcome Email Sequences.

Which of these are you going to start implementing in your emails today?

What mistakes have you been making personally?

Are there any questions you still need answered?

Let me know in the comment below how did you find this post.

If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help.

Finally, if you like this post then please share it with your friends or with somebody who can benefit from this post.

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