4 Secrets Revealed By 7 Figure Entrepreneur That Nobody Knows!

In today’s post, I am going to share with you 4 secrets revealed by 7 Figure Entrepreneur.

4 Secrets Revealed By 7 Figure Entrepreneur That Nobody Knows!

4 Secrets Revealed By 7 Figure Entrepreneur!

Actually this is an interview which I took on Facebook Messenger where Akbar Sheikh, a 7 Figure Entrepreneur revealed his secrets that made him a 7 Figure Entrepreneur.

So, if you’re just new to starting out your online business and want to know his secrets on how he became 7 Figure Entrepreneur then you must read this interview with Akbar Sheikh till the end of this post.

Even if you are intermediate or well experienced marketers then you must read this interview, I am sure you will also find some golden nuggets that will help you to grow your online business.

So, are you ready to know what are the secrets revealed by Akbar Sheikh?

Ok, first, if you don’t know who Akbar Sheikh is then let I tell you a brief introduction about him.

Who Is Akbar Sheikh?

akbar sheikh

He is a 7 Figures Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Author of No.1 best international selling book i.e. 7 Figure Funnels: A slap you in the face with a cold wet fish blueprint on how to build a million dollar online business in 7 ethical steps.

Further, he is a Business Consultant as well as Funnel Consultant. He has recently helped several funnels reach to 7 figures by using the 7 golden principles of ethical persuasion.

Furthermore, he has also won a Shark Tank Event in San Fransisco where one of the judges was the co-founder of iTunes.

Even he is the winner of 2 Comma Club a program/contest run by Russell Brunson where a trophy is given by Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels for entering into the 2 comma club.

So, now you know who Akbar Sheikh is.

Ok, let’s move to interview with Akbar Sheikh.

Q. How Did You Start Your Journey In Online Business?

A. As I was homeless but I started my business in San Fransisco in Office building with no hot water, no showers, no windows and over all it was an electrical room.

I was really trying to figure out how to make money online and finally I figured it out how to do it.

It was through branding, it was through soft promoting, it was through building relationships, it was through connecting with people, it was through video giving people value, giving people content and then build trust, build authority and it became automatic to me to be one of the top 2% earner worldwide.

Q. What Drives You The Most To Do Better In Business?

A. I really just started off to retire my family but now it’s turn through something a lot bigger as now I am trying to help people not to die from starvation and wanna prevent that.

Further I wanna help orphans and support people through making big and positive impact into their life in the world.

Now my goal is to help make this world a better place through helping orphans and starving people.

Such are really kind of driving forces that drive me to do better in business.

Q. Would You Be So Kind As To Share Your Best Strategy Or Tip That Works To Grow Your Online Business?

A. Take action every single day. You guys have to do three things every single day that take your business forward.

Stop wasting your time on Facebook, Instagram and all this stuff.

And make check list, make a to-do list. Mark three things off every single day. Don’t give up.

If you wanna give up then go get a job.

Being successful is for the Elite. Anyone can do it, anyone can be successful.

It’s a choice. You have to make a choice that do you want to go 9 to 5 job? Or you want to be an entrepreneur?

If you want to be an entrepreneur than you have to work.

You think it’s all beach’s laptop lifestyle and this and that. It can be! But remember, you have to work for couple of years like nobody else. You can live the rest of the life that nobody else will.

Q. What Tools Or Software You’re Using To Grow Your Business?

A. As far as the tools and software that really depends on what business you’re in.

If you’re looking for generating traffic such as paid or organic then Facebook is the most powerful tool to do that.

You know, honestly Research. You can get a lot of stuff for Free from Google, Youtube. Consistently educate yourself at least 30 minutes a day.

Actually billionaire like Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban do that 3 hours a day.

So, more you get yourself educated is the better.

I mean really master the basic tools rather going for next big tool or big trick.

Honestly, you will be fine.

Q. What Are The Books You Recommend To Read To The Marketers?

A. I recommend to read my book i.e. 7 Figure Funnels: A slap you in the face with a cold wet fish blueprint on how to build a million dollar online business in 7 ethical steps.  Because it’s short and sweet and it will help you to scale your business.

Q. What Advice Will You Give Who Is Just Starting Out Online Business?

A. I wanna give advice to those who are just starting out online business that just don’t give up!

Keep going. It’s impossible not to succeed. Take big Actions daily. You can’t lose. It’s impossible.

That’s it.

This was my interview with Akbar Sheikh!

Now, here are some keynotes or you can say 4 secrets from this interview that will help specially to those who are just thinking out to start off the online business or who want to be a 7 Figure Entrepreneur.

  1. Do 3 things every single day that take your business forward.
  2. Make A To-Do List.
  3. Mark 3 things off every single day.
  4. Educate yourself at least for 30 minutes a day on consistent basis.

So if you’re a beginner to online business then pay very close attention to what he said above.

Yes, you might have heard these advices before but my friend these are the secrets of a 7 Figures Internet Marketer that have helped him to be a 7 Figure Online Marketer.

Really these are the things that he does on consistent basis.

People often fail in business! Want to know why?

Because they don’t take massive actions on the advices given by successful marketer.

Anyhow if they take actions on given advice then after sometime they stop taking actions.

And due to the lack of consistency in actions they finally leave the idea to be an Entrepreneur and fail in business saying “Entrepreneurship is not for them”

Then again these types of people keep on searching for one after another magic pill or shiny objects that may make them rich over night.

But here is the truth that there is no Magic pill or shiny objects that will make you rich over night or take your business to the 7 Figure over night.

You have to accept this truth that you have to work hard like nobody else only if you want to be a 7 Figure Entrepreneur.

You have to work hard like nobody else if you want to make your business a 7 Figures business.

Here I want to especially quote Akbar Sheikh’s line that

“Being Successful is for Elite”Click To Tweet

So if you take massive actions on what he said then nobody can stop you to be a 7 Figure Elite Entrepreneur taking your online business to the next level.

Finally, I would say thank you so much Akbar Sheikh for giving your precious time and sharing your experiences and golden nuggets.

Yes again I would say that don’t forget to read his books i.e.  7 Figure Funnels: A slap you in the face with a cold wet fish blueprint on how to build a million dollar online business in 7 ethical steps. Ok!

Yes, if you need any consultancy regarding your business and want to take your business at 7 figure then you can visit his website i.e. Akbar Sheikh.

You can also watch his Free Masterclass Training on 7 Steps  To 7 Figures here.

Now, let me know in the comment below how did you find this Interview.

If you have any questions or queries then please let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help.

Finally, if you found any value from this post, then please share it with your friends or with somebody who you know will get benefit from this post.

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