3 Facebook Ads Tips That Works!

In today’s post, I am going to share with you 3 Facebook Ads Tips That Works.

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3 Facebook Ads Tips That Works!

As you know, now a day, marketers or business owners are advertising their businesses on Facebook.

Even, I think you won’t find any marketer or business owner who is not advertising on Facebook.

So, if you’re not on Facebook to Advertise your business then I must say don’t miss this opportunity.

Let I tell you why you must advertise your business on Facebook!

According to Techcrunch Facebook has now reached to 2 billion monthly active Facebook users.facebook tips

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Just for a second imagine what if you are able to advertise your business only in front of 1% of 2 billion Facebook Active users?

Now you tell me will your business grow or not?

Of course, Yes!

Here is one quote I remember

Advertise your business where people hangout and come togetherClick To Tweet So keeping this fact in mind, I find Facebook is the right place to advertise your business where people hangout and come together all day long.

Ok, now you know the facts why I am saying that Facebook must be your one of the advertising platforms to advertise your business. Ok!

Moving further…………….

So now you have decided to come on Facebook to advertise your business. Right?

If Yes, then read below mentioned 3 Facebook Ads tips that will help you to grow your business.

Very frankly, I learned these 3 Facebook Ads tips from Irene Sanchez who is an Online Marketing Strategist, Facebook Ad Expert as well as a Filmmaker.

So are you ready to know these 3 Facebook Ads Tips?

Let’s start!

1. Start Broad With Targeting

As you know, Facebook’s algorithm is getting smarter and smarter. So leave room for it to get data.

Even if your audience is 80% male; don’t target man only.

Leave it as broader as you can at the beginning.

Facebook’s algorithm will optimize your ad anyway to the gender/interest/age/device that’s working the best.

If you start specific, you will be limiting yourself. Don’t suppose what works and what doesn’t.

Let Facebook tell you.

2. Use Video Ad

Facebook loves video. And guess what? Users love it too.

The traditional image ad is dead and if you are not getting results from an ad like that, now you know why.

With video you pay less, get more engagement, more brand awareness, and more room for Retargeting.

Grab your smartphone and make a video.

For example, if you’re a service provider then make a video of yourself talking about your service.

Further, if you sell products then make a video of your product (even if there are just all pictures put together)

People get overwhelmed when they think about making videos. But the truth is, it’s easier than you think and way more effective.

3. Grab Their Attention

How do you make them watch your video?

Know and understand your market.

1. You grab their attention with the headline.

For that, you really need to understand your market.

I mean, what are their pains and desires?

Push their pain and understand their deepest reasons about why they need/want what you have to offer.

2. You keep their attention with your content.

For that, you have to give value throughout the video for free.

Genuinely provide information you know your audience will find useful so they will trust you.

That’s it.

Let I recap you everything in short to make it easy for you so that you can check everything is correct while advertising on Facebook.

Start broad, Use video, Grab attention, Keep attention, Know your Market, study it and discover how to push their deepest pains.

And the last but not the least always give Value so you can lock them in.

One thing to note that Facebook is changing all the time so it’s important to stay aware of the different tendencies.

Now you know 3 Facebook Ads Tips. So go and apply these tips.

And yes let me know in the comment below how did you find this post.

Further, if you have any questions or queries then do let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to help you.

Finally, if you got any value then please share this post with your friends or with somebody you know will get benefit from this post. Ok!

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