3 Ways Of Doing Affiliate Marketing!


In this post I will share 3 ways of doing affiliate marketing and I will show you the right way to do affiliate marketing as a marketer.

affiliate marketing

3 Ways Of Doing Affiliate Marketing!

Let’s start. I will show you something that will shift your paradigm as a marketer.

You need to understand this concept, if you don’t understand then you will suffer.

You will be shocked to know that over 90% of marketers are not making any money online or making less than $100 a month while doing affiliate marketing.

So what is the reason that they are not making money online? The reason is simple that they don’t know how to do it right way.

So let’s talk about 3 ways of affiliate marketing.

This is something we call Amateur Model. Let’s discuss about this.

1. Amateur Model.

Amateur model affiliate marketing

There are lots of marketers in the industry who are playing this type of game.

Let I explain this through my story, when I got started in online space, it was around 2009, I had no clue whatsoever about marketing.

As a newbie I started promoting out Chris Farrell Membership by Chris Farrell who is well renowned internet marketer in this online industry where he teaches you how to start your online business or you can say how to make money online.

Note: – When I was promoting Chris Farrell Membership I didn’t purchase it. I started promoting it directly without being member of this on the basis of reviews on the website of other fellow marketers.

But after some time I purchased it and got to know the facts how this online system works.

It was my first product that I purchased online.

For a beginner, who is new to this online industry I would highly recommend to go for it. It’s worth paying and worth watching.

So coming to point, what I used to do I took my affiliate link (hop link) from the Clickbank to promote it and kept on sending the visitors directly to my affiliate link which led the visitors directly to the Chris Farrell Membership Site.

Really it was very easy to send the visitors or traffic to my affiliate link.

I got supper excited about it. It is like an easiest thing in the world, only I have to do is to get people to see my affiliate link and when somebody will purchase through my affiliate link, I will be rich.

I was so fired up that this is going to work.

And what happened, I didn’t make any single money. I was feeling bad.

I didn’t know where I was committing mistake. I was doing the same thing as I was told.

But one good thing I was having in me and that was strong desire to be successful. I was so committed to make it happen.

I was so fortunate enough to have right mentor come into my business at the right time and I was smart enough to listen them.

My mentor told me that the main reason you are failing because you are doing what everybody else is doing.

Why would somebody else buy from you versus 15000 other affiliates?

You have to stand out from the crowd of other affiliates.

You don’t want to be known as just another affiliate, as just another promoter, as just somebody else who is doing the same thing as others are doing.

There are lots of affiliates who are promoting the same Chris Farrell Membership with their affiliate link.

They are sending the traffics through their affiliate links that led to the company’s same landing page or squeeze page or sales page to which you are also sending your own traffic.

People are getting bored or saturated after seeing the same company’s landing page, squeeze page or sales page again and again.

Further it is like a lottery if they buy through your affiliate link, you win, if not, you lose.

Plus you are losing money which you are spending on sending traffic to your affiliate link which led to company’s landing page, if he buys it’s good, if not, he is gone forever.

You don’t have his or her record or information with you.

Take an example here if we’re sending traffic directly to the sales page of company’s and on an average if this sales page converts really good then we will get about 1 to 2% people buying our affiliate product.

But what happens to 98% people? Just wasted and we never capture their information.

Here I don’t want to bore you telling my story.  I only want to explain my mistake which I was committing while doing affiliate marketing which I don’t want you to do the same mistakes as I was doing.

If you are doing this, stop it right now!

This is a recipe for disaster. This is a recipe for failing. This is a recipe for losing money.

This is what over 90% marketers do in our space.

So in that case what needs to be done?

We need to do something called professional model of marketing.

What is that professional model? Let me explain.

2. Professional Model.

Professional model affiliate marketing

This is what I learned when I had right mentor to come in my business.  Here is what professional model of marketing looks like?

Similar concept. We have a same product. In this model what we do?

We do something little bit different. As a matter of fact, product doesn’t change. Traffic doesn’t change.

In this we create our own world, which amateur doesn’t do.

You know everybody is promoting the same product. Here what we need to do is we need to stand out.

How can we stand out?

We create something called email optin form or landing page.

This way we build our own email list. Very-very important this is our business assets.

If you just follow and model what I am teaching you here.

If you are failing again and again whether it’s a 300/400 times, it does not matter.

You can change your future starting from today onwards.

Just follow up, what I am saying here.

So in this pro-model, before sending traffic directly to the product or company’s sales page through our affiliate link, first we create our own landing page.

And this landing page has a catchy headlines with a free give away or something called lead magnet and that is relevant to our lead’s interest.

Or this lead magnet is a solution to our lead’s biggest problem.

Note: – A lead magnet can be anything in the shape of e-book, video training, mind map, info-graphics etc.

Then we give our lead magnet for free in exchange of their name and email or only email whatever the case.

Below you can see an example of a landing page which I created with the help of Clickfunnels


affiliate marketing 1

Hey, if you don’t know what is Clickfunnels then let I tell you in short.

Actually Clickfunnels is a drag and drop website builder through which you can create any type of professional looking landing page, sales page, squeeze page.

Even you can create any type of membership sites, product launch funnels, lead generation funnels, sales funnel, free plus shipping funnel, consultant funnels, E-commerce website funnels and many more.

And they offer you Free 14 days free trial so that you can check whether Clickfunnels is a right tool for your business requirements. Got it!

Let’s move further…

Ok, when visitors/traffic land on our landing page and enter their name and email address or only email address whatever the case in exchange of lead magnet then they come into our email list, which goes in the account of our Autoresponder.

Then on the next page we send them to our thank you page having our affiliate link in it which led to our affiliate product.

Or we can send them a series of emails on alternate day basis giving something valuable so that we can make a strong bond with them or resonate with them or make a relation with them.

And then after having strong bond with them, we can promote our affiliate product to them.

Note: – Autoresponder is basically email marketing software through which we send automated emails or a series of emails to our lead based on alternate days. Got it!

And I personally use an Autoresponder i.e. Converkit to build my email list and so far I found it a great tool to collect the emails as well as send the automated series of emails to my subscribers.

Moving further…

So by applying this pro method, the chances of selling our affiliate product are increased by 30-40% rather than 1-2%.

This is by far is the best way to promote our affiliate product by making relation with our lead giving value to them.

This model creates tremendous leverage and it opens opportunity to cross-sell them different affiliate products that is relevant to them.

We don’t need to worry whether they buy our current affiliate product or not. We can promote different other products in future which is relevant to them.

Here main point to note that by applying this pro-model of marketing, we capture their information without spending a lot of money.

In this model, we spend money on traffic only for once. We don’t have to spend money again and again for the same traffic.

Hope you understand what I mean.

Now you know the professional way of affiliate marketing and how to do it again and again.

Finally let’s talk about our final model of doing affiliate marketing and this is something we called Authoritative Model.

3. Authoritative Model.

In this model we own what we promote. That’s it. We know our product.

We do the same process as we do in the professional model.

So at the very-very least, we want to be at professional level.

At last I want to say something from the core portion of my heart, this system works and will work for you. Right!

I hope I have covered the 3 ways of doing affiliate marketing.

If you know any other ways to do affiliate marketing then do let me know in the comment below.

And yes, if you like this post on 3 ways to do affiliate marketing then please share this post. Right!

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