3 Simple Tips On How To Use Instagram Stories To Increase Engagement!

In today’s post I am going to share with you 3 Simple Tips on How to use Instagram Stories to Increase Engagement.

3 Simple Tips On How To Use Instagram Stories To Increase Engagement!

3 Simple Tips On How To Use Instagram Stories To Increase Engagement!

As you know… now a day every business owner is creating their account on Instagram for getting more followers with more engagement to sell their product or service.

But a lot of business owners are still struggling to get engagement with their followers.

So if you or your business is struggling to get more engagement on Instagram from your current followers that you have, even if you don’t have that many followers then this post is for you.

Very frankly, 3 simple tips on how to use Instagram Stories to Increase Engagement, I learned from Josue Pena who is one of the 6 Figure Entrepreneur and Instagram Expert.

By the way if you want more followers on Instagram organically then you can register for his Webinar class for FREE here. Ok!

Hey one more thing…. if you don’t have an account on Instagram then first I would highly recommend you to go and create your Instagram account in your niche or business and then come to read this post.

Because as per CNBC report…… Instagram has 800 million users and 500 million daily active users.

So here don’t you think that it’s a huge opportunity to be in front of 800 million users for your business.

I know the fact that not everyone comes in your niche or market…..

But just imagine for a second that what if you’re able to promote your product or service only to 1% of 800 million people which comes down to 8000000 people then what will be the case?

It will be great? Isn’t it?

Hummmm! I know what you’re thinking….

Yes, it will be great to be in front of 8000000 (1% of 800 Million) people which is still a huge audience…. right?

Further according to Statista, the Instagram ad revenue is now expected to reach almost $7 billion in 2018 which is huge.

Courtesy: Satistia

So again don’t you think that as per above stats, business owners are spending their money which is likely to be hit $7 billion in 2018 cause they are getting exposure to their business and also getting leads and sales for their business from Instagram.

So now again don’t you think that you or your business must have presence on the Instagram.

Of course, Yes….

So again I would say first go and create your account on Instagram and then come to read this post for getting more engagement on Instagram. Make sense?

Ok, now I assumed that you have created your account on Instagram….

So without any delay let’s know what are those 3 tips to increase Engagement on Instagram.

1. Do More Videos and Stop It with the Pictures

Pictures only last a few seconds, while videos go for 15 seconds!

Videos on Instagram stories capture people’s attention for a lot longer, they are more engaging and they will definitely help you increase the engagement on your account.

2. Put a face behind the Brand

Go on Instagram stories and talk to your audience like you are talking to your friend.

You want an engaging conversation with your followers where they can see your face and know who the person behind the account is.

PEOPLE BUY PEOPLE. They dont buy products or services.

No one cares about a random account that just posts pictures about “something”.

You want them to feel like they know you, like they can trust you, because when they do, they will not only help you get more engagement, but they will also buy from AKA give you money, you whenever you pitch them something.

3. Provide value to your Audience

Don’t go on Instagram stories and start vlogging about your day…

NO ONE CARES ABOUT IT! (at least at the beginning).

Go on Instagram stories, provide value around the niche and industry your account is in and people will absolutely love you for it!

This applies no matter the type of account you have. Personal account, brand account, e-commerce, viral/theme Instagram pages, etc..

Give them value FOR FREE and watch your engagement go off the roof on your Instagram page.

From there you simply need to do a poll (or pre-frame) and then have your CTA (call to action) afterward with your pitch.

Thats it.

Now you know 3 simple tips on how to use Instagram Stories to Increase Engagement.

Let me know in the comment below how did you find this post on 3 simple tips on How to use Instagram Stories to Increase Engagement.

Yes, if there is any question or query then do let me know in the comment below I would be so happy to help you…

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