4 Tips How TO Sell The Customer On The Click Not Your Product!

In today’s post I am going share with you 4 tips how to sell the customer on the click, not your product.

how to sell

How TO Sell The Customer On The Click Not Your Product!

Actually, in a nutshell this post is for those who are struggling to make sale through Emails.

I mean who are struggling to sell the product through Email.

In other words, if you’re promoting your own product or affiliate product through emails and struggling to find the sale through email then this post is for you.

Even this post is for those who are in direct response marketing and are searching for tips on how to write direct response email.

Very frankly, these five tips on how to sell the customer on the click, not your product, I learned from Ali Eston who is a great Copy Writer.

And yes if you’re business owner and want to connect with him for all of your Business copy Writing such as Email Copy Writing or Sales Page Copy writing then you can find him at Facebook here. Right?

So are you ready to know what are those 5 tips on how to sell the customer on the click, not your product.

Ok! Let’s start.

If you look at most business owners writing their own emails then you will find that they try to sell the product with a “BUY NOW” call to action.

But here’s why that doesn’t’ work…

If you’re selling the customer on the product… You’re going to need to write up a new sales page every time you send out an email to be anywhere near effective…

Really, I don’t care who you are, or how good you are at writing emails… That’s just not an efficient way to spend your time.

What you should be doing is…..

Selling your customer on the “click” to “find out more”.

If you’re making a decent amount of bank online right now.

You’ve likely already invested in a sales/description page that is made to convert visitors into buyers.

So why try to sell them again in your emails?

It’s overkill.

The MAIN goal of your email should be to get them to STOP READING YOUR EMAIL.

And instead… Go to the page you already have in place to convert traffic into buyers!

You do that by selling the click!

Here are a few of the best ways out there to sell readers on “the click” not your product.

1. Social Proof

Every time you write anything, social proof is important. You want to be constantly letting people know that people are already doing what you want them to do.

For example, “After a ton of requests and months of anticipation… It’s finally here”

“Find out why thousands of our members have been raving about this new product”

–And testimonials are also a great way to add social proof.

Below you can see the screenshot of Social Proof.


2. Urgency

One of my mentors likes to say – “if we didn’t have urgency, we’d still be living in caves”

Impending doom of starvation, predators. And whatever else they had back then is one of the biggest reasons we evolved into who we are now.

Building skyscrapers and launching $200,000 cherry red Tesla Roadsters into space.

If you want anyone to do anything RIGHT NOW rather than waiting (and they will wait as long as possible).

You need to make sure the reader knows there is a deadline to how long your offer is available.

For example, Please remember that items in your cart are not reserved and can sell out. To reserve your purchase, click here.

“We’re selling out fast! Be sure to grab your copy before they’re all gone!”

“Our biggest sale ever ends in just a few hours. Are you ready to join the rest of us on the inside?”

Below you can see some of the screenshots of scarcity used by Russell Brunson (Founder of Clickfunnels as well as Author of Expert Secrets and Dot Com Secrets) while selling his event tickets in emails with subject line and email body content.

Russell Urgency 1

Russell Urgency3


Urgency 2

Russell urgency2

Further below you can also see the screenshot of Frank Kern’s email, who is a legend in Direct Response Marketing and you will see how he creates scarcity in his email subject line.

Frank Kern scarcity

3. Curiosity & Benefit

Make HUGE promises. As big as you possibly can!

And back them up immediately (eg. testimonials, facts, studies, stories)

But don’t tell them everything – Remember, make them click through to find out the rest of the story.

For example, WORKOUT PROGRAM – “add an inch to your biceps in the next 3 months or less! (insert badass testimonial) → Click here to get the whole scoop”

MINDSET/SELF DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT – “Find out how thousands of people worldwide are changing their lives. After discovering the ‘3-second trick’ separating you from everything you want in life! (insert brief study or story of the power of this elusive 3-second trick) → Want to know if this 3-second trick can change your life too? Click here to find out more!”

Below you can also see the perfect example of Curiosity & Benefit by seeing the screenshot of email of Russell Brunson, where he creates Curiosity by saying in email subject line something like “(rumor?) did you really break $3M in 90 minutes?”


Further, below you can also see in the screenshot of email body where you will see that how Russell Brunson created Curiosity and prepared the subscriber (Me) to click on the link to listen to the podcast as well as read blog post to get the answer on he made $3M in 90 Minutes without telling everything.

humor big promise

big promise 2

Listen to podcast

By the way you can listen to Podcast here to get the answer how he made $3M in 90 Minutes.

Further below in the screenshots you will find the perfect example of Russell Brunson’s email where you will see how he made Curiosity by saying ” bad news… last years FHL recordings DISAPPEAR FOREVER tonight…”

And then in the email content he made big promise to give all previous recordings of FHL Events if they (Subscribers) buy ticket for FHL (Funnel Hacking Live) 2018 event to get the click.



Curosity 2

4. Emotion

When it comes to selling anything, and everything. You always want to hit that emotional button.–> And of course EMOTION.

In our circle, we like to use this thing we call the “benefit of the benefit”

Features and benefits are great, and necessary when it comes to effective selling.

But one thing you can’t go without is really digging deep into the driving motives of why your customer wants to buy.

That’s why when you see an ad for Expedia pitching you on their travel service.

They’re always going to emphasize what really motivates their customers.

They show you pictures of exotic paradises, with crystal blue waters.


Everyone’s got a smile on their face having a good time. Roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire.

Expedia 2

Is that what they’re actually selling? Ha! NO!

When you book your trip… You go to their website, click a few buttons, brows a few options. Pay them a wad of cash. And you’re ready to go!

Whether you get any pleasure out of your trip is really up to you.

But that’s the benefit of the benefit! That’s what you’re really looking for. So that’s what they sell.

For example:

Feature – Easy trip booking, lowest rates

Benefit – Save time and headaches doing everything you need to at one place (their website), save money

Benefit of the Benefit – Create wonderful lifetime memories with friends and family that you can share forever! Without breaking the bank.

Now if you take nothing more from this post.

Remember this…..


From there the sales message you already have in place can do its job.

Sell the click in your emails and not your product. And watch the money roll in.

That’s it.

Now you know 4 tips how to sell the customer on the click, not your product.

Let me know in the comment how did you find the post on how to sell the customer on the click, not your product.

Yes, if you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment, I would so happy to help you.

Finally, if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends or with somebody who you know will get benefit.

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